CHAPTER 5 : YIN & YANG — The I Ching and the Five Stages of Creative Time . 64 Hexagrams and the 64 CODONs relation

The basis of evolution is self organization by the self referral loops or holographic structure . There is no masterplan in nature or civilization. God is not playing dice with the Universe, but He-She-We does make a good deal of it up as we go along. Self organization develops without predetermination. There is free will, a chance to choose. But the self organization is structured and shaped by the four scales or dimensions.

Self organization can be understood as the capacity to create information based on the Mandelbrot vector 0 : z z¾ + c considered as a continuous creative process. The key is spontaneous improvisation in the moment – acting in the Tao – returning to Zero. This whole field has been thoroughly explored for millennia by Chinese thinkers and so we will use their terminology.

The underlying principle of self organization, the factor creating a larger identity, is called CHI in Chinese philosophy (KI in Japanese). (Strangely enough, this Chinese word is the same as the Greek word for the Pythagorean symbol.) CHI appears in two aspects, WU CHI, emptiness, symbolized by the empty circle, and TAI CHI, plenitude, symbolized by the ancient Chinese fractal:

The integers – whole numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…) Allow a person to make sense beyond meaning. This can be exemplified by the following proposition:

Equation: 2 + 4 = 6 : Sense

2 elephants + 4 tigers = 6 animals : Sense and Meaning.

Making sense is awareness, having meaning is consciousness. Consciousness without a subject is knowledge, consciousness with awareness of the subject is Wisdom. Wisdom is “know how”, the basis of choice and doing.

WU CHI is pure attention, zero emptiness, corresponding to deep sleep. TAI CHI is one, containing the fractal dichotomy of Yang and Yin. Yang is time, Yin is space. Yang is characterized by the circle. Yin by the right angle. Symbolically Yang is a straight line, Yin is a broken line.

Yang ____

Yin ____ ____

In CHI, Yang is the direction upwards, Yin downwards. Yang is the closed circle, Yin is the open angle. Yang is clockwise, Yin counter-clockwise. Yang is hard, resistant and tense, Yin is soft, yielding and relaxed. This dichotomy can be directly experienced by the martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Aikido, etc. The martial arts originated in China, then spread to all of the other Eastern countries such as Japan and Korea.

As shown before Man unites three realms:

Microcosm Body Earth

Mesocosm Soul Man

Macrocosm Spirit Heaven

Following the principal of recursiveness Yang and Yin take on similar, yet different meanings in the three realms. In Heaven Yang is light and Yin dark. In Man Yang is justice and Yin love. On Earth Yang is strong and Yin is weak, and in Nature Yang is male and Yin female. In Astronomy Yang is the Sun and Yin the Moon.

Out of sun and moon the twelvefold Zodiac is born. The Sun gives light and force, the Moon receives them. In Chinese thought the relations of the Sun and Moon forms four basic pictogramms:

These create the four changes. Old Yang, is steady in movement and radiation; it is symbolized by the full moon and the sun at noon. It has the number 7, representing the seven Chakras. Old Yin is steady in receptivity and reflection. It is symbolized by the new moon and the midnight sun, the polar star. In the mythology of Chinese Taoism and of Islam, the polar star is the door to the New Earth, home of the Ancestors and your potential future. Old Yin has the number 8, the 8 space directions. Young Yang changes from darkness to light. From 6 _ X to 7 . It changes from its number 6, the family structure, to 7, individuality apart from the family. Young Yin has the number 9. It changes from light to darkness, from 9 O, conception and change, to 8 _ __ receptivity. For the Chinese the four primary directions originate from these basic symbols.

The Chinese then extend the pictogram of duality to a trinity. They create a three line symbol called a trigram. This represents the next level of complexity in the world. Eight Yin-Yang combinations are possible with three components. The trigrams are thus numerically capable of depicting the eight basic types of consciousness (actually 7 consciousness + 1 Awareness). Each of the eight trigrams has an inner structure, image, motivation and essence as shown below.

1. Sense Soft/Pentrating Grass/Wind Yin Sensing Sun
2. Think Attaching Wood/Fire Yin Thinking Li
3. Feel Serene Lake Yin Feeling Tui
4. Will Receptive Earth/Cave Yin Willing Kun
5. Body Keeping Still Mountain Yang Feeling Ken
6. Soul Danger, Abyss River Yang Thinking Kan
7. Spirit Exciting Thunder/Lightening Yang Sensing Chen
8. Awareness Creative Heaven Yang Willing Chien

The eight trigrams can be considered spatially, all together as a whole, or temporally, one after the other. The spatial image of the trigrams requires reference to The Wheel because The Wheel follows the structure of space. The eight trigrams follow the eight directions shown on The Wheel.



SUN. Sensing. The sensing is defined by the weak yin line, outside, at the bottom. The motivation is to be soft and penetrating. The image is grass and wind; the wind does not harm the rooted grass.


LI.Thinking. Thinking links up sense data with words, following the wishes or motivations and impulses. Thinking has a beginning and end, visualized in the image of burning wood. You should not think beyond the solution of the problem. The motivation is to attain clarity, unattached to the thought. Thinking, like dialogue, is not an end in itself.


TUI. Feeling. Feelings experience the inner signals, as opposed to the outer signals of senses. The image is the clear lake which you can look through. The motivation is serenity, to be joyous together, and not to be together in pity or sympathy, which means emphatic suffering with the another.


KUN. Earth. The image is the vastness of our planet. The motivation is the receptive, to receive the germ and let it grow.

The first four trigrams are Yin, they result in emptiness of the functions. In Sun, after receiving an impression, the senses are free for a new one. In Li, thinking, once you have understood a problem, the solution is in memory, you cannot understand it twice. In Tui, feeling, a satisfied need disappears. Once you have eaten, you have no more hunger. In Kun, willing, once a choice, resolution, or decision is made, it is done and you are transported to a higher level of responsibility. The next four trigrams, the three realms, plus Awareness, are Yang. They have a certain significance. You have a body, a soul, and a spirit, you cannot ignore them. In Awareness, as Keyserling says, “you face the voice of revelation”.


KEN. Body. The body has a certain gestalt. You are unable to change it, and have to accept it as it is. The image is the mountain, the motivation is keeping still. Only in the tranquility of silence, of deep sleep or illness, can your body talk to you about his/her motivations.


KAN. Soul. The soul is between heaven and earth, spirit and body. It is always in danger of stagnation, based on the six primary relations of the family: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son. The Soul, like the river, has to flow from the source in the mountain to the sea, then be transformed, die, into clouds, and finally be reincarnated again as rain in the mountains. The motivation is danger and the abyss.


CHEN. The Spirit, attained only in the waking state, is always sacred spirit; it is defined by the images of thunder and lightning, and the motivation is the inciting. First you experience awe and anxiety, then laughter, because you understand the game and the rules.


CHIEN.Awareness. here means living in tune with the spirit of the time, the East. The image is the night heaven. The motivation is creativity. The purpose of the I Ching is to merge with cosmic creativity.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: The Trigrams are accessible to consciousness and physical exercises like the Pa Kua of Tai Chi Chuan. There is a specific Tai Chi exercise tied to each of the Trigrams. For instance, the trigram Kun, the Receptive, is characterized by the “pull back” movement. As an experiment try and place yourself into this frame of mind, the function of receptive willing. If you have a PrimaSounds CD, then you may want to play it softly while you try this. Think about the Receptive and feel the force of your will power. Then stand in a relaxed position, weight even, with knees slightly bent. Hold your hands out in front of you at chin level so that the left palm faces up towards your right palm, and your right palm faces down almost touching. Now begin the “pull back” movement by slowly moving both hands diagonally, the left hand moves to the right, and the right hands moves diagonally up; the body turns naturally to the right. Then after reaching a slight stretch right and a high point, begin a slow downward movement towards your lower left side with the waist moving slightly left. There are also foot movements to go with this, but that gets too complicated for a first experiment or word descriptions, so just let your feet go with your hand/arm movements. Do this a few times, until you can do it effortlessly without self consciousness. Move your hands slowly and coordinated one with the other. Stay with a loose, relaxed body and let yourself be graceful. Pay attention to the energy and movements, feeling particularly the movement back down and left, the pulling back. Try taking a Tai Chi course, or pick up a book on Tai Chi, like for instance, Da Liu’s book Tai Chi Chuan and I Ching: A Choreography of Body and Mind. Other martial arts courses can be helpful if the instructor does it for purposes of development of Chi rather than as a machismo thing, as is often the case. One good book on the subject is Martial Arts: The Spiritual Dimension by Peter Payne.

Although the trigrams can be understood through exercises, and can help you to understand your states of consciousness, they can not help you with existential decisions and choices. This requires the doubling of the trigrams into inner and outer worlds. Now six lines are used to create a Hexagram. There are sixty four possible combinations of six yin or yang lines (two to the eighth power). For example, one possible combination is a hexagram known as PEACE where the top three lines are all yin, and the bottom three all yang, Heaven below the Earth:

                    ___   ___  6
                    ___   ___  5  Outer Trigram
                    ___   ___  4
                    ________ 3   Inner Trigram
                        _ 2 _ 1

The lower Trigram shows the attitude to your inner world, the upper your attitude to the outer-world. The Chinese sages who created the I Ching understood the duality of life and its existential problems. They knew that it in order to change your external situation — your outer fate — you had to change your inner mentality. Since the I Ching was created as a kind of pragmatic guide, they knew that the Trigrams would have to be doubled to reflect the dynamics of the inner-outer worlds, of external situation and internal attitude. The system of 64 hexagrams which make up the I Ching resulted from the necessity of doubling the eight combinations of three.

In a dramatic example of the fractal recursive nature of reality, nature follows the very same system to create the genetic code. The eight trigrams correspond very closely to the DNA and RNA code of our genes. This is the genetic code which is responsible on a cellular level for all self organization, growth and reproduction in life.

DNA is the blueprint for every protein made in every cell. It is the Yin, spatial structure which stores the information. RNA is the reverse copy of DNA which carries out DNA’s instructions for protein production. It is the Yang, active catalyst which actualizes in time the information in the DNA. The DNA and RNA have eight different base combinations, each made of three chemicals, just like the trigrams made of three lines. The chemical “triplets” as they are called, combine in double triplet code, just like the hexagrams. The maximum total combinations of DNA/RNA triplets is thus 64, just like the I Ching. The 64 triplet combinations control the twenty amino acids and other cellular generative-structural activity.

Out of the combinations of the 8 triplets or trigrams, the 64 “words” of the genetic code of life are formed. All life, from bacteria to Man, is directed on a cellular level by the same language of the 64 Codons of RNA and DNA, based on the doubled triplet, or Hexagram. For example in genetics one of the 64 three letter Codons is: T.A.G. – C.T.A. (Thymine, Adenine, Guanine – Cytosine, Thymine, Adenine). The first gene detected by Watson was equivalent in structure to the I Ching hexagram number 42: Increase.

To understand the full significance of the hexagrams we also need to understand the interrelated Chinese concepts of Time, Change and Energy. Basic to Chinese culture and mythology is the discovery/principle of the 5 Hsing. The five “Hsing” is usually translated incorrectly as the five “elements”. Actually it means the five “stages of change” and are better thought of as “agents” rather than fixed “elements”. The Hsing constitute the five basic types of human energies on the mesocosm. They are symbolized and correspond fractally to the macrocosm by the five visible planets in the fixed field of stars.

The five Hsing, the visible planets, along with the Sun and the Moon, order the flow of creative time. The Sun is Yang, the Moon is Yin. The Sun creates the two-fold rhythm on Earth: day and night. The Moon divides the solar year into twelve months, each of which has a special meaning originating from the structure of consciousness described in the first chapter. In Chinese and Islamic mythology, among others, inspired messages are sent to Man from the chaos of the night – the twelvefold star constellations – during the time of the new Moon when it is invisible for three nights. When these messages are integrated into the Mesocosm, the spiritual inspiration guides Man to achieve a balanced flow of the five Hsing, the five types of energies in the human soul.

The Hsing can flow in two different directions, the life cycle and death cycle. In the life cycle it flows from Wood, willing, to Fire, sensing. The Wood nourishes or gives life to the Fire. Action once completed gives rise to new sensations, takes you to a new place. So too the Fire, sensing, nourishes the Earth, body. Sensing is the doorway to the body. In the Earth grows Metal, thinking. From out of the physical true thinking can arise. Metal can be made fluid, like Water, feeling, and take any form as a tool of civilization. A thought completed should lead to a feeling and not just another new thought. The Metal condenses Water, and the Water nourishes the Wood. Feelings once spent should lead back again into action. When a person’s energy is flowing, it constantly changes in the direction of the life cycle. No one type of energy or Hsing dominates and there is balance in change.

The danger is stagnation where the energy flow becomes blocked in one of the Hsing. That type of energy then begins to dominate and the person’s energy becomes imbalanced. For instance, in the trap of thinking where one thought loops endlessly into the next, and the other energies atrophy. When one Hsing dominates over time the other energies weaken. The person then goes out of sync with the natural rhythms of creative time. Unless corrected, such stagnation leads to illness and death.

This danger is overcome by going into the inner pentagram, the death cycle, which can liberate from stagnation. Water puts out Fire, Metal saws the Wood, the Earth absorbs the Water, Fire melts the Metal, and Wood assimilates the Earth. Put another way, feelings can overcome a sensual fixation, thinking can get you out of a willing loop, the body can get you out of feelings, sensing can let you out of a thinking prison and willing overcomes body dominance.

All Chinese medicine is based on the five Hsing, and corresponds to the twelve acupuncture meridian cycles and organ groups, Yang and Yin. Chinese medicine maintains health and treats illness by emphasizing a person’s CHI and striving for a healthy flow of the five forms of CHI. The healing flow of energies can be enhanced by PrimaSounds. Based on the principal of the natural seventh in sound vibrations, PrimaSounds divide the octave into five intervals. Thus PrimaSounds with its pentatonic scale -A – E – I – O – U (1)blends the seven Chakras in the fivefold flow of creative time.


1 Spirit Mental A
2 Soul Fire U
3 Body Earth O
4 Willing Wood I
5 Feeling Water E
6 Thinking Metal A
7 Sensing Fire U

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Most communities in the United States now have one or more practitioners of Oriental Medicine, typically referred to as Acupuncturists. In acupuncture needles are used to painlessly stimulates the energy flow. However, not all Oriental Medical providers use needles to manipulate and balance the five Hsing energy flows, some use mental effort alone, or slight massage, such as Q.M. therapists. Again, Tai Chi and the martial arts also use physical and mental exercises to help keep the energy in flow and balance. A good book on this subject with exercises and more information about oriental medicine, the five Hsing, twelve meridian channels, Yin and Yang, has been written by Richard Chin, who is both a western medical doctor and a doctor of oriental medicine and a martial artist. His book is called The Energy Within. A Western M.D., Richard Gerber, has written a ground breaking work, Vibrational Medicine, which lays a predicate for an energy bridge between Western and Eastern medicine.

The five Hsing also correspond to the five dimensions, five stages of evolution and five stages of human development:

5-0 Holy Sage Awareness TAO, (GOD)
4 The Called One Walking Man
3 Superior Man Reflection Animal
2 Worthy Man Dream Plant
1 Common Man Sleep Mineral

The aim of Man at each stage of development is different:

  1. Common Man looks for material goods. This is the stage of the vast majority of the contemporary world; commercial, consumer striving for more and more things.
  2. Worthy Man looks beyond materialistic consumerism and strives for growth and education. He imitates superior man.
  3.  Superior Man knows that he can only make sense of life and create meaning if he unites TAO and TE, intention and motivation.
  4.  But the political situation, greed and power can make the existence of Superior Man impossible. The Called Man, who has the task, “Ming”, from heaven, will change the political situation.
  5.  The highest human stage, the Holy Sage, is in tune with heaven, earth, and the TAO. His mere existence makes him into a living pillar around which a culture might grow. In anthropological terms he is a “culture hero”.

Since Life is based on Self Organization, the fractal reality of the fourth dimension, we must make our choices out of chance – out of chaos. If you ask through the chance oracle how all decisions can be in tune with TAO, then God – as the symbol of Chien, Heaven – will unite with the Earth Mother – Kun.

time.jpgDecisions happen in time. For the Chinese the basic time cycles are found in the Sun and the Moon. The Solar cycle (365 days) and Lunar cycle (354 days) combine to form the larger cycle of 19 years. This is called the Metonic cycle. After the 19 year Metonic cycle the full moon appears on the same day of the year as on the beginning of the cycle. In the same way the sun and moon combine symbolically to form a hexagram of six lines. This combination represents the totality of human experience in time. In this way the Chinese understood the full moon opposite to the sun, seen from the earth, to create the basic form of the Hexagram. There two trigrams combine – upper and lower – to form a whole. This follows the hemispheres of the Earth and the pattern of the sun and moon. The lower trigram of the Hexagram is the attitude towards motivation, TE, the upper towards intention, TAO.

Each Hexagram also has the possibility of change into another by means of the changing lines, young yang or young yin. The random formation of the oracle is traditionally accomplished either by a random process of using 50 yarrow sticks, or tossing three (3) coins. Heads is three, heaven-yang, tails is two, earth-yin. With this chance system the following possibilities of change emerge:

ching.gif3 tails – 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 _ X –> __Yin line that changes to Yang

2 tails, 1 head – 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 __ Yang line that does not change

1 head, 2 tails – 2 + 3 + 3 = 8 _ _ Yin line that does not change

3 heads – 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 _O –> _ _ Yang line that changes to Yin

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Obtain the Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching published by Princeton University Press and use it to fill in the knowledge presented here about the I Ching. Begin by reading the Forward to the I Ching written by one of the original students of the School of Wisdom, C.G. Jung. You will see that in the forward Carl Jung performs an experiment by “throwing an I Ching”, that is, using chance to select a hexagram which answers a particular question. Jung explains how this can work by the principle of Synchronicity.

Now try your own experiment. Consult the I Ching oracle by asking a real life and significant question. Then the structured process will allow the Self in the Right brain to communicate with and send a message to the Ego in the left brain. The best form for any question asked of the I Ching is “What should my attitude be towards … such and such an action.” You fill in the particular action you have in mind, the course of conduct which you are considering to solve a particular problem. With the question focused like that, the response will be much more meaningful and easy to understand. Do not ask an unfocused question which has no particular action in mind, like “What should I do”. You have to formulate the proposed choice yourself. Then the hexagrams will give you an idea as to whether you should go forward with the action, and if so, how, and with what inner attitude. Before you use the I Ching, place yourself in a open state of mind by meditating or PrimaSounds. Record the hexagrams you receive and the most pertinent points. Save this for future reference. Read one or more translations of the hexagrams to get a better idea of the particular situation. Reflect upon the inner structure of the trigrams as shown in this book and contemplate the visual images suggested by each hexagram.

Use the I Ching for a few months in this way and see for yourself how it works. Give it the benefit of the doubt, at least at first, and put aside any skepticism. Then later look at it critically and see how true or not the hexagrams have proven to be. When the I Ching is used seriously, and with a receptive attitude, it will pass the pragmatic test, although it may sometimes take a longer time perspective to see the truth of its comments.

There are many, many books written about the I Ching and the principal of Synchronicity. Try reading some of these other books and other translations to help you get a better understanding of the hexagrams you throw.

The final concept of cyclical time in Chinese thought follows the Moon-Jupiter year, the twelve year cycle. The Chinese observed that people born in the same lunar year share certain collective characteristics that repeat after the Jupiter cycle of twelve years.

The twelve basic archetypes of cyclical Yang time relate to the twelve signs of the western zodiac. They follow both the lunar month and year over twelve years. In precommunist China the Emperor gave audiences according to the theme of the month. Today we can include this Chinese wisdom by having monthly talks, experiencing the difference of personal choices, and the time meaning of the month.

A summary of the Chinese conception of the cycle of twelve is shown below. On the far left column the equivalent western zodiac symbol is shown. Next the realm structure is shown; after that the functions. The fourth column shows the Chionese name given for each of the twelve. The year of the dog is shown on top with the structure of Body-Thinking. In the next column the hexagram traditionally assigned to each of the twelve is shown. On the far right is shown examples of the years which apply to each of the twelve signs. The years of the dog, for example, is in the years 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, etc.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: If you participate in a School of Wisdom or other group, try having monthly talks on the theme of that month. Observe the characteristics of the twelve time zones of the year and see if there are any correspondences or “fractalcalities” to the meaning posited in the Chinese system. Determine which animal you are according to the Chinese system and the year of your birth; try the same for your family and friends. Do you notice any type of similarity among people born in the same year? You may want to try reading some of the books written on Chinese Astrology, but at the present time there is little material of quality available in English on this Chinese tradition.

The I Ching of the 64 hexagrams, best interpreted in the translation of another early student of the School of Wisdom, Richard Wilhelm, constitutes the oldest book of the earth and the greatest single treasure of wisdom.(2) As Confucius said, by following the counsels of the book, and studying it continuously, we can attain creative awareness in every situation. To study the I Ching we must have a better understanding of the structure of the hexagrams and how their order relates to the underlying fractal of the mind, the geometry of the Wheel.

The six lines of the I Ching relate to the basic structure of both the 7 and 12. The correspondence to the 7 comes by deletion of the middle function – willing, which you yourself provide by making a decision based upon the hexagram. The first line is sensing, the second line is thinking, the third is feeling, the fourth is body, the fifth is soul and the sixth is spirit. Using Confucian terminology the first line at the bottom of the hexagram, the sensing line, is called the “cause outside of you”. The sixth line at the top of the hexagram, the spirit line, is the “result”. Like the first line, the sixth does not depend on your consciousness, it represents a cause outside of you. The second line from the bottom, the thinking line, is known as the “official”. The fifth soul line is the place of the “prince”. The third feeling line shows your karma state which will lead to the fourth body line of motivation. There is no willing line on the hexagram – this comes from you, and from the random process itself, the Strange Attractor.

