7b078695bab18fa747bbdfd0f6db1e2eLife is organized fractally by scaling (cell division) and number generation (cell multiplication). When your cells start to divide after conception, they organize themselves with the structure of the space they inhabit: the infinite scalar fractal tetrahedral array of the fabric of the vacuum .  Matter, the basic structure of which is the atom, also follows the numerical-fractal system. Matter is ordered into ten types of elements, in correspondence to the nine numerals and zero:


I. ALKALI METALS: 3Li, 11Na, 19K, 29Cu, 37Rb, 47Ag, 55Cs, 79Au, 87Fr.

II. CALCIUM GROUP:4Be, 12MG, 20Ca, 30Zn, 38Sr, 48Cd, 56Ba, 80Hg, 88Ra.

III. ALUMINUM GROUP: 5B, 13Al, 21Sc, 31Ga, 39Y, 49In, 57La, 81Tl, 89Ac.

IV. CARBON GROUP: 6C, 14Si, 22Ti, 32Ge, 40Zr, 50Sn, 72Hf, 82Pb.

V. NITROGEN GROUP: 7N, 15P, 23V, 33As, 41Nb, 51Sb, 73Ta, 83Bi.

VI. OXYGEN GROUP: 8O, 16S, 24Cr, 34Se, 42Mo, 52Te, 74W, 84Po.

VII. HALOGENS: 1H, 9F, 17Ci, 25Mn, 35Br, 43Tc, 53I, 75Re, 85At.

VIII. IRON GROUP: 26Fe, 27Co, 28Ni, 44Ru, 45Rh, 46Pd, 76Os, 77Ir, 78Pt.

IX. RARE EARTHS: 58Ce, 59Pr, 60Nd, 61Pm, 62Sm, 63Eu, 64Gd, 65Tb, 66Dy, 67Ho, 68Er, 69Tm, 70Yb, 71Lu, 90Th, 91Pa, 92U.

0/X. NOBLE GASES: 2He, 10Ne, 18Ar, 36Kr, 54Xe, 86Rn.

Each atom consists of a nucleus (composed of protons and neutrons) and seven shells for electrons. The shells are paths where the negative charged electrons orbit the nucleus in an elliptic manner. The electrons are almost pure energy with virtually no mass. In addition to orbiting the nucleus, all electrons also spin on their axis, in one direction or the other. In a shell with two or more electrons, they pair up according to opposite spins in orbits within the shell.

hydrogen.gifhelium.gifThe most basic element, hydrogen, has one electron, one proton and one neutron.

The next element, helium, has two electrons, protons and neutrons. This count continues through all of the elements as they grow in number and complexity.

Electrons, just like photons (light), act like they were both a material particle and an immaterial energy wave. Electrons in an atom are always within one of the seven shells of an atom, but the exact position of any one electron in an atom can never be determined. Only the statistical probability of the location of an electron can be known. There are different orbits of electrons within the shells. In the first shell there is only one orbit possible. In the second shell two different orbits are possible. In the third shell, three orbits, and in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh shells, up to four orbits are possible.

When eight electrons fill an outer shell of an atom it is chemically complete. If more electrons are acquired they go to the next higher shell, even if that shell is capable of holding more electrons (as many as 18 or 32 electrons are possible in the third, through the seventh shells). Eight is the controlling number for the elements. All strive for holistic completeness by filling their outer shell with eight electrons. They achieve this through molecular combinations with other elements. For this reason elements with seven electrons in their outer shell tend to combine and form molecules with atoms with one electron in the outer shell. In the molecular compound formed one element gives its extra electron to the other, and both attain eight in their outer shells. The result is a strong stable compound.

photonjump.jpgElectrons travel in their lowest home shell when they are in their normal or ground state. But when the energy level of an atom is excited by the absorption of photons, the electron jumps to a higher shell. Electrons somehow jump from one shell to another shell by instantaneous transfer without ever traveling through or appearing in the gap or interval between the shells. With more energy the electron jumps to higher and higher shells, until it reaches the last seventh level. With enough energy an electron can be forced to leave the atom altogether.

The nucleus consists of electrically positive protons and neutral neutrons, both of which have mass and constitute the atomic weight of an element. Like the electron, both the proton and neutron have spin, but they stay bound together tightly (as compared to the electrons) in the center-neutron of the atom.

The negative charged electrons are attracted to the protons, but they stay in the shell orbits because they are in constant movement around the nucleus. The protons are repelled by each other, and attracted to the electrons, but they nonetheless stay together in the nucleus with the neutrons because of a “packing” energy which binds them together in the nucleus with the neutrons. There is usually an equal number of neutrons as protons. But there can also be fewer or less neutrons, and when this happens the atom is called an isotope.