Result 6 __ __ Spirit
Prince 5
_ __Soul
Karma 4
_ __Body
Motivation 3
_ __ Feeling
Official 2
_ __ Thinking
Outside Cause 1
_ __ Sensing

hexagrams.jpgThe relation of the I Ching to the 12 comes from the movement of the sun and the moon through the zodiac in the course of the year. The moon goes through 12 cycles in the course of the solar year from which our 12 months are derived. Based on this basic time rhythm a myth of the twelvefold Zodiac has developed in all cultures of the world. This is discussed in Chapter 6 on Time Cycles. The chart shown on the next page shows the relationship of the 6 lines of the I Ching hexagram and the twelvefold Zodiac. It also shows the progression of the Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin, up through the two sides of the 6 lines to form the 12 points. The correspondence of the hexagram to the Chinese zodiac shows another way to use the I Ching to change from consciousness to awareness.

The cycle of twelve also appears in what is known as the “Cosmic Year”, the longest time cycle known to Man, the 25,000 year progression of the vernal equinox. This is the time frame for the overall evolution of the human species. It is discussed further in Chapter Six under Historical Time Cycles. The six lines of the hexagram can also be understood in the context of human evolution. This is shown in the following chart.

Each hexagram is structured like the Cosmic Year. The six places correspond to the positions of the full moon, the clear vision, between waxing and waning. The steps are explained in many ways.(3) For our purposes we start with Yang, the Sun, Seated in Dragon (Leo) and leading up to Dog (Aquarius). The Aquarian Age is the age of the Human, where the Earth Self merges with the Higher Self in communion with Tao, the Great Singularity.


In the first step you awake to your DRAGON, you vocation, your question, your participation in the cosmic work of the spirit, or as the Native American’s call it, your “medicine”. For this you have to leave your family and personal history, changing your dependencies into material for self actualization. The CAT does not care for the past family, only the future one.


In the second step you have to find friends in the TIGER study groups and separate your spiritual way from the quest for survival (SNAKE). You look for those people who make it possible for you to pursue your spiritual way without looking for profit.


With the honest HORSE you transcend your group and make your achievements useful to others. You do so by establishing a style of livelihood, of wealth, which allows others to strive like a BUFFALO to participate in spiritual life.


Now with the RAT you must stand up for your truth by organizing your whole life around your vocation. You blend your material and spiritual life by the GOAT Ò the lunar capacity to seize the moment, the opportunity. By receptivity to the times you make useful to others what is meaningful to you.


Then you must get into revelation by understanding the comical aspects of all religious traditions, like the eclectic MONKEY in a supermarket of new age publications. The purpose of your search for revelation must be to heal others, to bring them to their wholeness. This requires unconditional service symbolized by the PIG. This understanding of the PIG explains the statement found in hexagram 61 – Inner Truth – “Pigs and fishes. Good fortune.”


The highest achievement is no longer self-centered. You are in civilization and in spirit, a part of the New Earth in the sign of the DOG Ò Aquarius. You are, like the DOG, completely faithful to your path and to sacred history. You transcend your ego by announcing your truth in society like the ROOSTER without regard to the practical consequences.

How does the I Ching fit fractally into the Wheel? As we have seen, there is a striking similarity between the I Ching and the genetic code, the 8 trigrams to the 8 codons. This can be understood as recursive self similarity over scales. There is a basic identity between the genes and the hexagrams because their numeric structure is the same.


Martin Schoanberger, a German scientist, recently discovered that the two Codons which contain the genetic-chemical message “to stop” have the same numeric structure of hexagram 63, After Completion. All lines in this hexagram are said to be in their proper place.


Moreover, Schoanberger discovered that the Codons which, so to speak, act to say “Go” on a genetic level, correspond to the opposite hexagram 64, Before Completion.

These two genetic combinations and hexagrams seem to be connected together under the influence of the Circuit Attractor / Consciousness, shown in the hypercube as North and South: and . Thus for consciousness you have to start from an understanding of the whole, the Wheel, and then turn to a single problem. In effect the mind has to be made holistic, balanced, put into equilibrium. This is accomplished for instance by PrimaSounds with its tuning to 12 hertz, or by a good night’s sleep with its full sequence of REM dreams. The Circuit Attractor with its conscious memories is then integrated into Being, leaving you free to act anew.

The table of I Ching hexagrams shown below helps both to identify the hexagrams and understand their structure. The vertical row on the left, from bottom to top, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, defines the lower trigram of your inner attitude, your motivation, Te. The horizontal row on the top, from left to right, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, determines your role in civilization reaching to the New Earth, Tao, your spiritual intention and Way. The 0 through 7 structure is the same as shown before: 0-Awareness, 1-Sensing, 2-Thinking, 3-Feeling, 4-Willing, 5-Body, 6-Soul, 7-Spirit. You can use this chart to identify and locate any of the 64 hexagrams. The trigrams on the left are the lower trigrams of the hexagram. The trigrams on the top are the upper trigrams. Put them together to find the number of the hexagram in the Wilhelm translation of the I Ching.

01 34 5 26 11 9 14 43
25 51 3 27 24


21 17
6 40 29 4 7 59 64 47
33 62 39 52 15 53 56 31
12 16 8 23 2 20 35 45
44 32 48 18 46 57 50 28
13 55 63 22 36 37 30 49
10 54 60 41 19 61 38 58

Each hexagram is also understood as containing 4 trigrams: the lines 123, 234, 345, 456.

The Yin trigrams in this context are said to point downward:

The yang trigrams point upward:

Thus for example, hexagram 53 Development:

contains four internal trigrams:

With Development the four internal trigrams create a “mental equilibrium” of two yang trigrams going upward and two yin trigrams going downward. Most hexagrams have a equilibrium of 2 to 2, but sometimes there is a relationship of 1 to 3, such as with 44, Coming To Meet:

There are eight hexagrams made up of doubled trigrams, called the Pa Koa, which have only one direction.

Four are all yang, moving only upwards:

These four yang hexagrams represent the movement from Self to Ego.

Four hexagrams are all yin, moving only downwards:

These four yin hexagrams represent the contrary movement from Ego to Self. Both movements are necessary for a balanced life.

ichingspiral.jpgThe Wheel is fractal, true for the three levels: Micro, Macro and Mesocosmos. The outer trigrams form the space square (discussed in detail at the end of Chapter 8), the inner trigrams form the time spiral. The placement of the outer and inner trigrams and their relationship to the Wheel and all 64 hexagrams is shown in the chart on the following page. The time spiral can be understood as an analogy to the atomic structure discussed in Chapter 7. The innermost circle – Awareness corresponds to the nucleus of the atom. In chemistry the number value of the nucleus, from 1 to 92, determines the quality of the atom, what type of element it is. The next seven circles shown in the chart correspond to the seven electron shells of the atom and the seven circles of the Wheel.

As shown above, the hexagram formation starts in the East and moves counter-clockwise to the South East. It is moving from Creativity in the center of the Earth, up through the seven atomic shells.

In the square chart of all 64 hexagrams the pakua hexagrams form the diagonal. We can regard them as the attractors of the mind. They are reached in Indian terminology by the opening of the Chakras. Thus the Creative must go to the center of the Earth. The aim is spiritualization. Making up ones mind is to decide from the present hexagram (or if there is a changing line, to decide from both the present and the future hexagrams) by oracle, thinking or vision. Changing one’s mind is to go from one hexagram to another, following the twelvefold structure. But merging with the center is effectuated through the pentagram, the five hsings, experienced fractally through PrimaSounds.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS. The correspondence of the six lines of the I Ching hexagram with the twelvefold structure of the Chinese Zodiac can be experienced directly by contemplation of the following personal questions:

  1. Dragon: At what time did you have a revelation of your vocation, your “medicine”? Cat: What are the negative aspects of your parents and how do you still have them? How can you change the negative to positive?
  2. Tiger: What is your spiritual path? Snake: How do you separate survival and your spiritual work or path?
  3. Horse: Are you strong enough to meet people outside of your group? Buffalo: Have you enough wealth, riches, to fulfill your spiritual potential?
  4. Rat: What truth do you personally stand up for? Goat: What occasions or opportunities do you seize?
  5. Monkey: What is your revelation? Pig: How will your revelation heal others?
  6. Dog: How do you get into the “flow”, the Tao, the spirit of the times? Rooster: How can this flow vitalize your profession

CHAPTER 4 : BRAIN AND MIND — The Many Brains and Rebirthing

The development from animal man to human man presupposes the understanding and transformation of brain and mind which the religions called spiritual rebirth. To understand this rebirth, and consciously participate in it, you need only look to the structure of the human brain. It is made up of three parts: neocortex, limbic system, and cerbelleum/brain stem.

  1. The body consciousness and the force of attention is situated in the brain stem and the cerebellum. You activate it by discovering verticality as by yoga and martial arts. Only when the spinal column is erect is attention liberated.
  2.  The Limbic system is the affective memory of the soul, based on repetition of pleasure and avoidance of pain, the unconditioned or conditioned. If one point of the reflex arc is affected, the whole arc starts to unfold leading either to repetition or avoidance. From this system arises discursive consciousness with the distinction of good and bad, right and wrong, by which people can be manipulated. Affective memory (joys, humiliation, etc.) is not a library as once thought, it is more like a discotheque.
  3.  The neocortex, evolved, is fourfold, verifiable by the four brain currents:

Beta 16-32 hz Waking


Alpha 8 -16 hz Reflection


Theta 4 – 7 hz Dream

Delta 2 – 3 hz Sleep and Attention

The frontal Lobes of the brain are the home of deep sleep where the brain waves cycle between 2 to 3 hertz, the Delta waves. Ironically, it is also the home of Attention, alternating between Observation and Memory. Attention is the door to awareness. When real AWARENESS takes place, observation and memory, time and space, merge. In Yoga the center of the frontal lobe is called the third eye. The practice “tratak” of looking steadily at a single point of an object, like a flower, until you really see, is intended to bring about this merger.


Attention is based on the emptiness of deep sleep. So in that sense you can only memorize and observe events happening between 2 to 3 Hertz. Sleep and attention are connected. Attention captures the Power of CHI, the flow of indescribable cosmic energy. Attention is the creative capacity of the strange attractor. It can unite what is clearly apart: YES and NO, as the frontal lobes alternate between observation and memory.


The Right Brain is the home of dreams where the brain waves cycle between 4 to 7 hertz, the Theta waves. Dreams are based on chaos with its four attractors. The deep dream state or R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) state also typically includes some strong Alpha brain wave activity.


During the course of a night’s sleep you go through all of the four basic states of consciousness in cycles. You go from waking, to half waking reflection, then into deep sleep, then into dream, then back into waking for a brief moment, to groggy reflection again, deep sleep, then dream again. This cycle repeats five times in an eight hour sleep period. In each cycle the REM stage grows progressively longer.


REM means reestablishing the mental equilibrium. It is a precondition to acting freely the next day. Note for instance that the Alpha waves that appear with the REM Theta waves are stronger than the Alpha waves which typically appear in waking consciousness. Dreams are important. You need to follow your own dreams, not the dreams of others.


The Hind or Occipital Brain is the home of Reflection with brain wave cycles between 8 to 16 hertz. These are the Alpha Waves. They are produced when in a state of Reflection or deep thought. Reflection has two directions in the hind brain: changing words and number into mental images, or changing images and events into words and number. It is the uniquely human function, the emphasis on which distinguishes us from the animals. This is the place in the brain where you might carry a picture of The Wheel. The Alpha waves of 12 hertz are also produced when people have peak experiences of Cosmic Consciousness, Nirvana, Satori, Heavenly Bliss and the like.


The Left Brain is the home of Sensing where the brain waves cycle between 16 to 32 hertz. Reaching 16 hertz, the lowest C in music, we attain the electromagnetic window: seeing transversely 3800 – 7600A, from violet to red, or hearing longitudinally from 16 – 20,000 hertz.


The way from left brain to right brain creates science and experience, the way from right brain to left brain, vision, revelation and creativity. The goal is all four sides.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: There are many exercises to develop the different brains and therewith liberate the mind. A pioneer in this field is the American psychologist, Jean Houston. She has written many books on this subject, such as The Possible Human and Mind Games. One exercise originally developed by Jean Houston which has proven to be very effective involves exploration of the four neocortex brain centers. You start with an image evocative of the left brain, then invoke an image of the hind brain, then the right brain, and end with the front brain which gives you a kind of summation message of what you should do. You always begin such sessions with a deep relaxation exercise where all tensions are released and you imagine yourself in a different, pleasant place. The mind is then free to imagine and visualize.


In the exercise of the four sides of the neocortex, after relaxation, you are asked to visualize your self on the main shopping street of the town in which you live. Then you are told to visualize an alligator or crocodile on the street. What do you do? This imagery brings you into the left brain. You give yourself two minutes to fully visualize your reaction. For some the visualization comes directly. For others they hear what happens in their head, and they must then transform the words into visual symbols. A few people begin with a kinesthetic feeling, a sense of touch, and they must transform that into words, then visions, or directly into visions. The responses which people imagine will tell them something of their left brain.


The next hind brain image involves imagining yourself standing in front of an actual mirror which you know. What age are you? How are you dressed? Do you like your appearance? Then you are asked to step through the mirror into the other side. What happens when you visualize this? What do you see, what happens to you, what do you do? Again you give yourself two minutes to fully experience the imaginations which come.


The third right brain image requires you to imagine yourself standing as a cross roads in a forest. Then you hear a horse approaching. From which direction does come? How many roads have you imagined. When the horse comes into view you see that it has a cloaked rider. What color is the horse, the cloak? He rides up to you and you see that the rider is a skeleton. The skeleton carries a goblet which he hands to you to drink? What do you do? What happens then? Again give yourself a few minutes to fully imagine your reaction to the last detail.


The last front brain image involves imagination of a mountain. What does it look like? On the side of the mountain you see a great house. You walk towards it. What does it look like? Then you go through the front door of the house and walk into a great hall. There is a large table in the hall with a bowl of fruit on it. What does the hall look like, the table, the bowl of fruit? Is anyone else there with you? You pick up one of the fruits and you eat it. What happens? Give yourself three or four minutes for this last vision, then slowly the guide leads you back to normal reality and asks you to open your eyes.


In group work this exercise is normally followed by people sharing their visions with each other under the questioning of a group leader. This is one way to use guided imagery so that the Self can speak to the ego, the unconscious can become conscious.


You can educate the brain up to a certain level. However, for average consciousness the corpus callosum is insurmountable. Waking reflection and dream-sleep are beyond reach in associative turmoil. The conscious ego is cut off from the larger transpersonal Self. The left and right brains are blocked, with the left brain usually dominating and creating an artificial symmetry. Thee is no inner coherence which includes everything, including chaos and the unpredictable. The person is either imprisoned in the social consensual reality of a constricted left brain view, a false little coherence with poor creativity, depth and perspective. Or they are lost in vague imaginations of right brain madness with poor focus, clarity and purpose. The waking-reflecting person does not know the sleeping-dreamer. With the two sides of the person disassociated, it is not possible for health, holistic coherence and spiritual development to progress. The separation of the brains has to be overcome; the dreamer and doer must become one.


brain3.gifFor the average person today awareness is stunted because they are trapped in the left brain.(3) Illness then results from the stagnation of too much order and not enough chaos and emotion; too much Day left brain, occipital brain and ego, and not enough Night right brain, frontal brain and Self.


We cannot just use our left brain faculties to develop our right brain. The corpus callosum is not so easily overcome. The only sure route from the left brain to the right brain is down through the body. The development of body Awareness allows an escape from left brain dominated consciousness, guiding you to the black Zero. There inspiration comes from your whole brain, springing forth a new iteration, your unique path at that time to fractal order.


Consciousness is in the Head, Awareness is in the Whole Body. In order to experience and live in Awareness we have to shift the emphasis from ego in the head, to Self in the belly. The lower stomach is the center of movement situated at the level of the Sacrum, the “sacred bone”, also called the “Hara”. This is why whole body awareness – the critical first step on the path of Wisdom of knowing your body – must be attained by all who would fulfill their full human potential – use all parts of their brain.


The Brain-Mind is the slowest; the Heart and Blood Mind is quicker; but the Belly-Sacrum Mind is the quickest. In crises, the Body-Mind takes over. This is why the Sufi tradition used to force a man into a crisis, a mortal danger, in order to force a shift from the left brain into body Awareness.


Example: You are driving a car fast around a corner. You see a truck stopped in the road. You can barely pass. Immediately the Brain and Affective Mind stop. The Body Mind takes over, you instantly swerve, and you pass the truck by a few inches. At a certain distance you stop. Your Affective Mind, your heart, starts beating quickly and you visualize what could have happened. Five minutes later the Brain Mind takes over: Why did that bastard stop in that place without putting a sign up before the curve? If you had tried to drive with your Brain mind, you would be dead already. The survival instinct violently shifted you from your normal abode in the Brain Mind, into the Belly Mind.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: There are two ways to shift the emphasis from Head to Body: the violent shift by crises and mortal danger employed for instance by the Sufis; and the non-violent shift by body awareness and creation of a Kinesthetic Body from Chaotic Imagination. This is the second step on the Wisdom path of creation of the energy body. The violent methods are too dangerous, and so we focus on the non-violent methods developed originally by the Indians and the Chinese.


There are literally hundreds of such methods. Among the best are the Hatha Yoga exercises from the Indian tradition. All of the physical disciplines basically involve body exercises, stretching, body awareness, breathing exercises, attention focusing, energy awareness and stimulation, and various meditation techniques. They are designed to develop awareness and mastery of the body first of all, and then to develop and balance subtle body energies, called Chakras by the Indians, and CHI by the Chinese.


Knowing your body, and creating an energy body, are the first two steps on the Wisdom path. Your study of this book/web should be accompanied by some type of body and energy work, otherwise the full meaning of the concepts in this compendium will never become clear. The ideas presented presuppose an experience of body/energy Awareness, considered by most to be an “altered state of consciousness”. Without this background and experience with the body and the soul, you will not be able to make sense of many of the ideas. Isolated development of the spirit alone, without a solid foundation in the body and soul, is simply not possible.


Help in this area is now readily available . In almost any community you can find meditation groups of all kinds, humanistic and transpersonal psychologists and psychiatrists with expertise in this field, Yoga teachers and teachers of the soft martial arts like Tai Chi, and the hard arts like Kung Fu, Karate, etc., and doctors of Oriental Medicine, Holistic Medical Doctors and massage therapists. Unlike traditional Western medicine which mechanistically focuses on body parts for health, oriental medicine, and some holistic western medicine and massage, are primarily concerned with bioenergies. They are concerned with maintaining health through proper energy flow using acupuncture, massage and the like.


Try a few of the well known experiments with friends from the Eastern martial arts traditions. These experiments may be able to provide you with some direct experience of CHI immediately. Only by experiencing CHI directly can you, for instance, ever really understand what is meant by referring to “space” as “original force”. One well known experiment which is easy to try involves holding your arm outstretched, imagining a stream of light going through your fingers, without using any muscles. The imagination of the stream of energy flowing out your arm is the key to be focused on. Done intently, it will be next to impossible for another person to bend your arm. Try it, both with and without the stream of force. Then have another person stand in front of you with their arm outstretched. First test the muscular strength of their arm without their using the stream of energy technique. Now activate and move your Chi (the light force, mental beam of awareness, kinesthetic body). First move your Chi downwards, and while doing so again test the other’s arm. Assuming they are not activating their own Chi, they will lose half of their muscular strength and you will be able to bend their arm without much effort. The same happens by moving the force in both hands counter clockwise. To give strength, move the kinesthetic beam upwards or clockwise. You will have to exert greater force at the beginning to bend their arm.


Another experiment requires a group of people who have been sitting together for sometime. Stand in front of a tired audience. Tell them to relax, letting all preoccupations and sadness go into the ground. With closed eyes have them imagine their feet sinking into the center of the Earth. Then have them slowly move the tremendous forces in the center of the earth up to the ground level. When they have done that, tell them to open their eyes. Then facing the audience, and holding a rock crystal in both hands, move your hands together in front of you from waist level up to just above your eye level. Tell them that they are now surrounded by a mandala of force. The audience will now be attentive. Only that which is really part of the Self, centered in what the Japanese call Hara, will remain. This follows the concept of the Inca religion: Good is what is connected to your center (the Self point below the navel), Bad is what is not connected (like cancer in the body). You have to abandon the unconnected through time-light, and restore the pristine purity of reconnection to Self.


Since the violent methods of awakening the self are so dangerous, the Indians and Chinese developed a nonviolent “Ahimsa”, “Wu Wei” method: to create links, called the Chakras or CHI, between the body and mind brains. One of the best introductions to the Indian way was written in 300 B.C. by Patanjali in his classic text, Yoga Sutras, but we will describe them in modern brain-mind terminology.


During waking life the day is divided roughly into three periods of 8 hours: work (Spirit), social life (Soul) and sleep/dream (Body). The body is formed during the embryonic stage, and sleep means getting back into regeneration.


As a well known Buddhist prayer says: “Let me see my face before I was born.” This means that the embryonic development stage of our life has to be integrated with our adult life. We have to go back into the womb and recall our earliest memories through a process called “rebirthing”.


Rebirthing is a necessary precondition to complete a non-violent shift to the Body-Mind. Without it you can never fully develop and balance the chakras, or create a unified field of all components in Awareness. Rebirthing goes beyond the normal field of recollection of early childhood memories normally addressed in psychoanalysis. Rebirthing goes further back to the pre-verbal memories, to memories of birth, pre-natal life in the womb. It goes all the way back to the original orgasmic moment of conception.


A truly liberating rebirthing experience requires a basic understanding of the biology of the development of the body. We need to understand the discoveries of science in this area to have full recall and visualization. We need to understand the process of Mitosis, from the original union of sperm and egg to early childhood development. We also need to comprehend the significance of the seven stages of Mitosis, and its relation to our perceptive awareness, and the unified energy field. This essential knowledge is summarized in the following chart:


Spirit Mind Soul Mind Body Mind:


7 Speak 7 Spirit 1 Fecundation Neocortex

6 Read 6 Soul 2 Polarization Limbic

5 Touch 5 Body 3 Organization Brain Stem

4 Hear 4 Willing 4 Circulation

3 Taste 3 Feeling 5 Metabolism Birth

2 Smell 2 Think 6 Breathing

1 Seeing 1 Sense 7 Moving




There are seven stages of development:

Fecundation. A single sperm, one of 500 million ejaculated, is accepted by the female egg.



Polarization. The 23 male and 23 female chromosomes meet at the equator and blend to form the original cell. An average size human cell has about the same number of molecules as an average size human brain has cells. The fertilized human egg cell shown below has even more molecules.



Organization. The cell divides according to the law of the octave, 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 ….., up to about 54 divisions, then the organism is complete. By about four months all organs have been formed and simple growth begins. Actual photographs are shown below of the human embryo at the 2, 4 and 8 cell stages.


In the first two to three weeks the three basic layers are formed in the embryonic tissue:


Entoderm: Inner Organs, Inner layer

Mesoderm: Tendon and Muscles, Middle layer

Exoderm or Ectoderm: Sense Organs, Outer layer


One of the three embryonic layers tends to dominate in a person from this earliest stage. The dominant layer may later determine the preponderance of a person’s temperament. An Entoderm dominant person will invite people for a good dinner, a Mesoderm person to jogging or mountain climbing, and an Exoderm person to listen to a concert.


Circulation. At five to six weeks, when the embryo is no more than three fifths of an inch long, the heart begins to beat. The heart beats continuously, uninterrupted, until we die. Here an embryo is shown at about five and one half weeks. The big protrusion between the flipper and the head is the heart.



Metabolism. At about eight weeks, when the embryo is one inch long, weighing two and one half grams, metabolism starts in the embryo through the umbilical cord connection with the mother’s metabolism. The embryo floats weightlessly in warm amniotic fluid, nourished from the outside, in a state of bliss. Recollection of this earliest time in your life is quite pleasant, however, for most the recollection of the birth process which follows is not. Here is a picture of a fetus at about eight weeks.



Birth. After nine months of blissful growth, the organism is ready for birth which comes in three stages:


a. Contractions

b. Birth

c. First breath

All three stages are painful and thus their recollection in the rebirthing process is frequently not pleasant. Still, remembering this pain frees you from it, and sets the stage for further development.

The ejection from the womb is intense and frightening, particularly the initial stage of contractions, before movement down the birth canal begins. The contractions produce visions of hell. Compression down the birth canal to birth produces visions of the fall from the amniotic paradise. When you recall the first breath, you also recall the tearing open of the bronchial. Also, at the moment of birth the “foramen ovale” closes and the two chambers of the heart separate. The first painful breath and heart break is the threshold of rebirth. The rebirthing experience, like most all tribal initiations, necessarily involves the acceptance of intentional suffering.


Movement. Once out the baby starts coordinating the senses by movements. By about the third month after birth the senses are acclimated to the new external environment.

For rebirthing to succeed the fear of pain must be overcome. The same is true of life itself. Otherwise fear will prevent you from starting the backward journey within. In this way many people are trapped by fear into living their whole life in one little corner of their brain.



METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: General reflection and imagination of your original conception and Mitosis and birth is possible and safe by visualizing the above described stages. Listen to Primal Sounds and try and recollect your earliest memories as a baby or child, then imagine from there backwards to the initial conception. Then reverse the sequence and visualize in greater detail the seven stages going to the point of birth and first movements and sensual orientation.


Deep intense recollection in this way, without the aid of a trained facilitator, is possible but unlikely unless you are gifted in this area. But you can at least get a feel for it on your own. Recollection of these memories requires a deep hypnotic state and a trained assistant to assist and to make the psychic pain sometimes involved more tolerable. In many communities persons trained in rebirthing techniques can be found, however, you may find wide discrepancies in usage of the term “rebirthing” and confusion as to its meaning.


We can only go from Consciousness to Awareness at a certain stage in development.

Child: The child is primarily in the right hemisphere, dream phantasy, play and imagination.



Student: Most people grow up out of the Child stage, shift to the left brain, and enter the Student stage. In involves schooling where you learn the local cultural consensus.

The problem is, most people never get out of the Student stage. They are always trying to adapt at the expense of their personal motivations. They fit in and try to succeed. They lose touch with their own wishes, desires and motivations. They become what society or their parents want or expect them to be, not what they truly want to be. They never find their individuality and true inner essence, but live small selfish lives with a false ego identity, a little “I”, not connected with their total Self, their potential role in the Universe. You could say they are asleep to life, hypnotized by the local cultural consensus. They are literally trapped in their left brain. To escape they must attain the third stage of the Master or Teacher.



Master: The third stage is best understood in the context of the Artisan tradition, still present in many trades and professions today, with the three stages of Apprentice, Companion and Master. The first stage is the Apprentice who trains under a Master craftsman to learn the basics. He works under a Master or mentor as an unskilled assistant. The Companion is equivalent to the second stage. He has completed his apprenticeship, knows the trade, and typically works with a number of Master Artisans to learn more skills and refine those he already knows.



After you are well established and have complete mastery of your craft and your life, you become a Master, and have apprentices of your own.. This presupposes a return back to the right hemisphere with the left now fully developed and intact. A shift to the right brain before the left is strong and fully operational is premature and can not succeed. The Master has a strong ego, but the ego is fundamentally different than before. The ego has changed from a false self image into a functional organ. The ego becomes a persona for creative action, like teaching or some other form of service to humanity or the earth. The ego is now in touch with the Self, but is not selfish. The ego is no longer apart and alienated from others, but is identified with a transpersonal whole. It seeks to benefit all humanity by fulfillment of the person’s unique potential, their true Ego, or big “I” connected with all others.


Being a Master is a personal decision. It cannot be taught. It has to be induced by another Master using subliminal method when that person is ready.


When you are in head centered ego dominated consciousness, you are functioning at the lowest level. It is equivalent to the ground state of the atom where all electrons are in the lowest energy position. To reach awareness and attain mastery you must increase your energy level. You do this by creating a kinesthetic body from out of chaotic imagination. The bioenergies then become a Vehicle of Awareness, a link with the total Self, the right brain and the Universe. Then the new “I” linked with All can develop, create and act. This is the path to reality – the fourth dimension – where the Mandelbrot formula applies for navigation through chaos.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: The creation of the kinesthetic body is a technique now widely used by top athletes in all sports from baseball, to golf, to swimming and skiing. It involves the use of imagination and mental visualization to perform a physical movement in your head before actually doing it. The imaginary performance actually triggers subtle muscle energy responses and so the name “kinesthetic” body. For a simple example try the following now: lift up your right arm, slowly, then lower it; now slowly lift it up again, and lower it again, and observe carefully the movement of your muscles when you do so; now lift up an imaginary right arm, slowly, visualizing it going up, then down again. Do this several times, first the real arm, then the kinesthetic arm, then switch arms. Then try other physical movements until you can imagine quite complicated movements as in sports. There are many books which contain lengthy kinesthetic body exercises described in detail; one of the best is again Jean Houston’s book The Possible Human.



As a child develops it first orients itself to the new world through its primary sense, vision, by moving its head and looking around. Throughout the rest of life a person’s movement is directed by the sense of seeing. You look where you are going or you may stumble and fall. But the other senses are equally as important to full development as vision. The other senses also relate back to the original Mitosis and to the structure of consciousness.



After seeing, the next sense is smelling. The breath is controlled by smelling, liberating thinking out of associations. In the Indian tradition the use of breath exercises to liberate thinking is called “Pranayama”. All spiritual traditions employ some types of breathing methodologies to help quiet the inner dialogue and find energy.

Both Vision/Sensing/Movement and Smelling/Thinking/Breathing belong to the left brain and are conscious. To progress further you have to cross the threshold into the womb, into Feeling. This requires the maturity and individuality of the Master.



Feeling involves the sense of tasting which has four parameters: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Feeling is the capacity to accept suffering and death, overcoming guilt that we must all kill, consuming either or both animals and plants, in order to survive. Knowing the Native American “give away”, getting into the spirit of service, enables you to overcome this guilt and to understand your impulses, wishes and motivations. Feeling is connected with the dream imagination of the right brain. When you cross the threshold you move from little ego to Self.

Little ego starts with the point-like experience of birth and ends with physical death, if the link with Self is not established. This linking means spiritual rebirth. Your ego looks for success in job, family, ambition, etc. Your Self is moral, it wants to get back to and merge with the great Source, the Singularity.



Circulation is tuned to your heartbeat. Hearing is the sense of mathematics and voice. You hear and remember tone sequences and spoken words. But hearing also touches silence and the intervals between the tones. From out of the intervals and silence, you develop attention, inner emptiness and Being. Meditation leads to the heart, and only the heart, the will, is linked to the divine Source, infinite – 0 – Awareness. Only through the heart and hearing are you able to get into the higher capacities. (0-4 relation in the dimensions).



The faculty of organizing the body gives rise to the sense of touch. Through the proprioperceptive nerves you can sense your liver, your toes, every part of your body and therewith create greater shape and detail to the kinesthetic body.



Instead of the polarization and union, the inner eye of the soul reads, interprets and establishes significations. It is the reading of meaning from events and symbols. The basic polarities inherent in symbolic communication and communion are expressed in the framework of the six original family relations:
Mother and Father
Sister and Brother
Daughter and Son

Somebody touching one of the archetypal relations will cause you to act beyond your personal motivations. You will be compelled to do so until you have integrated the postulates inherent in their structure and fulfilled that potential within yourself. The meaning of the six archetypical relations is shown in the following chart.
Father Duty
Mother Nurturing and Manners
Sister Beauty
Brother Courage
Son Capability
Daughter Satisfaction of Needs



Fecundation and Gnosis are the same in old languages: Adam knew Eve, and the result was Abel. Only in speaking do you attain the spirit; thus the meaning of prayer is to attain inspiration, and therewith realize the full potential of the neocortex. Language anchored in the will overcomes the corpus callosum and liberates the bicameral mind.

The center of all the different minds or chakras is the heart, Willing.

Spirit 7 Waking
Soul 6 Reflection
Body 5 Dreaming
Willing 4 Sleep/Attention
Feeling 3 Dreaming
Thinking 2 Reflection
Sensing 1 Waking



The waking of sensing leads to force, waking of spirit to light, but the power of the heart chakra is the Voice. Through our voice we find and create our immortal being.


Through our voice and language, rooted in body Awareness, we can articulate who we really are. We can then act out our true role, our potential destiny. This is a matter of tuning our mind, our overall mood — all seven energies or components of our mind. Thus the Way travels full circle, from little “I” – the disassociated ego – to Self, then back again to true individuality, the actualized being – Ego in tune with Self.


The Way no longer ends from ego to Self, but must travel on to individual fulfillment, the big “I” identified with the whole Universe. The individual expressing their unique potential through action in the World. The big “I” is thus equivalent to the Mandelbrot fractal which unites all of the other I’s, the little ego Julia fractals, by Zero-God as the common source.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try saying out loud the last two paragraphs several times. Try other favorite passages Reread other parts of this book, or another, out loud to yourself, or to one you love. Feel the power which can resonate from the verbalization and articulation of truth, or at least a close approximation thereof. Feel how it penetrates and resounds in your heart, how it links you to a higher force. Try singing to PrimaSounds, or to the individual PrimaTones at the end of the CDs.


Listen to the sound of your voice during the day when you are speaking in different circumstances. Notice how it sounds different at times of genuineness. Notice how at other superficial times it sounds mechanical, emotionless. By paying attention to your voice, truly hearing what you say to others on many levels and how it feels, you can be guided to your inner essence. Your own voice can tune you in to who you really are, and who you have the potential to become. What kind of speaking, to whom and in what circumstances, feels right to you, has the ring of wholeness and authenticity. What kind of speaking seems false and unreal.


All of the seven senses presented here can be guides if cleansed and intensified. There are many exercises to heighten the senses as for instance in The Possible Human and other books. A sense can be sharpened by focusing our attention on it over time. By exercises we can greatly enhance all of our perceptive abilities. Extra sensory perception, ESP, may well be a normal extension and amplification of our sensory capabilities. See for instance Michael Murphy’s book, The Future of the Body.


Certainly the senses can extend beyond the physical realm into the energetical and mental. We all have the potential ability to sense energies, forces and powers as easily as the physical forms in the third dimension. Not simply the touch of hot or cold, but the perception of auras and taste of powers is possible. So too with training and effort we can come to vividly see ideas, touch and smell them. We can learn to speak ideas as a sensation of spirit, a direct experience, as opposed to speaking as an expression of an already apprehended idea. This may explains some, but not all of the so called “Channeling” phenomena.


The basic sensory phenomena, the basic fact underlying all theory, is our body. It is like an incredible computer, a work of art, in which we temporarily live. Our body is the most fantastic technology possible, far beyond our current technical understanding. Still, we know some things about the electronics of our systems which can help us to understand the place of number – 0 and 1 – in our body. This knowledge gives us clues on how to attain Awareness — the Zero state.


It is now common knowledge that Zero and One are the basis of computers and the basis of our brain. In our brain the neuron synapse either fires an electrical impulse – 1 – or not – 0. This is the same way a computer works. The binary system is the essence of all number and information processing. This is the direct machine language of computers and the human brain. Above that there are many other types of higher languages; for example, for computers – assembly language, fortran, C, basic. For humans there are also many types of languages — English, German, French, sign language, etc.


The higher languages serve as an intermediary between being and number. They control the computer, or brain binary, language. The computer translates the higher language commands, such as basic, down into direct machine language commands, on and off, to control the computer output. The central nervous system does the same thing for the body. The higher language commands, such as English, are translated into specific synaptic firings in the brain, to control what the body does.


The basic architecture of computers and human form is not that far apart. Just as computers have a basic operating system to handle the behind the scenes operations, for instance, DOS or Windows, humans also have a unconscious operating system to maintain the basic functions of the body, such as breathing, heart beat, digestion and other organ functions. In the body this is handled by the autonomic nervous system. In order to create a program for a computer which operates efficiently, you must know the operating system of the computer, which in itself is a program with its own language. For instance, to create an application programs for a personal computer you must know the Windows operating system language. The operating system is an essential intermediary which higher languages use to successfully translate into machine language – 0/1 – and run the computer.


The same thing applies to the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system, like Windows, must be known and mastered before you can master your body, and write your own life programs. The efficient link between being and number for human kind requires understanding and use of the autonomic nervous system.


As seen in Chapter One, language is important. It is the key to consciousness and the doorway to the mind. Language drives the central nervous system, makes us uniquely human, and allows us to program ourselves. But we must also pay attention to the bodies operating system, the unconscious. Esoteric traditions have always known that the autonomic nervous system is the key to Awareness and thus to spiritual development. The autonomic system is the doorway to the wisdom of the body. The body systems may be unconscious, and the autonomic nervous system may be outside “our control,” that is, our ego control, but it is still a part of us, the holistic self. For this reason some people have learned to control some of the autonomic systems, and a few Yogis for instance, can slow down, or even stop, the heart for a short time.


The autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic system accelerates the twelve organ systems of the body with adrenaline. It is tuned to the left hemisphere of the brain — the ego, time and waking consciousness. The parasympathetic system does just the opposite. It slows down the organs. It is tuned to the right hemisphere of the brain — to self, space and dreaming.


The sympathetic design system connects the organs to the spinal cord horizontally. The spinal cord is related with one nerve to the cerebellum, and 20 nerves to the organ systems, through the twelve chest vertebrae and the five lumbar vertebrae. Thus in waking we are not just apprehending the real world, but are also processing the reactions of the organs. For that reason we naturally create the human environment in part as an organic projection. For example, we build kitchen’s for our stomach, and toilet and sewer systems for our waste elimination organ system. Our skeleton is like our machines, our brain is like our computers. We build facilities like our liver for power and energy production, and our fashions are related to our skin and sensation system. We have to get in tune with our body and its twelve systems to understand our environment.


The slowing parasympathetic nervous system is only connected to the head nerves and to the sacrum. There are no connections with the vertebrae. The directive tenth nerve, vagus nerve, which actually changes it position over time and is thus known as the “wandering nerve,” branches out to other organ systems. But the vargus nerve does this in a 1:1 relation, not 20:1 as in the sympathetic system. The deceleration side of the nerves is tied to the spiritual side of man. The quickening is tied to the material. For example, in the male sex organs, erection depends on the parasympathetic system, on romantic love. Ejaculation comes from the sympathetic system, from the movement of love making, from quickening.


Consciousness is inherently fragmented. It follows the numbers one to infinity. Awareness is holistic, unifying. It follows the number zero. Slowing down and quickening have a limit which leads to the same experience from two different directions. Slowing down the associations in Yoga creates a state of meditation. Quickening can lead to the greatest velocity, the speed of light, illumination. The slowing down is stopping, absolute zero, which again is illumination, but of a different character. As soon as you come to a full stop and reach complete silence and center, you are in the same place as the speed of light, and illumination will come by itself. This has been described by many Asian traditions and scientifically by transpersonal psychologists like Charles Tart. Thus Yin/Parasympathetic and Yang/Sympathetic blend in total awareness of Chi. With this blending a human can be totally awakened to both this and the next world.

CHAPTER 3 : COSMOGONY — Three Worlds, Cosmology, Evolution and Natural Symmetry

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End

Semiotics shows the development of speech power, numbers and music the systemic frame of awareness; together they form the original code of the mind. But matter also follows the same structure by mathematical necessity. We live in three worlds, structured according to the dimensions:

Try and understand this concept by first considering the left row, then the right row, and only then the middle row. In this way the understanding mind can, so to speak, rely on its two feet to support the middle. The left row is spatial, the right row is temporal. Both go downwards as the descending rays of creation. The middle is the ascending ray of negentropy.


The left spatial ray of creation shows the involution of diminishing energy on a microcosmic scale controlled primarily by electromagnetism. Energy becomes more involved with matter and self organizes itself into ever larger and more constricted systems. Going from the zero to the fourth dimension energy becomes more symmetrical, diminished and predictable taking on the characteristics of solid matter. The microcosm world is unfathomably small, and is only visible to Man with microscopes.

The right temporal ray of creation goes down showing the dependency and interconnectedness of matter controlled primarily by gravity. The macrocosm pertains to size scales much larger than Man.


The middle mesocosmic row goes up as the counterpointal ascending ray to the microcosm and macrocosm. It shows the evolution of life forms of increasing complexity of Self Organization and decreasing symmetry. It pertains to information, number and language. The mesocosm is the size scale of the world of Man.


The quantum of action which begins the left spatial row has infinite potentiality and energy, but no extension. The first full step in the involution of energy into form is the Photon which has about a billion electron volts of energy.(1) It can travel in any direction, which can never be predicted, but it is submitted to the velocity of light, 186,000 miles per second. There is only one kind of Photon; it has unit spin and no charge.

Next are the Electrons which come in pairs with opposite spin to the other nuclear particles. While the exact position of an electron can never be predicted, even when it is trapped in an atom, its directions of travel are constricted by the shells of the atoms and by relations between the nuclear particles. The nuclear particles have half-spin and are charged either positively, negatively or neutral. The nuclear particles have more symmetry and less freedom than the Photon.

The next step in the scale is the atom. An atom has a nucleus and up to seven shells. The distance of the atomic shells follows the ratio of the central diagonal of the multiplication table. The simplest atom – the hydrogen atom – has about 10 electron volts of energy. There are around a hundred kinds of atoms with various kinds of chemical properties. Again the atoms have more symmetry and less freedom than the nuclear particles.


The final step in involution is the molecule. The average molecule has about 1/25th of an electron volt of energy and comes in three forms: metal, salt and crystal. It has total symmetry but comes in countless variety with many kinds of properties.


The molecular level is where the direction turns and life originates. With life consciousness begins an evolutionary trek backwards to less and less symmetry and more freedom. But where did all of the energy come from in the first place to begin the process of matter and then life?

Current scientific understanding of the origin of the material Universe in time is called the “Big Bang” theory. It is the creation story of the “Myth of Science”, the dominant belief system of modern culture. The Big Bang cosmology is remarkably similar to the ancient Hindu origin myth known as the “Breath of Brahman”. Under the Big Bang theory the current space-time Universe was created in a unfathomably large explosion which occurred about 15 billion years ago. At the moment of origin all of the Universe, all matter and energy, existed together in total order and symmetry, called by scientists the “Great Singularity”. Then the Universe exploded in the Big Bang, or exhalation of the breath of Brahman, and all started moving away from each other as the directions and time began. The Great Singularity began to break up and space and the different elements began to be formed. With this first breath a countervailing rhythm of arithmetic expansion and geometric contraction began.

We are still in the early stages of the expansion of the Universe where all Galaxies are receding from each other at the speed of light. This is the exhalation of Brahman. Expansion occurs as arithmetical electromagnetic growth. At the same time the force of contraction grows with the geometrical growth of gravitation.