Each element also normally has the same number of protons as electrons. This determines the atom’s quality and therewith its place in the periodic system. The elements are ordered in the periodic table according to the number of electrons and protons in the atom. The first element 1, Hydrogen, has one proton and one electron, whereas element 92, Uranium, has 92 protons and 92 electrons.

The numerical basis of the elements of matter in their ground state is shown in the periodic table of elements on the next page. The vertical columns in the table are called groups. All elements in a group have the same number of electrons in their outermost shell. Group 1 elements have one electron in the outermost shell, group 8 have eight electrons. The horizontal rows of elements are called periods. There are seven periods. All elements in a period have the same number of shells of electrons. Period 1 elements have one shell, period 7 elements have seven shells. The atomic structure altogether contains 92 natural elements and 14 potential artificial ones. This is shown on the Periodic Table of Elements on the next page.

The molecular totality of all atoms is determined by the tenth type of matter, which is the same as the VIII group on the periodic table: the Nobel Gases. These are the elements where the outermost electron shell is at full capacity – eight. As soon as the outer electron shell of a molecule has attained the number 8, the molecule is stable. It becomes like a Nobel Gas – complete unto itself. An example of this is water H2O. The two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen. In this way all of the atoms in the water molecule have a full outer shell.

Periodic Table of Elements


The numerical structure of the micro-cosmos is as follows:

The seven electron shells are at a distance of 0 – 1 – 4 – 16 – 25 – 36 – 49, following the central diagonal of Gamma, the multiplication field of the Pythagorean Chi, as is shown by the following diagram.

Each of the electron shells can take on a certain number of electrons: 2 – 8 – 18 – 32, according to the second diagonal of the multiplication field, with orbits 2 – 6 – 10 – 14.

The first shell – one orbit with 2 electrons.

The second shell – two orbits with 2 and 6 electrons (8).

The third shell – three orbits with 2, 6, and 10 (18).

The fourth shell – four orbits with 2, 6, 10, and 14 (32).

The fifth, sixth and seventh shells are like the fourth.

The same structure determines all elements from hydrogen through uranium up to the artificial elements. The zero type of elements, the noble gases, have successfully filled their outer electron shells, they have attained eight, and so they are not interested in combining with other elements. All others strive for eight in their outer shell, and so all elements except the noble gases can combine with others to form molecules. The frame of combinations is limited by the number eight.

The ring of eight begins with the Alkali Metals and ends with the Noble Gases. Alkali Metals like sodium and potassium, which combine most easily, have one excess electron. They look for combinations where they can lose their excess electron and so find stability, where for instance the other element has seven, or one empty electron, and so needs their one to become whole.

Tho second group with Calcium and Magnesium, the basis of plant growth, has two excess electrons. It tries to lose them, and so combines most easily with elements that have six or need two.

The Aluminum group, argillaceous earth, and most of the precious stones have three electrons. As before they try and rid themselves of the three extras to find their inner stability. They combine most readily with fives.

The Carbon group as the middle of the system has four of them. These can have a positive as well as a negative charge, a reverse “spin,” and so can appear as positrons or negatrons. For this reason these elements are able to connect with themselves. The carbon chains are the building blocks of all organic life. Silicon of this group has the same capacity. A diagram of a carbon atom is shown here.

The next three types of elements have negatrons instead of positrons, or, in other words, empty places to take on electrons. The Nitrogen group, basis of nourishment, has three empty places. It seeks combinations with which to pick up three extra electrons, like for instance with the Aluminum group.

The Oxygen group, basis of oxidation and combustion, has two empty places. It seeks combinations where this need for two can be satisfied. Water again is an example of this. One part oxygen combines with two parts hydrogen – H¾0 – and thus oxygen picks up two electrons from hydrogen which has one per atom.

The seventh group, those forming salts, the Halogens, have one empty place.

With the noble gases the ring of eight is filled.

This order is valid until the third shell in filled. With the fourth shell a new sequence begins. Now the orbits are filled first positive +1+2+3+4+5+6+7, then thee are three elements in the Iron-Nickel group. These have up to eight free electrons at their disposal. They are the only group with magnetism – and are found in meteors. Now the sequence is reversed and becomes negative -7-6-5-4-3-2-1. The 18th step is again a noble gas. The Iron group occupies the left apex of the triangle in the enneagram. The fifth shell is filled like the fourth.

With the sixth shell the ninth group, the Rare Earths, appear. All have two electrons in the sixth shell, but fill out the fourth orbit of the fourth shell. These elements can connect among each other. Whereas the Magnetic Iron group masses can attract or repel each other, the Rare Earths can increase their potential without changing their outer structure.

After the Rare Earths the same system of occupation continues up to the Noble Gas radon.

The seventh period has only six natural elements. The three latter, thorium 90, protactinium 91, and uranium 92 can be considered an analogy to the Rare earths an well as in the normal sequence. But only the Rare Earths can completely occupy a fourteenth orbit. All elements beyond lead Pb82 must begin a fourteenth orbit or a seventh shell because of the number of electrons they have. They are radioactive and deteriorate at different periods of time into lower elements.

Lead Pb82 K L M N 0 P Q

                  2 8 18 18 18 18   -

The last element which does not need the 14th Q orbit, and is therefore a shield against radiation, is lead: Pb 82.

The basis of this order is comprehensible by the fact that it is possible to split the last natural element Uranium. When a neutron collides with the Uranium isotope U235 it combines with it, forming a U236 nucleus with 144 extra neutrons 92U236. This nucleus is unstable and it immediately decomposes and spontaneously produces through its disintegration the other elements and a very large amount of energy (about 2,500,000 times the amount of heat produced by burning the same weight of coal). This is called nuclear fission. The energy creation comes from a transfer of matter to energy following E=MC ¾. The total weight of the sub-elements produced by the fission is less than the original Uranium atom. The fission disintegration also releases extra neutrons which in turn converts more stable U235 into unstable U236 and a chain reaction is produced which is difficult to control. When critical mass is reached a nuclear explosion results. This is the origin of the atom bomb.

The generating principles of nuclear fusion is quite different: 2 hydrogen protons merging alchemically into 1 helium proton. The net result is that four hydrogen atoms turn into one helium atom. This fusion releases far more energy than fission. Again, the process follows the laws of Einstein’s formula E = M * C ¾. (1) Since the mass of one helium atom weighs less than four hydrogen atoms, the “packing effect” creates the enormous release of energy, called radiation or solar energy. Radiation from nuclear fusion is the way energy is produced by the sun and so is called solar energy. This is the source of all others energies on Earth, including self organization of information and structure.

Fission or splitting can produce the elements between Cadmium (48Cd) and Uranium. Fusion or combining produces the elements between Hydrogen and Palladium (46Pd). Only Silver (47Ag) is not subject to fission or fusion. It is therefore the fundamental tone of the elements, the middle of the system with the highest electrical conductivity.

There are two energy vectors in the elements, fusion and fission. Silver is the central element which is neither fusion or fission:


Protons 1H Fusion 47AG Fission 92U

Neutrons (1) -&gt; 60 <- data-blogger-escaped-144=”” data-blogger-escaped-p=””>The energy released in nuclear fusion is five times that released by nuclear fission. So too in the mesocosmic scale, the force of synergy in groups of people is more powerful than that of the isolated individual.
As shown, each atom up to Uranium 92 has seven shells to store it energies — the seven electron shells. Again, this has a fractal correspondence to the mesocosmic level where humans also have seven shells to store their energy – the seven Chakras. The first shell of the microcosm corresponds to the first chakra – sensing and sexual energy. The second shell to the second chakra, and so forth. This is a key to understanding the application of the knowledge of chemistry to our life.
Every element after helium (which has only one electron) has two electrons in the inner shell. These electrons are paired with each other in a very mysterious manner which defies all conventional scientific understanding. When one of the two electrons in a pair does something, the other does the exact opposite at the same time. They act together simultaneously. What is so incredible is that this simultaneous action keeps on happening even when the two electrons are separated from each other, and have left the atomic shell. In fact, spatial distance seems to have no effect whatsoever on their reciprocal actions. For example, an atom may absorbs so many photons that its bonded pair of electrons are driven out of all of its atomic shells altogether. These electrons are now freely roaming, away from the atom. One electron in the pair can easily be separated from the other. One electron may end up in the center of the Earth. It’s “mate” may end up on the star Sirius, thousands of light years away. Nevertheless, if the electron on Earth should decided to suddenly reverse its spin from clockwise to counter-clockwise (they do that from time to time for no apparent reason!), then at the exact same moment in time, the electron on Sirius will do the opposite. There is no delay in the reciprocal changes, no matter how great the distances. The communion between the electrons is instant, thus defying the spatial limitation of the speed of light. This incredible phenomenon is known in physics as Bells Theorem, although it is no longer a theory, having now been proven in laboratories hundreds of times.
Bells Theorem is important to us because it demonstrates on a microcosmic level the reality of the Zero dimension of Awareness and Synchronicity. It proves that there is an underlying ground – the Zero dimension of Awareness – which is beyond space time. Bells Theorem also demonstrates that some phenomenon — those connected with the Zero dimension – are not submitted to the laws of causality. One electron does not cause the other to do something. It just happens, simultaneously. This shows a basis in physics to explain synchronicity, and the workings of the Strange attractors. It shows that the infinite dimension of Awareness is not just a dream of religion, or an abstraction of philosophers. It is the basis of both Tonal and Nagual, Cosmos and Chaos. It is built into the very fabric of material reality.
With Man the basis polarity energy that is found in the first shell – the first chakra – is the solar energy. This is the sexual energy tied to sensing. We have the power to use this energy through all seven Chakras, just as the atom does. It binds us in the fourth dimension to all other beings in the Universe.
There are a wide spectrum of energies available to us corresponding to the basic elements. To develop power and avoid the trap of psychological over-simplification, study of the chemical and physical structure is necessary. This is up to every reader and may take many years of close study to fully understand and apply.(2)
Still, even a rudimentary understanding of the workings of the atom and energy will make it easier to attain the nine basic energy levels. Also, it will help you to overcome the nine life crises that inevitably go with them. The energy levels and crises are shown in this chart:

I Earth-Alkali-Metal Group Birth and Sex
II Calcium Group Adaptation and Growth
III Aluminum Group Archetype
IV Carbon Group Strategies
V Nitrogen Group Norm

VI Oxygen Setting Priorities
VII Halogens Individuation
VIII Iron Intuition
IX Rare Earth Inspiration
X Noble Gases Higher Self

The roman numerals signify the number of electrons in the outer shell with the exception of VIII and IX. The X or 0 group has 8 electrons (2 in the case of Helium).

The nine life crises are a normal and necessary part of the maturation process. They are a state of disequilibrium which exists when shifting from one energy level to another. Each crises when overcome leads to greater maturity and a higher level of energy. The danger lies in getting too comfortable, avoiding the crises of the next level and stagnating in the last energy you have mastered. Until you activate all of the energies and reach the top of the pyramid, the tenth energy, you must go on to the next challenge, the next crises. On the other hand, you cannot master the next energy until you have finished with the last one. If you miss one, then you can go back and delve into it and resolve it with a therapist. A resolved crises makes its blocked energy available.

  1. Birth – Sex: Begin born is a trauma, but also the first orgasm. You were nourished in the womb. Now you have to have the courage to live on your own. If you do not get this energy you may be depressive, suicidal or sexually maladjusted.
  2. Adaptation – Growth: The approach to this courage is adaptation – having confidence that parents and friends mean well, if and as you comply with their wishes and perform according to their expectations. This is fine and works, but only for a few years.
  3. Personal Archetype: However, around 3 to 4 years old you discover you have an ego, an individuality. You say “no” to what you don’t like and you use your first name: ego appears. Unless your parents accept you as something very special, and allow the expression of your ego individuality, you will fall back into complete adaptation and be manipulated your whole life. You will remain a child, overly placating, and never attain your personal archetype, your special time potential. If you find yourself, but get obsessed with yourself and do not get to the next energy, then the danger is narcissism and egotism.
  4. Strategies: If you are lucky and have parents who do not destroy your special individuality, but instead confirm it and help it blossom, then others will hate you and will try to humiliate you and put you down. Here you have to develop strategies, with the goal of attaining success, as for instance in the Chinese slogan of the martial arts: “Don’t fight, just win.” The number of possible humiliations is limited. It is wise to know them as quickly as possible; so in the words of the Native American sage, Don Juan: search for a “petty tyrant”. The danger is obsession with gamesmanship, using people as mere furniture in the floorplan of life.
  5. Norm: Having established your strategies, the final step is to find your Norm. You do this by gaining competence in a role recognized by the public, like being a baker, a professor, a doctor or a skilled worker. The danger is becoming your job, one dimensional, “work-a-holic”.The first five crises correspond to the left hand; next you start on the right, being able to participate in public life. The next crises do not hamper your survival, the right hand is free to act.
  6. Valuing/Setting Priorities: This is the beginning of social existence, acting beyond yourself to fulfill a larger social-historical role. One danger here is fighting for other people’s motivations, belief systems or creeds, instead of your own. There is also the danger of getting caught up in the battle and losing sight of the aim. As they say in Florida, “When you are up to your ass in alligators, its hard to remember that the original objective was to drain the swamp.”
  7. Individuation: If you master the sixth level and open yourself up to the next crises, you will suddenly begin to realize that things that just happen to you – the unplanned “accidents” – are just as meaningful, even more so, than your planed events. Then you will then find yourself by acting, communicating and sharing with others. You won’t find yourself by thinking about it. The individuation process does not mean a person evolves into isolation. Just the opposite. It means real participation in a larger whole, in the universal archetypes and collective unconsciousness. Here you can get help by Jungian or Gestalt therapy. The danger in this stage lies in acting without direction, not knowing when to let go, even when the path begins to lead to nowhere, to chaos.
  8. Intuition/Mantic: Once you master the seventh level, and feel that good things happen to you all the time, you will want to establish a more coherent pattern of life. You will yearn to know better when to give up a course of action that does not lead you in the right direction. In the mathematical language of chaos, you will want to know when to avoid growing chaos by falling back into the Zero to try a new iteration. Then you will start to go heavily into divination, into continual games of question and answer – like Oracle-Channeling, I Ching, Astrology, Tarot, Playing Cards. These messages give you guidance and lead to greater coherence. But again there is still a danger of stagnation. There is the danger of the “superstition trap” where you start depending upon the games too much, instead of your inner voice.
  9. Inspiration/Mystic: Then you move into the last crises where you start trusting your inspirations and visions. You start to feel like a real poet, taking part in the cosmic dance, except that you do not make it up, it happens to you, e.g. Mozart’s famous remark: “I received all of my symphonies, each in one instant, directly from God, but I am glad that God composes in Mozartian style.” Inspiration is direct and sudden, coming in a flash, whereas intuition was slower, structured and occurring through an intermediary. This is the move from dark intuition, to conscious knowing and participation. The Universe now guides you directly through signs. You dance confidently on the edge of chaos, in tune with the strange attractor, delighted by the fractal beauty of the constant confirmations which appear all around you.