Under one theory the expansion of matter and energy away from the center explosion point is preceded by black spheres. Where they meet, the Galaxies originate fractally. Billions of galaxies have been and will continue to be formed as the Universe expands. Within each galaxy billions of stars then form. In one such galactic arm, the Milky Way, our star the Sun is located. Around the stars planets are then formed and orbit the star. At this time it is not known whether all stars have planets, or only some, but it is known that many planets circulate around our star. The third planet from the Sun is our Earth. Most of the planets in turn have their own smaller bodies, or moons, which circulate around them. We have a single Moon which revolves around the Earth. This macrocosmic expansion process takes trillions of years, as billions of galaxies, stars, planets and moons are formed.


THE MYTH OF THE BIG BANG (a/k/a The Myth Of The Breath of Brahman)

Eventually the force of gravitational contraction will equal that of electromagnetic expansion. At that point the maximum size of the Universe will be reached, and the creative process wherein new galaxies, stars, planets and moons are formed will finally come to an end. The equilibrium point is the pause between the exhalation and inhalation of the Cosmic Breath. After that, the geometric force will begin to exceed the arithmetical, the direction will reverse, and the Universe will begin contracting. The inhalation of the breath of Brahman will begin. As all matter and energy converges, Black Holes will be created with greater frequency. Ultimately the entire Universe will be drawn together again into a single point, a vast black hole into which all space-time will inhale. This final Omega Point, the end, may in turn produce another Big Bang wherein Brahman begins a new breath, exhales again, and a new Universe is formed. If the law of fractal recursiveness holds true, the new Universe will repeat certain basic forms, but it will do so with new and unique variations and differences.

Microcosm and macrocosm are not causes, but parameters of evolution. The world of Man between the macrocosm and microcosm is called the mesocosm. Here living consciousness evolves into progressively higher levels of complex Self Organization. It proceeds from the mineral world, to plant, animal, Man, up to the Great Singularity, the subject of the Universe, God. These are stages of expanding integration of consciousness into individual being. The stages parallel the involution of energy according to the dimensions.

The ability to organize comes from within the conscious being itself, and is not imposed on the being from outside forces. For this reason scientists call this the Self Organizing principal or Auto Poiesis. Although the inherent ability to self organize is not predetermined, or governed by outside forces, at each level its evolution follows the patterns of one of the four chaotic attractors.

 Point like Attractor – Crystal.

Circuit/Cycle Attractor – Plant.

 Torus Attractor – Animal.

Strange Attractor – Man.

The four attractors create cosmos out of chaos. God is both their origin and aim. The quantum after reaching the molecular stage is a parcel of God. Thereafter it incarnates as a separate self organized entity on the Mesocosmic level.

Self organized consciousness evolves upward on the mesocosm. It starts in the crystal form with viruses and the genetic code. Then it ascends to greater degrees of conscious integration. Entities organize themselves into ever more complicated and ornate systems. Life forms evolve, adapt, and bring coherence to larger systems in new ways. Thus the Universe continues to evolve and change. With each stage of the evolutionary ladder of self organization one direction of symmetry is lost and freedom gained.

(4) – The crystal in the fourth dimension has complete symmetry. The Point Attractors allow the energy in inorganic molecules to self organize as organic molecules. In this way they cross the bridge from the microcosm of lifeless molecules and energy, to the mesocosm of living crystals. With crystals, both organic and inorganic, everything is attracted to a single point, all line up in perfect order. All three axes, up and down, right and left, front and behind are the same. The molecules are in perfect symmetric order. The microcosmical geometric structure is balanced by the Moon, the weather it produces, and the four states of matter: solid, fluid, gaseous or fire. At the crystalline level the essential code controlling all further life formation is created, the DNA/RNA life structure. Life then uses these crystalline forms of amino acids to grow in size by cellular division, by scaling and multiplication.

(3) – The plant looses one symmetry: the vertical, up/down symmetry. The cycle attractors allow the simplest crystalline life forms to self organize to a higher form of consciousness where greater freedom is possible. The top of the plants, the crown, differs from the roots, and the two are connected by the stem. Now, only the left and right and front and back axes of a plant remain symmetrical. This is called radial or cylindrical symmetry: two axes of symmetry. Trees alternate between seed and gestalt, with the axis of all plant life pointing to the earth, and its energy received directly from the Sun through photosynthesis. There is also a vertical flow back and forth, from the leaves to the roots and visa versa, according to the cycle attractor.

(2) – Under the influence of the Torus attractors the next stage in the evolutionary ladder was reached: the animal. The animal has again freed itself of another symmetry, the front/back symmetry, with front as nourishment and back as excrements. The front and rear of animals are different, as are the top and bottom, but the right and left of animals remains symmetrical. This is bilateral symmetry with one axis of symmetry. The animals feed on plants and each other, and are directed by the four drives: nourishment, fear, aggression and reproduction in the double frame of survival and species instinct. Animals follow the Torus attractor, they engage in complex behaviors and are dependent upon each other and the environment in multileveled ecological systems.

(1) – Around 11,000 years ago the first Neolithic Man evolved from Paleolithic animal Man. From that time on we have had the potential to shed the last right-left symmetry by taming the Strange attractors. (2)

Since the human life stage is so relatively new, we are still born with the animals right-left axis of symmetry and must strive to attain true Humanity. Although there are some differences in the symmetry of the human face, overall we are as left-right symmetrical as the other animals. But with our neocortex abilities, our capacities of language and number, we can self organize out of this last constraint.

One of the keys to self organization is the coherent application of chance to ride the strange attractors. In this way we can use both the brains we are born with, the left and right hemispheres of the neocortex. The left hemisphere, turned to the cosmos and structure is digital, linear. The right hemisphere, turned towards chaos and chance has its origin in the nine numerals, the archetypes of fractal scaling. Each should be allowed to develop fully, to be different and totally asymmetrical. When the right brain is as strong as the left, a higher identity is created. The higher self follows the Strange attractors, epitomized by Mandelbrot set, z z¾ + c, and also corresponding to the musical octave and the Tao symbol.

Most of us are still right left symmetrical because our left brain so totally dominates the right. We have to shift our emphasis from cosmos to chaos, from left brain dominance, to right brain balance. Then the right is not just an imitation of the left, it is different, unique. The last symmetry is gone and now the two asymmetrical sides can cohere in a new singularity. The ego, subject of the left hemisphere, becomes the organ of the Self in the right hemisphere. It attains this by establishing true contact with the Other.

Right brain coherence comes through receptivity to the workings of the Strange attractors, to constrained chance. In the moments when this is realized, when we are in a coherent flow with the unpredictable turbulence of the World, we have attained the birthright of Man. We have realized the potential to self organize to a higher stage of evolution. As a whole being, in touch with both sides of ourself and others, we transcend the left-right animal symmetry. With two fully developed, yet distinctly different brains, we are autonomous, asymmetrical, truly free from outside manipulation. We have attained a higher inner coherence, a self organization in the midst of chaos. To animal man we seem like Strange attractors indeed. On the surface, and in the moment, our actions may appear haphazard and foolhardy, but over time the wisdom and beauty of the Human Man will be apparent to all.

(0) – The highest stage, beyond even the higher Man, is merger with God, the great singularity beyond name and form, as the real subject of Being, through synchronicity, love, and illumination: reaching the eternal moment.

The five stages correspond to the dimensions and mind layers:

Zero dimension Awareness makes possible integration of the four dimensions and the four states of consciousness. It allows Man to enter the fourth dimension and gives him access to the fractal forces of the Strange attractors.


By moving from the left to the right brain in regression you can relive past lives, past evolution, back to the origin of the Universe in the Great Singularity, and the exploding force of the primal Fire-Quanta. This regression back to the original primal Quanta puts you in touch with the source of Self-Organization, the Power of CHI. This opens you to the energy and force needed to maintain coherence in the fractal chaos of the fourth dimension.


Now let us look at all of the energies together which can be understood as an energy field of Cosmic Mind. The following correspondences appear in Cosmic Mind today to make up the basic Myth of Science. Myth is not used in a derogatory sense, as just a myth, but in the sense of a true belief system which gives meaning to life. Science has largely replaced the old religious myths which were in tune with the feudal and ideological structures of the past. The following chart summarizes the overall cosmology of the myth of science and shows the relation of the five layers and the seven constituent parts.


The radiation of the photons is awareness through seeing and sensing. The electromagnetic energy of the electron allows awareness through smelling and thinking; the thermodynamics of the atom through tasting and feeling. The fission of the Galaxy becomes conscious by the power of speech, of the spirit creating new entities out of entropy. The fusion of the sun is the basis of the synergy of the soul, interpretation and reading, the creation of meaning. The gravitational energy of the earth is accessible through the sense of touch.


The mathematics of the molecular forces represents the basic structure of the Will. With living forms Will is the capacity for growth and reproduction through the genetic code. The subject self organizes and grows based on the strange attractor. New beings arise through fractal scaling according to the overall structure of the Cosmic Mind using the energies and mathematics of sound, the molecular vibrations or movement of matter, soul and spirit. With Man this process of the growth of being using free will was described by Buddhists as the creation of the immortal Diamond Body or the Golden Flower. By using free will in tune with the Strange Attractor and the energies of sound, our associative consciousness can change into Cosmic Awareness. The subject moves like a fractal in scales from the lower self imprisoned in deep molecular sleep, to the transcendent light of zero synchronistic awareness. This is the final aim of evolution, making sense of life and becoming co-creators of the manifoldness of the Universe.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Further background reading and reflection on these ideas may help your understanding of cosmogony and assist in your escape from the last bondage of symmetry. The ideas of the Big bang theory are well known, see for instance the beautifully illustrated book by Colin A. Ronan The Natural History of the Universe. The ideas presented here on the corresponding dimension levels in the microcosm and mesocosm, evolution and change in symmetry are presently not as well known. These important insights were discovered by Arthur M. Young, the inventor of the Bell Helicopter. He founded the Institute For the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, California and has authored many books on this and related subjects, see for instance his work: The Reflexive Universe: Evolution of Consciousness. His ideas on symmetry and cosmology represent a major breakthrough in scientific thinking. An earlier pioneer in this field is D’Arcy Thompson with his book On Growth and Form.


For more information on the rapidly expanding discoveries concerning Self Organization, see for instance Paul Davies The Cosmic Blueprint, Erich Jantsch The Self Organizing Universe. For a visual representation of the scaling of the universe, from the near infinitely small to near infinitely big, with Man’s place in the middle, see the book: Powers of Ten by Morrison and Eames. There is also a film by the same name by Charles and Ray Eames available from Media Magic.


For Cosmogony to be meaningful, far more than intellectual understanding is required. There needs to be an existential apprehension of the dimensions on all three phases: micro, meso and macro. Here transpersonal psychology can help. Transpersonal psychologists have developed numerous regression exercises to allow a person to access the deepest levels of memory, even memories of times and events which occurred before they were born.


By using Primal Sounds ( downloadable from

and other tools and methods of guided imagery and active imagination, you can have a conscious transpersonal experience of: your past human lives, past pre-human lives back down through evolution, animal lives, dinosaurs, plant, first molecular life on earth, minerals, earth and moon formation, molecules, atoms, sun formation, electrons, photons, galaxy formation, quanta and even the Big Bang itself.

Through guided active imagination you can also have vivid experiences of future evolution projection: advanced intelligence, peaceful exploration of space, contact with the children of other suns, then other galaxies, up to the pause before Universe contraction, the final maturation of all beings in the Universe in a growing field of love, up to the black holes and the final omega point of cosmic-orgasmic unity of all with all, and then on to next Big Bang of a new Universe. Most regression exercises require a friend to assist you in the experiment, sometimes the guidance of a trained professional is necessary.


The new insights gained from Chaos research and fractals discussed in Chapter Two suggests that an alternative cosmology to the Big Bang theory, called the Infinite Universe theory, may receive further serious consideration and experimentation. Under this theory the Universe is like a fractal, it is infinite. No matter how close you look, how much you magnify, you will still find new smaller layers of form. Between any two numbers, no matter how close, there is an infinity of additional numbers. There is no building block, no ultimately small particle upon which the rest is built. There is only self similarity over scales spanning an infinity of ever smaller forms. In the same way no ultimately small elementary particle of matter may be found to exist. There may instead exist an infinity of ever smaller particles before the pure quanta of energy is reached. The same may hold true on the larger scale. There may only be ever larger clusters of galaxies and clusters of clusters, ad infinitum with no limit. If so, there was no Big Bang; the Universe would be infinitely large with no beginning point and no end

CHAPTER 2 : NUMBER — Dimensions, Mandelbrot, Chaos, 4 Attractors, Music and Color


The Enneagram and The Wheel are the bridge between awareness and consciousness, sense and meaning. They constitute the original Jewish Cabala. Out of the nine parts of speech, and twelve components of the mind, all possible meaning arises. The structure of the inner world of mind and language mirrors that of the outer world of matter and vibration. The outer world, including music and color, follows the same laws of number which govern the inner world. The laws of number bridge the inner and outer worlds. By understanding number we understand ourself. We gain a powerful Wisdom tool with which we can make sense of our world.


Pythagoras discovered long ago that number leads to structure, and that the structure of the mind is also the structure of the world. In essence all is number. If you truly understand number you will have the key to all Wisdom. Number is composed of the nine numerals, basic to all information, uniting geometry and arithmetic, space and time. This may seem difficult, but its really as simple as: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. It becomes complicated when you begin to consider the reciprocal relations of the nine numerals. These relations are clarified in the following chart which shows the circle of 5 dimensions, based on the relation of infinity to one. The circle of dimensions summarizes the basic laws of number and mathematics. The eight points shown on the dimension circle (0 – 7) correspond to the eight directions on the outside of the Wheel discussed further in Chapter Eight.


Including the zero dimension there are five dimensions: 0 – 4. The zero, first second and third dimensions have long been accepted as true, but the reality of the fourth dimension was questioned. Since Einstein, however, the existence of the fourth dimension is now an accepted fact. The first, second and third dimensions are now understood as imaginary. We live only in the fourth dimension, but in order to understand our dimension, our reality, we must also understand each of the other imaginary dimensions. Moreover we must realize how infinity permeates each dimension, including the fourth. So we begin our exploration of Number as a Wisdom tool by understanding the dimensions and their relation to the infinite.

(0) – The Zero Dimension is the POINT, the infinitely small place holder.

(1) – The First Dimension is the LINE, which consists of an infinite number of points.


(2) – The Second Dimension is the PLANE, such as a square. It contains an infinite number of straight lines.

(3) – The Third Dimension is the SOLID, such as a cube. It contains an infinite number of planes or squares.

(4) – The Fourth Dimension, SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM, is reality. In the fourth dimension the infinite number of solids in the Universe are in relationship with each other through time and energy. The Fourth Dimension is portrayed geometrically by fractals and by the Hypercube. The Hypercube is the symbol used in mathematics to try and represent the fourth dimension in two dimensions (a drawing on a piece of paper – a plane). From the center of the Hypercube through its 8 diagonals the Hypercube is related to everything in the Universe. The infinity in the Fourth Dimension lies in the infinity of relations. This can be expressed in terms of “fractal scaling”, from the infinite small to the infinite big, perpendicular to the other dimensions and including the intervals or fractal dimensions between them. The meaning of fractal scaling is explained later in this Chapter, for now it is sufficient to understand this as scales of magnitude, as for instance from the size of the atom to the size of a galaxy. The Hypercube is cut by 4 diagonals constituting the central point. In consciousness this center point represents the identity or the Self. According to the Pythagorean theorem, the number of the diagonals – four – times the square root of three, equals nine (4 * 3 = 9). The four diagonals on the Hypercube are 5-1, 6-2, 7-3 and 0-4.

Four Diagonals

5 – 1: Matter

6 – 2: Consciousness

7 – 3: Energy

0 – 4: Self organization

The Hypercube and its diagonals are shown in the diagram.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try to think about the concept of infinity, from infinitely small, to large, to never ending. Try to visualize and imagine each of the five dimensions, starting with the infinitely small point, on up. Try to visualize simple geometric figures, see them in your minds eye. After you have practiced with and mastered the simple forms, circle, triangle, square and pentagram, move them around at will and view them from all different perspectives.

Then try to visualize a hypercube and see it from different angles. Try to visualize, imagine and feel the interrelatedness of all matter which Science has discovered as a cold fact. Sense and feel how your body, like all matter in the Universe, is in energy interchange with all other bodies in the Universe. Start off with the physical objects immediately around you, and then expand outward in ever larger vistas, to finally include the whole Universe.


Sit comfortably on the floor in an erect position. Take your time and visually build a Hypercube all around you. Imagine the corners with three, four, five and six in front of you, and with one, two, seven and zero behind you. You are sitting right in the middle and your heart is in the center of the cube, the point where all four diagonals intersect. Focus you attention on the center, the inner Self. Then visualize the 0 point – Awareness behind and to the right going up. Then go there mentally while inhaling very slowly. When exhaling draw a diagonal through your center to 4 – Willing in front of you to the left going down. Repeat this a few times if necessary. Inhale going out to the zero point, exhale going down through the center to the 4 point.

Then return to your center and simultaneously expand to the two points (0-4) at once – inhaling your breath while you do this, then exhale and come back to the center. Do it a second time. The third time, if you wish, you can pierce through the Will-point into the Earth and through the Awareness point towards the infinite. Then follow the same process with 7 – 3, 6 – 2, 5 – 1. End by remaining in your center, in your Whole Self which includes all numerals and the Zero Awareness.


(0) – Zero dimension, a single point, exists not in space, but in time only. It is the moment in the present between past and future, the subject, zero. It constitutes potentiality, the four space dimensions constitutes actuality. ï

(1) – Future. The moments create the future, forming a trajectory. Trajectory

(2) – Present. The trajectory is seen like a disc, or revolution.

(3) – Past. The disc turns one half time around its axis and fills out the sphere of the past.

(4) – Wave. The movement continues to form a wave, constituting fractally the space-time continuum.


(0) – The Zero Dimension is the home of Natural numbers. The subject point, the moment, is Zero, pure Awareness. Its numbers are the natural numerals: Zero

The nine natural numbers are the basis of quality and invariance. All numbers can be reduced to the nine: for example by addition: 365 = 14 = 5. Becoming aware therefore means deducing or abstracting to the nine fundamental criteria. In the Jewish Cabala this is the nine names of the divine, in Chinese it is the nine forms of the Tao.

(1) – The first dimension is the home of the Whole or Integer numbers. The points, natural numbers, have no extension. Integer numbers unite positive and negative up to ten and create the number line.

-10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10

The Whole numbers are created through addition, basic to sensing, and through subtraction, basic to the spirit, the path in the unknown future.

(2) – In the second dimension we have the Rational numbers, based on three points, are visualized on the plane with a vertical and horizontal axis. The number plane was known to the Pythagoreans and called the Chi:

Rational numbers are produced by division in the positive field – FRACTIONS – and multiplication in the negative field – PRODUCTS. Zero is the center of the CHI, which for Pythagoras and Plato was the tool of the Demiurge, the Creator. The fields contain only the fractions and products inside the ten numbers. Division is the basis of thinking, multiplication the synergy of the soul.

(3) – The third dimension brings out the Real numbers. Real numbers start from zero and connect fractions of the same numerical value, leading to the proportions and functions.

The proportions are the basis of continuity and harmony. They connect fractions of the same value to zero. The functions are the basis of discontinuity. They connect products by which bodies are in relation, as for instance in the atom, where the distances of the electron shells follow the numbers of the central diagonal 1 – 4 – 9 – 16, and the possible number of electrons in each shell, the capacity, follow the diagonal 2 – 8 – 18 – 32.

The rational numbers of the second dimension, and the whole and natural numbers of the first and zero dimension, all have a fixed place on the number line. The real numbers in the third dimension are, however, fundamentally different. Although they are located somewhere on the number line, they have no fixed place there.

To the ancient Greeks who first developed mathematics to a high art in the West, all numbers had to have a fixed location somewhere on the number line. The existence of the Real numbers, with no fixed location, was known only to a few high initiates in the Pythagorean brotherhood who swore to keep it secret. It can be easily understood today by way of the Pythagorean theorem illustrated here:

The Pythagorean Theorem exemplifies the rational numbers. But what happens if A and B both equal 1? In this case C must equal the square root of 2. But 2 is an irrational Real Number. It is a number which goes on and on with no repetition into infinity. 1.41421… It is a never ending number and has no fixed place on the number line. Unlike an infinite rational number which goes on and on, but repeats, such as a third (.3333333…), where we can know the exact location on the number line, with a Real Number, we can only know its approximate location. There are other examples of Real Numbers, such as Pi (the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter), the square root of any prime number, e, . etc. These Real Numbers never end and never repeat.

(4) – The fourth dimension is the home of the Complex numbers and Fractal geometry. Unlike the other dimensions, the fourth is the real world in which we live, the meso-cosmic world. It is the space time continuum of Man and Nature where there is constant change based on feedback. As Mandelbrot recently discovered the fourth dimension includes not only the first three dimensions, but also the gaps or intervals between them, the fractal dimensions.


Complex numbers and fractal geometry are the most important to Man, yet they were the last to be discovered by reason, and the most difficult to grasp. The full significance of the mathematics of the fourth dimension could not be realized until the downfall of the Newtonian-Euclidian mind-set and its replacement in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the Science of Chaos. The Chaos insights were led by Benoit Mandelbrot, an IBM scientist and Professor of Mathematics at Yale, with many other scientists close behind. Computers helped Mandelbrot realize the full significance of the formula which now bears his name.

The Mandelbrot set is a dynamic calculation based on the iteration (calculation based on constant feedback) of complex numbers with zero as the starting point. The order behind the chaotic production of numbers created by the formula z -> z2 + c can only be seen by the computer calculation and graphic portrayal of these numbers. Otherwise the formula appears to generate a totally random and meaningless set of numbers. It is only when millions of calculations are mechanically performed and plotted on a two dimensional plane (the computer screen), that the hidden geometric order of the Mandelbrot set is revealed. The order is of a strange and beautiful kind, containing self similar recursiveness over an infinite scale. See the graphic below of the Mandelbrot set, and the others which follow in this chapter. These graphics provide an accurate right brain glimpse into this world.

Mandelbrot’s formula summarizes many of the insights he gained into the fractal geometry of nature, the real world of the fourth dimension. This contrasts markedly with the idealized world of Euclidian forms of the first, second and third dimensions. These forms had preoccupied almost all mathematicians before Mandelbrot. Euclidian geometry was concerned with abstract perfection almost non-existent in nature. It could not describe the shape of a cloud, a mountain, a coastline or a tree. As Mandelbrot said in his book The Fractal Geometry of Nature: “Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”

Before Mandelbrot mathematicians believed that most of the patterns of nature were far too complex, irregular, fragmented and amorphous to be described mathematically. But Mandelbrot conceived and developed a new fractal geometry of nature based on the fourth dimension and Complex numbers. The fractal geometry can mathematically describe the most amorphous and chaotic forms of the real world. As Mandelbrot said: “Fractal geometry is not just a chapter of mathematics, but one that helps Everyman to see the same world differently.”

Mandelbrot discovered that the fourth dimension of fractal forms includes an infinite set of fractional dimensions which lie between the zero and first dimension, the first and second dimension and the second and third dimension. He proved that the fourth dimension includes the fractional dimensions which lie between the first three. He calls the in between or interval dimensions the “fractal dimensions”. He has shown mathematically and graphically how nature uses the fractal dimensions and what he calls “self constrained chance” to create the complex and irregular forms of the real world.

Thanks to Mandelbrot and the recent insights of the science of chaos we now have a mathematical understanding of some of the heretofore secret workings of Nature. We understand for the first time why two trees growing next to each other in the forest at the same time, from the same stock, with the same genes, will still end up unique. They will be similar to be sure, but not identical. Just so every snow flake falling from the same cloud at the same time under identical conditions is still unique, different from all of the rest. This is only possible because of the infinity which lies in the dimensions and the interplay of chance – the unpredictable chaos.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: An understanding of how the fourth dimension includes the infinity of intervals between the other dimensions can be gained by visualizing a few of the better known fractal dimensions (sometimes called Hausdorff dimensions by mathematicians). One of the most famous fractal dimensions lies between the zero dimension and the first dimension, the point and the line. It is created by “middle third erasing” where you start with a line and remove the middle third; two lines remain from which you again remove the middle third; then remove the middle third of the remaining segments; and so on into infinity. What remains after all of the middle third removals is called by Mandelbrot “Cantor’s Dust”. It consists of an infinite number of points, but no length. An example of the process (not exactly to proportion) is shown here.

The Cantor’s Dust which remains is not quite a line, but is more than a point. The dimension is calculated to have a numerical value of .63 and was discovered by mathematician George Cantor in the beginning of the Twentieth Century. It was considered an anomaly and was avoided by most mathematicians as a “useless monstrosity”. In fact this fractal dimension is a part of the real world of the fourth dimension and corresponds to many phenomena of Man and Nature. For instance, Mandelbrot cracked a serious problem for IBM by discovering that the seemingly random errors which always appeared in data transmission lines in fact occurred in time according to the fractal dimension illustrated by Cantor’s Dust. Knowing the hidden and mathematically precise order behind the apparently random errors allowed IBM to easily overcome this natural phenomena of data transmission by simple redundancies in the transmission.

Another well known fractal dimension lies between a line and a plane, the first and second dimension. It is called the Sierpiniski Gasket after mathematician Waclaw Sierpiniski and has a fractal dimension of 1.58. Create it by starting with an equilateral triangle and remove the open central upside down equilateral triangle with half the side length of the starting triangle. This leaves three half size triangles. Then repeat the process on the remaining half size triangles, and so forth ad infinitum. The remaining form has infinite lines but is less than a plane.

There are many other illustrations given of fractal dimensions in most of the Chaos references mentioned in this book, particularly in Mandelbrot’s books. An excellent reference in this area is Michael McGuire’s book An Eye For Fractals containing both computer graphics and photographs of nature. McGuire’s photographs show the fractals all around us in Nature, the trees, clouds, mountains, rivers, stones and kelp. Another helpful albeit very technical reference is Manfred Schroeder’s Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws which shows how even noises follow the fractal laws.

Try to visualize the many different fractal forms given above and in these books to get a feel for the infinity which lies in between the first three dimensions and is thus part of the fourth. The computer program and manual which goes with Gleick’s book called Chaos the Software is also very helpful for it contains a section which allows you to create fractal forgeries of nature such as a cloud, a mountain or even an entire planet. Think about one of the questions which led Mandelbrot to his discoveries: how long is the coastline of England? The closer you look at the coast line, the closer you measure, the longer it gets, and then some!

Fractal forms are also found in the body. The best known example are the arteries and veins in mammalian vascular systems. The bronchi of the human lung are self similar over 15 successive bifurcations. This area of biological research is just beginning. McGuire refers to recent discoveries in brain research which suggests that a fractal structure based on hexagons may be how the receptive fields of the visual cortex are organized.


Fractal geometry and the insights of the science of Chaos are based on Complex Numbers – the numbers of the fourth dimension which are capable of modeling the dynamics of chaotic systems. Unlike all other numbers, the Complex Numbers do not exist on the number line at all, even with an approximate location like the Real Numbers. The Complex Numbers only exist on an x-y time plane involving the so called Imaginary Numbers. They have only indirect reference to the number line.

To understand Complex Numbers you must first understand Imaginary Numbers with which they combine. Imaginary Numbers can be understood with the simple formula: X2 + 1 = 0. The only solution to this formula is that X equals the square root of negative one: X = -1. X in this formula is an Imaginary Number, because according to convention governing all other numbers, a negative number times a negative number produces a positive number. The square root of a negative number is therefore an impossibility, yet nevertheless it exists (ie. x2 + 1 = 0), and mathematicians routinely use and refer to such numbers as Imaginary.(1)

With Imaginary numbers a negative times a negatives creates a negative, not a positive. Is that so illogical? Without Imaginary numbers the complex dynamics and turbulence of the real space/time world could not be described mathematically. Imaginary numbers combine with real numbers to create Complex numbers. Complex numbers are the basis of much of higher math. They allow mathematicians to see many essential connections and relationships in mathematics which would not otherwise be possible. Complex numbers allow an algebraic understanding of the hidden unity in the ideal world of numbers. They also provide a geometric description of the fractal beauty of the real world, the zig-zag world of nature and other very complicated systems. This is not possible with the other, non-complex numbers, that exist alone without Imaginary numbers. For more on imaginary numbers see the Appendix section “The Mathematics of the Mandelbrot Formula and the Workings of Numbers and Vectors in the Complex Plane”.

Complex Numbers are a combination of Imaginary numbers which have no place on the number line, and any other type of number which does have a place on the number line – like the real, rational and natural numbers. Mathematics symbolizes the Complex Numbers with a letter z and defines a Complex Number as follows:

z = a + bi

a = real number, and bi = imaginary number

Both the real and imaginary parts of the complex number can be either positive or negative and either whole numbers or decimals. The complex numbers can be easily added and subtracted, and almost as easily multiplied and divided. For examples of how the Mandelbrot formula works showing the mathematics of complex numbers see the Appendix section on the math. The interested reader will there find a more complete, but still simple introduction to this mathematics.

The alternative symbols x and y are also sometimes used instead of a and b to symbolize a complex number. The use of x and y provides reference to a familiar grid of a plane and so facilitates a geometric understanding of complex numbers. The x axis stands for the regular number line, shown horizontally. The y axis stands for the imaginary number line of negative square roots. The y axis is shown vertically to create a plane of complex numbers.

z = x + yi

x = real number, and yi = imaginary number

Every non-complex number has its place on the one dimensional number line. But every complex number has a place on a vast two dimensional plane of numbers called the complex plane. Thus to locate a particular complex number you have to refer to both a horizontal axis of real numbers and a vertical axis of imaginary numbers. This contrasts with all other numbers which can be located as a point on a one dimensional line.

The line of real numbers shown on the x axis combine at a right angle with a line of imaginary numbers on the y axis to form the complex plane. This is further explained in the Appendix section “The Mathematics of the Mandelbrot Formula and the Workings of Numbers and Vectors in the Complex Plane”.

As shown above z = 2 can be anywhere on the circle. The point for the complex number 2 -3i is also shown.

The Complex Numbers when iterated – subject to constant feedback – produce Fractal Scaling as is shown by the Mandelbrot set:

z -> z2 + c

c = any complex number.

Written out this formula is equivalent to:

z -> (x + yi) + (x + yi)

-> means iteration, the feedback process where the end result of the last calculation becomes the beginning constant of the next: z2 + c becomes the z in the next repetition. Like life it is a dynamic equation, existing in time, not a static equation.

When iteration of a squaring process is applied to non-complex numbers the results are always known and predictable. For instance when any non-complex number greater than one is repeatedly squared, it quickly approaches infinity: 1.1 * 1.1 = 1.21 * 1.21 = 1.4641 * 1.4641 = 2.14358 and after ten iterations the number created is 2.43… *

10 to the 42nd power which written out is 2,430,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000. A number so large as to dwarf even the national debt. Mathematicians say of this size number that it is approaching infinity.

The same is true for any non-complex number which is less than one, but in reverse; it quickly goes to the infinitely small, the zero. For example with .9: .9.9=.81; .81.81=.6561; .6561.6561=.43046 and after only ten iterations it becomes 1.39…10 to the negative 47th power, which written out is .000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000139…, a very small number indeed.

With real, rational or natural numbers the squaring iteration must always go to infinity unless the starting number is one. No matter how many times you square one, it will still equal one. But just the slightest bit more or less than one and the iteration of squaring will attract it to the infinitely large or small. The same behavior holds true for complex numbers: numbers just outside of the circle z = 1 on the complex plane will jump off into the infinitely large, complex numbers just inside z = 1 will quickly square into zero.

But the magic comes by adding the constant c (a complex number) to the squaring process and starting from z at zero: z -> z2 + c. Then stable iterations – a set attracted to neither the infinitely small or infinitely large – become possible. The potentially stable Complex numbers lie both outside and inside of the circle of z = 1; specifically on the complex plane they lie between -2.4 and .8 on the real number line, the horizontal x grid, and between -1.2 and +1.2 on the imaginary line, the vertical y grid. These complex numbers in effect stay within the meso-cosmic realm, the world of Man, even if the z -> z2 + c iteration process goes on forever. These numbers are contained within the black of the Mandelbrot fractal.


In the Mandelbrot formula z -> z2 + c, where you always start the iterative process with z equals zero, and c equaling any complex number, an endless series of seemingly random or chaotic numbers are produced. Like the weather, the stock market and other chaotic systems, negligible changes in quantities, coupled with feedback, can produce unexpected chaotic effects. The behavior of the complex numbers thus mirrors the behavior of the fourth dimension, the real world where chaos is obvious or lurks behind the most ordered of systems.

With some values of c the iterative process immediately begins to exponentially increase or fall into infinity. These numbers are completely outside of the Mandelbrot set of “meso-cosmic” dynamics. With other values of c the iterative process is stable for a number of repetitions, and only later in the dynamic process are they attracted to infinity. These are the unstable strange attractor numbers just on the outside edge of the Mandelbrot set. They are shown on computer graphics with colors or shades of grey according to the number of stable iterations. The values of c which remain stable, repeating as a finite number forever, never attracted to infinity, and thus within the mesocosmic set — the Mandelbrot set — are plotted as black.

Illustrations of how the calculation of z -> z2 + c works with simple values for c are contained within the Appendix section “The Mathematics of the Mandelbrot Formula and the Workings of Numbers and Vectors in the Complex Plane”. There you will see how some iterations of complex numbers like 1 -1i run off into infinity from the start, just like all of the real numbers. Other complex numbers are always stable like -1 +0i. Other complex numbers stay stable for many iterations, and then only further into the process do they unpredictably begin to start to increase or decrease exponentially (eg. .37 +4i stays stable for 12 iterations). These are the numbers on the edge of inclusion of the stable numbers shown in black. Chaos enters into the iteration because out of the potentially infinite number of complex numbers in the window of -2.4 to .8 along the horizontal real number axis, and -1.2 to 1.2 along the vertical imaginary number axis, there are an infinite subset on the edge which are subject to the unpredictable strange attractor. All that we know about these edge numbers is that if the z produced by any iteration lies outside of a circle with a radius of 2 on the complex plane, then the subsequent z values will go to infinity, and there is no need to continue the process. This is further explained in the Appendix section on the math.

By using a computer you can escape the normal limitations of human time. You can try a very large number of different complex numbers and iterate them to see what kind they may be. Under the Mandelbrot formula you start with z equals zero and then try different values for c. When a particular value of c is attracted to infinity – produces a value for z greater than 2 – then you stop that iteration, go back to z equals zero again, and try another c, and so on, over and over again, millions and millions of times as only a computer can do.

Mandelbrot was the first to discover that by using zero as the base z for each iteration, and trying a large number of the possible complex numbers with a computer on a trial and error basis, that he could define the set of stable complex numbers graphically by plotting their location on the complex plane. This is exactly what the Mandelbrot figure is. Along with this discovery came the surprise realization of the beauty and fractal recursive nature of these numbers when displayed graphically. The black parts of the Mandelbrot fractal plot the stable iterations on the complex plane. When a complex number is attracted to infinity, small or large, it is either not plotted on the graph or is shown as a color or shade of grey according to the number of iterations it takes before the complex number begins its exponential spiral into infinity.

Every point in the plane of complex numbers is either outside the Mandelbrot set, infinite, or inside of it, finite. The Mandelbrot fractal thus portrays two-dimensionally the infinity between the whole numbers zero and one, the potential and the actual. This is the meso-cosmic world of Man and the basis of all computer operations. The border which defines our area between the finite and the infinite – where our potential can come into actuality – is impossible to determine exactly. It is subject to the strange attractor. You never know when you may fall into or out of it, or how. The closer you look, the more you magnify by choosing a new c close to the last one chosen, the more the fractal complexities repeat with recognizable patterns – but rarely identical – to define an infinitely irregular border.

Only by plotting these numbers in time using an iterative process and two-dimensional representation is the hidden order and great beauty of the fourth dimensional complex numbers revealed. The infinitely recursive nature of the Mandelbrot fractal is the truly astonishing feature of the Mandelbrot and other fractal sets. Infinitely recursive means that the basic shapes of the overall form repeat themselves, but with variations, no matter how close you look at the detail. There is self similarity or self affinity from one scale to the next. As you magnify and look deeper and deeper into the microcosm of the figure, you find the same basic forms are repeated, but are still different and unique. At each scale the fractal is viewed there is a consonance of similarity with the original form, a repeating self similarity.

The primary shape of the Mandelbrot fractal are the two black blobs or warts, called “atoms” by Mandelbrot. The large kind of heart shaped black blob on the right is called a “cardioid”, and the smaller black figure on its left is “disk” like. Both the cardioid and the disk each have an infinity of smaller black disk like shapes surrounding them, and each of these smaller black disks in turn has an infinity of similar and still smaller black disks around it, and so forth ad infinitum.

To the left of the large atom, extending from a line to the left of the large sphere you will find another smaller cardioid; magnifying you will see more and more cardioids radiating out all over the large atom, and out again from each of the smaller atoms, and so forth, again to infinity. The black atoms, which plot the complex numbers within the stable set, are infinitely recursive, or self similar. So too are the colored shapes next to the black atoms. The geometric shapes repeat with slight variations in various sizes approaching the infinitely small as the details of the edge of the set are magnified.

Study of the images makes this all clear. Pictures of the Mandelbrot set and others fractals can now be found in many books and videos. I suggest you seek them out and immerse yourself in this beautiful geometric worlds. To provide some immediate, direct visual input we include here a few of our favorite images of the Mandelbrot fractal. These are just a few out of the billions of different Mandelbrot shapes, but they show some of its beauty, and illustrate fractal recursiveness. The colors on these illustrations help us to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of the Mandelbrot. The sequences on the next two pages show a zoom into the depth of infinite detail of the Mandelbrot.

The Mandelbrot set is holistic and continuous. All of the black atoms of the Mandelbrot fractal are touching and connected. Most of the connections are too small to be visible. They are connected by extremely thin lines or filaments that require millions of scales of magnification to become visible. Mandelbrot contains an infinite number of these black cardioid atoms connected by filaments.

Other sets of complex numbers use the same iterative formula z -> z2 + c to produce sets of static complex numbers and fractals, but they do so without falling back to zero. In other words, the iteration does not start with z = 0 after the complex vector falls into infinity. Instead, the formula keeps the same value for c and uses a new value for the beginning z. These other sets and fractals not using zero are called Julia sets. They are named after the French mathematician Gaston Julia. He was the first person to begin studying iteration with complex numbers in the 1920’s.

Unlike the Mandelbrot set which samples all values of c to test whether they are attracted to infinity or not, the Julia sets are based on a fixed value for c and the value of the beginning z less than 2 is varied over time. There are an infinite number of different Julia sets possible. But unlike the Mandelbrot atoms which are all grounded in zero and connected with each other in the Complex Plane, the different Julia sets are disconnected with each other. Further, some of the Julia sets are internally disconnected, falling apart like Cantor’s dust. For that reason the internally disconnected Julias are sometimes called Cantor sets. Here is an example of an internally connected Julia set.

Again, there are many good books on fractals available with beautiful illustrations of Cantor and Julia sets. The following is another of the better known Julia sets, called the “Dragon”. It is accompanied with a close up of the basic fractal pattern. Again, the branching swirls shown in the close up are infinitely recursive. The deeper and closer you look, the more swirls you will find. This same pattern repeats forever over infinite scales of magnitude. It goes on and on forever. You can see this recursive self similarity throughout the designs of all fractal patterns.

Even without the advantage of computer plotting Julia and a few other mathematicians in the 1920’s knew that iteration of complex numbers produced fractals with recursive features. They did not, however, comprehend the full significance of the process, nor did they think to stabilize the dynamics in zero. Mandelbrot was the first to realize that this was the geometry of nature, the reality of the fourth dimension, and not just some meaningless bizarre fluke of mathematics. His discovery was based on the eighth criteria – ZERO – AWARENESS – tying all of the finite complex numbers together by grounding the z in zero and floating the c.

Mandelbrot discovered that his holistic fractal governs and defines all of the Julia sets. Julia sets whose value of c lie within the set of the Mandelbrot fractal, within the black atoms, are internally connected, holistic. But Julia sets whose value of c lies outside of the Mandelbrot fractal on the plane of complex numbers are fragmented into infinitely many pieces. The further from the black edge, the quicker the Julia sets break up and fall into dust. The Julia sets with a value of c near the inside and outside of the black border, the edge of the Mandelbrot set, are the most complex and beautiful of all. The next diagram shows where several different connected Julia sets are located just inside the black zero of the Mandelbrot. Yes, as shown, Julia sets include a straight line, as well as a circle.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Many computer programs exist today to create a variety of different fractals, including the Mandelbrot set. This is a popular topic on the Internet. For instance, the Way of Wisdom contains more information and pictures on fractals, including animated zooms of the Mandelbrot set. Many fractal generating programs can be obtained for free, or a modest charge. Just run an Internet search of “fractals” for the latest webs. One popular program you will probably find is “Fractint” by a team of programmers available on the Net. A book with great pictures Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos by John Briggs references several more programs for different computers. The catalogue Media Magic contains a complete selection of Chaos books, software, calendars, videos, etc. from Nicasio, California, 800-882-8284 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 800-882-8284 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

By experimenting with fractals, and magnification over scales, you gain a firsthand experience of fractal scaling, self similarity, recursiveness and infinity. The great beauty and infinite complexity of the Mandelbrot set and the Julia sets are intriguing to all who see them, even if they are not aware of their philosophic significance. It is also important to see many of the computer fractals and the fractals in the world of Nature. This will provide a deeper understanding and intuitive sense of what is meant by fractal recursiveness. This is a key to understanding the hidden order which appears out of the Chaos of our everyday lives.

Think about events which have happened in your life where seemingly random events later took on meaning, or situations where order appeared out of chaos, or the reverse, where a hidden chaos appeared out of what seemed to be perfect order.

Read some of the many books out on the Chaos Theories, and study the color pictures of fractals included in most of these books. Good books to start with are: The Turbulent Mirror by John Briggs and F. David Peat, and CHAOS: Making A New Science by James Glick. When you are ready try the beautiful, important, but difficult books by Benoit B. Mandelbrot himself: the book written for the “general reader” The Fractal Geometry of Nature, or his even more technical work Fractals, Form, Chance and Dimension. Mandelbrot has also contributed essays to An Eye For Fractals by Michael McGuire, and The Beauty of Fractals by H.-O. Peitgen and P.H. Richter, which has the best color prints now available of the Mandelbrot and Julia fractals.

Video tapes of fractals are also helpful. There are many available, for instance Fractals: An Animated Discussion with computer graphics and interviews of Mandelbrot and Edward Lorenz. The Fractal Universe video has excellent animations from a variety of scientists and video artists.