  1. Higher Self: Having traveled so far you are now Normal, fully realized, as opposed to the norm or average. All of your energies are activated and mastered. You have reached the top of the pyramid and can manifest at all levels of maturity. Like the Noble Gases you are now whole and complete. You have abandoned all self criticism, guilt and self pity. Your personal energy and maturation complete, your sole aim is to participate in the great work of civilization, stretching beyond this earth to our future existence. The next level in many traditions is called the New Earth, experienced in Islam as situated behind the Polar Star. It is the home of the Ancestors. You will now make the difference between the sacred and the profane. You will participate in rituals of all kinds. You will establish communion beyond competition, greed and power games. Though still on Earth, you will be a living connection to the Ancestors on the New Earth, the beyond. You will be a bridge between life and death, this world and the next.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try and determine where you are on the energy pyramid. Your left hand may be completed, but you probably still need help on your right. Maybe you have reached the fifth level, but you skipped over one of the prior energies. Unlike the seven year cycles of maturity, when one house usually has to be built on another, it is possible to miss a left hand energy and still get on to the others. Possible, but more difficult, and it is anyway necessary to go back and obtain your missing energy to have force. Therapists can help with the first five levels of energy, but generally speaking only transpersonally oriented therapists can relate to, or be of much help with the higher levels.

Study of the elements that pertain to the missing left or right hand energy or energies can be of help. There are also medical, particularly homeopathic and holistic health applications to this chemical knowledge which go beyond the scope of this compendium and will be dealt in sequels . Some may be apparent to the thoughtful reader; but beware of experimentation in this area without the guidance and support of a sympathetic physician you trust.


We have seen how the atomic structure and corresponding element groups in the Wheel relate to the basic crises which an evolving being goes through in the course of a lifetime. By successfully overcoming each crises greater amounts of bio-energy become available and can build up internally in the seven chakras. The seven human energy centers correspond to the atomic shells and the seven essential criteria of language comprehension introduced in the first chapter. They exist as human potentials. The seven are shown on the Wheel by the seven circles of the Wheel. The circles follow the shells of the atom, but the distances of the shells do not correspond to the distances of the energy centers as they exist along the spinal cord.

The existence of these micro-vibrations was well known to the ancient traditions. As we have seen the Chinese found their points of gravity and their relation to medicine in acupuncture. These energy centers have been referred to in the east for thousands of years as the “chakras”. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means simply “vortex of energy”. European scientists have tried to identify the chakras with endocrine glands or with different plexus of nerves. But Chakras are a completely different kind of energy. They are wave fields without particles; pure potential with no content. They are like the other side of Black Holes where the energy is streaming out, not in. They can be initially located and identified as void spaces, pure energy fields. Cosmic energy of immeasurable power, called by the Indians “Prana” and by the Chinese “Chi”, can flow through the chakras. Technically speaking the chakras are the fields through which the energies flow, not the cosmic energies themselves. They are like doors and PrimaSounds and other techniques can rattle them open a crack.

The chakras have both temporal and spatial qualities. In time the chakras have potentialities which can be realized in the course of a lifetime. They can grow and develop in an individual in accordance with their twelve houses and the signs of the Wheel that go with them, their horoscope. Time is sequential. With the actualization of the potentialities of the chakras we create our future. The time aspect of the chakras relates to our front side.