The recent breakthroughs in the new interdisciplinary science of Chaos, and its discovery of the four “Attractors” (formerly called forces) which make sense of the Chaos, help us to understand the basic criteria of Wisdom and make sense of our world. The hidden order and similarity over scales revealed graphically in the otherwise random collection of numbers in the Mandelbrot and Julia sets is based on one of these four Attractors, the Strange Attractor. The other three attractors, which likewise bring hidden order out of chaos, follow the first, second and third dimensions. They are called the Point Attractor, the Circuit (or sometimes Cycle) Attractor and the Torus Attractor. As humans living in the fourth dimension we are at our best when we avoid their influences and follow only the spontaneity and freedom of the Strange Attractor. Only in this way can we live autonomously in the moment, in tune with what the Chinese call the Tao, the Way, the flow of forces in the fourth dimension.

The four attractors act on all levels of reality to form cosmos out of chaos. By understanding these attractors, and how they work, we can more easily make sense of what is happening in the real world. The world is not really ordered as previously believed, it is fundamentally disordered – chaotic, but it contains forces or attractors of cosmos that create patterns of order over time.

The four attractors correspond to the four basic ordering principals of reality: Energy, Consciousness, Matter and Self Organization. The four fundamentals can in turn be understood as summations of the eight criteria:

Energy as Feeling and Spirit;

Consciousness as Thinking and Soul;

Matter as Sensing and Body; and,

Self Organization as Willing and Awareness.

This knowledge is summarized in the following chart.

To really understand the Attractors we have to have a spiritual understanding of space and time. As to space, we must understand how space is the original force – in Sanskrit called Brahman, in Chinese Wu Chi, in Peruvian and Japanese Ki – which creates the world through the point. Real spiritual insight into this can only come from direct experience of CHI. The rest of this blog , particularly in Chapter Four, contains information on CHI, sometimes called kinesthetic body in psychology. A few methods and exercises from psychology and the martial arts are also provided to allow a direct experience of CHI. Try these experiments to gain an experiential understanding of space as original force. Then your understanding of the attractors will improve.

A spiritual understanding of time entails realization that time is rhythmical. It is the connections or order you make in the fields of the four attractors: Point attractor – Energy – Feeling/Spirit; Cycle attractor -Consciousness – Thinking/Soul; Torus attractor – Matter – Sensing/Body; Strange attractor – Self Organization – Willing/Awareness.

In the computer the electric current automatically creates the iteration. With Man it is not so easy. We ourselves have to return to Zero – Awareness – to start a new iteration. Awareness is sacred space (called “Wakan” by the Native American Lakota tribe; “Mana” by the Polynesians). You connect with as soon as you attain the center of your true Self, called by the Japanese – Hara. Cosmologically Hara corresponds to the center of the Earth. That is why traditional initiations awaken the force of gravity. Gravity, according to Newton’s law, is the result of reciprocal mass attraction. The nearer you get to the center, the weaker the force will be. At the very center it will be nil. But if the light touches from outside the Self, then the center – Self – will radiate.

The Other sees the Self, but the Time-Ego does not, because the Self is hidden from the Ego behind dream and sleep. Only in yoga and meditation with Primal Sounds and the like can this be overcome and the immortal Being be energized.

Thus the difficulty which many scientists have in understanding Chaos is not mental, but existential. Their consciousness (Cycle attractor) refuses the Strange attractor, which means total individual responsibility. They cannot ground themselves in Zero and experience the true meaning of space and time. As they cannot find their inner core – Awareness/God – they can only see Chaos from the outside. They cannot make the jump from knowledge to Wisdom, to inside the black. Without this anchor they lack the experiential insight – and the confidence and Wisdom this brings – needed to live on the edge where great discoveries are made. They only see isolated Julia and Cantor sets. They miss the pattern which only comes from awareness of the whole, the Mandelbrot fractal.


The Point Like attractor corresponds to Energy, the function of Feeling and the realm of Spirit. With this attractor in play a person is invariably drawn to one particular activity, or repelled from another, like the positive or negative poles of electromagnetic energy. There is also sometimes a point just in between attraction and repulsion, the saddle point, when the energies are in balance, just before one force becomes stronger than the other.

With the Point attractor there is typically a fixation on one desire, or revulsion, and all else is put aside until it is satisfied or destroyed. With the positive attraction force all roads seem to lead to the same destination. With the negative repelling, all lead from the same place. A positive magnet drawn to negative, a pendulum slowing down with friction and air resistance, or more graphically, a young male dog around a bitch in heat, all demonstrate the workings of the point attractor. It is a black-white, good-bad, single minded attractor, except in the rare instances of the saddle point.


The Circuit or Cycle attractor corresponds to Consciousness, the function of Thinking and realm of Soul. With this attractor a person is drawn first to one thing and then to another, like a circling magnet, first attracting then repelling then attracting again. Here there is a cycling back and forth from a set of two or more activities. There is some regularity and simplicity to the cyclic events. An example is a desire to sleep at the end of a day, which when gratified naturally leads to a desire for activity at the beginning of a new day, followed much later by a desire to sleep again, etc. In Nature it can be seen in many ways; for instance, the predator prey systems where the respective predator prey populations cycle up and down in relation to the other.

The Cycle attractor is more complex than the simple attraction or repulsion type point attractor. Like thinking it sees both sides and tends to include a third; for example, the synthesis coming out of the thesis and anti-thesis.


The Torus attractor corresponds to three-dimensional Matter, the function of Sensing and the realm of Body. This is a more complex cycling which moves forward and so is different while it repeats itself. There is a high degree of irregularity and complexity in the pattern of the Torus attractor, particularly when compared to the Circuit or Point attractors. But unlike the Strange attractor, a pattern can still be found and predictions made. Mathematically the Torus is three dimensional and is shaped like a large donut or bagel. It is made up of a spiraling circle on many planes which may, or may not, eventually hook up with itself after completing one or more full revolutions.

An example would be the more complex set of attracting events which occur to a person on many levels over a course of a year, and repeat again, year in and year out, like the desire to swim each summer, hike each fall, and eat and drink too much on holidays. In Nature it is shown for instance by the complex interaction of a number of interdependent species: the population of one predator species relates to that of the prey of its prey. For example, the size of the insect population effects the size of the frog population, which effects the size of one of their predators, the trout, which in turn effects their predators, the pike. Unfortunately, most humans are also subject to the complex but predictable influences of the Torus attractor, or the even more simplistic influences of the cycle or point attractor.


We need to escape from the deterministic influence of the point, circuit and torus attractors into the freedom and spontaneity inherent in the Strange Attractor. The Mandelbrot fractal is one of an infinite number of forms which the Strange Attractors assumes. The Feigenbaum fractal shown above is another geometric form found hidden in time throughout nature which is based on the Strange Attractor. Being fractal, all of these geometric forms are recursively self similar over infinte scales of magnitude.

There is no apparent order at all to the actions of the Strange attractor. On the surface it appears to be pure chaos, but nevertheless there is order of a subtle kind which only appears over time when looked at in the right perspective. It is an order of self similarity, sometimes even idenity, where a geometric shape allows for comprehension. It is an order where infinity is constrained, but never contained. The Strange Attractors correspond to Self Organization, Willing, Awareness and the fourth dimension of fractal forms where chance is inherent. Feigenbaum and Mandelbrot Although these Strange Attractors may look very different from each other, they frequently have a hidden relationship with each other. This is shown for instance, in the diagram to the left, comparing the Feigenbaum and Mandelbrot fractals. The relationships can take near infinite forms and are not always as obvious as the proportional one shown here.

Chaos, with a subtle unpredictable order by the Strange Attractor, is also called “turbulence”. One of its important characteristics is great sensitivity to initial conditions. This is exemplified by the famous example of Edward Lorenz: the wing movements of a butterfly in Peru may later through an extremely complex series of unpredictably linked events magnify air movements and ultimately cause a hurricane in Texas. The so called “Butterfly Effect” has been proven to apply in many dynamic systems, including the weather, where even the smallest of changes can trigger a chain reaction of unexpected exponential consequences.

In our world, the fourth dimension of complex dynamics, there is extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. This means that even the smallest effort can unexpectedly multiply and have a great impact. It is beyond our capacity to predict what will happen, what little action might, or might not, lead to profound change. The insights of Chaos, where it has been proven that negligible changes in chaotic systems can produce significant unexpected results, stands as a new inspiration to all individuals. If you are in the world starting something new, you might make a big difference. No one can know for sure – their straw, no matter how small, might just be the one to break the camel’s back. Your beginning efforts of personal transformation may be important to the entire world – like the butterfly’s wings. If the timing and connections are just right, your new little work may well lead to a hurricane of change. History is replete with examples of this, both for good and bad.

When we are subject to the first three attractors we are manipulated; only in the Strange attractors can we be free. So we all have to become Strange attractors as shown for instance by the Lorenz fractal below. Here a point cycles back and forth in the figure eight shape of infinity, but it never repeats its tracks. Even if the process were to go on to infinity, the lines would never cross over or repeat each other. There is always a new path to reach the other side. The Lorenz fractal is a geometric depiction of a spiral loop into infinity, the never ending cycle back and forth, yet forward and different. This is the back and forth cycle between Yang and Yin, left and right brain, the real and the possible.

We must learn to exist at the meeting point between the real and the possible, or as Don Juan explained to Castenada “the crack between the worlds”. We are then within the force of the Strange attractor and can see the hidden order behind the seeming chaos. It is a time of no time, a flowing peak experience where all seems to go right by itself, effortlessly. It is a time when dreams and wishes are fulfilled that you didn’t even know you had.

The Feigenbaum, Lorenz, Mandelbrot and other fractals portray in two dimensions the infinity between zero and one, the potential and the actual. Mandelbrot’s formula goes even further to provide a mathematical map to navigate in the crack between the worlds, to cope with Chaos and bring our potential into actuality. Mandelbrot’s inspiration 0 : z -> z2+ c brings order from chaos in the fourth-dimensional world of Complex numbers in time, in iteration. We too live in the complex world of the fourth dimension, in a space-time continuum of turbulence and chance. Thus Mandelbrot’s discovery should also apply in a fractal recursive manner to provide us with the formula for coherent living in a chaotic world. The philosophy suggested is a dynamic and pragmatic process of feedback, experimentation, detachment and grounding in Awareness for constant renewal.

If an action – Will – goes astray, does not work, falls off into infinity, then stop that activity. Once the mistake is obvious and certain, choose to let go of the failure. Then choose again to take a chance – to return to Zero, pure Awareness – God – where inspiration for a new action will come again. When the idea comes, go for it, don’t wait for certainty or you may never act at all and life will surely pass you by. Seldom does inspiration come with the certainty of a burning bush. Choose to take a chance, try it without attachment, just for the hell of it.

Then travel the new vector – the new complex number – the new activity – to see whether or not it is part of a larger order, or part of chaos – whether or not it is within the black of the Mandelbrot fractal. Only time – constant iterations – will tell. You can only discover the force of the Strange attractor by doing — trial and error with feedback – learning from your mistakes and always beginning anew from Awareness.

If the new action is successful – leads to greater order and coherence – continue to follow it. It may be perfectly stable, well within the black, and like a successful business after it is well started, the activity can eventually go on with others, or by itself, without your attending to it. So again the activity may be finished for you. There are probably many other things remaining for you to do. Keep experimenting, changing, try many things at once. Otherwise you may stagnate in success – drown in black ink – and never see the big picture, or again experience the fractal beauty and excitement of living on the edge. Thus an established success, like failure, should lead to freedom, to a new activity into the unknown future. It is the destiny of actualizing Man to pioneer the frontiers of cosmos in the midst of chaos.

Sometimes a new activity starts off ordered and successful, but later falls apart and iterates into chaos. Don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty, because the beginnings are always hard. But when you are sure that it will not work, that it is definitely on its way to nowhere, then leave it. Re-center yourself in Awareness to find a new direction, and try again with something different. Don’t be frustrated, eventually even Edison found the light.

Even when a person is not consciously participating in this process, is uncentered and unaware, the actions of the Strange attractor can still manifest in the desire to do the unexpected – the wild hair, fluke decision. When under its influence the pull seems to be towards disorder and serendipity. The hidden order lurking behind the Strange attractor may only appear much later, or through synchronicity with other events. An example might be a desire to make a career change which makes no sense at the time, but later in life is recognized as an essential step to a larger order; or perhaps you are seized by a sudden eccentric desire to go to a place never seen before and there meet your future wife who is also there by chance. Examples of this hidden order in chaos abound in life and nature, and even in manmade things such as fluctuations in the price of cotton as the research of Mandelbrot, Lorenz and others has shown.

In addition to fractals, the other symbol of the fourth dimension – the Chaotic real world where we all live and take chances – is the Hypercube which we first discussed. It uses the Euclidian forms to bridge the third dimension with the fourth. The full meaning of the hypercube can now be shown. The four diagonals of the Hypercube represent the four attractors (Point, Circuit, Torus, Strange) and four basic Elements (Energy, Consciousness, Matter, Self Organization). The eight directions created by the four diagonals represent the seven basic functions and realms (sensing, thinking, feeling, willing, body, soul, spirit), plus the zero dimension of Awareness. Another alignment of the directions created by the Native Americans will be discussed in Chapter Eight. The Native Americans and others think in terms of ten directions, adding up and down, and for that and other reasons the alignment with the function and realms is different. The chart below shows the Eight Directions of the hypercude.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Think of all of the chaos in your world today, in your past. Is your life too ordered and rigid, or too chaotic? Which do you think you need more of now? Which do you think the world needs more of now? Look back on your life and recognize how the four different attractors were in effect at various times to bring order out of the chaos. Then examine your current life situations and analyze how each type of attractor is working to bring order to your life. Is any attractor prevalent, are any missing? How can you recognize when a strange attractor is at work? Does it have a special signature, or pattern, or sense, which can allow you to recognize it when it first appears? Do any of the other attractors?

A word of warning here about the superstition trap. Attractors are real and can be experienced directly. This is scientific fact. Chaos is ordered by the attractors. When we act with the attractors to bring order, even with the Strange attractor, we are, like Nature herself, using constrained chance, structured chance. There is a fundamental and important difference between the reliance upon constrained chance and Strange attractors and reliance upon blind luck and superstition. The lazy will take the latter course and convince themselves they are living on a higher plane. These same people will complain to God when their luck turns. Do not confuse Chance and Choice with chance and more chance. There is a fine line here; gambling and superstition are a real danger for some and must be avoided.

We are not advocating gambling in any form, nor chaos for the hell of it, nor silly superstitions. Strange attractors are very real phenomena; they can be observed over time and are precisely, mathematically calculable. We are pointing to an open door, but counseling a philosophy of direct perception and verification for yourself. Make your own luck. Work to be prepared to take advantage of the chances when they come. Look for the chances, know where and how to look. Know how to make a choice. This is a philosophy of self reliance and inner coherence based on reason, but it goes beyond the limits of reason to embrace the whole world, to know Chaos.


The full dynamics and meaning of the fourth dimensional numbers, the complex and fractal numbers, was only recently discovered with the Science of Chaos. The Chaos theories in turn did not come about until man had the ability to create computerized graphic representations. These graphics revealed the geometric scaling inherent in Complex Numbers. But even before computers and the Chaos discoveries, Nature had shown its fractal character to Man. We discovered it through sound and music. It has to do with the phenomena of overtones and undertones and the octave.

A string (1 dimension) in vibrating will form a series of sub-vibrations, called overtones

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

c c g c e g x c d e

The overtones are the places on the string where the nodes and sub-waves or harmonics naturally form. In other words, the sounding of any one tone will naturally create certain fractal tones as shown above with the overtones.

The fractal tones follow the fractions of the rational numbers. For example, when the tone C is played all of the overtones of C are also created. The string vibrating at the frequency called C includes fractal waves such as a third that of C – called G or a fifth, and a fifth that of C – called E or a major third.

Octave |______________|

Third |____|___|____| (called “fifth” in music)

Fifth |_1/5 _2/5_3/5 _4/5__| (called “major third”)

The animated graphic should help non-musicians get a better feel for this phenomena by showing the movements on a string:

The undertones are harmonics that appear if the string is lengthened:

  c       c       f       c       a       f       x       c       b       a      
  1       2       3      4      5      6       7       8      9      10

The tones are vibrations and intervals. The intervals are based on scaling. Between the first nine tones the following intervals occur:

0 – 1 Original Tone

Octave 1 – 2

Fifth 2 – 3

Fourth 3 – 4

Major Third 4 – 5

Minor Third 5 – 6

6 – 7 (within hearing limits of major third)

7 – 8 (within hearing limits of major second)

Major Second 8 – 9

The vibrations of sound creating the octave and consonant notes exemplify aurally the fourth-dimensional fractal laws of scaling and self similarity.

The Major Second, Major and Minor Third reach the identity of the octave inside of one span. The cycle of fifths reaches identity after 12 steps covering 84 half tones; the cycle of fourths with the same tone values covers 60 half tones.

But in order to reach the octave exactly, this interval having no tolerance, the musical scale of 12 tones has to be tempered adding the triton 2: 1, and the minor second 12 2: 1.

The twelve tone circle has its center in the 1/1 diagonal, and its beginning in the zero point of CHI. The 12 notes and intervals are used on any modern piano keyboard. This is shown on the Music Wheel which follows:

The second law of music is the physical scale, based on the major second. The tolerance of resonance is 9/8 + 10/9. They are experienced as the same interval. Based on this hearing tolerance the musical scale is made up of seven whole tones.

Hearing is experiencing our world: the lowest tone, 16 hertz (low C), has a length of 22 meters; middle C with 512 hertz has a length of .69 of a meter; and the highest perceptible tone of around 20,000 hertz has a length of about one half of a millimeter.

TONE SCALE (hertz)

Original 512

. . .

Tone 16 Beta range Waking

12 Alpha range Reflection


4 Theta range Dream

2 Delta range Deep Sleep


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try making and hearing the lowest and highest tones you can perceive. Try listening as hard and deep as you can; how many sounds can you hear; what is the source of each. With a metronome or timepiece try drumming at the beta, alpha, theta and delta rates and see if continual drumming at one rhythm induces the state of consciousness associated with the rate. See Chapter Four for information on these brain wave states of consciousness. Play with a piano keyboard and hear the seven and twelve tone scales.


One interval does not fit in the 12 tone system, the natural seventh. Its frequency and harmonics are dissonant with all of the other basic fractions. For this reason it is said to have no place in Music and is either excluded completely, or when rarely used it is called the “leading tone” and sets up dissonant tension.

When the natural seventh is taken as the basic interval, to the exclusion of the others which normally make up our musical scale, a completely new scale is created whereby the octave is divided into five intervals. The new tone frequencies and intervals created thereby we call Primal Sounds. This new pentatonic scale opens hearing to the inner Universe and in most ancient civilizations this music was held sacred. This type of music is fractal, based on zero, the fourth dimension and the Strange attractor. It has no melodies, rhythms or other forms or order found in other music. It sounds almost completely chaotic, unpredictable, yet there is a fractal order with the link to your own being which makes the sounds soothing and leaves you serene. Being attuned to the primal energies of the soul it has the power to throw you into the zero dimension, to open you to the healing influences of the Strange attractor.

Primal Sounds are able to unite all dimensions and states of consciousness through opening the being to Awareness, the Zero dimension. The five notes in the Primal Sounds scale are named after the vowels: A E I O U. (Note that the vowel scale designation is arbitrary) This new/ancient music is the tonal key to becoming human, to the realization of our full potential in all dimensions. More information on Primal Sounds and its discovery can be found in Chakra Music: the story of Primal Sounds  Primal Sounds work in the element of Energy. Our center of attention normally exists in another element, in Consciousness. In Consciousness the seven basic components are the four functions and three realms. These seven have a natural internal relationship whereby Sensing corresponds with Body, Thinking with Soul, and Feeling with Mind. Willing stands on its own in the center, connected with Zero, Awareness. For example, the senses are sharpest when perceiving the physical world, as compared to sensing other people (soul) or an idea (spirit). Conversely the Body is most directly apprehended by sensing. Thinking is most acute when in dialogue with other people, as opposed to thinking with a thing or abstraction. Conversely the Soul is understood best by thinking. Feeling, and its twin sister imagination, are at home in the Spirit, where free reign is given to it. Feeling in the body or soul is more limited and often negative. Conversely the Spirit is most easily accessed by the Feelings. Thinking about the Spirit frequently leads to erudite nonsense. Spirit must first be felt before it can be seen or put into words.

When these seven components are moved from the scale of Consciousness to the scale of Energy, there is a fractal variation in the internal alignment. In the world of Energy where PrimaSounds vibrate in accord with the seven energy centers, or chakras, there is a new alignment of the original seven. Now Sensing corresponds with Soul, not Body, and Thinking corresponds with Spirit, not Soul. Feeling now acts on Body, instead of Spirit. Only Willing remains the same, in the center related to Awareness, the Zero outside of and underlying the seven.

As a consequence of this fractal variation, PrimaSounds should be listened to by Feeling the effects of the vibrations on the body, Sensing the energy of soul stimulation, and Thinking of the Spirit, a holistic idea of a concept, of infinity, or no-thinking. This realignment is shown on the following chart.


The most reliable way we know to directly experience the four chaos attractors – as opposed to just understanding them – is through sound. The attractors are perceived as forming order out of chaos in the following manner:

  1. Body-Sensing. Torus. RHYTHM.
    Based on 9 Rhythms.
  2. Soul-Thinking. Circuit. HARMONY.
    Based on the tenfold and sevenfold overtone and undertone scale.
  3. Spirit-Feeling. Point. MELODY.
    Based on the temperated cycle of fifths.
  4. Awareness-Willing. Strange. FRACTAL.

Based on the nodes of the natural seventh.

(1) – RHYTHM. Rhythm follows the law of the octave so that there are 9 fundamental rhythms, including their squares, ie:

2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32

3 – 6 – 12 – 24 – 48

5 – 10 – 20 – 40 – 80

Listening to good rhythms, as in Africa, your body yearns to participate and all tiredness goes away. You move into the sway of the Torus attractor and naturally invigorate the body, matter.

(2)- HARMONY. The intervals of harmony are heard “in tune” or “out of tune”; it hurts the ears if somebody plays false. Its basis is the overtone and undertone scales.

Undertones 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Overtones a b c x f a c f c c c g c e g x c d e

The ninth tone is the whole tone. Thus from the interval point of view the harmonic scale is visualized in the Enneagram shown below in the inside of the Wheel. The two angles of the triangle in the Enneagram constitute halftones – in Gurdjieff terms the change of direction. The physiological scale thus has seven tones, starting and ending with c. Major c d e (f) (g) a b c Minor

Undertones are space like chords, overtones are time like sequences. According to great Austrian composer Joseph Matthias Hauer, one of Keyserling’s primary teachers, each person has their own fundamental harmonic – bass, baritone, tenor or soprano. For this reason in 12 tone music there are four “voices”. By tuning into your inner harmonic, which is in one of these four voices, you can reach the Cycle attractor. Your inner harmonic tunes you into the Cycle attractor. If you awake to its influences, you can sublimate your natural instincts. In this way you can escape from manipulation by the instincts and associative thinking. You can instead find your inner centeredness and autonomous thinking. The instincts are sublimated by being made conscious and harnessed to the will. The stream of associative ego thinking, which is normally driven by the instincts, can then come to an end. When it does, real thinking can take over. Thinking controlled from a harmonic center – the Self in the center rather than the ego on the periphery. The complementary nature of polar opposites can then be realized. Once we are freed from enslavement to unconscious instincts — the ego and the stream of egocentric mental chatter that goes with it – the Cycle attractor can be used to clarify and integrate Consciousness with insightful, holistic thinking. All this can be aided by the harmonics of music with which you can awaken to the Cycle attractor.

(3) – MELODY. In traditional European music theory, major and minor scale, the overtones and undertones, are the basic foundation of music. For instance, a particular symphony is identified as being in D minor. Joseph Hauer showed that this was wrong, that the real basis of music is in Melody – not melody as mere thinking combinations, but Melody as inspired “tone gestalts”. This Melody is heard all at once as inspiration, an event with which every good composer is familiar. Thus with Melody you can reach the Point Attractor, truly feeling the spirit. You thereby open up to inspiration, drawn to the zero point of Awareness – the formless infinite, from which new form emerges. With melody and the Point attractor your Energy can be strengthened and tuned.

Taking the twelve tone scale, and without regard to the tone values, Hauer discovered that there are 479,000,000 possible melodies in time. The melodies can be harmonized because of the “diatonic comma”, 81/80, in the tempered scale. This scale was first invented in China 4,000 years ago, and in Europe for keyboard instruments by Werckmeister in the Seventeenth century. Bach explained that he created the well tempered piano as a basis for future spiritual democracy. He wanted to show that there are only melodical voices and no accompaniment. Thus the whole melodic structure is shown on the outside of the Wheel as the cycle of fifths. Each of the twelve tones has seven parts – the seven octaves. The melodies which can be produced by these tones in time are the doorway to the Point attractor.

(4) – FRACTAL MUSIC: 7th HARMONIC/PRIMAL SOUNDS. The natural seventh interval, excluded in the diatonic and twelve tone scales, is the secret basis of Esoteric Music. This was described but not explained by  George Gurdjieff. The quintessence of true fractal Music lies in its attunement to the seventh harmonic. The seventh overtone, when tuned to alpha, and played next to a human, produces longitudinal sound energies which interface with transversal energies of the human energy field. The result is the creation of standing wave patterns – a sound vortex around a point of transversal energy vibration.

Resonance with the seventh harmonic sounds can tune you into the Strange attractor. The point and hypercube – the zero dimension and the fourth dimension – originate the geometry of the Strange attractor. Together as previously shown they fill out the intervals between the dimensions, the fractal dimensions between 0 and 1, 1 and 2, 2 and 3, and 3 and 4. The tones which are based exclusively on the natural seventh – the pentatonic scale of Primal Sounds – can be combined spontaneously from out of Awareness to create pure Fractal Music. Fractal Music, previously known as Esoteric Music, when so created can then relate the being living in the fourth dimension with the infinity in the zero dimension and the fractal dimensions. Listening to such music invokes the Strange attractor. This experience can liberate you from past habits and the other attractors. Then you can self organize autonomously, in tune with the entire Universe and the spirit of the times.

With Prima Sounds and the Strange attractor that comes with it, the entire Mind can be cleansed. All centers – sensing, thinking, feeling, willing, body, soul, spirit – can be changed from dependence on the existing cosmos, to ordering the chaos. The chakras are then opened, re-tuned and integrated as is further explained in Chapter 7 and in Chakra Music . Then you can participate in the emerging Cosmic Humanity where there are no elites, no sacred way, but only different styles of being, living and working: the polyphony of the rainbow civilization.


Fractal scaling is not only revealed in Sound and Music, but also in Light and Color. The transversal waves of light have three systems. They can be visualized in the rainbow, the globe of the Earth, and the primary colors.

The primary colors in pigments are red, blue and yellow.

Out of these all other colors can be mixed.

The rainbow consists of seven colors between 3,800 and 7,600 Angstrom and the reciprocal vibrations.

The synthesis is visualized in the globe.

Between north and south of the color globe is the grey axis. The center is grey in matter. In light opposing colors make white. The clear colors are on the surface. The unclear ones are underneath towards to the center. Every possible color can thus be defined by its location on the color globe.

The Eye follows the parameters of black and white (focus), and of red and green, violet and yellow (peripheral vision). Some people have a red-green blindness, or a blue-yellow blindness. Purple is absent in the spectrum, but the purple body is the basis of color vision.

Thus the structure and systemics of the senses constitute the phenomenological truth, the sole experienced reality. Goethe said correctly: “The highest Wisdom would be to grasp that facts are the theory. Don’t look beyond the phenomena, they are the teaching.”

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try some experiments with color and quartz crystals. View the splitting of the colors from white light as a crystal is held in the sun. Try gazing at crystals and other gems. You may not see the future, but some subtle inner changes frequently occur. Beyond the ordered world of crystals and gems, look afresh at the natural world – vegetation and weather – and see the fractals, the interplay between cosmos and chaos.

As another experiment create the blackest most perfectly dark room you can one night. Then look hard into the darkness for an extended period of time. Do you see the sparkling red and other colored points of light. It looks something like dust particles, or like what you see when you rub your eyes. It is easiest seen in total darkness, but after you learn to recognize it, you can see it in semidarkness or even in the light. Watch what it does, the hallucinatory shape-shifting qualities. What are you seeing?

Do not take any of your senses for granted, including seeing, and assume that they can not be improved and refined. In reality very few people have fully developed their senses. With some effort and appropriate exercises most of us could perceive the world far better than we do now. Try for instance the yogic “tratak” meditation exercise where you practice silent meditation with the eyes open. Your gaze is fixed on the single point of an external object, such as a flower. You stare silently at the flower, focusing all of your attention on truly seeing it, putting all else aside. Slowly you become one with the flower and see it in a new way.

Also recall the way of “seeing” described by Carlos Castenada in his books on Don Juan. When you shift into the Zero/Fourth dimension it is possible to see energies, the otherwise invisible forces existing in the space time continuum. For instance there are the “luminous egg and fibers” described by Don Juan which surround all humans. Don Juan said that the luminous fibers of some people are strong and bright, others are dark and weak. In Western esotericism we refer to this as seeing auras. In science we refer to this, if at all, as bioenergies or brain waves. “Kirlean” photography developed by East European scientists in the 1970’s appears to be able to photograph this energy. In India this energy is called the Chakras, in Japan, Ki. In China it is called Chi and is the basis of all oriental medicine. Many practitioners of Oriental medicine claim that they can see Chi and so diagnose illness. Acupuncture manipulates the flow of Chi by sticking tiny needles in key points in the body where the flow of Chi tends to get blocked. A few specialist in China can not only perceive the Chi of another, they can touch the other’s Chi with their own Chi . By infusing their Chi in this way they can cure serious illnesses and disease without any physical contact with the patient at all. Western doctors who have recently been allowed to study oriental medicine in China confirm these incredible reports. The use of Chi is also the basis of the martial arts. We will explore this further in Chapter Five. Can you sense your own Chi, or the Chi of another? Use PrimaSounds and try to see it, to touch it, to move with it.

You may also want to try experimenting with some of the new technologies in the area of vision and consciousness alteration such as Mind Machines, Color Goggles and Ganzfield Effect Glasses. There are many books on the subject and catalogues offering some of the equipment, ranging in price from $50 to $5,000. The best known book is Michael Hutchison’s Mega Brain, also try Would The Buddha Wear A Walkman? by Hooper and Teresi.

Do not forget the ancient visual technologies used by the Buddha and others, such as Mandalas. Remnants of Mandalas are found in almost all ancient cultures. Mandalas are geometric patterns, frequently painted with many colors. They are designed to be stared at – contemplated – so as to effect subtle inner changes. They use color and form to directly impact the psyche. Some of the most spectacular Mandalas were created in Tibet where this type of consciousness tool was refined to a high art. There are many books on the subject. The best have many color pictures so that you can try it out yourself.

CHAPTER 1 — SEMIOTICS : The basic patterns of our mind emerge from the structure of our speech


The structure of all languages have been naturally shaped by the basic form of the brain. Just as all humans have the same brain structure, so too do all human languages. This chapter will explore the Wisdom inherent in language and grammar. We will show the common structural denominators of speech – the “Grammar of Man”. This grammar unites the thousands of spoken languages on our planet and allows for translation.

Language structure is derived from brain structure:

Another unifying feature of all languages is the process of learning to speak. Mastery of all languages evolves in seven steps contained in the eight to complete the octave – from one to seven – by using system and method:

7. Spirit Poetry
6. Soul Communication
5. Body Word Power
4. Willing Grammar
3. Feeling Lateralization
2. Thinking Exploring the Acoustic Potential
1. Sensing Affective Gestures


The process begins as a baby with pre-verbal gestures. The first affective gestures are:

They have to be experienced to be conscious of the body.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Go ahead and make the four basic gestures now; really get into it, scream intensely, yawn until it is natural, weep until you have real tears, and then laugh until you realize how truly funny this is. The experience will prepare you for what is to come.


After gestures the child begins to babble to get acquainted with the possible sounds it can produce; it explores its acoustic potential. This is a basic prerequisite to the development of intelligence. The raw sound material is divided into five vowels ( pentadic system by which chaos is regulated ) with physiological locations and 45 consonants originating in the organs of articulation:


Head – I (eee)
Throat – E (a)
Heart – A (ahh)
Navel – O
Spine – U (oou)

The five vowels are based on natural body resonance. This was discovered by Hermann Helmholtz at the end of the last century. He wondered why out of the enormous number of vowels possible, only five are used. Using the German sounds for the vowels (Helmholtz was German) he found that the A (in English – ahh) vowel resounds in the heart region, the o around the navel, u (oou) at the level of the sacrum (Japanese Hara), E (a) resounds at the neck and the I (eee) behind the front at the place of the third eye (Sanskrit: Ajana Chakra). With the help of mechanical devices Helmholtz also discovered that the overtones and undertones of a length of around three feet, 224 hertz, make up most of human language.

In this century the French physician Alfred Tomatis has continued and expanded upon this work. We now know that the basic vowel sounds correspond to areas of the body. Moreover, there are also five basic tones – specific tonal frequencies – that correspond to the seven human energy centers, or “Chakras”, explained in Chapter Seven. These prima-sonic tones do not, however, relate to the vowel sounds. This represents a fractal variation that will be explained later.

The consonants which together with the vowels make up the basic sounds of human language have five criteria in 9 places: hard, soft, aspirated, with and without tone. For example:

1 Voice H, tone
2 Throat CH
3 Larynx G, K
4 Palate R, J
5 Tongue L, TL
6 Tongue/Teeth N, D, T
7 Teeth S
8 Teeth/Lips F, V
9 Lip M, B, P

The French philosopher and historian Michael Foucault reports that nearly all philosophers of the Middle Ages based their philosophy on a numerology of 1 through 9 which was tied to this consonant structure. Thus by knowing the meaning of the numerals they were able to create incantations, and in rituals of alchemy and magic called spirits to their aid. This is the origin of magic languages of all kinds.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Translations into English of some of the works of Alfred Tomatis are now becoming available, for instance Tomatis’ autobiography The Conscious Ear. But much more important than more reading at this point is to experiment with articulating the basic sounds. Try it – babble away – play with these sounds as babies do before they learn to speak. Make the different vowel sounds first, then progress to the consonants. Say each out loud several times. Pay attention to how each of the basic vowel sounds feel, to how they resonate differently. Notice the different mouth positions required to produce the basic sounds. Try this with others and notice the differences in pronunciation.

Try humming the vowel sounds out loud to amplify the resonance affects.There is more on this in later Chapters. Notice how this affects your speech, how it makes your vocal cords and sinuses feel. Does this alter your perception of your voice, or change your voice, make it more harmonious? Tape  What is the difference between how you hear yourself in your head, and how you “really” sound, how you sound to others?


In Glossolalia one formulates a poem in a make believe language without meaning, appealing to your feeling alone. Then the threshold from nonsense to significance is crossed by translating the imaginary language poem into one’s spoken language (dialect). The translation comes from lateralization, bridging the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Sound out a poem in gibberish, pure babble, then write it down. For instance: “Gobble de gook, de la de la, so fumnead te ran de boo.” Your babble poem is in your own language, go by the sounds and make it as long or as short as you want. After it is all written down, then quickly translate it. Don’t think about it too much, just do it. Put your critical mind aside for a while and let your imagination flow. You will be surprised. This is how the 8 grid of subtle body converts into the 9 grid of gross body ( verbal form ) from singularity 1 .


The fourth step is to get from spoken language – dialect – to speech – coherent language embodying a higher order. The higher ordering comes about through grammar. The nine categories of grammar have a basis in number following the geometric figure of the Enneagram, a symbol held sacred in the Sufi tradition and discussed further in Chapter Six.

Understanding this relation between number and grammar is the bridge between esoteric and exoteric knowledge, numbers and meaning. The implication of this relationship is that quantity equals quality. This is an important concept which is subtle and difficult to fully understand. The distinction between sense and meaning which underlies this concept is discussed further at the beginning of Chapter Five.

QUANTITY EQUALS QUALITY means to go beyond meaning -finding the meaning of your life – into sense – making sense of your life, by using number and grammar, the basic tools of the Wheel. You make sense of your own life, as opposed to finding it’s meaning in a pre-existing order or plan which exists outside of yourself. You make up the meaning, restrained only by math and grammar, to determine whether it makes sense. Only math and grammar – making sense – are objectively true, the meaning you give to life is always subjective. If the meaning works for you, then it passes the pragmatic test. For you it is true, it makes sense. But do not follow the error of the past. Do not attempt to impose your truth, your personal answer, upon others. Please, we have enough religions already! Each individual has their own dream, their own question. We must all make sense for ourselves. No one can do it for us. By learning the nine categories of grammar, and understanding their connection with number, it becomes much easier to make sense.

  • Conjunction: And, Or. This category of grammar allows you to grasp a connection. It is that which unites or ties words with the things identified with or symbolized by the words. Alternatively, or it can unite two or more words into a larger idea. It is in essence “inclusion or exclusion.”
  • Noun:
    1. Singular – Plural

      Name – Concept

This part of speech allows for conception which generalizes from the particular.

  • Verb:

(1) Intransitive – Go

(2) Transitive – Have

(3) Modal – Want to Go

The verb represents understanding occurring in time, a dynamic process with past, present and future.

  • Preposition, Declension:


(1) Nominative Case (Subject)

(2) Accusative (Object)

(3) Dative (Relation)

(4) Genitive, Possessive

The preposition portrays the imagined personal relations between yourself and other things, people or ideas; it is a mental representation.

  • Adjective:

(1) Positive

(2) Comparative

(3) Superlative

(4) Definite (Numeral)

(5) Indefinite (Numeral)

The adjective allows qualifications, descriptions of the noun which pertain to and allow discernment; an analysis to exact and precise forms.

  • Verbal Persons (Grammatical subject):

(1) I

(2) Thou

(3) He/She/It

(4) We

(5) You

(6) They

This is the capacity to personalize a time event or verb – the making of a statement.

  • Pronoun:

(1) Demonstrative

(2) Determinative

(3) Indeterminative

(4) Relative

(5) Possessive

(6) Personal

(7) Question: Who or What

The pronoun modifies nouns, asserts them, by placing them in relationship.

  • Adverb, connected with Question:

(1) Where Place

(2) When Time

(3) Why Cause

(4) How often Frequency

(5) How much Degree

(6) How Manner

(7) Limiting Limitation

(8) Is it true Modal (perhaps not)

The adverb modifies a verb, explains it through eight questions that show its circumstances.

    1. Verbal Forms:

(1) Past

(2) Present

(3) Future

(4) Conditional

(5) Indicative

(6) Subjunctive

(7) Passive

(8) Active

(9) Infinitive

The nine verbal forms place an action into perspective, like a plan.

The triangle (3, 6, 9) (verb, person and verbal forms) is composed of time words. You have to use 1 of the 3 verbs, 2 of the 6 verbal persons (gender and person) and 3 of the 9 verbal forms (time, mode and voice). This is the basic structure of every sentence. The space terms (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8) (conjunction, noun, preposition, adjective, pronoun, adverb) are complements and can be added at will. If you exclude a category in a communication, or take a category as part of the information (example: 3 Marxist dialectic, the dogma that everything is thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis), then you destroy dialogue and enter dispute. There are two ways to avoid this:

Method one: Rational. Analyze an existential statement and determine which category is missing?

Method two: Irrational. Say non-associative words, then put them into the geometrical order from 1 to 9. This removes the “writer’s block”.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try the two basic methods to approach this knowledge. For the rational method, try analyzing something someone has recently said to you, or you to them, or try a famous quote. For another more advanced rational method reflect generally upon your speech, the types of words or phrases you tend to emphasize. Analyze which of the nine categories you emphasize, rarely use, or do not use at all. For instance, is your speech peppered with adjectives? This provides valuable information about yourself. Language follows the mind. You can learn about your mind, what’s missing, and what’s overemphasized, by studying your language patterns. You can do the same to the language patterns of others. In Chapter Six the Enneagram will be explained further and you will see the direct correspondence between parts of speech and human potentials and personality.

Also try the irrational method. This is particularly helpful when you want to (or have to) write something and you can’t get started. Use free association in the nine words, don’t think about the words to select. Save your thinking for trying to place them in the nine categories. Change the form of the word if needed to make it fit a category. Again note which categories you left out, and which you emphasized.


The words you possess, your word power, determines your role in civilization. Limitations on your vocabulary will limit your potential role.

700 – minimum to get along.

3,000 – minimum to have a job.

10,000 – minimum to have a social role.

60,000 – maximum, making up the language (Shakespeare, Goethe, Tagore, Confucius in signs).

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try expressing an idea in: one Sentence; one Essay; one Novel or Treatise. Make a conscious effort to enlarge and improve on your vocabulary. Have a good dictionary handy when you read and look up new words as you come across them. When someone uses a word you are unfamiliar with in conversation, don’t be afraid to ask what they mean by that word. Sometimes you may be amused to learn they don’t really know themselves. The more words you know the more tools you will have to understand and express yourself and to communicate with others.


Nuances of Communication come through emphasis on a certain part of a sentence:

I Go to the wonderful concert.







The meaning changes by emphasis on a particular word in the sentence.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try listening to the parts of speech in a sentence which different people emphasize. What does this tell you about what they are trying to communicate, about themselves? Deliberately use the emphasis technique more in your own speech. Notice how much more expressive you can become. What does it tell you about a person who never emphasizes, who speaks in a monotone?


We are used to changing words into images. Creativity is the contrary process, changing images or visions or events into something which makes sense. Vision comes from beyond, if you open up to inspiration.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Write another poem, but this time without using the gibberish technique. Start off by selecting an image or vision you have. Make the image as clear and intense in your mind’s eye as possible. Take your time. Then try and put it into words. Again, don’t think about it too much, just start writing and save your critical reflection for later. Let the words flow out; later you can rearrange the order, or correct or delete parts.

If you have trouble getting started and are right handed, it may help to use your left hand to write or type. Try expressing several different images. Some creations may be easier than others. Note how the words are sometimes inadequate and do not convey enough of the image, and how at other times the words actually broaden and clarify the image. If your critical mind still wants something to do, analyze the poems for parts of speech content. Which of the nine did you tend to leave out, which did you emphasize?

Most of the above methods and experiments (1 – 7) I use in my opening  class of the Way of Wisdom  . A DVD is available at

to show my first group through these exercises and explaining the meaning of Semiotics and the Way of Wisdom.


The physical brain molds our speech. Our speech in turn shapes our mind and how we make sense of the world. The basic patterns of our mind emerge from the structure of our speech. The essential criteria of our mind can be reduced to the three space-like realms of language, combined with the four time-like functions.

Four Functions

1 Sensing gesture

2 Thinking sounds

3 Feeling lateralization

4 Willing grammar

Three Realms

5 Body vocabulary

6 Soul communication

7 Spirit poetry

The union of the four functions with the three realms creates the twelve basic components of the mind-map. They are shown as the twelve sections on the outside of the Wheel and serve as the primal tool of orientation.