The spatial qualities of the chakras relates to our back. This aspect allows them to act as organs of reception, receiving the powers of the sacred infinite space. In the non-sequential geometry of space the upright human has ten receptors as a co-creator of evolution. The seven chakras build up our being, whereas the eighth, ninth and tenth receptors (the three higher centers discussed later) allow us to become an active member of humanity. Our steps (feet) become fruitful in the common tasks of humanity, guided by 10, our higher self. Our knowledge of the ten chakras is summarized in the following chart.


The basic relationship between the chakras and the directions (discussed further in Chapter 8) is shown by a few examples:

1 – Muladhara – What does the original sense perception receive? The creative power from the East.

2 – Swaddhishthana – What nourishes the root of unassociative thought? The receptive Yin-force of the West.

3 – Manipura – Which cosmic power sustains our emotional force? Trust and innocence of the South.

This order will become evident in Chapter Eight when the ten directions of sacred space are explained. For now we will focus on the front side, the temporal actualization of the seven potentialities of the chakras. These potentialities consist of seven different layers of energy. The layers correspond with the consciousness functions and different chemical groups. Each also has a an approximate physical location around the body. This, and more, is all shown in the chart which follows.

For complete information on the Chakras, and how to  awaken and balance them, the interested reader is referred to Chakra Music downloadable from www//buildingbrandyou.in  . These higher energies are not really chakras, but you need an idea of them to help you understand the concepts found in the next chapter on sacred space and the ten directions.

7 Top of Head Carbon Group Sahasara Spirit
6 Inner Eye Aluminum and NItrogen Groups Ajna Soul
5 Neck All Groups ishuddha Body
4 Heart Calcium and Oxygen Groups Anahata Willing
3 Navel Iron and Rare Earth Manipura Feeling
2 Tip of Spine Alkali Metals and Halogens Swaddhishthana Thinking
1 Base Noble Gases Muladhara Sensing

Here is a concise summary of each chakra – 1 through 7. This should allow you to make sense of these energies in connection with the other ideas presented in this book, especially the ideas in the next chapter on space.

  1. Sensation relates to the data of the senses: colors, smells, tastes, sounds and tones, and observation of the sense of touch. The point of gravity is in the organs of generation and excretion. It is the base of all energies and is present in most people as sexual energy. Its basic potential is for creative imagination, revelations. It’s vocation (practical application in society) is that of a “Worker” who has confidence, trust, intuition and an ability to heal. This energy feels like a force emitted from yourself in order to do something. Its direction is the East and it partakes of the “Power of Fire”.(3)
  2. Breathing relates to Thinking. All thinking is based on language which is heard by the vibrations of air. Its point of gravity is, however, found near the sacrum, which is also the point of gravity of bodily movement. In Japan and the martial arts this center is known as “Hara”. Its basic potential is to discern and affirm the differences and the similarities between all things. Its vocation is that of a “Designer” who adapts and conceives new things, including a unique style of life and a creative understanding. This energy feels like experiencing movement from out of the center. Its direction is the West and its Power is the Minerals.
  3. The function of Feeling has as its contents the impulses, and drives, the point of gravity lies in nourishment, in the digestion and de-posination metabolism. Its basic potential is for creativity and inner growth in the synthesis of creative new forms of understanding and learning. Its vocation is that of the “Helper” who heals through understanding, personal growth and through cognition of the underlying archetypes. This energy feels like awakening. Its direction is the South and its Power is the Plants.
  4. The Will means the capacity to decide yes and no on the basis of the inner void, the force of attention, the fourth dimension in connection with the Zero dimension. You have to get behind the rhythms of the heart, of the circulation, and get to them from being. Its potential is self affirmation, finding your unique “medicine”, in the Native American sense, that puts the Ego into a healthy, positive relationship with the greater Self. Its vocation is that of the “Leader”, with affirmative energies, strategies and imagination. This energy feels like finding your role. Its direction is North and its Power is the Animals.The contents of thinking, feeling and sensing are conscious. Being (deciding = uniting) puts them together in willing. Their continuity, their putting together, changes the data of the functions into data of consciousness ordered in the three spheres.
  5. The Body continuity, steered by the genetic code, has its point of gravity in the spinal cord and in the central nervous system which is activated from the brain stem and cerebellum just above the neck. This is the basis of material experience; movement activities are stored in the memory so that the force of attention can remain free. Its potential is start new things and become more human, responsible and discerning. Its vocation is the “Friend”, who assists in projects and helps others to see the world and themselves more clearly. This energy feels like becoming an expression. Its direction is the center and its Power is the Sacred Earth.
  6. The continuity of the Soul, which puts Man into family in its farthest sense by endogen engrams, conditioned and unconditioned reflexes, has its point of gravity in the limbic system. There all personal relations and memories, as well as those of Man and our whole evolution, are stored and unite Man with the animal realm. The potential is to heal and to synthesize opposing forces into a larger whole through communication and discussion. The vocation is the “Teacher” who helps set priorities and values and who has strong communication skills. This energy feels like partaking of an abundance, a plenitude of beings. Its direction is the South East and Power is the Ancestors.
  7. The highest Spirit field of the cerebrum or neocortex with its two hemispheres shows the capacity of mental representation of knowledge in its largest meaning – from language up to opinion and world conception. The basic potential is for responsiveness, to take the lead in reacting to the environment. Its vocation is the “Facilitator” who takes action, questions, cajoles, even fights, so that every one can find their unique potential and resolve conflicts. This energy feels like becoming aware of the physical totality of the entire Universe. Its direction is South West and Power is the Natural Spirits. This chakra is sometimes called the “golden egg” and should be located just inside the skull, not above it.

The electromagnetic energies which travel in empty space – the void – behave in may respects like the vibrations of matter in sound. For this reason PrimaSounds can be used to activate the Chakras. The gateway between the two forms of energy lies in the seventh harmonic of music which is in tune with our bio-energies. Again, this is further explained in our book, Chakra Music (School of Wisdom vol 4).

We can also understand the seven energy layers phenomenologically in the course of life. This follows the previously mentioned twelve year cycle of Jupiter. Between fertilization and birth the vibrations descend from up downwards, and from birth to death the way goes upwards, as the Tibetan Book of the Dead visualizes.

SPIRIT 7. The fundamental vibration of bioplasma, 12 hz of Alpha, is existing in itself in the general energy field.

SOUL 6. In fertilization it will become part of the germ.

BODY 5. By cell division the three layers are formed.

WILLING 4. The heart starts pulsating.

FEELING 3. The personal metabolism starts, still in relation to the mother.

THINKING 2. Breathing starts with birth.

SENSING 1. The sense organs will awaken several months after birth and the new person starts to orient themself on earth.

Now the way goes back in twelve year cycles:

    1. 1-12. The point of gravity is in growth, in the articulation of the organs of sense until the end of puberty.
    2. 12-24. Thinking will come into the foreground; the development of language and communication.
    3. 24-36. Feeling becomes decisive, you have to separate from parents, start your own home and provide for your own material well being.
    4. 36-48. In this time you will have to affirm yourself and attain the social position which makes it possible for your own disposition to act.
    5. 48-60. Here the body must be understood according to its essence, the disposition must realize itself. Sixty is the so called hippocratical age, from that time onward illnesses will become sufferences, chronic.
    6. 60-72. The soul relations will become important. Usually people try to create a continuity of life which has not existed before by writing memoirs.
    7. 72-84. The bodily organism usually becomes feeble, the only vitality is spiritual. Those who remain spiritually active can remain young until death, which statistically in most cases will come just before the eighty fourth year.



In space there are three more centers beyond the seven, but they are outside of our time, as if on a higher scale than our mesocosm. Still we can tap into them like inaudible undertones to act in history for the benefit of all mankind. These higher energies are not personal energies or potentialities. They cannot be heard as tones or included as external music. They are not of our world, but are of the macrocosm, the legendary “Music of the Spheres”. Still, these centers and the Powers which come with them are the key to effective action on Earth in harmony with the rest of the Universe.

The three appear to us as sub-harmonics of an expanded consciousness and Being – a Being existing on an altogether different scale than our own, one much further along the evolutionary ladder. The three higher energies complete the seven personal chakras to correspond fractally with the ten crises. We call the three additional energies – 8 – 9 – 10 – by the names: Motivation – Intention – Attentiveness. They bear some similarity to the states we normally refer to by these names, but have a much more intense, historical and transpersonal quality.

Unlike the seven chakras which each have a link to a physical system, the three higher energies are not tied to your body and are not created internally. They do however have a spatial location relative to the body: the eighth chakra localizes near the knees, the ninth by the feet and the tenth above your head. Like the first seven chakras the upper three are energy fields which can be thought of as doors to cosmic energy. But usually these doors can only be tuned into and opened after the first seven have been opened and relatively well balanced. The forces of the Strange Attractor will lead you to them. The last three energies flow in the currents of history with the spirit of the times. When you tune into them you are hurled into social-historical whirlpools. The higher energies bear a relationship to the first seven energies analogous to that of the time cycles Rahu, Ketu and Lucifer to the first nine planets.

The eighth energy, Motivation, relates to the body of the earth as a whole. Its direction is the Northwest and its Power is the Angels. Unlike the lower seven chakras the upper three do not have a basic potential to be realized in time. They are spatial only. The vocation of the Motivation chakra is that of the “Manager”. This energy allows you to take responsibility for the understanding of others by the creation of structures and explanations of the processes of becoming aware of Being. It provides the energy to respond to things far beyond your own personal concerns. With this energy you will have the capability to respond to and understand newly emerging social and historical forces. The eighth energy can be described as an intense feeling of whole bodies in interchange with the world around you.

The ninth energy, Intention, relates to Light and the Sun. Its direction is the Northeast and its Power is the Muses. Its vocation is that of the “Guide”. The energy opens you up to inventiveness on a large scale which can provide a new vision and communion for all of Mankind. It provides the ability to create entirely new technologies, new plans for living, and to communicate them to the world. A new mystic vision of the Universe can be invented which serves as a guide and inspiration for all who are open to change. The projects and vision bring a new communion between peoples and levels of being. The energy can be described as an intense feeling of the aura and force of effectiveness.

The tenth energy, Attentiveness, relates to all Beings in the Universe. It is the direction of the center going up. Its Power is the Being In The Universe. The vocation is that of the “Announcer”. Attentiveness has to do with shining, the pure expression of Awareness, manifestation of the brilliant godlike core of your being. It gives the capacity to announce with credibility, to proclaim new meaning for all to see and hear. It allows you to set a shining example as a living embodiment of the ideals of Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Justice. The energy can be described as an intense feeling of your Higher Self.

The first seven chakras also have a spatial component to make a total of ten chakras. This is further explained in Laws of Wisdom (Vol. 3 of the School of Wisdom Series) The ten chakras also relate to the nine basic principals, symbolized by the nine planets and our moon, to make up the tenfold macrocosmic relationship. In esoteric traditions this macrocosmic link is called the “Ladder to Heaven”. Here the planets symbolize a kind of spheric circuitry between the worlds and levels of evolution. This is shown on the following chart:

The tenth chakra as an energy is felt located over the top of the head. But like the other nine chakras it also has a physical connection with the body, the great teacher. The connection lies in the hands. The two hands are the bodily connection to the Higher Self, the fractal link of self similarity. By studying our hands we can learn about our Higher Self, our tenth energy. Who we are is announced by the unique lines in our hands.

Like our finger prints, our palm prints are unique, one of a kind. Unlike our finger prints, however, our palm prints can change with age. Sometimes the lines of the hand can change rapidly, relating to a change of life. The lines of the hand have meaning. They are not meaningless chance – chaos. Nothing is. But you must know the fractal correspondences, the keys to decipher the meaning of the hands. Palmistry as known in the West has lost most of these keys, and as it is now popularly known, is mostly non-sense. Aside from lacking the fractal keys to properly read the lines, most palm reading today proceeds from a false premise, that you can know your future from your palms. You cannot know your future from your palms, or anything else. The Strange Attractor prevents such mischief. You can only get an idea as to your present potentials. The lines are a kind of message from your Higher Self who always knows just who you really are, and what you should do.

The key again is the Wheel. All of the basic components of human nature discussed in this book have their place on either the right or the left hand. Thus the hands are also the ultimate memory tool to help remember the basic concepts. They literally embody the essence of the Wheel. The keys to the hand line correspondences were apparently once known to Western culture, long ago, but were lost or degraded. In the East this knowledge was better preserved in secret traditions and guarded texts. The secrecy of Chinese traditions and their texts is now being lifted. The correspondences adopted from the Chinese tradition are shown on the charts at the end of this chapter. If you enter into a state of Awareness, you can use this information to read the lines. Then you can learn about yourself and others by seeing their hands, the unique expression of their Higher Self.

When you come to know your hands in this way you can awaken them spiritually. Your hands can then more easily sense bio-energies. You can literally learn to touch your soul – your Chi – and the souls of others. Then the hands can be powerful tools for healing, as for instance with Chinese Chi Kung practice. The hands can move energies and thereby end energy stagnation and imbalances. The Chinese have found these imbalances and blockages are the cause of most illnesses. The hands can become more creative in many ways. You have only to discover the secret meaning of their lines, their language.

METHODS\EXPERIMENTS: First study the hand charts and learn the language of the hands. Memorize what each of the basic parts of the hand mean. Know that each line represents 84 years to orient yourself in time. Then enter into a state of Awareness, through other meditation, and gaze at your hands. Let your Higher self speak to you through this language. Read the particular lines and shape of your hands. Compare your hands with the hands of others. Is your “Soul line” long or short, thin or thick? What points and islands, square and triangles do you have in your hands? Where are they located?