  1. Soul Willing                     7. Soul Thinking
  2. Body Sensing                   8. Body Feeling
  3. Spirit Thinking               9. Spirit Willing
  4.  Soul Feeling                  10. Soul Sensing
  5.  Body Willing                 11. Body Thinking
  6.  Spirit Sensing              12. Spirit Feeling

This language Wheel is the basic gestalt of the mind and our coherent apprehension of reality. Projected onto the heavens it forms the zodiac. Projected onto Man it is the structure of the body. By entering into language, physical man born of woman becomes spiritual man born of the divine.

The key to this doorway, to understanding the twelve archetypes, comes from understanding the seven criteria from which the twelve are built, along with the eighth concept found in the center of the Wheel on which the others turn. We call this eighth criteria Awareness. As will be shown in the next chapter on Number, the Mandelbrot set finds its coherence in Zero. Just so in language and consciousness the seven components find their coherence and holistic unity in the center “Awareness” which underlies all speech and understanding. Awareness is the dynamic state of inner silence of the listener who hears and comprehends. Awareness, together with the seven states of consciousness – the four functions and three realms – make up the basic concepts upon which the twelvefold bridge to coherent speech and Wisdom are based.

These eight are the essence; all phenomena can be analyzed and reduced to these essential criteria. Exact definitions are not desirable, but the cluster word associations which follow may help you to identify what is intended.


  1. 8. AWARENESS: inner silence; spirit; transcendental consciousness; satori, samadhi; sacred, divine; God; Tao; zero dimension; point; inexhaustible source; infinite; 0; beyond or before space and time; dynamic nothingness; clear light of the void; mystic union; peak experience; no brain, body; Wisdom; natural numbers.


    7. SPIRIT: animating vital principal; meaning; ideas; representations; quality; space-time continuum; intelligent or sentient part of a being; essential principal; significance; incorporeal; intellect; concept; thought; noetic; event; information; archetypes; gestalt; geist; abstract; ideational; ideal; neo-cortex, human brain; knowledge; subtraction. (The “mind” as the term is used here is not Spirit. The mind is the combination of all eight as a field or energy, a mood).

    6. SOUL: people; psyche; person; energy; wave; time; vitality; bio-plasma; chakras; KI; vital force; ego-self; self-other; social; individual; entity; mind as in the popular expression “body-mind-spirit”; limbic system, mammalian brain; instincts; multiplication.

    5. BODY: physical; solid; matter; mass; space; particle; cerebellum, brain stem, reptilian brain; conditioned learning; math functions.

    4. WILLING: action; decide; do; determine; control; yes-no; on-off; accomplish; effectuate; carry out; implement; work; order; intuition; forebrain; blood circulation; attention; complex numbers and fractal scaling.

    3. FEELING: love; emotions; affects; drives; fun; intensity; enthusiasm; exhilaration; moods; dreams; imagination; force; power; passion; sentiment; strength; laughter; joy; humor; playfulness; right brain; metabolism; impulses; math proportions.

    2. THINKING: reason; reflect; relate; rational; logical; analytical; discursive; ratiocination; order; consider; reflect; ponder; cogitate; dialectic; symbolize; conceive; deliberate; either-or; both-and; enumerate; hind brain; breathing; language; division.

    1. SENSING: perception; observe; 5 senses; unprocessed information; intake; direct and immediate consciousness; discern; sensuality; left brain; sex and excretion; sense data; addition.

    METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Understand these eight basic levels by identifying them in your experience. Notice the space-like realms and time-like functions that are a part of your normal waking consciousness. Look at each separately, one at a time, and translate these words into phenomena. Intentionally focus on one or the other; for instance, put yourself into a feeling mode; then force yourself into thinking; then just sense the world; then take action; focus only on the physical and material; then switch to the abstract, mental-ideational world; then down to the world of people and energy. Observe in the present, or recall a time in the past of pure awareness, a peak experience of detached intensity.

    Think about the world around you, and the different states of consciousness which you experience. See how each phenomena in your life fits into this basic eight-fold grid of the mind. Look for experiences which do not appear to fit; could they be comprised of a combination of several more basic components?

    Almost all systems of thought, both esoteric and exoteric, employ a structure of seven or eight basic concepts, but frequently employ different terminology. If that is the case for you, try experimenting with this new language system. Alternatively, you may not be familiar with the structure of seven or eight, but may use the terminology employed here to mean something else. If so, again try putting aside your old meanings and experiment with adopting the new to see if it improves your overall understanding and coherence.

    Look at the differences between how you may have been using these words, and how they are used here, and throughout the rest of this book. One common difference is in the three levels which many people today refer to as “body-mind-spirit”. Do you see how this language omits the world of the person, and tends to mystify “spirit” into a foreign and rare experience. Another common difference relates to the four functions ( tetrahedron )which are frequently referred to in other systems (particularly Jungian) as Sensing, Thinking, Feeling and Intuition. How does a “man of action” relate in such a scheme? Is intuition perhaps a more complex combination of functions, as opposed to an essential or basic experience. Perhaps it relates to the inner side of willing. Try shifting your words for a while to see if the more traditional language used here, which is taken from centuries of Western philosophic usage, doesn’t allow you to make more sense of the world.

    Another way to study the seven basic components is to focus on the three realms and four functions separately. This is the basis of many esoteric systems of thought. If you know their keys, their structure, you can unlock their meaning. The Tarot is one such example, and as we shall see in the last chapter, the common deck of playing cards is another. The so called Upper Arcana of the Tarot is nothing more than the depiction of the three realms, subdivided again into seven to show the twenty one basic roles in society, the archetypal masks. The Lower Arcana is the four functions subdivided again by the seven to show the Function Archetypes. The Tarot has suffered through the ages from poor translations, superstition, and alteration of the original visual images. The following chart prepared by R.C.L. shows the original structure with a new translation to fit the times.

Think about how the different archetypes shown on these charts epitomize their structure. For instance, how one who senses Sensing is a Collector, feels Thinking a Persuader, feels the Soul is a Salesperson, etc. If you know the Tarot, compare the Upper Arcana shown here with the traditional meanings and images given for this conceptual structure. Many are the same, but many are also very different. Do you see yourself as one or more of these archetypal roles or personalities? Try making your own cards from these charts and then select one or more by random process. Choose by chance, to see what answers or messages may come from reflection on the chosen archetypes.

For further reading in the area of Semiotics, try reading some of the difficult, but rewarding books by the founder of Semiotics as a branch of philosophy, Charles S. Peirce. Peirce is also the originator of “Pragmatism” which was made popular by his friend and colleague William James. The pragmatic idea of truth, it is true if it works, is akin to Wisdom, practical knowledge. The writings of William James, especially his Varieties of Religious Experience are also helpful background reading.



Wisdom is the ability to live coherently in a chaotic world. It requires the “knowledge behind the knowledge”. This means an understanding of the hardware of the mind, its structure, as opposed to the mind’s software – the particular languages, sciences, and religions which occupy the mind. This is knowledge of chance and chaos, and how to find the hidden order which lies behind chaos. The order is found in structure, number, geometry and music. They allow you to make sense of chance, to understand the meaning of your life. Understanding the mind’s hardware empowers the individual to make the appropriate choices in the chaotic world of chances.

This series of blog posts is about the practical “know how” of chance and choice. It is a technical reference and guide for those people who are on the Path of Wisdom. Ideally it should be read through all at once to get an overall idea, and then re-read and studied for an exact understanding of specific areas of interest. It is a holistic compendium where almost every page summarizes volumes of other books and could be a launching pad for further investigation. If you are hungry for Wisdom-Knowledge, but don’t know where to start, or reach a dead end, just open a page at random and take a chance. A Path of this kind has a million different beginnings all leading to the same place: your true self.

Although knowledge is without bound, Wisdom has a limited number of criteria. They are the criteria of holistic thinking. The basic criteria of Wisdom can be represented by a geometric image which underlies all anthropological traditions: The Wheel. This blog post provides an introduction to the Wheel — shown below – and shows how the Wheel can be applied in many fields.


The Wheel is the translation key to all spiritual knowledge. It allows a holistic understanding of the Wisdom teachings of all cultures of the World. This basic symbol unites the differing traditions by their underlying mathematics and consciousness. All human Wisdom can be organized by, and has a place in the Wheel. It represents the basic structure underlying all Wisdom. The Wheel is an open, holistic system. With it a person can fashion their own philosophy and life meaning. The Wheel empowers a person to reach a state of profound Awareness, or Wisdom, without depending on a Guru or religion to tell them what to do. From out of Awareness-Wisdom, you can know what chances to choose. You can live your life as a free, autonomous individual, yet still be integrated with the Cosmos and the infinite.

When properly understood The Wheel can serve as a thinking tool to bridge Science and Religion, the left and right brains. The full significance of otherwise dry scientific knowledge can then be felt in the right brain. Conversely, otherwise mystical religious-spiritual experiences can be understood rationally in the left brain. This post explains the dominant belief system of our time, the Myth of Science, and shows how this myth can be used in a practical and spiritually fulfilling way. The mathematical structure of the Wheel is used to integrate Science into world culture and the great myths of the past.

As a compendium of human Wisdom this has a very wide scope and covers many areas. Still, it is not intended to be an all inclusive encyclopedia. It is instead meant to be a kind of handbook for actions which can lead to an experience of Wisdom – calm coherence in the midst of turbulence, the eye of the hurricane.

The information gathered here is from many sources all over the world, some esoteric, some well known. It is presented together in one source to serve as a holistic basis for people and groups of many different backgrounds and experience to expand and apply Wisdom-Knowledge for personal transformation. The way to wisdom can serve as a guide for individual and group experiment, action and dialogue. To this end we have included experiments, consciousness exercises, methods and recommendations for further reading. Readers and groups are encouraged to add their own exercises and experiments.

can and should be understood on many levels, not just rationally, but also intuitively and emotionally. Many diagrams and photographs are included for that purpose. The methods and experiments, coupled with Primal Sounds ( downloadable from  , ) ,

photographs and charts, help the reader use all sides of their brain. This allows you to move beyond mere intellectual understanding, into a transformative Path of Wisdom-Knowledge. This blog series serves as a basic reference for that Path. For personal guidance at workshops and online sessions , book at the following links .

The Path of Wisdom essentially has four steps:

(1) know your body,

(2) create your energy body,

(3) create your meaning in life, and

(4) participate in a global network of friends where your meaning can be fulfilled in history.

These steps are not sequential, they all happen at once, with a change in emphasis over time. The “first” step of body awareness comes from exercises and practice, not reading this or any other book. Still, some references are provided in this blog to “body work”. The creation of an energy body, a dream body, comes from active imagination, exercises and meditation.. This blog is primarily of service to the third step of making sense of the world, creating your own meaning in life. For the fourth step a School of Wisdom or other friendship group is critical. With the help of local groups you can think universally and act globally. In this way you can fulfill your potential as a participant in the ongoing game of human civilization.

All four steps on the Path of Wisdom can be significantly helped by group work and teachers.

The way of wisdom is best studied with others, ideally with an experienced teacher, but at least with one or more friends in an informal study group. Many of the ideas are only suggested, or briefly sketched, and require group study and dialogue to understand and implement. What may be incomprehensible to you, may be clear to another. The pooling of different viewpoints, background and experience will make this experience far easier to understand. Further, the process of communication itself -putting your insights into words for another, or formulating your questions – frequently leads to new realizations. A word of caution here, don’t be too intellectual or take yourself too seriously, have fun with this material, play with it as a kind of “glass bead game”. People who are too serious are not really mature.

To understand the Wheel it helps to see how it is constructed and derived from the dimensions because the Wheel is first and foremost a geometric figure. Its basic criteria can be deduced from the Mandelbrot vector 0 : Z Z¾ + C with 1 9 as the fractal scaling.(1) As will be shown in Chapter Two, this simple formula and fractals, which were just discovered in 1962 by IBM scientist Benoit Mandelbrot, reveal the structure of the geometric forms of nature. It is literally the basic mathematical model upon which the natural world was created. So too the Wheel is the basic model of human comprehension. The geometric construction of the Wheel, like the structure of nature itself, follows a simple mathematical sequence corresponding to the five dimensions of space and time (discussed in Chapter Two):

1. The construction of the Wheel begins with a point in space.

The point is the Zero Dimension, the infinitely small place holder. It is described with the Natural Numbers.

2. From out of the point two lines are drawn whereby the four chaos attractors form a cross with the 10 numbers. The line is in the First Dimension, made up of an infinite number of points next to each other in one direction. It is described with Whole Numbers.

3. The Plane of the Second Dimension, made up of an infinite number of lines and described with Rational Numbers – multiplication and division inside of the radius 10 – generate the Pythagorean CHI. It consists of the fractions born out of division, and the products of multiplication:

4. The end of the 2 diagonal of the two dimensional CHI forms the center of two circles, one going up to 10, the other through the zero point. These circles spin along the center as a fixed axis to create a Sphere with Three Dimensions. The sphere and the Third Dimension is made up of an infinite number of planes connected to each other. This is described by the Real Numbers.

In the third dimension the Wheel is divided into twelve equal sections as formed by the sound waves of the normal musical scale – the temperated cycle of fifths ( pentadic scale of chaos regulation ) . An explanation and discussion of the significance of the twelve tone scale used in today’s music is examined in Chapter Two.

In the third dimension the twelve fields of the Wheel also constitute the light – pigments – color circle (discussed at the end of Chapter Two).

The inside of the Wheel corresponds with the three dimensional structure of the inside of the atom which has up to seven layers of electron shells contained in the eight to complete the octave . The seven microcosmic shells of the periodic table of elements (discussed in Chapter Seven) are pictured concentrically inside of the Wheel. The center of the Wheel corresponds to the nucleus of the atom.

5. In the Fourth Dimension of Complex Numbers and Fractal Geometry, the real world of Man and Nature in which we live. The numerals organize the 9 criteria of Wisdom explained in Chapters 1-9 mentioned below  of this blog :

  1.  Semiotics: Language and the Basic Criteria of Coherence.
  2.  Number: Dimension, Mandelbrot, Chaos, 4 Attractors, Music and Color.
  3.  Cosmogony: 3 Worlds, Big Bang, Evolution and Symmetry.
  4.  Brain and Mind: The Different Brains and Rebirthing.
  5.  Yin – Yang: The I Ching and 5 Stages of Creative Time.
  6.  Time Cycles: The Meaning of Time, Personal-Potentials & History.
  7.  Energy: Chemistry, Crises and the Chakras.
  8.  Global Consciousness: Earth Potentials & the Sacred Directions.
  9.  The Human Computer: A Fractal Card Game of Wisdom.
 Each chapter represents a fractal – self similar, but not identical – repetition of the basic theme applied in a different field of knowledge. The basic theme is the underlying order behind all chaos and diversity structured in octaves and regulated by the pentadic scale – The Wheel – which makes possible a coherent philosophy of the World. This is a philosophy without walls, only foundations, underlying structures. The Wheel allows the Myth of Science to be used as a tool for self liberation, a function in the past filled only by religion. With the Wheel the meaning and significance of science, as well as the major religions of the world, can be understood and applied for fulfillment. The philosophy of the Wheel is naturally one of tolerance because the Wheel allows you to see the common denominators underlying the different religions and spiritual traditions of the world. It is opposed only to dogma – where one person’s dream and meaning of life is imposed on everyone else. You make sense of the Universe, you do not find sense that is already there, or sense made by someone else. You make it. Only then is true freedom possible, when you yourself make sense of your own life, when you explain life to yourself and do not take another’s explanation of your life.

This blog integrates many fields of modern Science and world Religious Philosophies. The result is a vast, yet coherent array of important and useful information to all those striving to make sense of their lives for themselves. Unlike most articles that can be read once, understood and discarded. this is a reference designed to challenge, to be read and studied again and again over a number of years. It is intended to serve as a springboard for basic inner change, for personal and group work. This is a compendium more to be lived with, than by.

If you find that some posts are beyond your depth, or confusing at first, don’t be discouraged. They will probably become clear later with time, background study, personal observation, dialogue with others, experiments and change.

Lengthy explanations are avoided so that you can truly discover and understand for yourself. Detailed spoon feeding of this kind of knowledge is counter-productive. True understanding requires personal effort and time. Becoming aware to existence .

The deeper concepts presented in the blog require experience of deeper levels of being and Awareness to comprehend. More and more words is not the way. Thinking longer and harder about ideas may not help you understand them. Breakthroughs are more frequently found by taking action to improve your body awareness, or by working to create your energy body. Meditation, practices and practical experience of all kinds is required. If you have not had the deeper experiences described in this blog , the words will never make any sense, no matter how hard you think about it. Better to get the experiences!

After your initial exposure to this awareness science , begin your “third step” knowledge Work by focusing your efforts on the Chapters which are the most interesting and comprehensible to you. Mastery of any one of the nine fields of the “knowledge behind the knowledge” will allow for full realization and is sufficient for most. Only few walk the Path of Wisdom-Knowledge in all nine directions out of 64 possible . But if you want to, by all means try, the spiritual rewards are great. Just remember that holistic understanding of all nine is only possible after many years of effort. Start with what your background and experience has prepared you for, with what seems to be within your grasp. Then apply what you understand for transformation before you come back to study more. Above all use this compendium as a tool, a guide along a Path. Engage your will and focus your efforts to accompany your thinking. Intellectual knowledge for its own sake is incomplete and does not lead to Wisdom.

The Mandelbrot vector, fractal scaling and the Four Attractors are new discoveries in the Science of Chaos which are explained in Chapter Two on Number and Music. They are fundamental to understanding the Myth of Science. See Eg. Chaos: Making a New Science, James Gleick. They show the hidden order which lurks behind the most chaotic of systems, the bridge between Chaos and Cosmos.

Mapping the Brain (The Human Connectome)

We have long wanted to create a neuron-by-neuron map of the brain’s circuitry to give us a 3-D glimpse into its connections are, how they work and how the different parts of the brain talk to one another. This is called “reverse engineering the brain” and is one of the Holy Grails of artificial intelligence and brain research. Unfortunately, we are many decades from being able to understand the entire brain at the neural level. With all our medical advances, it is proving difficult to understand all the neural hook-ups of a fruit fly brain, let alone a human brain. But recently, a new promising step is being taken, compliments of MRI research.

A new project, dubbed “The Human Connectome,” will take few years and cost $30 Million, will map out approximately 100 billion neurons and 150 trillion synapses. The study will include the work of 33 experts and 1,200 study participants at nine different institutions.

This massive and complex undertaking will finally give us the first (rough) map of the brain’s neural network which computational neuroscientist H. Sebastian Seung says is one of the most technological and computational challenges of all time. With this (rough) map, we will be able to further determine what goes on in the brain of someone that is affected by autism, Alzheimer’s disease or even psychological disorders like schizophrenia. We will finally be able to view misfires, bad or missing connections or even a bad-rewire after the brain has been damaged.

We have of course been able to study various chemical levels in the brain and determine abnormal or increased levels which we are then able to treat with drugs. Advancements in brain scanning technology including EEG (Electroencephalograph), CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) Scans, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), MEG (Magnetoencephalography) have allowed us to gain a much larger insight in both neuroscience and psychiatry. The main problem however is that we have never been able to have a full understanding of the connections in the brain. The answer to this may lie with the new upcoming circuitry map.

One of the leaders of the project, Dr. David Van Essen, PhD, chief of the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri has gone on the record stating that “The Human Connectome Project seems, at times, daunting and overwhelming but will provide us a critical baseline for understanding not only what typical brain connectivity is but what the nature of the variability in brain circuits are and how that relates to normal differences in behavior.”


The National Institutes of Health is the organization that is putting up money for the study which will look at 1,200 participants—all twins—to start collecting the overwhelming amount of data needed. Before researchers even start the process of creating the first 3-D map of the brain’s connections, they need to test a specially modified 3-tesla magnet which they say will take about two years to make efficient and ensure that it’s in perfect working order. Some of the twins will be scanned with this magnet and about 200 of them will be scanned with one about twice as powerful to give us a wider data set as an end result. The scanning of the brains should be the easy part.  The more difficult element of the project will be organizing, assembling, compiling, producing and sorting of all of the data (about 1 quadrillion bytes, or 1 petabyte) into something that is widely available and usable in the future on some type of an open-source platform for qualified researchers to examine and build upon.

What we are doing in a sense is developing a key that we have hopes will unlock some of the secrets of the human brain and give us a much better understanding of exactly how it works, what makes it work and why.

Mapping Human Consciousness

light-wave-particleDuality is not a good model to express your state of emotions . The mind has four fundamental parts – the intellect, the identity, the memory and the eternal / pure intelligence. Modern societies have given too much significance to the intellect, which has led to celebration of rational mind and hence a skewed way of approaching life . The double slit experiment proves that an observer affects wave particle dynamics of reality . pft-0525Hence you with your thoughts create different versions of truth . But when we focus on eternal / pure intelligence , we have full access to the source of creation and hence create and manifest single and same verison of truth . Brain is just a memory device for recycling data . Innovation is not built into the nature of thought .Hence psychological drama must not decide fate of life . Focusing on intellect reduces focus on life significance . Intellect only funcitons around your identity . Memory is mere timeline of spacetime event horizons . Wisdom of creation is eternal wisdom and its all happening in the unfolding now .Its only a matter of being open and receptive . Transcendence from this inertia state of intellect – identity – memory towards the state of eternal / pure intelligence is painful . Choiceless acceptance is transcendence leading to the creation of the paradise within . You must trust that your lives are in the hands of divine intelligence as each of your protons is wormholed to every other proton in the cosmos and hence you are in the feedback and feedforward information network of the entangled cosmos . Hence open yourself to receive divine blessings through this connecteome . When you accept yourself the way you are , you drop identification . Any illness does not happen to you , it happens to the world of things — of how things happen . Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It breaks the Zona Pellucida of your limited beliefs . Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain. And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy; And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields. And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief. Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquillity: For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen, And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears