“Octaves” and “The Aging Cycle”


What do you think are the odds that you will die during the next year?  Try to put a number to it — 1 in 100?  1 in 10,000?  Whatever it is, it will be twice as large 8 years from now.

This startling fact was first noticed by the British actuary Benjamin Gompertz in 1825 and is now called the “Gompertz Law of human mortality.”

The Gompertz–Makeham law states that the human death rate is the sum of an age-independent component (the Makeham term, named after William Makeham ) and an age-dependent component (the Gompertz Function , named after Benjamin Gompertz ,  which increases exponentially with age.

In a protected environment where external causes of death are rare (laboratory conditions, low mortality countries, etc.), the age-independent mortality component is often negligible. In this case the formula simplifies to a Gompertz law of mortality. In 1825, Benjamin Gompertz proposed an exponential increase in death rates with age.

The Gompertz–Makeham law of mortality describes the age dynamics of human mortality rather accurately in the age window from about 30 to 80 years of age. At more advanced ages, some studies have found that death rates increase more slowly – a phenomenon known as the late – life mortality deceleration – but more recent studies disagree.

Estimated probability of a person dying at each age, for the U.S. in 2003

Mortality rates increase exponentially with age after age 30.

The decline in the human mortality rate before the 1950s was mostly due to a decrease in the age-independent (Makeham) mortality component, while the age-dependent (Gompertz) mortality component was surprisingly stable.  Since the 1950s, a new mortality trend has started in the form of an unexpected decline in mortality rates at advanced ages and “rectangularization” of the survival curve .

The hazard function for the Gompert-Makeham distribution is most often characterised as h(x)=\alpha e^{\beta x}+\lambda . The empirical magnitude of the beta-parameter is about .085, implying a doubling of mortality every .69/.085 = 8 years .

The quantile function can be expressed in a closed-form expressions using the Lambert W Function .

Q(u)={\frac {\alpha }{\beta \lambda }}-{\frac {1}{\lambda }}\ln(1-u)-{\frac {1}{\beta }}W_{0}\left({\frac {\alpha e^{\alpha /\lambda }(1-u)^{-(\beta /\lambda )}}{\lambda }}\right)

The Gompertz law is the same as a Fisher-Tippett Distribution for the negative of age, restricted to negative values for the random variable .   (positive values for age).

Your probability of dying during a given year doubles every 8 years.  For  a 25-year-old  , the probability of dying during the next year is a fairly minuscule 0.03% — about 1 in 3,000.  When 33 it will be about 1 in 1,500, when 42 it will be about 1 in 750, and so on.  By the time he/she reaches age 100 ( we should plan to do so) the probability of living to 101 will only be about 50%.  This is seriously fast growth — mortality rate is increasing exponentially with age.

And if mortality rate (the probability of dying during the next year, or during the next second, however you want to phrase it) is rising exponentially, that means that the probability of surviving to a particular age is falling super-exponentially.  Below are some statistics for mortality rates in the United States in 2005, as reported by the US Census Bureau


This data fits the Gompertz law almost perfectly, with death rates doubling every 8 years.  The graph on the right also agrees with the Gompertz law, and you can see the precipitous fall in survival rates starting at age 80 or so.  That decline is no joke; the sharp fall in survival rates can be expressed mathematically as an exponential within an exponential:

P(t) \approx e^{-0.003 e^{(t-25)/10}}

Exponential decay is sharp, but an exponential within an exponential is so sharp that we can say with 99.999999% certainty that no human will ever live to the age of 130.  (Ignoring, of course, the upward shift in the lifetime distribution that will result from todays / future medical advances)

Surprisingly enough, the Gompertz law holds across a large number of countries, time periods, and even different species.  While the actual average lifespan changes quite a bit from country to country and from animal to animal, the same general rule that “your probability of dying doubles every X years” holds true.  It’s an amazing fact, and no one understands why it’s true (  but we have the answers now as mentioned in the next post ) .

There is one important lesson, however, to be learned from Benjamin Gompertz’s mysterious observation.  By looking at theories of human mortality that are clearly wrong, we can deduce that our fast-rising mortality is not the result of a dangerous environment, but of a body that has a built-in expiration date if not kept in harmony with the subtle space from which it manifests .

\hspace{10mm}The lightning bolt theory

If you had never seen any mortality statistics (or known very many old people), you might subscribe to what is called the “lightning bolt theory” of mortality.  In this view, death is the result of a sudden and unexpected event over which you have no control.  It’s sort of an ancient Greek perspective: there are angry gods carousing carelessly overhead, and every so often they hurl a lightning bolt toward Earth, which kills you if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  These are the “lightning bolts” of disease and cancer and car accidents, things that you can escape for a long time if you’re lucky but will eventually catch up to you.

The problem with this theory is that it would produce mortality rates that are nothing like what we see.  Your probability of dying during a given year would be constant, and wouldn’t increase from one year to the next.  Anyone who paid attention during introductory statistics will recognize that your probability of survival to age t would follow a Poisson distribution, which means exponential decay (and not super-exponential decay).

Just to make things concrete, imagine a world where every year a “lightning bolt” gets hurled in your general direction and has a 1 in 80 chance of hitting you.  Your average life span will be 80 years, just like it is in the US today, but the distribution will be very different:

Your probability of survival according to the "Lightning Bolt Theory"

What a crazy world!  The average lifespan would be the same, but out of every 100 people 31 would die before age 30 and 2 of them would live to be more than 300 years old.  Clearly we do not live in a world where mortality is governed by “lightning bolts”.

\hspace{10mm}The accumulated lightning bolt theory

Most people will see pretty quickly why the “lightning bolt theory” is flawed.  Our bodies accumulate damage as they get older.  With each misfortune our defenses are weakened — a car accident might leave us paralyzed, or a knee injury could give us arthritis, or a childhood bout with pneumonia could leave us with a compromised immune system.  Maybe dying is a matter of accumulating a number of “lightning strikes”; none of them individually will do you in, but the accumulated effect leads to death.  It appears something like Monty Pythons Black Knight the first four blows are just flesh wounds, but the fifth is the end of the line.


Fortunately, this theory is also completely testable.  And, as it turns out, completely wrong.  Shown above are the results from a simulated world where “lightning bolts” of misfortune hit people on average every 16 years, and death occurs at the fifth hit.  This world also has an average lifespan of 80 years (16*5 = 80), and its distribution is a little less ridiculous than the previous case.  Still, it’s no Gompertz Law: look at all those 160-year-olds!  You can try playing around with different “lightning strike rates” and different number of hits required for death, but nothing will reproduce the Gompertz Law.  No explanation based on careless gods, no matter how plentiful or how strong their blows are, will reproduce the strong upper limit to human lifespan that we actually observe.

\hspace{10mm}The cops and criminals inside your body

Like said before, no one knows why our lifespans follow the Gompertz law.  But it isn’t impossible to come up with a theoretical world that follows the same law.  The following argument comes from this short paper , produced by the Theoretical Physics Institute at the University of Minnesota .

Imagine that within your body is an ongoing battle between cops and criminals.  And, in general, the cops are winning.  They patrol randomly through your body, and when they happen to come across a criminal he is promptly removed.  The cops can always defeat a criminal they come across, unless the criminal has been allowed to sit in the same spot for a long time.  A criminal that remains in one place for long enough (say, one day) can build a “fortress” which is too strong to be assailed by the police.  If this happens, you die.

Lucky for you, the cops are plentiful, and on average they pass by every spot 14 times a day.  The likelihood of them missing a particular spot for an entire day is given (as you’ve learned by now) by the Poisson distribution: it is a mere e^{-14} \approx 8 \times 10^{-7}.

But what happens if your internal police force starts to dwindle?  Suppose that as you age the police force suffers a slight reduction, so that they can only cover every spot 12 times a day.  Then the probability of them missing a criminal for an entire day increases to e^{-12} \approx 6 \times 10^{-6}.  The difference between 14 and 12 doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the result was that your chance of dying during a given day jumped by more than 10 7 times.  And if the strength of your police force drops linearly in time, your mortality rate will rise exponentially.

This is the Gompertz law, in cartoon form: your body is deteriorating over time at a particular rate.  When its “internal policemen” are good enough to patrol every spot that might contain a criminal 14 times a day, then you have the body of a 25-year-old and a 0.03% chance of dying this year.  But by the time your police force can only patrol every spot 7 times per day, you have the body of a 95-year-old with only a 2-in-3 chance of making it through the year.

More questions and more answers

The example above is tantalizing.  The language of “cops and criminals” lends itself very easily to a discussion of the immune system fighting infection and random mutation.  Particularly heartening is the fact that rates of cancer incidence also follow the Gompertz law, doubling every 8 years or so.  This leads to the conclusion that something in the immune system is degrading over time, becoming worse at finding and destroying mutated and potentially dangerous cells.

Unfortunately, the full complexity of human biology does not lend itself readily to cartoons about cops and criminals.  There are a lot of difficult questions for anyone who tries to put together a serious theory of human aging.  Who are the criminals and who are the cops that kill them?  What is the “incubation time” for a criminal, and why does it give “him” enough strength to fight off the immune response?  Why is the police force dwindling over time?  For that matter, what kind of “clock” does your body have that measures time at all?

With advent of genome sciences today we are able to describe DNA degradation (through the shortening of our telomeres or through methylation ) . This can be similar to an increase in “criminals” that slowly overwhelm the body’s DNA-repair mechanisms . This we shall explain in the next post on the stability of the gene network which is brilliantly able to be charmed by the simplistic physicist’s language of cops and criminals and provides us with real insight into why we age the way we do.

Singularity in All Four Quadrants










Singularity: Rupture or Rapture?

There is an old analogy about an ancient emperor of China and the inventor of chess that is often used to help understand the speed of technological growth. According to the story, once the emperor became aware of the game of chess, he sent a message throughout the kingdom seeking to reward its inventor, offering anything within his power to give for such an exceptional game. Upon meeting him, the inventor, who was a poor peasant farmer, thanked the emperor for his generosity, and proceeded to place a single grain of rice in the first square of a chessboard. He then placed two grains in the second square, four in the third, eight in the fourth, etc., doubling the number of grains for each of the chessboard’s 64 squares.

At first the emperor was fairly amused by the farmer’s request—after all, these were mere grains of rice, how much could he possibly lose? So he allowed the farmer to continue. It wasn’t until they got about halfway through the chessboard that the emperor began to notice what was really going on. After 32 squares—32 successive doublings of a single grain of rice—the farmer was up to about four billion grains of rice, the equivalent of a few acres of rice fields. If they were to continue all the way to the end of the board, the farmer would be owed about 18 quintillion grains of rice, which would require a rice field twice the size of the surface of the planet to produce, oceans included.











From a single grain of rice to a quantity that more than quadruples the total biomass of the Earth, in just 64 steps—this is the nature of exponential growth. Because we are largely linear thinkers living in an exponential world, this sort of growth can be very difficult to comprehend, or to even perceive—at least until we are plunged headlong into the second half of the chessboard. Visually graphing this sort of exponential curve [y=2^(x-1) for the mathematically inclined] gives us some insight as to why this acceleration can be so easy to take for granted. For the first half of the curve, progress seems to move almost parallel to the horizontal x-axis, and the frequency of change can seem fairly negligible: from a few grains to a few bushels to a few acres, not amounting to much at all. But once we begin moving into the “elbow” of the curve—about 32 squares, in the case of our increasingly anxious emperor—we begin to see progress truly taking off, eventually becoming more closely parallel with the vertical y-axis.

So what does this anachronistically agrarian metaphor of rice, Chinese emperors, and peasant farmers have to do with today’s digital scurry?

According to Moore’s Law, computational power is doubling every 18 months. Which means that the year 2000 marked 32 consecutive doublings since the invention of the transistor, while 2006 marked 32 doublings since the invention of the integrated circuit in 1958. We are now living on the second half of the chessboard—and from here on out, things get really crazy. Turing-approved artificial intelligence, cyborg brain/computer interfaces, nanotechnology, even the possibility of uploading consciousness to digital substrate—all of this “post-human” technology is now becoming increasingly feasible, and there is a very good chance we could see this (and more) achieved within most of our lifetimes.

This rate of acceleration currently shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. If anything, the rate of acceleration itself seems to be accelerating. Some critics of Moore’s Law believe that there must be a hard limit at the upper-end of this growth, as defined by the number of transistors you can physically fit upon a single slice of silicon, but others argue that our current technology will eventually be subsumed by a new computational paradigm, such as quantum computing, which will break through this “silicon ceiling.” Within the next 30 years we will be able to manufacture $1000 computers that are capable of as many calculations per second as the human brain. Following this trend as far as we can, we are taken to the limits of imagination itself. The sheer magnitude of our imminent technological progress is almost impossible to grasp, the implications and possibilities are too far beyond our experience to make any meaningful sense of, at least from our current coordinates in history.

Like a black hole in time, the technological singularity represents a point in our not-too-distant future beyond which we simply cannot imagine. And there is no going back, there is no slowing down—there is only tomorrow’s unfolding, a future pressing into the present through this thin veil of time, a world well beyond the visions of the world’s most inspired mystics, prophets, and science fiction writers. But while some may rhapsodize about the approaching technological Singularity as some sort of mythic rapture, a kind of digital utopia in which the struggles that have long been at the core of the human condition find instantaneous resolve, there are many others who aren’t so quick to think that we will all “go up in light” with the simple flip of a switch.

And while we could make the argument that technology is the single most influential arbiter of human development, technology does not actually determine human development. The internet, for example, while representing the legacy of some of the most cognitively advanced minds the world has ever seen, can be used by anybody—in fact, it has become a megaphone for everybody . The same can be said for splitting the atom: anyone smart enough to actually build a nuclear bomb would be the least willing to detonate it, assuming their values are on somewhat equal footing with their cognitive intelligence. At every moment our world bears witness to the cruelties that occur when the inventions from higher altitudes are used by people at lower altitudes, whether that invention is a computer, an AK-47, or a democracy.

Although it is impossible to predict what exactly will emerge from all this (emergence, by its very nature, is unpredictable, which is precisely why it can be so disruptive to the status quo), but it helps us to see the general shape of things to come.

It seems clear is that we are seeing a general pattern of accelerated returns in at least four irreducible dimensions of our lives—a singularity in all four quadrants mentioned below .

  • Post-Humanism (The Future of the Body)
  • Post-Scarcity (The Future of Technology)
  • Post-Irony (The Future of Culture)
  • Post-Metaphysics (The Future of Consciousness)

Let’s take a brief look at each of these dimensions in next  posts .

Meditation on the Hypercube of Spacetime


Number is composed of the nine numerals, basic to all information, uniting geometry and arithmetic, space and time. Their reciprocal relation is clarified through the circle of 5 dimensions, based on the relation of infinity to one. The circle of dimensions summarizes the laws of number and mathematics. The eight points shown on the dimension circle (0 – 7) correspond to the eight directions on the Vector Equilibrium of space time .

Including the zero dimension there are five dimensions: 0 – 4. The zero, first second and third dimensions have long been accepted as true, but the reality of the fourth dimension was questioned. Since Einstein, however, the existence of the fourth dimension is now an accepted fact and the first, second and third dimensions are now understood as imaginary. We live only in the fourth dimension, but in order to understand our dimension, our reality, we must also understand each of the other dimensions. Moreover we must realize how infinity permeates each dimension, including the fourth. So we begin our exploration of Number as a Wisdom tool by understanding the dimensions and their relation to the infinite.

Zero Dimension

The Zero Dimension is the point, the infinitely small place holder. It exists not in space, but in time only. It is the moment between past and future, the subject, zero. It constitutes potentiality, the four space dimensions constitute actuality. The Zero Dimension is the home of Natural Numbers. The subject point, the moment, is Zero, pure Awareness. Its numbers are the natural numerals.


The nine natural numbers are the basis of quality and invariance. All numbers can be reduced to the nine: for example by addition: 365 = 14 = 5. Becoming aware therefore means deducing or abstracting to the nine fundamental criteria. In the Jewish Cabala this is the nine names of the divine, in Chinese it is the nine forms of the Tao.

First Dimension

The First Dimension is the LINE. It contains an infinite number of points. Temporally, it represents the Future. The moments of Zero Dimension create the future, forming a trajectory.



The first dimension is the home of the Whole or Integer numbers. The points, natural numbers, have no extension. Integer numbers unite positive and negative up to ten and create the number line.

   -                                         +


   10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The Whole numbers are created through addition, basic to sensing, and through subtraction, basic to the spirit, the path in the unknown future.

Second Dimension


The Second Dimension is the PLANE, such as a square. It contains an infinite number of straight lines. In Time, the Second Dimension represents the Present.


The trajectory of moments in the First Dimension (Future) appears like a disk or revolution.

disk.gifIn the second dimension we have the Rational numbers, based on three points, visualized on the plane with a vertical and horizontal axis. The number plane was known to the Pythagoreans and called the Chi:

rational.gifRational numbers are produced by division in the positive field and multiplication in the negative field. Zero is the center of the CHI, which for Pythagoras and Plato was the tool of the Demiurge, the Creator. The fields contain only the fractions and products inside the ten numbers. Division is the basis of thinking, multiplication the synergy of the soul.

Third Dimension

The Third Dimension is the SOLID, such as a cube. It contains an infinite number of planes or squares. Temporally, the Third Dimension represent the Past.


The disc of the Second Dimension (Present) turns one half time around its axis and fills out the sphere of the past.


The third dimension brings out the Real numbers. Real numbers start from zero and connect fractions of the same numerical value, leading to the proportions and functions.

proport.gifThe proportions are the basis of continuity and harmony. They connect fractions of the same value to zero. The functions are the basis of discontinuity. They connect products by which bodies are in relation, as for instance in the atom, where the distances of the electron shells follow the numbers of the central diagonal 1 – 4 – 9 – 16, and the possible number of electrons in each shell, the capacity, follow the diagonal 2 – 8 – 18 – 32. The rational numbers of the second dimension, and the whole and natural numbers of the first and zero dimension, all have a fixed place on the number line. The real numbers in the third dimension are, however, fundamentally different; although they are located somewhere on the number line, they have no fixed place there. To the ancient Greeks who first developed mathematics to a high art in the West, all numbers had to have a fixed location somewhere on the number line. The existence of the Real numbers, with no fixed location, was known only to a few high initiates in the Pythagorean brotherhood who swore to keep it secret. It can be easily understood today by way of the Pythagorean theorem:

pythag.gifThe Pythagorean Theorem exemplifies the rational numbers. But what happens if A and B both equal 1? In this case C must equal the square root of 2. But the square root of two is an irrational Real Number. It is a number which goes on and on with no repetition into infinity. 1.41421… . It is a never ending number and has no fixed place on the number line. Unlike an infinite rational number which goes on and on, but repeats, such as a third (.3333333…), where we can know the exact location on the number line, with a Real Number, we can only know its approximate location. There are other examples of Real Numbers, such as Pi (the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter), the square root of any prime number, e, etc. These Real Numbers never end and never repeat.

Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension, space-time continuum, is reality. In the fourth dimension the infinite number of solids in the Universe are in relationship with each other through time and energy. In the Time domain, the Fourth Dimension continues the movement of the Third Dimension (Past) to form a wave, constituting fractally the space-time continuum.


hyper.gifTHE HYPERCUBE The Fourth Dimension is portrayed geometrically by fractals and by the Hypercube. The Hypercube is the symbol used in mathematics to try and represent the fourth dimension in two dimensions (a drawing on a piece of paper – a plane).

From the center of the Hypercube through its 8 diagonals the Hypercube is related to everything in the Universe. The infinity in the Fourth Dimension lies in the infinity of relations. This can be expressed in terms of “fractal scaling”, from the infinite small to the infinite big, perpendicular to the other dimensions and including the intervals or fractal dimensions between them. The meaning of fractal scaling is explained later  , for now it is sufficient to understand this as scales of magnitude, as for instance from the size of the atom to the size of a galaxy. The Hypercube is cut by 4 diagonals constituting the central point. In consciousness this center point represents the identity or the Self. The number of the diagonals is 4 X 3 = 9, according to the Pythagorean theorem. The four diagonals are 1-5, 2-6, 3-7 and 4-0.

The Four Diagonals:

1-5    Matter

2-6    Consciousness

3-7    Energy

4-0    Self-Organization


The fourth dimension is the home of the Complex numbers and Fractal geometry. Unlike the other dimensions, the fourth is the real world in which we live. It is the space time continuum of Man and Nature where there is constant change based on feedback. As Mandelbrot recently discovered the fourth dimension includes not only the first three dimensions, but also the gaps or intervals between them, the fractal dimensions.

Try to think about the concept of infinity, from infinitely small, to large, to never ending. Try to visualize and imagine each of the five dimensions, starting with the infinitely small point, on up. Try to do this by visualizing simple geometric figures, see them in your minds eye.


After you have practiced with and mastered the simple forms, circle, triangle, square and pentagram, try moving them around at will and view them from all different perspectives. Then go on to the more complex forms shown next, the 6, 7, 8 and 9 sided forms.


Then try to visualize a hypercube, and see it from different angles.


With this visual basis, try to visualize, imagine and feel the interrelatedness of all matter which Science has discovered as a cold fact. Sense and feel how your body, like all matter in the Universe, is in energy interchange with all other bodies in the Universe. Start off with the physical objects immediately around you, and then expand outward in ever larger vistas, to finally include the whole Universe.

Then when you are ready try the Meditation on the Hypercube exercise given below .



  1. Sit comfortably on the floor in an erect position.
  2. Take your time and visually build a Hypercube all around you.
  3. Imagine the corners with three, four, five and six in front of you, and with one, two, seven and zero behind you. (Cubes have eight corner points; four below and four above.)
  4. You are sitting right in the middle and your heart is in the center of the cube, the point where all four diagonals intersect (shown in white circle above).
  5. Focus you attention on the center, the inner Self.
  6. Then visualize the 0 point – Awareness behind and to the right going up.
  7. Then go there mentally while inhaling very slowly.
  8. When exhaling draw a diagonal through your center to 4 – Willing in front of you to the left going down.
  9. Repeat this a few times if necessary. Inhale going out to the zero point, exhale going down through the center to the 4 point.
  10. Then return to your center and simultaneously expand to the two points (0-4) at once – inhaling your breath while you do this, then exhale and come back to the center.
  11. Do it a second time.
  12. The third time, if you wish, you can pierce through the Will-point into the Earth and through the Awareness point towards the infinite.
  13. Then follow the same process with 7 – 3, 6 – 2, 5 – 1.
  14. End by remaining in your center, in your Whole Self which includes all numerals and the Zero Awareness.

Sri Yantra – The Structure of Space Time

Sri yantra, also known as Sri Chakra, is called the mother of all yantras because all other yantras derive from it. In its three dimensional forms Sri Yantra is said to represent Mount Meru, the cosmic mountain at the center of the universe.

The Sri Yantra representation of the cosmos at the macrocosmic level and of the human body at the microcosmic level (each of the circuits correspond to a chakra or vortex  of the body).

The Sri Yantra is a configuration of nine interlocking triangles ( 9×9 grid or gross body ), surrounded by two circles of lotus petals with the whole encased within a gated frame, called the “earth citadel”. The nine interlocking triangles centered around the bindu (8×8 grid the central point of the yantra or microabode or subtle body ) are drawn by the superimposition of five downward pointing triangles, representing Shakti ; the female principle and four upright triangles, representing Shiva ; the male principle. The nine interlocking triangles form forty three small triangles each housing a presiding deity associated with particular aspects of existence.

Man’s spiritual journey from the stage of material existence to ultimate enlightenment is mapped on the Sri Yantra. The spiritual journey is taken as a pilgrimage in which every step is an ascent to the center (8×8) , a movement beyond one’s limited existence, and every level is nearer to the goal. Such a journey is mapped in stages, and each of these stages corresponds with one of the circuits of which the Sri Yantra is composed from the outer plane ( 9×9 ) to the bindu ( 8×8 ) in the center.

The Sri Yantra is a tool to give a vision of the totality of existence, so that the adept may internalize its symbols for the ultimate realization of his unity with the cosmos.

The goal of contemplating the Sri Yantra is that the adept can rediscover his primordial sources. The circuits symbolically indicate the successive phases in the process of becoming.

Nine Triangles in a Circle

Four triangles pointing up.
Five triangles pointing down
Central figure
Complete Sri Yantra
Figure 1

The Sri Yantra is composed of a central figure that is surrounded by two circular rows of petals and then by a rectangular enclosure called the bhupura. In this blog we will be focusing mainly on the central figure which is composed of nine overlapping triangles and a bindu point. Four of the triangles point up, the other five point down. In the most popular configuration the two biggest triangles (green triangles in figure 1) touch the outer circle on all three points.

Concurrent Interconnections

sri yantra marmas
Figure 2
Triple intersections.

When looking at the figure we notice that there is a high degree of interconnectedness between the nine triangles. This means that every triangle is connected to one or more of the other triangles via common points and they do not criss cross .

Figure 2 shows where the triple intersection points are located. These are the points that lock together the triangles. You can’t move one without also moving the others. This interconnections scale up to infinite small ( Planck length , protons et  ) to infinite big ( cosmos , universe ) .This is the principle of cosmic entanglement .

Notice also that the two biggest triangles are touching the outside circle on three points and that the apex of every triangle is connected to the base of another triangle.

The up and down triangles when overlapped give a pentacle . Thus Sri Yantra is a geometry with five degrees of freedom ( pentadic scale of cosmic regulation called panchmahabhuta in Hinduism and 5 energies in Chinese occult ) , which means that up to five different criterion can be used to define it. This is why we have to decide on the location of five lines when drawing the figure. Five degrees of freedom is not a lot considering that there is a total of nine triangles. This is because of the high degree of interconnectedness between the triangles. This effectively limits the possibilities and variations that can be achieved.

Concentricity :

Figure 3
Concentricity: the center of the innermost triangle coincide with the center of the outer circle.

Lets now take a look at the bindu point; the small point located in the central triangle. It should be located in the center of the innermost triangle. This can be achieved precisely by placing the bindu at the center of a circle that fits inside this triangle  . This is known in mathematics as the incenter of a triangle.

To achieve a perfectly centered figure however, the bindu should also be located at the center of the outer circle. This is illustrated in figure 3. The red cross shows where the center of the outer circle is located. The small red circle shows where the center of the innermost triangle is.

Equilateral Inner Triangle : 

geodesic dome
Figure 4
R. Buckminster Fuller stands in front of his geodesic dome.

The equilateral triangle is a perfect and minimal structure. It is the simplest, strongest and most fundamental structure in geometry and computer graphics. It has the highest degree of tensegrity for a minimum amount of structural elements. That is why it is so prevalent in the structural designs created by R Buckminster Fuller. This is also why the geodesic dome , a  spherical structure composed of small triangles is the only man-made structure that becomes proportionally stronger as it increases in size.

Figure 5
Equilateral triangle as the expression of Rishi, Devata, Chanda.

The Sri Yantra symbolizes, among other things the unfoldment of creation. The bindu represents the unmanifest ( 8×8 grid of subtle body ) , the silent state. The next level in the expression of the Universe is represented by the innermost triangle. This level represents the trinity of rishi, devata, chanda, or the observer, the process of observation and the object being observed. At this point the symmetry of creation is still intact and will be broken when it reaches the next level which represent the grosser aspects of the relative.

This reflects the unfoldment from unity or singularity to trinity as expounded in the Vedic literature. According to the Veda the Universe becomes manifest when unbounded awareness becomes aware of itself. The spark of self awareness ignites creation. At this point Unity divides into the trinity of rishi (the observer), devata (process of knowing) and chanda (the object of perception). The same idea is also found in the bible as the principle of the holy trinity.

The central triangle is the central lens of the Sri Yantra. If as some suggest, this pattern is capable of emitting a significant amount of subtle energy, the importance of having a well balanced and centered figure becomes obvious.

For these reasons the central triangle should be equilateral in an optimal . For this to happen the highest down pointing primary triangle must have an angle of 60 degrees .

 Center of Mass

 center of mass center of mass
Figure 6
Left: Figure with Concurrency criteria only. Center: Figure with Concurrency and concentricity. Right: Figure with Concurrency, concentricity and equilateral central triangle.

Another measure of overall balance of a structure is the center of mass. This is the point in the geometry where it would balance if it was a solid object.

Figure 6 shows a detail view of the central triangle of three different Sri Yantras. The left figure shows a configuration where only concurrency is achieved. In this case the bindu (red dot), the center of the outer circle (green dot) and the center of mass (blue dot) are not aligned.

The central figure shows a Sri Yantra that achieves concurrency and concentricity. As a result the bindu (red) and the center of the outer circle (green) overlap nicely. The center of mass still doesn’t overlap however.

On the right we see that for a figure drawn with the three criterion that we have suggested (concurrency, concentricity and equilateral central triangle), the three centers overlap and we have a perfectly centered and balanced figure where the bindu is well centered and more importantly the centermost triangle has an angle very close to 60 degrees. This is called perfect balance or harmony with the source of all existence .

Sri Yantra

Since the Sri Yantra is based on triangles it is very appropriate that there are currently three main ways to represent this figure. The first and probably the most common is the plane form, which is what we have been looking at so far.

The second is the pyramidal form called Meru   in India. Mount Meru is a mythical mountain. So named because of the mountain shape of the figure.

The third and rarest form is the spherical form or Kurma .  Kurma was the second incarnation of Vishnu, the turtle incarnation. This refers to the similarity between this form and the shell of a turtle. Ever wondered why the shell of a turtle is so robust . It is interesting to note that there seems to be some confusion with the use of these two terms. The pyramidal form is often wrongly referred to as Kurma.

Mathematics of Sri Yantra

A hymn from Atharvaveda is dedicated to an object that closely resembles this . The sriyantra (‘great object’) belongs to a class of devices used in meditation, mainly by those belonging to the Hindu tantric tradition. The diagram consists of nine interwoven isosceles triangles four point upwards, representing Sakti, the primordial female essence of dynamic energy, and five point downwards, representing Siva, the primordial male essence of static wisdom The triangles are arranged  in such a way that they produce 43 subsidiary triangles, at the centre of the smallest of which there is a big dot (known as the bindu). These smaller triangles are supposed to form the abodes of different gods, whose names are sometimes entered in their respective places. In common with many depictions of the sriyantra they have  outer rings consisting of an eight-petalled lotus, enclosed by a sixteen petalled lotus, girdled in turn by three circles, all enclosed in a square with four doors, one on each side. The square represents the boundaries within which the deities reside, protected from the chaos and disorder of the outside world.

Tantric tradition suggests that there are two ways of using the sriyantra for meditation. In the outward approach one begins by contemplating the bindu and proceeds outwards by stages to take in the smallest triangle in which it is enclosed, then the next two triangles, and so on, slowly expanding outwards through a sequence of shapes to the outer shapes in which the whole object is contained. This outward contemplation is associated with an evolutionary view of the development of the universe where, starting with primordial matter represented by the dot, the meditator concentrates on increasingly complex organisms, as indicated by increasingly complex shapes, until reaching the very boundaries of the universe from where escape is possible only through one of the four doors into chaos. The ‘inward’ approach to meditation, which starts from a circle and then moves inwards, is known in tantric literature as the process of destruction ( a falling blackhole and emerging by big bang in a new universe ) .

The mathematical interest in the sriyantra lies in the construction of the central nine triangles, which is a more difficult problem than might first appear. A line here may have three, four, five or six intersections with other lines. The problem is to construct a sriyantra in which all the intersections are correct and the vertices of the largest triangles fall on the circumference of the enclosing circle.

There is, however, a curious fact about all the correctly constructed sriyantras, whether enclosed in circles or in squares. In all such cases the base angle of the largest triangles is about 51. The monument that comes to mind when this angle is mentioned is the Great Pyramid at Gizeh in Egypt, built around 2600 bc. It is without doubt the most massive building ever to have been erected, having at least twice the volume and thirty times the mass of the Empire State Building in New York, and built from individual stones weighing up to 70 tonnes each. The slope of the face to the base (or the angle of inclination) of the Great Pyramid is 51�50’35.

It is possible from the dimensions of the Great Pyramid to derive probably the two most famous  numbers in mathematics. One is pi, and the other is phi the golden ratio   or ‘divine proportion’, given by (1 + sqr-rt 5)/2 (its value to five decimal places is 1.61803). The golden ratio has figured prominently in the history of mathematics, both as a semi-mystical quantity (Kepler suggested that it should be named the ‘divine proportion’) and for its practical applications in art and architecture, including the Parthenon at Athens and a number of other buildings of Classical Greece. In the Great Pyramid  the golden ratio is represented by the ratio of the length of the face (the slope height), inclined at an angle theta to the ground, to half the length of the side of the square base, equivalent to the secant of the angle theta. The original dimensions of the Great Pyramid are not known exactly, because later generations removed the outer limestone casing for building material, but as far as we can tell the above two lengths were about 186.4 and 115.2 metres respectively. The ratio of these lengths is, to five decimal places, l.618 06, in very close agreement with phi. The number phi has some remarkable mathematical properties. Its square is equal to itself plus one, while its reciprocal is itself minus one. But the most intriguing feature is its link with what are called the Fibonacci numbers.

The Fibonacci numbers are the sequence

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, …

where each number equals the sum of its two predecessors. This sequence pops up in a variety of natural phenomena – in pattems of plant growth and in the laws of Mendelian heredity, for example. It is easily shown that the ratio between successive Fibonacci numbers gets closer to phi the further up the sequence one goes. In the Fibonacci sequence given above, the ratio of 233 to 144 gives the value of phi calculated from the dimensions of the Great Pyramid.

The quantity pi can also be found in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid. If its height (1466 metres) is taken to be the radius of a circle, the perimeter of its base (4 x 230.4 = 921.6 metres) is almost equal to the circumference of that circle (2pir = 921.6 metres). The product of pi and the square root of phi is close to 4.

The largest isosceles triangle of the sriyantra design is one of the face triangles of the Great Pyramid in miniature, showing almost exactly the same relationship between pi and phi as in its larger counterpart.

Bolton and Macleod Sri Yantra

The term yantra, which literally means an instrument for holding or restraining, may be used to denote a variety of linear diagrams which play a significant role in the meditative practices of Tantric Hinduism. Yantras may be simple designs such as the cross, triangle, square, circle or lotus pattern, symbolizing basic concepts, or may be more complex combinations of such elements in figures representing in abstract form the particular creative forces in the cosmos which are called divinities. they are closely related to the mandalas used by both Hindu and Buddhist Tantrism, in which geometric design is supplemented by elaborate symbolic images of the deities which by their various forms and attributes indicate different aspects of the hidden order of reality. As Mircea Eliade says (1), the yantra is ‘the linear paradigm of the mandala’, expressing the same principles in geometric form. Like mandalas, yantras are used in the context of meditation and worship as visual-aids to concentration of the mind leading to realization of abstract principle which is the inner meaning of the visible representation.

The best known and geometrically the most complex yantra is the Sri-yantra, also known as the Sri-yantra . The structure of this yantra is enigmatically described in the Saundarya-lahari (The Wave of Beauty)  a lengthy poem praising the great goddess whose dwelling place the Sri-yantra is said to be .

By reason of the four Srikanthas (srikantha is an epithet of Siva) and the five damsels of Siva (which have the nature of Sakti), which are penetrated by Sambhu (i.e. bindu- the dot in the centre) and constitute the nine fundamental natures, the 43 (or 44) angles of your dwelling place are evolved, along with the 8-petalled and 16-petalled lotuses, the circles and the three lines.

The diagram may be more accurately described as a bilaterally symmetrical figure composed of nine interwoven isosceles triangles, usually depicted with five triangles pointing downwards and four pointing upwards. The former are said to correspond to the yoni representing the dynamic female principle of energy (Sakti), while the latter correspond to the linga representing the static male principle of wisdom (Siva). (The Buddhist Tantrics, incidentally, regard the male principle as dynamic and the female as static.) The central dot called bindu ( singularity ) represents the original unity of the male and female principles prior to creation and the paradoxical point female principles prior to creation and the paradoxical point from which the manifestation of the cosmos emerges. The interpenetration of the nine basic triangles gives rise to a number of subsidiary triangles (43 including the central triangle enclosing the bindu) which form the abodes of the deities, representing the particularization of the original creative forces into more concrete manifestations. Sometimes the names of deities and Sanskrit syllables are written into these triangles, or images of the deities are placed in them.

In most versions of the yantra this central design is enclosed by two circular lotus-patterns with eight and sixteen petals, a girdle of three concentric circles, and finally a square arrangement of straight line (‘the three lines’) with four openings or ‘doors’ at the cardinal points called ‘World House’ (bhugra). This square outline, which is common also to mandalas, symbolizes the royal palace in which the deities reside – an area of sacred space protected from the disintegrating forces of chaos. In general, the Sri-yantra is a ‘cosmogram’ – a graphic representation of the universal processes of emanation and reabsorption reduced to their essential outline. The yantra is an expression in terms of linear symbolism of the cosmic manifestations, beginning with the primordial unity.

Sri Yantra – Structure of Unified Space Time


The symbol known as the Sri Yantra is an ancient Hindu symbol comprised of nine triangles that are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web said to be symbolic of the entire cosmos.

The 64 tetrahedron grid is also the foundational seed geometry of the fabric of the vacuum . Everything is connected by this structure of space the principle behind cosmic entanglement .

When you pass Light thru a 64 Tetrahedron or  3D Sri Yantra or Alternating Merkaba or Vector Equilibrium consisting only of straight lines it casts a shadow of the Flower of Life consisting only of Curves .

Sri Yantra thus represents the Vector Equilibrium and Isotropic Vector Matrix which is the geometry of the fabric of vaccum .


As has been stated throughout this blog , the Vector Equilibrium (VE) is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos. According to R Buckminster Fuller, the VE is more appropriately referred to as a “system” than as a structure, due to it having square faces that are inherently unstable and therefore non-structural. Given its primary role in the vector-based forms of the cosmos, though, we include it in this section.

The Vector Equilibrium, as its name describes, is the only geometric form wherein all of the vectors are of equal length. This includes both from its center point out to its circumferential vertices, and the edges (vectors) connecting all of those vertices. Having the same form as a cuboctahedron, it was Buckminster Fuller who discovered the significance of the full vector symmetry in 1917 and called it the Vector Equilibrium in 1940. With all vectors being exactly the same length and angular relationship, from an energetic perspective, the VE represents the ultimate and perfect condition wherein the movement of energy comes to a state of absolute equilibrium, and therefore absolute stillness and nothingness. As Fuller states, because of this it is the zero-phase from which all other forms emerge (as well as all dynamic energy events, as will be described below). In Fuller’s own words…

Structure of the Unified Field — The VE and Isotropic Vector Matrix

The most fundamental aspect of the VE to understand is that, being a geometry of absolute equilibrium wherein all fluctuation (and therefore differential) ceases, it is conceptually the geometry of what we call the zero-point or Unified Field — also called the “vacuum” of space. In order for anything to become manifest in the universe, both physically (energy) and metaphysically (consciousness), it requires a fluctuation in the Unified Field, the result of which fluctuation and differential manifests as the Quantum and Spacetime fields that are observable and measurable. Prior to this fluctuation, though, the Unified Field exists as pure potential, and according to contemporary theory in physics it contains an infinite amount of energy (and in cosmometry, as well as spiritual philosophies, an infinite creative potential of consciousness).

Being a geometry of equal vectors and equal 60° angles, it is possible to extend this equilibrium array infinitely outward from the center point of the VE, producing what is called the Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM). Isotropic means “all the same”, Vector means “line of energy”, and Matrix means “a pattern of lines of energy”. It is this full isotropic vector matrix that can be seen as the infinitely-present-at-all-scales-and-in-perfect-equilibrium geometry of the zero-point Unified Field. Every point in this matrix is a potential center point of a VE around which a condition of dynamic fluctuation may arise to manifest. And as has been stated and is seen in this image, this VE geometry is inherent in this matrix (the green lines comprise the VE):

The IVM also consists of a simple arrangement of alternating tetrahedron and octahedron geometries, as seen in this illustration:

In fact, the VE itself can be seen to consist of a symmetrical array of eight tetrahedons with their bases representing the triangular faces of the VE, and all pointing towards the VE’s center point. (The square faces are the bases of half-octahedron, like the form of the pyramids in Eqypt.)

Given this primary presence of tetrahedons in the VE and IVM, if we try to determine the most balanced symmetry of them that takes into account the positive and negative polarity of the IVM structure (i.e. “upward” and “downward” pointing tetrahedrons) , we identify an arrangement of tetrahedrons in the IVM that, at a scale of complexity one level greater than the primary VE geometry, defines the most balanced array of energy structures (tetrahedons) wherein the positive and negative polarities are equal and without “gaps” in the symmetry. This arrangement consists of 32 positive and 32 negative tetrahedrons for a total 64, and looks like this (notice the underlying VE symmetry as well):

Beyond the VE’s primary zero-phase symmetry, the 64 Tetrahedron Grid, as it is known, represents the first conceptual fractal of structural wholeness in balanced integrity. It is noteworthy that the quantity of 64 is found in numerous systems in the cosmos, including the 64 codons in our DNA , the 64 hexagrams of I- Ching  (Chinese Book of Changes), the 64 tantric arts of the Kama Sutra , as well as in the Mayan Calendar’s underlying structure. It appears that the 64-based quantitative value is of primary importance in the fundamental structure of the Unified Field and how that field manifests from its implicate (pre-manifest) order to its explicate (manifest) order, both physically and metaphysically. The relationship between the Analog and Digital realms describing numerically how both the binary 64-based system and the Phi-based Fibonacci system are in intimate coordination.

Other Primary Attributes of the Vector Equilibrium

12 Spheres Around 1

Another way of deriving the geometry of the VE is by using 13 spheres of the same diameter. Using one sphere as the center point, we can then pack twelve spheres around this “nucleus” sphere, as seen in the illustration below. Given that the diameter is the same for all of the spheres, the centers of each sphere will be equidistant from all of their adjacent neighbors, including the center one. The lines connecting their centers are the vectors of the VE. Because it’s an array of 12 spheres around one central sphere, we can refer to the VE’s geometry as a 12-around-1 system. We can then consider this system when we examine the cosmometric relationships of 12-based systems such as the 12-tone music scale, the astrological zodiac, and the sectors of human concern .

4 Hexagonal Planes

The VE also has the attribute of consisting of four hexagons symmetrically arrayed in four planes. As can be seen in the illustration below, there is one at the equator or horizon plane (red), one encircling the whole VE as if being viewed from directly above (blue), and two at left and right-tilting angles (green and purple). They are all 60°s from each other, and the angles they define are exactly the same as those of the faces of a tetrahedron. According to Fuller, this is the zero-tetrahedron, wherein the tetrahedron’s faces have all converged simultaneously on its center point. (It is also significant to note that the 8 triangular faces of the VE symmetrically match the 8 triangular faces of a star tetrahedron as well, this being a polar-balanced geometry of the tetrahedron’s most basic structural form; see the Tetrahedron blog for more on this).


It is because the VE has these four hexagonal planes defining its spatial coordinates (and therefore, too, the IVM) that Fuller says that the foundation of the cosmic geometry is actually 4-dimensional, as opposed to the conventional 3-dimensional 90° X,Y,Z coordinate system historically assumed to be fundamental.

The Spherical VE or Genesa Crystal

It is to the symmetrical arrangement of these four hexagonal planes that we align the four phi double spiral field patterns in the basic model of cosmometry. In essence, the points of these hexagons all touch the surface of a sphere, and the phi double spiral boundaries define in the simplest manner the great-circle vectors of a spherical VE. This form, pictured below, is also known as the Genesa Crystal, and is purported to possess the property of balancing and cleansing the energy of the environment surrounding it for a distance of 2 miles when using a 16” diameter model. In essence, this simple form, even when built solely of copper or brass strips or tubing, sets up a resonance with the underlying structure of the Unified Field, thus creating an island of coherence is a sea of naturally occurring “chaos,” amplifying the equilibrium state throughout its surrounding local field.

The VE’s Relationship to the Cube and Octahedron

In the terminology of basic geometry, the form that the VE defines as a solid is called a cuboctahedron (pronounced “cube-octahedron”). As is evident from its name, this form has a symmetrical relationship to both the cube and the octahedron, wherein the six square faces of the VE are symmetrical to the faces of a cube, and the eight triangular faces of the VE are symmetrical to the faces of an octahedron. Another way of seeing this is that the structures of both a cube and an octahedron can be “wrapped” around a VE, as seen in this video:

This will be significant when we explore  the dynamic nature of the VE’s ability to contract and expand and transfer energy and information seamlessly throughout the entire Unified Field across all scales instantaneously. The entangled cosmos of information .

The Jitterbug

So far we have looked at the VE in its static state (or more correctly, its ultimate dynamic equilibrium zero state). In other words, we’ve looked at the form in its state of perfect symmetry. What is also quite remarkable about the VE is that, given it has six square faces and that squares are inherently non-structural (only triangles are structurally stable), the VE has the ability to “collapse” inward, drawing the twelve outer points symmetrically towards its center point. As it does so it goes from its state of perfect equilibrium (the zero-phase) into a dynamic “spin” that can contract in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. When contracted and expanded alternating in both directions, it exhibits a dynamic “pumping” action that Fuller called the Jitterbug (after the dance of the 1930’s that was popular at the time he was exploring this phenomenon).

It is due to this dynamic jitterbug motion of the VE that the entire manifest universe arises, and most fundamentally that the five platonic forms arise as the foundation of all structural geometry in the cosmos.

To understand this, first consider again that the VE (and whole IVM) is the conceptual zero-phase cosmometry of the Unified Field. The Unified Field has an infinite energetic and creative potential. This potential is untapped until an impulse is introduced that causes the IVM to go out of equilibrium, and when it does so it “collapses the field” (as is often said in quantum physics when the consciousness of an observer seeks to determine the location or angular momentum of a quantum energy event) and an extremely minute amount of the Field’s infinite energy comes into a polarized dynamic of spin, differential, form and motion. A local energy event has emerged from the otherwise invisible and non-measurable Unified Field (a local energy event being something as basic as a photon, electron, proton, etc, and growing in complexity all the way to the macro scale of super-massive galactic clusters). Once a local energy event has arisen, a dynamic tension arises between its center point (its local “gravitational center”) and those in its near proximity as the contractive force of the collapsed field “pulls” on the surrounding field, and the center of each event tries to pull the others inward towards itself. When a stabilized system of such points arises, a geometric “tensegrity” form of energy is created.

The center point of each event can be described as the “singularity” around which the event is manifesting that remains connected to the infinite energy/density of the Unified Field. In this way, we can say that everything has a center point, and all center points are one (because they are continuously connected to the Unified Field’s IVM structure and therefore entirely and constantly unified). It is this unification of center points that explains non-local effects in the quantum realm that are proven to exist experimentally, wherein a change in the state of a quantum particle will simultaneously cause the same change in state of a paired particle across vast distances instantly (apparently violating the proposed cosmic “speed limit” of the manifest universe that is traditionally defined as the speed of light).

Giving Birth to the Universe

As stated, as soon as the IVM/VE goes out of equilibrium, all of the dynamic forces that are observable and measurable arise — mass, angular momentum, spin, charge, etc. Differential is introduced as the once perfectly calm Unified Field fluctuates and the jitterbugging motion causes waves to emanate into the field, creating what we call the spacetime field of manifest universe. At the quantum level, this jitterbugging is happening at such a high rate (1044 times per second, the rate at which quantum particles are said to pop in and out of existence) that we do not realize that it is constantly going back and forth between the manifest state (out of equilibrium) and the non-manifest state (perfect equilibrium VE). Again, this quantum dynamic shows how everything in the universe is both individual and unified simultaneously.

What is remarkable about the cosmometry of this jitterbugging dynamic is that, in one swift motion all of the primary geometric forms — the platonic structures — come into energetic manifestation.

As has been repeatedly mentioned, Fuller called the VE’s geometry the zero-phase. As the VE collapses inward and the square faces contract across one of their diagonals, the length of that diagonal distance becomes the same length as the VE’s edges. At this moment the symmetry of the icosahedron arises. This is what Fuller calls the icosahedral phase. (Note that the dodecahedron is the symmetrical “dual” of the icosahedron and is therefore energetically implied at this phase as well; and according to researcher Robert Gray, there is also a dodecahedral phase further along the contracting VE’s motion as illustrated below). Continuing on its inward journey, the square faces of the VE continue to contract across the diagonal until the gap is completely closed. At this moment the symmetry of the octahedron arises. This octahedral phase now displays a doubling of the vectors of the VE, creating an extremely strong bonding tension as is found in atomic elements that have octahedral symmetry. (Note that the cube is the symmetrical dual of the octahedron and is therefore implied in this phase as well, and as noted above is also inherent in the primary symmetry of the VE itself.

 Icosahedron Phase of VE Jitterbug  Dodecahedron phase of VE Jitterbug

From the viewpoint of a physical model of a VE contracting through these phases, the octahedron can be seen as the minimum contraction state, after which the jitterbugging motion must expand again and return to its fully expanded VE phase. From a purely energetic viewpoint, though, this motion can continue, and ultimately it reaches the phase of symmetry of the tetrahedron. In fact, it is even possible to show this using a physical model, being able to spin the jitterbugging contraction past the octahedron phase and folding the model into a tetrahedron (now with the vectors bonded four-fold). And this can also then be further collapsed into the most fundamental unit of structure, the triangle, with the VE’s edges now bonded six-fold — all without breaking any of the connections at the corner points of the VE model. In this way, we have now shown how the VE — the zero-phase potential of all form — inherently contains all of the primary platonic structures, and that they arise from the dynamic fluctuation of the Unified Field as it collapses through the various platonic phases into manifest form. Depending on the resonance of the dynamic tension (tensegrity) of the energy events at play, the different geometric forms will be seen as the underlying symmetry of structure.

Infinite and Instantaneous Exchange of Energy and Information Throughout the Unified Field

As mentioned previously, the collapsed VE can be seen to have the octahedron as its fully contracted form. And as also mentioned, the octahedron can also be wrapped around the fully expanded VE form, with the faces of the octahedron symmetrically aligned with the triangular faces of the VE. As such, we can then see how the same octagonal form is present at both the minimum and maximum phases of the jitterbugging motion, and can therefore also be deemed to fill either role at any moment (or both roles simultaneously, more appropriately).

This is the fractal scaling nature of the dynamic motion of the VE wherein one scale’s maximum (VE form) has wrapped around it the next larger scale’s minimum octahedron form. This new minimum then expands to become the next scale’s maximum VE, itself then having the next minimum octahedron wrapped around it, and so on moving expandingly and contractingly up and down the cosmic micro to macro spectrum.

The next animation illustrates this phenomenon showing the simultaneous expansion and contraction alternating between scales and meeting in the octahedral moment that is symmetrical to both the manifest octahedron phase (minimum contracted state) and the unmanifest zero-phase of the VE. In this way we can see once again that inherent in the dynamic flow of energy in the quantum field is a continuous return to the zero-point Unified Field, at which moment all is instantaneously and infinitely unified.

And as this next animation illustrates, there is also an instant and infinite exchange of information throughout the entire field, depicted here as the small triangles that are picked up by the larger triangles and carried further up the scale ad infinitum. Each triangle is a packet of information relevant to the fractal scale at which it exists, and as soon as this packet of information reaches its new maximum expansion state, it becomes instantly available to the entire Unified Field. In this way, all information about energy events throughout the entire cosmos is instantly and constantly available to all other energy events in a cosmic feedback loop of individual and unified holographic integrity. This simple dynamic model and its implications as described lend a logical cosmometric explanation to such phenomena as clairvoyance, clairaudience, long-distance healing, quantum entanglement, etc.

It is also important to understand that the jitterbugging motion of the VE within the isotropic field exhibits both an expansive and contractive dynamic simultaneously, with VE’s adjacent to each other “shunting” energy through the matrix. This illustration by Robert Gray and Foster Gamble depicts this dynamic pulsation.

Jitterbugging Dynamic as Toroidal Flow Form

As the VE jitterbug spins inward it sets up a differential of energy density (i.e. pressure, electromagnetic charge) that sets in motion a dual vortex flow that creates the form of a torus. The pumping of the jitterbug sustains this toroidal form in a balanced rhythmic exchange of energy that flows through the manifest system. From a fractal-holographic perspective, it is this fundamental dynamic that takes place at every scale, first expressed as photons, then sub-atomic particles, which then aggregate into the geometric arrays of atoms, which aggregate into compounds that form crystals, minerals, cells and organs, and then whole organisms such as trees, animals, us, and then ecosystems, atmospheres, planets, stars and galaxies. At every scale the toroidal flow dynamic is active as long as the coherence of the manifest energy is maintained. Once the coherence is lost (as energy dissipates or is disrupted due to internal or external factors), the toroidal form will no longer remain stable and will resolve back into a state of dynamic equilibrium. A good example of this is the appearance and disappearance of vortexes in a stream of water. The dynamic equilibrium is the stream moving as a whole. Within this stream the water will interact with an object like a rock, and the resulting pressure differentials will cause a collapse of the water’s field into a vortex (the vortex being, in this case, the visible portion of a complete toroidal flow dynamic that is occurring invisibly in the water).

According to physicist David Bohm, this is the true nature of the underlying field (sub-quantum field, as he calls it) wherein there is a continuous current of flow (which he termed the holomovement) within which vortices of energy emerge (as photons, electrons, etc). These vortices are both distinct in their form and completely connected to each other and the whole current, just as is the case with water.

The Sri Yantra represents this very Geometry of Unified Spacetime

CHAPTER 9 : THE HUMAN COMPUTER — A Fractal Game of Wisdom Cards


The New Age is based on computer technology and the global information network — the Internet. They are the hardware and software of the noosphere. Conscious programming starts from a scientific hypothesis, but beyond that is Awareness. Awareness has in it all of the criteria explained up to now.

Awareness is Zero dimension, peak experience, satori, samadhi, nirvana, rapture, bliss. It is the key which allowed Mandelbrot to discover the Geometry of nature, the order of the strange attractor in the fourth dimension. 0 : z z¾ + c. You cannot stay in Zero. It is the beginning. The problem is how to link Awareness with Consciousness in everyday life.

Normal discursive consciousness hinders this linkage. In the past irrational methods of connection were used, such as in Zen Buddhism and Sufism. But there has also always been a rational way, as for instance with the Spanish-Jewish cabbalists, or the Taoists of the Golden Flower. They knew how to link up awareness with consciousness using number and symbol. Their method employed reason in a holistic system, but went beyond reason to include all of existence. Their thinking systems in essence mirrored all of reality in the same sense that the cubic Kaaba in Mecca is said to contain all criteria. In today’s technical world, the way of thinking as a bridge between Awareness and Consciousness is emphasized, and the irrational methods are becoming secondary.

With the recent explosion in information from all over the world, both scientific and esoteric, we can now refine and update the rational mystic systems of the past. We can gain a holistic understanding using the basic structure provided by the Wheel and science. The nine basic criteria of all of these systems have been discussed throughout the blog :

These nine criteria are depicted in the hypercube in the fourth dimension shown below. The center of the hypercube is the number “9” (3 to the 4th power). The ninth criteria is the SELF, the center point, or essence. It touches all of the other 8, bridging the finite with the infinite, Consciousness with Awareness.


Only the diagonals through the center of the hypercube are managed by the subject. The Self – beyond deep sleep – has, in Hindu terms, changed from witness to actor. The diagonals are the four attractors, intelligible through the dimensions.

These five components are attainable as Primal Sounds with the interval of the natural seventh. In musical terms this means to use scaling and the octave in the ratio of 7 to 4. The new intervals created by the 7/4 ratio of the natural seventh divide the Primal Sounds octave into five parts: A-E-I-O-U. In Primal Sounds the Zero – the fundamental note from which the others are derived — is the alpha wave of 12 hertz, the A note. The other four notes – E-I-O-U – are derived from it. Primal Sounds thus allow the Self to manipulate the four chaos attractors – the four sides of Self – from out of the fifth, the dynamic Emptiness.

We have shown how the nine basic criteria can be scaled down – distilled – to the five in accordance with the dimensions as shown above. In the same way the nine can also be scaled up to a higher level of complexity: 52. Throughout the ages many people have attained the alpha state, satori liberation, or spiritual rebirth. So the total number of the criteria involved in the liberation of the human being – 52 – has always been known. This is shown for instance by the 52 weeks established as the creative time parameters in the year. But with the advent of religions, and the persecution of the pagan, unorthodox traditions, the wisdom knowledge of 52 as a prime number of Man had to be handed down in secret. The beginning of science did not make things easier. Only the recent developments of new physics, coupled with the rise of spiritual democracy and anti-ideological forces, have made it possible to bring this into the cultural mainstream.

This knowledge was still known in the middle ages when the few remaining secret wisdom schools were threatened by the inquisition. In the year 1299 a group of cabbalists, sufis and artisans (companions, not freemasons), invented a covert means to teach the meaning of the 52, and use it as a means of divination. They invented the deck of 52 playing cards, completely separate and apart from the tarot which was known and condemned by the establishment church. This is essentially the same playing cards known today all over the world. The cards were originally invented and used to create a seemingly harmless facade for their spiritual, “heretical” teachings. With the 52 playing cards they were able to teach the arcana openly in the inns where they met. If the gestapo-inquisition came by, they would pretend it was just a game. At worse they were only guilty of a lesser sin of gambling, not of heresy.

Today the 52 playing cards are a part of modern culture known by almost everyone all over the world. But ironically, the pretense has overtaken the reality. Almost no one today still knows the original purpose – the original game behind the games – the attainment of the 9 from 0. Now we will share this lost knowledge and show you how the 52 cards can be used as they were originally intended – as symbols for the criteria of the human computer.

The royal or face cards: King, Queen, Jack are the time numbers (3 x 4). Originally the face cards were called Master (now King), Companion (Queen) and Apprentice (Jack) in the artisan tradition. The 9 numerals (9 x 4) define the space criteria. The 10 cards (1 x 4) represent fulfillment. The Nine space cards, plus the tenth, plus the three time cards, in the four suits, creates the 52 card deck (12 + 36 + 4) or (13 * 4 = 52). The four suits have the following meaning:

4 Spades Awareness-Will Self Organization
3 Diamonds Body-Sensing Matter
2 Clubs Soul-Thinking Consciousness
1 Hearts Spirit-Felling Energy
4 Wish, Desire Imagine, Mental Rep. Strategies

Each suit also has a special alignment of the nine basic principles. Diamonds have the alignment of the nine planets in their home location on The Wheel. Clubs have the same order, but here the nine appear as the structure of grammar. Hearts follow the different order of the ten basic element groups. Spades follow the sequence of the “ladder to heaven”, the nine as spheric circuit with the ten chakras.


The 10 numbered cards in the four suits define the four branches of the CHI — 10 to each suit. The Zero lives in the center of the Chi at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical number lines. From out of the Zero the living Being connects to the Self following the square root of two. All around it in mathematical relation the four attractors flow in the play of forms.

Wisdom is a step beyond school training. In schools the apprentice is the beginning step. Next is the companion. This is the intermediate step of getting social in your knowledge. In the middle ages in France this intermediate stage lasted nine years. The companion wandering from master to master gaining in this knowledge. The master – Magister — is at the last stage of school training. Here the ability to teach is gained.

All accomplished professions demand mastery. But wisdom – the attainment of self-actualization and liberation – demands even more. Its starting point is not the apprentice, but the Master. Here we follow the Sufi tradition: only a man who is economically independent, who can choose his work, can start on the way to Zero-God-Awareness. The Wisdom Way demands that you go beyond mastery to chart your own course. It is not for those who like to follow others. For them, the established traditions, with their wealth of knowledge, will show the way. They will provide an established path that conforms to the local cultural consensus.

But for those on a spiritual path, who choose to follow their own dream, not the dream of others, the cards are a powerful tool. They show 13 steps of wisdom applied with 52 basic components. Each of the thirteen steps is fourfold, starting in the sequence, diamonds-matter, clubs-consciousness, heart-energy, spades-self organizations.

The everyday cards thus provide an archetypal guide for all those on a spiritual path, as soon as you know how to use them. The first step in this knowledge is to comprehend the sequence of the cards. The cards in the order which follows mirrors the path. They show the natural progression of the way of wisdom. Remember, this is not a path for beginners, but for the mature, the Masters. It is a path where the mastery of the King is the beginning point. Its goal is the Ace, the holistic unity where Being connects Self with God.


KING: The start is to have the right livelihood , to have friends of other walks of life, to accept your instincts and needs , and to know in which field you have real mastery. Thus the path to Wisdom starts from mastery, from a position of health and attainment, and goes to the Ace, the unified field of awareness.

QUEEN: The mastery and competence should become the status, a profession respected by others. You have to accept your place in society and family and become a personality , visible and desirable to others, being honest, sincere and trustworthy, not hiding any weakness.

JACK: Due to our brain structure we learn our whole life. The starting point is work. By working to make things better, you evolve, make progress and join a team working to the same end. Out of this group effort your belief system improves and your faith is born. This will lead to fulfillment in your Spiritual Path .


(10) – In the depth of your Self, the core of your Being, you have the vision of ideals to attain. This vision gives you hope and the courage to strive: Beauty for sensing, Truth for thinking, Goodness for feeling, and impartial Justice for willing. Justice, not in the Roman, but in the Chinese interpretation: finding your right place in the cosmic order and in the golden chain of being.

(9) – The striving for these infinite ideals enables you to plan and invent your own future projects. You program your own human computer, and carrying out your inventions as scriptwriter, producer and actor. You plan your life software, putting in additional time, linking it up with your dream , and thereby find the link to the muses , the inspiration.

(8) – You then accept full responsibility for your dream and position. To do this, and act consciously as a leader, you must be able to explain , and to create appropriate methods or rituals for common action. You learn to trust the beyond, your angel , and your inner voice.

(7) – Knowing your stand you have to fight for your values, even to death. You have to take the initiative. Remain open to questioning and assertions , nobody is ever totally in the right, the devil and evil are an invention of power people. You have to realize that forces of nature help you to find your individuation by way of omens and agreements, getting help from the nature spirits , the elementals.

(6) – Whoever has real power can communicate , discuss and make statements in dialogue, instead of argument. You thereby establish the right priorities and link your own work with history and the ancestors .

(5) – Having thus fulfilled your public and social duties, you turn to your own life. You start to have deeper insights into your self and your way, to discern more and more clearly and distinctly. You qualify and fine tune and analyze your statements about reality. Knowing your norm , your competence never transgresses it. In this way you find your true human identity .

(4) – The real human will be able to take their wishes, their true desires as positive motivations. They will see them in their totality, in mental representations, and balance them in the center. Then you will develop the right strategies to attain them, just like any animal, trusting your communion with their world and attain wisdom in acting.

(3) – The wishes will lead you again unto the way of knowledge, to study, the pursuit of knowledge of what really interests you. You will then gain a better understanding of others and yourself. As you do you will strive to discover your highest potentiality, your archetype , to evolve, trusting in natural growth like a tree.

(2) – The tree has flowers, your capacity to create will grow and flower like the mature tree. If your conception is large enough, if you adapt to the prevailing conditions and take the technological world as your field of actualization, then you and others will be able to relate to your creations.

(1) – Finally, knowing that you are not the creator, but only His tool or transmitter, you will let the force of healing flow to you. You will trust in your overall grasp of the whole in absolute confidence that it will never lead you astray. This will lead to a complete opening to the east, the voice of continuous revelation , the spirit of the times. You will attain the Ace of Spades – the symbol of true wisdom. Your journey to full wisdom will be complete.

One of the nine principles relates to each of the 40 number cards according to the suit of the card. Diamonds follow the order of the planets on The Wheel. Clubs follow the order of grammar. Hearts follow the order of the elements, and Spades the order of the ladder to heaven. The charts below summarize the meaning of each of the 52 Wisdom cards, and each of the suits. These can be used as a reference to help you use the cards.

Card Diamonds










Ladder to Heaven


1 Healing Grasp Confidence


East, Revelation
2 Creating Conceive Adaption West, Mineral

Affirmation, Letting Go

3 Knowing Understand Archetype South

Plant, Growth

4 Wish, Desire Imagine, Mental Rep. Strategies North, Animal

Find Medicine

5 Discern Qualify, Analyze Norm Become Human

Center- Earth

6 Communicate Statement, Discuss Value


Ancestors S.E.
7 Fight, Initiate Assertion, Question Individuation Nature-Spirits S.W.
8 Responsibility Explain Mantic


Angels N.W.
9 Invent Plan Vision Inspirers-Muses, N.E.
10 Beauty Truth Goodness Justice
J Work Team Faith Path
Q Profession Society Family Personality
K Livelihood Friendship Instincts Mastery

The key to learning this keyboard of human software is through practical applications on real world problems. Learn by doing. The first step in using the Wisdom Cards is to select a problem and determine what type it is, what number it relates to. When you determine which type or number the problem has, then you know how many cards to pick to find the answer. Sometimes you may find that your problem does not seem to fit into any of the nine. That is to be expected. The cards can only provide guidance if the problem relates to one of the nine principals. Not all problems do. Many problems are non-essential, and so are not properly addressed with the Wisdom Cards. For instance, you would not consult the cards to try and determine what color car to buy.

There are several ways to determine if the particular problem lends itself to this type of approach. One way is to look at the descriptions given for each card in the evolutionary sequence above. Then study the charts provided here to see if one of the concepts of the diamond cards seems to fit your problem. When referring to the text, especially the chart, remember that the summation words we assign to express the meaning of each card are cluster words, not scientific concepts. They are holistic symbols, so do not interpret them too narrowly. A book could be written on each card.

diamond.jpgLook always to the diamond cards and their concepts to see if the problem fits the cards and how. They are the key to whether you can use this method of divination for the particular question or problem you now have. They are also the key to determining how many cards to pick. Consider if your problem in general pertains to: 1-Healing, 2-Creating, 3-Cognition, 4-Wishing, 5-Undertaking, 6-Communication, 7-Fighting, 8-Responsibility, or 9-Invent? If it does, then you know what type of problem you have, and how many cards to draw. For instance, if the problem concerns a quarrel with someone, then you need to pick seven cards. If the problem concerns an illness or disease, then pick one card.

There is another type of “structural analysis” method to find out how many cards to pick. In this method you consider the numerals directly. For instance, are you looking for one symbol to represent your entire being at this moment, to sum everything up with one idea. If so, then pick one card. More information on this analysis method is provided later in the chapter.

Once you gain some understanding of the concepts the cards represent, you can begin to use them as a Wisdom tool. You can use them to gain practical guidance and insight into problems – by question and answer. The first step is to study and become familiar with the charts that follow. They show the cluster word or words chosen to sum up the essential meaning of each of the Wisdom cards. Pay particular attention at first to the meaning of the ace through nine Diamond cards. They hold the key to the threshold question of whether the problem can be tackled with this process at all. If the problem does not fit into these nine, then another approach to the problem should be considered.

The key words of the Diamond – Sensing – time cycle (planetary) sequence – 1 through 9 – are deduced from their position on the Wheel.

1 Jupiter Healing / Unify

2 Venus Creating / Produce

3 Uranus Cognize / Knowing

4 Moon Wish

5 Mercury Undertake

6 Neptune Communicate

7 Mars Fight / Initiate

8 Saturn Responsibility

9 Pluto Invent, Projecting

The key words of the Club – Thinking – planetary sequence – 1 through 9 – springs from understanding their meaning as grammatical components of language.

heart.jpgThe key words of the Heart – Feeling – sequence comes from the micro-cosmic order, which for most of us is more comprehendible as the nine steps in life crises.

spade.jpgThe sequence of key words in the Spade row – Willing – comes from the succession of planetary spheres seen from the Earth, called the “Ladder To Heaven”. This sequence corresponds to the space numerals: 1 East, 2 West, 3 South, 4 North, 5 Center, etc. The Spade cards, Willing cards, show the possible relation to the cosmic powers.

LadderDirections.jpgUse of the Wisdom Cards truly requires the skill of a Master of the Wheel. Striving to use the Wisdom Cards will help attain such mastery. There are three main components in this “glass bead game” of question and answer: first, the individual and his or her problem; secondly, the diamond structure to which the problem refers (this tells you the number of cards to pick); and thirdly, the cards that bring the answer. The answer does not directly lead to a decision. Instead, the cards reveal the meaning of the situation for the inner self, and the right attitude to make sense of it. The nine geometric structures discussed next are the space components that correspond with the situation (problem). They show the way to bring forth the particular question that will be answered by the cards. The cards are the time-component, revealing the actual solution.

The nine numerals are the arithmetic expression of the creative principles – the “sacred count”. The nine diagrams shown next are the geometric expression of the numerals. Each of the nine expressions is as basic and “sacred” as the other. Each of the points on the figure is connected to all of the others to make a complex form unique to that polygon. Contemplation of these geometric forms will reveal much of the nature of the nine numerals. It can also help you to determine in a right brain manner into which number your particular problem fits, if any.

Here are a few ways you can use these geometric forms to help you tune into your problem and know how many cards to draw. Ask yourself which of the diagrams seem centering to you now? Which shows a rhythm that asks for an invisible center of operation? How many lines connect to the points? Do you feel a resonance with your situation in one of the shapes? How do these structures integrate in the Wheel? Why for instance was the diagram of six frequently chosen as a symbol of equality in community or family? Does looking at the shape for 6 give you some new insight into that? If you think about it you will find that all of these structures have been treated from various points of view in this web/book.


 Is the problem a matter of healing? Do you wish a single card to express the right attitude of your entire being towards life just now? If so, then pick one card.

 Is your problem a matter of creativity, if so choose two cards. Using the second “structural analysis method”, is your problem governed by two, does it concern the relation of yourself to others, or of Self and ego? Does the situation involve a creative duality, a polarity of complementary opposites, like you-me, creator-created, artist-painting? If so, then again choose two cards, one for each of the things in a complementary opposition with each other.

 Three involves a problem with cognition, understanding. Is it a matter of knowledge, of striving or evolution? Then pick three cards. In essence the numeral three stands for dialectic movement as shown below. Does your problem involve a trinity where dialectic movement is inherent – past, future and present; thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis; body, soul, spirit. If you feel that your problem is stagnation, then in essence your problem is one of dialectic movement. If so you ask: what is my situation, my aim, and my method to change? The three cards are shown as a dialectic triangle:

 Pick four cards if it is a matter of knowing your motivations and true wishes. What do you really want to do? Using structural analysis, look to see if your problem pertains to a lack of balance in the four functions, and a need to center yourself. For instance, are you out of balance by overemphasis in Sensing – lost in practical matters; or are you carried away by emotions – Feeling. Or are you stuck in Thinking and unable to use the freedom of Will, or unable to Feel. Each card picked relates to a function. Together they show how to bring the functions into balance and to center yourself. In effect the question becomes “what is important to consider with respect to my sensing, thinking, feeling and willing?”

 If you see your problem involves an undertaking, activity or project, then use the fivefold symbol of Man – the pentagram. The five cards answer the five questions inherent in the pentagram. For the left foot, what is my present stand? For the right foot, what is my next step? For the left hand, what is my potential for acting? For my right hand, what can I do? For my head, how can I integrate the situation? Five pertains to finding your human identity.

 Pick six cards if it is a problem of communication. Sixfoldness — the hexagram – sheds light on how any group action or community undertaking can succeed. The cards answer these six questions: What is my role in this common venture? How can we progress by this group? What should my attitude be towards the others in the group? What have I mastered and can contribute to this undertaking? What can our common aim be? What plan or structure does this venture need in order to make sense? Six pertains to active participation in a community.

 If it is obviously a problem of fighting, then seven. Seven is essentially a matter of initiative. This essence behind a problem is not always obvious. It sometimes requires considerable reflection and pondering to discover the real question, the real problem. For instance, a problem, which is essentially about initiative frequently does not involve fighting at all. For instance, it could involve a desire to change jobs and start a new career. Any problem of initiative, fighting to change, start something new, requires seven cards like the Babylonian week: The card on the place of the Moon will answer: how can I use my imagination for this initiative? Saturn: how can I handle the circumstances? Mercury, what is the actual improvement I can expect and work for? Jupiter: how can I integrate this effort? Venus: where does my creativity come in? Mars: where is the need for initiative? Sun: how can I be (remain) myself in this venture? This formulation of seven questions is just one way among many of expressing the meaning behind these seven basic time cycles – the 7 planets behind the Babylonian week. This sevenfold fighting type of question will lead to a new initiative.

 If the problem pertains to responsibilities, then eight. The structure of eight helps you to consider how in any complex situation in which you bear responsibility, you do not have to act alone. You can tune into the cosmic powers, and act in harmony with heaven and earth. This involves the eight directions and their Powers. (The fifth and tenth Powers are excluded.) So lay the cards out in a big square and visualize the directions as you do in the Wheel.
Each card drawn relates to a particular direction. So the questions will be something like the following.
1-EAST: By what attitude can I expect to receive enlightenment from the East?
2-WEST: How can I gain the power of affirming?
3-SOUTH: When can I have trust and innocence from the South? 4-NORTH: Where do I need, and how do I gain, wisdom and clarity? 6-SOUTH-EAST: How do I get in touch with the ancestral force? 7-SOUTH-WEST: In what respect are the elementals ready to help? 8-NORTH-WEST: How can I receive messages from the Angels? 9-NORTH-EAST: How do I open myself to the inspiration of the muses, the actualizing forces?

 Is it a problem of drafting, projecting, or inventing a new situation, a new project? Then use all nine cards. The cards are laid out in the shape of the Enneagram. You decipher according to ninefold grammar.

The questions to use will be something like:

9 What will reveal the common denominator of the project?

3 What progress can the project bring, how can it further evolution?

6 How should I communicate the project and solicit support from the community?

1 How can a healing, synthesis effect come out of the project?

2 Where is my creative outlet?

4 How can I use my imagination?

5 Where is exact discernment and judgment required?

7 Where is the initiative?

8 What is my responsibility?

If you can see your problem in terms of one of the nine diamonds, then the Wisdom Cards can be used to channel guidance from your Higher Self. For the communication to work “self constrained chance” must open the door. Shuffle and cut the cards so that there is no chance of conscious manipulation. Then randomly pick the number of cards in accord with the type of problem. That is the chance element. What makes the chance “self constrained” is: (1) the holistic numerical structure of the system; (2) the prior analysis of the problem; and, (3) the conscious choice of the number of cards to pick. It is the system in accord with nature, and the intent, that harnesses the random events. This is what allows the chance process of the random pick of cards to create the bridge of guidance. Chance alone will not do it. Chaos begets more chaos without the structure of number. But by employing holistic reasoning and chance – the Zero – the natural forces of the Strange Attractors are allowed to work. They can then build a bridge between ego and Self, consciousness and Awareness.

When you draw the cards place them face down, one at a time, without looking at them. Put them in the formation shown above according to the type of problem chosen. Then turn the cards over, one by one, in whatever order you want, so that the holistic symbols are revealed. You place the concepts together to make sense out of them, to hear the Message that is trying to get through to you.

Another way to use the Wisdom Cards is to go through the entire deck and lay out all of the diagrams. The seven remaining cards represent the seven chakras. You may want to do this if you are going through a major transformation, starting a whole new epoch in your life. The nine diagrams with the forty five answers will provide information on every aspect. The seven cards at the end show how to coordinate the flow of energy from the seven chakras. The answers will not be understood or remembered with the intellect, so much as with the unconscious and subconscious. The ritual of the deck of Wisdom Cards will provide a new perspective, glimpses of a vision of the new life. This can have a subliminal, yet nevertheless, powerful effect.

Wisdom means the level where action and experience start to make sense. The game of the human computer with Wisdom Cards is open to everybody who has gained a certain mastery in their life. The chance draw of the Wisdom Cards work because chaos – chance – is the origin of cosmical order. There is no divine master plan, or almighty divine being directed events of earth, as is assumed in many religions. These ideas are just articulations of a monotonous dream. In the Aquarian Age you have to create your own dream and game, never knowing where it will lead you. The ultimate answer is that only you can make sense, your cosmos out of chaos: not by studying, but by doing.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Make your own decl of Wisdom Cards so you can more easily play the game. Take a standard deck of playing cards and write on each card the one or two word meanings shown on the table. Then add on the card the planetary symbol that goes with the nine. For the 10 cards put the sun, and for the face cards put the zodiac sign. Now use these Wisdom Cards to address a real problem. Use the cards you draw to try and understand the full meaning your current situation. What are the opportunities? What are the dangers? The holistic understanding that comes from the cards, both conscious and unconscious, will create an attitude that effects your future actions.

Do not always take the particular word you have written on the card, or shown on the chart, too literally or narrowly. Remember the summation words are holistic cluster words that stand for whole patterns of experience. They should be understood as fractal patters, not algebraic logic. If the particular summation word on the card does not seem to fit a question asked, look back to the general sense of the numerals of this card. Try other words associated with it that may make better sense. Recall how and where the particular card or cards chosen by chance fits into the developmental chronology of all the Wisdom Cards, the 13 steps. What does that tell you about the answer to your question? Where are you in the developmental cycle? Don’t always expect instant or easy answers. Sometimes it may be like that, but other times it may take much longer for insight to come.

Try using the Wisdom Cards with yourself and with your friends. Questions can be asked individually, or as a group where all ask a question together. At first the greatest difficulty in using the cards is to know what questions are appropriate, which can be answered by the Wisdom Cards. Then the next step is to determine what type of question it is: one through nine. The better you know yourself, and the problem, the easier this becomes. If the answer you get makes no sense at all, then perhaps your error is not in interpreting, but in asking the wrong question, or drawing the wrong number of cards. Think and carefully analyze your question before you ever begin to draw the card or cards. This is a skill which, like others, takes considerable time and effort to master.

When you are working with the Wisdom Cards take care to maintain the integrity of the random process; shuffle well and cut the deck two times to avoid any chance of conscious interference. Unless the selection is controlled by pure chance — chaos – the choice will not reflect the whole Cosmos. If you cheat, and control the process, the Strange attractor can not get through the other attractors to provide guidance for your Being. This is not gambling with your life. It is a tool of wise counsel which exploits number and the fractal recursive nature of reality to connect ego with Self, to get a message through. The Wisdom Cards allow you to circumvent the limitations of finite thinking, linking Awareness with Consciousness by self similarity over scales.

CHAPTER 8 : GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS — The Unique Potentials of the Earth and the Ten Directions

In the Aquarian Age, from the evolutionary point of view, Man is the brain of Mother Earth. We serve as the Noosphere or “information network” of the planet. To perform our function intelligently we have to change our perspective. Nationalism, Empires, belief systems, and cultural imperialisms of all kinds are provincial and thus passe. Also, in today’s computer age of high technology, the old focus on agriculture and husbandry is obsolete. Wars of aggression are no longer acceptable. Today only the World view and planetary consciousness can lead to survival. American English facilitates this unity by serving as the communication language for the world in business, technology and information. But this concerns only half of the brain. We have to take the other half into account, with myth, mentalities, history, local languages and local belief systems.

Here we have to consider how the actual energies of the earth as a unitary system – Gaia. The criteria of the emerging world village are known. In yet another fractal recursion these criteria are self similar to the criteria of our own consciousness, but on a larger scale. The structure of the collective consciousness of the earth follows the fourfold structure of the neocortical brain as explained in Chapter Four.

To understand Global Consciousness we must first see where the divisions in the neocortex – left and right brain, and hind and fore brain – are made on the earth itself. The first most basic division is the horizontal division of the earth by the equator into a northern and southern hemisphere. The second is the vertical division of the earth into eastern and western hemispheres.

The division between the North and the South is equivalent to the division between the left and the right brains. The equator is the corpus callosum. In the left brain – North, conscious planning is paramount, producing the industrial countries. In the right brain – South, tuning into emotions and traditions is emphasized; being in tune with the earth. The North is Yang, male oriented. The South is Yin, female, tuning into nature. As you can see from the map most of the land masses of the earth, and its population, lie in the northern hemisphere.

The division between East and West is equivalent to the division between the hind brain and the forebrain of the neocortex. The West is the forebrain with the emphasis on willing functions. The hind brain is the east with the emphasis on thinking. The dividing line is really quite different than the arbitrary line accepted today in popular culture. The Western hemisphere extends from Japan to North and South America, with the border being at 50 degrees longitude West from Greenwich. Japan and America thus have fundamental consciousness traits in common derived from the energy of the earth itself. The Eastern hemisphere extends from Iceland to China. So contrary to popular usage of the word, for our purposes of fractal reckoning, the East includes Europe, all of Africa and most of Russia.

In the West the community concerns are in the foreground – leaders are representative. In the East the charismatic leader and personality create the community. The West concentrates on what has to be done practically, the East on the world conception. The West has an ideal “freedom of enterprise and achievement”, the East an ideal of “security and full employment conscious of tradition and history”. The points of gravity acting as polarity in the future will be the U.S. and China.

The earth is also divided into 8 zones like the wheel or five dimensions.

As shown in the above chart, Awareness is in the polar north, and willing is in Antarctica. Both polar areas are Shamanic. U.S./Canada and Japan are based on sensation; waking is therefore the political center, the Tonal. Europe, Russia and China are spiritually oriented, venerating sages, saints and heroes, trying to understand and actualize the Nagual, spiritual evolution.

The tropics in South America with the Incas emphasize in thinking the social structure, whereas in temperate South America the accent is on emotions and feeling. The soul part of the east is mainly Moslem. It cares only to be in accordance with revelations of future life, paradise and the New Earth. As mentioned the temperate zone of South America is based on feeling, and in the east in Africa the temperate zone is based on understanding and listening to the body; expressing joy in rhythm and dance.

In most historical countries of the world four political parties emerge: a industrial northern, a capitalist western, a socialist eastern and a green southern movement. These four energies are basic to community action and life.

The degrees of longitude are found perpendicular to the zones relative to the earth’s axis inclining to the Sun.

The real meridian is not in Greenwich, but in Mecca, 40 degrees longitude, with the cube of the Kaaba. The sacred center of Mecca marks the exact point of orientation. The zones are tuned spiritually to the North star, the place of the New Earth.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: The maps of the earth which we have looked at all of our life have a profound, albeit subliminal effect on our world view. Did you know that these maps are distorted and inaccurate depictions? The sizes of the landmasses are grossly distorted. When world maps were first created in the Renaissance by Europeans they intentionally distorted the system to enlarge the importance of their homeland, Europe. The traditional maps still in use today were devised in 1569 by the German map maker Mercator. They placed Germany in the middle (in fact Germany is in the northernmost quarter of the world) and made all of Europe look larger than it really was in comparison to the rest of the world. The bias is still with us in our world view today, including most of the maps shown in this book. Maps still follow the Mercator grid and show Europe to be larger than South America. In fact ,South America is almost double the size of Europe. As a result of Mercator’s northern hemisphere distortion, Alaska appears three times larger than Mexico. In fact, Mexico is larger than Alaska. Greenland appears larger than China, whereas China is actually four times larger. The examples of distortion of the world view given to us by our maps could go on and on.

petersproj.jpgOnly now are the first non-chauvinistic maps being produced without bias to any one region of the earth. They are “Peters Maps” from Peters Atlas of the World, and also published as a large wall map by the United Nations. It was created by the German historian Arno Peters to correct the distortions of traditional maps. The areas of the world are shown according to their actual size and so true comparisons of land mass are possible. A rough rendition of a Peters map is shown below. Find a full size Peters Map of the world and study it. Also see the books by Arno Peters: The New Cartography and Space and Time. You will find that the northern hemisphere, Europe, North America and Russia are not nearly as large as you thought, whereas the southern hemisphere, South America, Africa, China and India are surprisingly huge.

The Zodiac is the image of the Man in the Universe. Every land has another possible dream to overcome physical death. Religions are place oriented and historically modified like a geological pseudo-morphosis. For example, the Aryan central Asian tribes took on the local religions in India and Persia, and the Slavs took on the Teutonic tribes and the Celts in the course of a few centuries. The division of the Earth into the twelve zones of the Wheel is shown on the map on the next page.

  1. Aries zone – Soul Willing – Persia, Arabia. They look for a prophet, or a leading hero, a sacred law: Abraham, Zarathustra, Hammurabi, Mohammed. The ram is the sacred animal.
  2. Taurus – Body Sensations – Kazakhstan, Tibet, India, Ceylon. The richest and most physical subcontinent seeing the spiritual way to overcome death, through hatha yoga, meditation and renunciation.
  3. Gemini – Spirit Thinking – China, Indonesia. Born out of polarity (Fu Shi, Yang and Yin), they strive for an educational community based on a common spiritual will.
  4. Cancer – Soul Feeling – Japan and Australia. In this sector acceptance of beauty, quality and socialness, and artistic and technological perfection are fundamental. The ideal is a thoroughly organized society. In Australia the animistic knowledge of communion with animals still persists.
  5. Leo – Body Willing – New Zealand, Polynesian. The basic mentality is courage, as with the Maoris, and the ideal is social welfare like in New Zealand.
  6. Virgo – Spirit Sensing – Tahiti, Hawaii, Oceania. One common language unites the Spirits and Man in Hawaii. The Huna tradition demonstrates a simple way to merge Ego, Self and Being: the speaking self, the magical child and the wise old man. Through song and healing, the communion with the beyond is attained.
  7. Libra – Soul Thinking – California, Western United States and Canada. The relation man/woman is in the foreground and so here the New Age and Human Potential movement s started. The ideal is the myth of the western, the heroes journey.
  8. Scorpio – Body Feeling – Middle America including Florida, Mexico, Central America. Death, effort, the wonder of existence is the starting point. Dreams and visions are accepted as a gate, like the Mexican Quetzocotal, the feathered serpent, or the Native American tradition of opening a new and unexpected reality, as shown by Castenada’s Don Juan.
  9. Sagittarius – Body Willing – Eastern America, most of South America. The common aim is freedom of choice, following your own dream; conscious in the north, dreamlike in the south. The ideal is using education for human potential and progress.
  10. Capricorn – Soul Sensing – Iceland, Brazil. In the north the “Eddas” are formulated in Iceland. In Brazil the Candomble, Umbanda, and Quimbanda create a religious syncretism where the Catholic religion is an integrated part. The ideal is multinational. Brazil accepts all ways as equally valid, from dream to spiritual reality.
  11. Aquarius – Body Thinking – Western Europe, West Africa. The birthplace of technology and humanism, it expanded through colonization to unify the globe by 1962 with a technological information society. The ideal is mastery and individuality as with the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.
  12. Pisces – Spirit Feeling: the greatest land mass from Northern Europe over Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and central Africa. The common faith is the starting point. The ideal is a society serving God and others, from Christianity to Socialism.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Look at which sector, quadrant or hemisphere you now live in. Think about how it may be subliminally coloring your attitudes, thoughts and overall life. If you have ever lived in another area, compare the differences of structure and reflect upon the differences in your life there. Recall visits to foreign countries and look at which areas they were in. Does this give you any insight into your experience there, or the people. Think of people you know from other parts of the world. Try and use this structure to help you better understand them or their culture. Finally, are you now living where you want to be? Where should you be to develop your unique potential? Does the structure of the geography of your current home fit your temperament? What part of the world might you be better suited for? How might you change to tap into the power of the part of earth in which you now live? Try it.


Knowing the structure of the earth is essential, not only for self actualization, but for better understanding of other nations. It is a key to furthering peaceful, effective communication. The whole of the earth has become our home, all humans our neighbors. More than that, the whole of the cosmos is our home and all conscious beings our friends. This spatial understanding was evident and independently discovered by all of the first cultures which sprang up around the world at the start of the neolithical revolution. This understanding of the quality of cosmic space is alive in many of the shamanic traditions around the world, especially in the Native American and African tribes. Many still know the ancient secrets of how to use space and number to tune into nature.

The Space-numbers are visualized on the very outside of The Wheel as the ten directions — E-1, W-2, S-3, N-4, Center/down-5, SE-6, SW-7, NW-8, NE9, Center/up-10. The ten numbers following the 10 directions is called the “Sacred Count” in some traditions. Note that this spatial alignment of 10 directions is different from the eightfold alignment shown on the inside of the Wheel and the hypercube. For further information on the distinction see Laws of Wisdom (Vol. 3 of the School of Wisdom Series). These numbers/directions are sacred because they define a quality of our material world, such as Fire, Mineral, Plant, and they link it to the infinite and immense non-material powers behind the directions. Almost all of the Native American medicine men and women hold the directions sacred and call forth their powers. But the mathematical component – the Sacred Count – which makes integration with the Wheel easy, seems to have been lost to most tribes.

The sacred count is based on an understanding of the sacred dimension of space. We have little or no experience with this because the sacred sense of space has been lost to most cultures of the earth for thousands of years. The sacred rituals and festivals are tied to time events. They happen at certain times of the year, usually at the times of solstice and equinox. These are sacred times that do not tie into the sacred dimension of space. This represents an unbalanced over emphasis of male spiritual principles over female. In the last few millennia we have neglected Space as an expression of the Yin in favor of the Yang, the time aspect of life.

In today’s world, man and woman must become equal, so too must time and space. We can no longer afford to live in a male dominated society, nor one that is dominated by time over space. Everywhere we look we see clocks, they are even manacled to our wrists. But where are the compasses?

The lost knowledge of the sacred dimension of space must be regained. Then the new equality of the sexes will happen naturally. The rediscovery of the spiritual meaning of space is a way for us to find inner balance and equilibrium.

The need for equality of space and time, the feminine and masculine powers, is confirmed by the scientific understanding of the necessary relationship between space and time. Einstein and other modern physicists proved that one cannot exist without the other, that time is relative and space is curved. Neither time nor space exist by themselves. In reality there is only the combination of both – space/time.

So too, the dominance of “Father Time” over “Mother Earth” must now end. The long lost rituals of sacred space must be renewed. To regain the sacred dimension of space in our time we must look beyond the religious festivals and rituals we know. We must turn to the earliest shamanic cultures of the earth.

Spatial rituals, rituals that have no connection to the time of year, can still be found in many African and Native American tribes. In their cosmogony we find a non-dual AWARENESS beyond name and form: For instance, with the Lakota it is called the “Great Spirit” or “Wakan”. In India it is called “Brahman”. It is the sacred source of all that is — the sacred Zero. It divides into the Infinite and the Eternal, unending space and time, to form our universe.

The Yin is here symbolized by a circle (meaning an infinite circle), the Yang by a wave – movement, change, continuing forever.

They both are creators, beyond numeric order, originators of number and creation. But their Yin or Yang quality prevails in the whole of creation. Their duality maintains the created world through the eight directions that connect us to God.

  1. E In the East, at Dawn the sun shines – heaven rises. It is the direction of renewal, of revelation and enlightenment by the spirit of creation. The Power of the East is Fire. In the I Ching it is the trigram of Awareness, the sign of heaven.
  2. W In the West at dusk the earth rises. Eventually you will lie down for sleep in a horizontal position. The whole body is in touch with the earth. You relinquish all worries and thoughts of the day. Letting go and becoming empty makes you receptive. In deep sleep you receive and integrate the germs of light from all suns in the Universe, the stars. Integrate here means affirming. The Power of the West is Crystals’ letting go and affirming. The correspondence is with the I Ching trigram Willing, which is also the sign of the earth. The West will clarify the attitude of affirming your existence and task on earth.
  3. S South is midday. You need to shine as the sun at midday, to trust in yourself and others – to trust in Soul. You need the innocence of a child, forgetting the failures of the past. The spirit of the South bestows innocence and trust, attributes of plant-life trust in growth. In the course of the year the Southpoint is the winter equinox, the festival of the innocent child. The Power of the South is in plants, in Trees. In the I Ching the South is the trigram of Soul
  4. N The North – thinking – relates us to the animal world, our teachers in strategy. The spirit of the North bestows wisdom and clarity, if our thinking surges from the polar star to merge again with its center. It is the wisdom in doing. Animals are the Power of the North. In the I Ching it is the trigram of Thinking.
  5. C Center/Down. If you direct your attention to the four directions, and also to front-back-left-right, you will necessary center yourself. Five signifies your centered self and that of all others who are centered. In the esoteric traditions humanity is always identified with the number five. Its Power is the Sacred Earth. There is no I Ching correspondence. Centered also means to be an axis between heaven and earth. But to become a co-creator of evolution you need the support of the spirits 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  6. SE Six are the teachers of humanity, the Ancestors who paved the spiritual path up to the present. They make for a continuity in spiritual evolution of human history. In the South East everyone can discover and establish contact with his or her ancestors. To a musician it might be the spirit of Bach, to a mathematician the ancestral link might be to Pythagoras, to others it might be Albert Schweitzer, Jesus Christ, Moses, or whoever gives you strength and understanding to follow your own path. The ancestor you find will include you in the spiritual family and link you to the “Golden Chain”. They paved the way for your special work on earth. They do not give you directions, you create your own, but they give you strength to pioneer your new link in the chain. The Power of the South East is the Ancestors. The I Ching trigram is Spirit.
  7. SW Seven are the spirits of our physical world of incarnated existence: the Elementals. Here the elements – Earth, Air, Water and Fire – are part of our survival, our health, our daily activities and success. As with the seven chakras they represent our agents operating in three realms – Body, Soul and Spirit. On the dream level they are called Trolls – spirits of the soil (sensing) who maintain our existence; Dwarfs – spirits of the air (thinking) who help us to surmount obstacles; Fairies – spirits of the waters (feeling) who stimulate our power of wish and endeavor; Elves – spirits of fire (willing), of serenity and joy, who help us to celebrate life as a luminous dream. These Nature Spirits can give you courage to go forward into the unknown. The Power of the South West is the Nature Spirits and the trigram is Body.
  8. NW Eight is in our world the principal of underlying consistency in the midst of change. It is the grid or underlying structure in which change takes place. This is the structure which remains constant while all else changes. We feel this as a deep desire for harmony, for participation in a kind of infinite stability. The spirits of the North West have been defined as angels or cosmic helpers who bridge the finite and the infinite. We contact them to base our transitory actions on the underlying eternal laws and thereby generate harmony in ourselves and our surroundings. It is the Power of Angels and the trigram of Feeling.
  9. NE Nine are the Inspirers. They are the agents of change in the microcosm, the macrocosm, as well as in the human world of speech, action and experience. The combination of nine faculties generates all possible action and transformation. As Gurdjieff said, whoever understands the nine can do. The North East, which lies between the enlightening inspiration of the East and the wisdom of the North, conveys the ninefold actualizing inspiration by which we become co-creators in evolution. These inspirers were called the “Muses”. They do not help, but they empower our ninefold faculty of actualization. It is the Power of the Muses and the I Ching trigram of Sensing.
  10. C Center/Up. With the Ten we anchor our mind in the center. We are in communion with above and below, heaven and earth. We invoke the spirit of the “Man in the Universe”. He is the archetype of the possible human, of humanity. He is the aspect of the divine in whose image we are fashioned, the mold. In the center we invoke the sacred unifying power. There is no trigram correspondence.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Get a compass and use it to learn the directions that are a part of your personal space at home, at work, etc. What direction are you facing now? What direction is your bed, your desk. What are the directions of your diner table, where do you usually sit? In what direction do you travel to get to work? Learn to orient yourself to the eight directions at all times, particularly before you undertake any significant action. Ask yourself which direction you are facing? But “facing” means acting towards the future. The energy from the infinite direction that supports and nourishes you is received from the back. So in sacred space when you say “I sit in the West”, it means that you sit with your back to the West. Directions exist only in relation to the center.

Try and experiment now with the directions and sacred space. Mark the eight directions in front of you on a table or floor. They necessarily spring from a center point. Choose the direction that you wish to sit with your back to. Then reach for the Center Powers 5-10, above and below, heaven and earth, and bring them into the center you have created on the table or floor. Tell them: “Be here in our middle”. Speak loud enough so that you can hear yourself. Then reach for the Powers or spirits of the East, West, South, etc and bring them all into the center. You might take a little longer communicating with the power you need most at that time, but call them all, because you wish to be in concord with the whole of sacred space. You will feel that the center in front of you is linked to the center of your psychical inner space. It is the center of your immediate future, of the evolutionary movement of your mind.

If you have a preferred spot in your yard or in a clearing of a forest or some other location in nature where you can be private, then try the experiment there. Using a compass lay out a circle of eight stones according to the directions, or you may light five candles, one in each of the four directions, with the fifth in the center. The stones or candles help you to orient to the directions and tune into them with your mind. Remember, it is your intent and awareness that unites matter and energy, not the particular props.

When you feel that you are truly centered, in your axis between heaven and earth, then try walking around your stone circle, facing the center. Walking clockwise tends to give you energy, counter-clockwise gives away your energy. While walking see whether you sense a difference when you pause in one direction or another. Stop with your back to the direction which feels the most comfortable to you, which calls to you. With a circle of friends you may wish to begin walking with hands held. Before everyone stops walking, let go of hands, and allow everyone to move freely to stop at their preferred direction. Never walk through the center, always walk around the stones or candles marking the directions. When everyone has stopped moving and has found their place, the calling on the directions can begin.

It is traditional to use a drum when calling out to the directions, so at this point begin beating on a hand held drum while you call out to each of the direction powers and ask them to be present with you. You should do this out loud using the words that have meaning for you for each direction. Before calling for a particular direction, start first by calling the Great Spirit, then invoke both the Infinite and the Eternal – the long forgotten mother of all space. Then begin the directions with the East, then the West, the South and the North. In each direction call out the key words that summarize the meaning of that direction and also imagine the entities that go with each direction: all forms of fire and revelation in the east; all gems and stones, all mountains, letting go and affirming for the West; all plants and trees, trust and innocence for the South; and for the North ask for all animals to be with you, imagine their presence, and affirm the power of Wisdom, the Polar Star. Then conclude with the Sacred Earth in the center and invite all other humans alive today on the Earth who are striving and working for the good of humanity and the earth to be with you in spirit in the middle of the circle, the intersection of the four directions. Conclude by giving thanks to the Earth and to the Great Spirit. In a circle of friends before concluding you may wish to begin holding hands again and to move together around the circle.

Although it is normal to have a ritual leader who makes the invocation described, it is also normal to have everyone participate. Ritual is not a show with one performer that others watch. It demands that everyone participate, even if it is only silently. After the invocation, most of the participants may wish to say something to the group before leaving the circle. Good food, drink, music, drumming and dance usually follow.

This is an excellent ceremony for a group of friends, but can also be done alone. Mere curiosity will not bring you a profound experience of the primal powers. A real need and honest intent is necessary to unite matter and energy. If you are overwhelmed and disturbed by a cluster of problems, you might try this method to center yourself and call for cosmic assistance. With more experience you might add the other directions to the five discussed above and call all ten powers, adding the helpers of the SE, SW, NE and NW to the ceremony of the directions. Sincere utilization of this American ritual prior to a feast will transform a mundane party into a spiritual celebration that is uplifting to all. Drinking and talking before the ceremony is common to help you relax, but eating should wait until afterwards.

For more understanding of the directions and their importance to life, look to the Native American traditions. A few of our favorite books in this area include: the Carlos Castenada series on Don Juan; Black Elk by Wallace Black Elk; Black Elk Speaks by John Neihardt; Seven Arrows by Hyemeyohsts Storm; Medicine Cards by Sams and Carson; Voices of Our Ancestors by Dhyani Ywahoo; Fools Crow: Wisdom & Power by Thomas Mails; The Way of the Animal Powers, Joseph Campbell. Michael Harner’s book The Way of the Shaman describes a good method for finding your own Animal Power.

For the important and useful African perspective on ritual and sacred space we highly recommend the books of Malidoma Somé, Ph.D, and his wife, Sobonfu Somé. They are both initiates into the Dagara tribe who live and teach part of the year in the U.S. and Europe. See especially Malidoma’s autobiographical account of initiation into manhood described in Of Water and the Spirit, and the Malidoma.com webs. The Dagara employ a Wheel which is fivefold (shown below).

The Dagara Wheel has many similarities with Chinese cosmology and with the five notes of Primal Sounds. The Dagara call the five basic elements: Fire, Water, Mineral, Earth and Nature. They have found that people tend to take on one of these five characteristics depending upon the year of their birth. Fire people are born in our years ending in a 2 and 7; Water people are born in years 1 and 6, Earth in 0 and 5, and Mineral in 4 and 9 . The correspondence with the structure of The Wheel is: Fire = Sensing; Mineral = Thinking; Water = Feeling; Nature = Willing; Body = Earth.

CHAPTER 7 : ENERGY — Chemistry, Crises and the Chakras

7b078695bab18fa747bbdfd0f6db1e2eLife is organized fractally by scaling (cell division) and number generation (cell multiplication). When your cells start to divide after conception, they organize themselves with the structure of the space they inhabit: the infinite scalar fractal tetrahedral array of the fabric of the vacuum .  Matter, the basic structure of which is the atom, also follows the numerical-fractal system. Matter is ordered into ten types of elements, in correspondence to the nine numerals and zero:


I. ALKALI METALS: 3Li, 11Na, 19K, 29Cu, 37Rb, 47Ag, 55Cs, 79Au, 87Fr.

II. CALCIUM GROUP:4Be, 12MG, 20Ca, 30Zn, 38Sr, 48Cd, 56Ba, 80Hg, 88Ra.

III. ALUMINUM GROUP: 5B, 13Al, 21Sc, 31Ga, 39Y, 49In, 57La, 81Tl, 89Ac.

IV. CARBON GROUP: 6C, 14Si, 22Ti, 32Ge, 40Zr, 50Sn, 72Hf, 82Pb.

V. NITROGEN GROUP: 7N, 15P, 23V, 33As, 41Nb, 51Sb, 73Ta, 83Bi.

VI. OXYGEN GROUP: 8O, 16S, 24Cr, 34Se, 42Mo, 52Te, 74W, 84Po.

VII. HALOGENS: 1H, 9F, 17Ci, 25Mn, 35Br, 43Tc, 53I, 75Re, 85At.

VIII. IRON GROUP: 26Fe, 27Co, 28Ni, 44Ru, 45Rh, 46Pd, 76Os, 77Ir, 78Pt.

IX. RARE EARTHS: 58Ce, 59Pr, 60Nd, 61Pm, 62Sm, 63Eu, 64Gd, 65Tb, 66Dy, 67Ho, 68Er, 69Tm, 70Yb, 71Lu, 90Th, 91Pa, 92U.

0/X. NOBLE GASES: 2He, 10Ne, 18Ar, 36Kr, 54Xe, 86Rn.

Each atom consists of a nucleus (composed of protons and neutrons) and seven shells for electrons. The shells are paths where the negative charged electrons orbit the nucleus in an elliptic manner. The electrons are almost pure energy with virtually no mass. In addition to orbiting the nucleus, all electrons also spin on their axis, in one direction or the other. In a shell with two or more electrons, they pair up according to opposite spins in orbits within the shell.

hydrogen.gifhelium.gifThe most basic element, hydrogen, has one electron, one proton and one neutron.

The next element, helium, has two electrons, protons and neutrons. This count continues through all of the elements as they grow in number and complexity.

Electrons, just like photons (light), act like they were both a material particle and an immaterial energy wave. Electrons in an atom are always within one of the seven shells of an atom, but the exact position of any one electron in an atom can never be determined. Only the statistical probability of the location of an electron can be known. There are different orbits of electrons within the shells. In the first shell there is only one orbit possible. In the second shell two different orbits are possible. In the third shell, three orbits, and in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh shells, up to four orbits are possible.

When eight electrons fill an outer shell of an atom it is chemically complete. If more electrons are acquired they go to the next higher shell, even if that shell is capable of holding more electrons (as many as 18 or 32 electrons are possible in the third, through the seventh shells). Eight is the controlling number for the elements. All strive for holistic completeness by filling their outer shell with eight electrons. They achieve this through molecular combinations with other elements. For this reason elements with seven electrons in their outer shell tend to combine and form molecules with atoms with one electron in the outer shell. In the molecular compound formed one element gives its extra electron to the other, and both attain eight in their outer shells. The result is a strong stable compound.

photonjump.jpgElectrons travel in their lowest home shell when they are in their normal or ground state. But when the energy level of an atom is excited by the absorption of photons, the electron jumps to a higher shell. Electrons somehow jump from one shell to another shell by instantaneous transfer without ever traveling through or appearing in the gap or interval between the shells. With more energy the electron jumps to higher and higher shells, until it reaches the last seventh level. With enough energy an electron can be forced to leave the atom altogether.

The nucleus consists of electrically positive protons and neutral neutrons, both of which have mass and constitute the atomic weight of an element. Like the electron, both the proton and neutron have spin, but they stay bound together tightly (as compared to the electrons) in the center-neutron of the atom.

The negative charged electrons are attracted to the protons, but they stay in the shell orbits because they are in constant movement around the nucleus. The protons are repelled by each other, and attracted to the electrons, but they nonetheless stay together in the nucleus with the neutrons because of a “packing” energy which binds them together in the nucleus with the neutrons. There is usually an equal number of neutrons as protons. But there can also be fewer or less neutrons, and when this happens the atom is called an isotope.

Each element also normally has the same number of protons as electrons. This determines the atom’s quality and therewith its place in the periodic system. The elements are ordered in the periodic table according to the number of electrons and protons in the atom. The first element 1, Hydrogen, has one proton and one electron, whereas element 92, Uranium, has 92 protons and 92 electrons.

The numerical basis of the elements of matter in their ground state is shown in the periodic table of elements on the next page. The vertical columns in the table are called groups. All elements in a group have the same number of electrons in their outermost shell. Group 1 elements have one electron in the outermost shell, group 8 have eight electrons. The horizontal rows of elements are called periods. There are seven periods. All elements in a period have the same number of shells of electrons. Period 1 elements have one shell, period 7 elements have seven shells. The atomic structure altogether contains 92 natural elements and 14 potential artificial ones. This is shown on the Periodic Table of Elements on the next page.

The molecular totality of all atoms is determined by the tenth type of matter, which is the same as the VIII group on the periodic table: the Nobel Gases. These are the elements where the outermost electron shell is at full capacity – eight. As soon as the outer electron shell of a molecule has attained the number 8, the molecule is stable. It becomes like a Nobel Gas – complete unto itself. An example of this is water H2O. The two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen. In this way all of the atoms in the water molecule have a full outer shell.

Periodic Table of Elements


The numerical structure of the micro-cosmos is as follows:

The seven electron shells are at a distance of 0 – 1 – 4 – 16 – 25 – 36 – 49, following the central diagonal of Gamma, the multiplication field of the Pythagorean Chi, as is shown by the following diagram.

Each of the electron shells can take on a certain number of electrons: 2 – 8 – 18 – 32, according to the second diagonal of the multiplication field, with orbits 2 – 6 – 10 – 14.

The first shell – one orbit with 2 electrons.

The second shell – two orbits with 2 and 6 electrons (8).

The third shell – three orbits with 2, 6, and 10 (18).

The fourth shell – four orbits with 2, 6, 10, and 14 (32).

The fifth, sixth and seventh shells are like the fourth.

The same structure determines all elements from hydrogen through uranium up to the artificial elements. The zero type of elements, the noble gases, have successfully filled their outer electron shells, they have attained eight, and so they are not interested in combining with other elements. All others strive for eight in their outer shell, and so all elements except the noble gases can combine with others to form molecules. The frame of combinations is limited by the number eight.

The ring of eight begins with the Alkali Metals and ends with the Noble Gases. Alkali Metals like sodium and potassium, which combine most easily, have one excess electron. They look for combinations where they can lose their excess electron and so find stability, where for instance the other element has seven, or one empty electron, and so needs their one to become whole.

Tho second group with Calcium and Magnesium, the basis of plant growth, has two excess electrons. It tries to lose them, and so combines most easily with elements that have six or need two.

The Aluminum group, argillaceous earth, and most of the precious stones have three electrons. As before they try and rid themselves of the three extras to find their inner stability. They combine most readily with fives.

The Carbon group as the middle of the system has four of them. These can have a positive as well as a negative charge, a reverse “spin,” and so can appear as positrons or negatrons. For this reason these elements are able to connect with themselves. The carbon chains are the building blocks of all organic life. Silicon of this group has the same capacity. A diagram of a carbon atom is shown here.

The next three types of elements have negatrons instead of positrons, or, in other words, empty places to take on electrons. The Nitrogen group, basis of nourishment, has three empty places. It seeks combinations with which to pick up three extra electrons, like for instance with the Aluminum group.

The Oxygen group, basis of oxidation and combustion, has two empty places. It seeks combinations where this need for two can be satisfied. Water again is an example of this. One part oxygen combines with two parts hydrogen – H¾0 – and thus oxygen picks up two electrons from hydrogen which has one per atom.

The seventh group, those forming salts, the Halogens, have one empty place.

With the noble gases the ring of eight is filled.

This order is valid until the third shell in filled. With the fourth shell a new sequence begins. Now the orbits are filled first positive +1+2+3+4+5+6+7, then thee are three elements in the Iron-Nickel group. These have up to eight free electrons at their disposal. They are the only group with magnetism – and are found in meteors. Now the sequence is reversed and becomes negative -7-6-5-4-3-2-1. The 18th step is again a noble gas. The Iron group occupies the left apex of the triangle in the enneagram. The fifth shell is filled like the fourth.

With the sixth shell the ninth group, the Rare Earths, appear. All have two electrons in the sixth shell, but fill out the fourth orbit of the fourth shell. These elements can connect among each other. Whereas the Magnetic Iron group masses can attract or repel each other, the Rare Earths can increase their potential without changing their outer structure.

After the Rare Earths the same system of occupation continues up to the Noble Gas radon.

The seventh period has only six natural elements. The three latter, thorium 90, protactinium 91, and uranium 92 can be considered an analogy to the Rare earths an well as in the normal sequence. But only the Rare Earths can completely occupy a fourteenth orbit. All elements beyond lead Pb82 must begin a fourteenth orbit or a seventh shell because of the number of electrons they have. They are radioactive and deteriorate at different periods of time into lower elements.

Lead Pb82 K L M N 0 P Q

                  2 8 18 18 18 18   -

The last element which does not need the 14th Q orbit, and is therefore a shield against radiation, is lead: Pb 82.

The basis of this order is comprehensible by the fact that it is possible to split the last natural element Uranium. When a neutron collides with the Uranium isotope U235 it combines with it, forming a U236 nucleus with 144 extra neutrons 92U236. This nucleus is unstable and it immediately decomposes and spontaneously produces through its disintegration the other elements and a very large amount of energy (about 2,500,000 times the amount of heat produced by burning the same weight of coal). This is called nuclear fission. The energy creation comes from a transfer of matter to energy following E=MC ¾. The total weight of the sub-elements produced by the fission is less than the original Uranium atom. The fission disintegration also releases extra neutrons which in turn converts more stable U235 into unstable U236 and a chain reaction is produced which is difficult to control. When critical mass is reached a nuclear explosion results. This is the origin of the atom bomb.

The generating principles of nuclear fusion is quite different: 2 hydrogen protons merging alchemically into 1 helium proton. The net result is that four hydrogen atoms turn into one helium atom. This fusion releases far more energy than fission. Again, the process follows the laws of Einstein’s formula E = M * C ¾. (1) Since the mass of one helium atom weighs less than four hydrogen atoms, the “packing effect” creates the enormous release of energy, called radiation or solar energy. Radiation from nuclear fusion is the way energy is produced by the sun and so is called solar energy. This is the source of all others energies on Earth, including self organization of information and structure.

Fission or splitting can produce the elements between Cadmium (48Cd) and Uranium. Fusion or combining produces the elements between Hydrogen and Palladium (46Pd). Only Silver (47Ag) is not subject to fission or fusion. It is therefore the fundamental tone of the elements, the middle of the system with the highest electrical conductivity.

There are two energy vectors in the elements, fusion and fission. Silver is the central element which is neither fusion or fission:


Protons 1H Fusion 47AG Fission 92U

Neutrons (1) -&gt; 60 <- data-blogger-escaped-144=”” data-blogger-escaped-p=””>The energy released in nuclear fusion is five times that released by nuclear fission. So too in the mesocosmic scale, the force of synergy in groups of people is more powerful than that of the isolated individual.
As shown, each atom up to Uranium 92 has seven shells to store it energies — the seven electron shells. Again, this has a fractal correspondence to the mesocosmic level where humans also have seven shells to store their energy – the seven Chakras. The first shell of the microcosm corresponds to the first chakra – sensing and sexual energy. The second shell to the second chakra, and so forth. This is a key to understanding the application of the knowledge of chemistry to our life.
Every element after helium (which has only one electron) has two electrons in the inner shell. These electrons are paired with each other in a very mysterious manner which defies all conventional scientific understanding. When one of the two electrons in a pair does something, the other does the exact opposite at the same time. They act together simultaneously. What is so incredible is that this simultaneous action keeps on happening even when the two electrons are separated from each other, and have left the atomic shell. In fact, spatial distance seems to have no effect whatsoever on their reciprocal actions. For example, an atom may absorbs so many photons that its bonded pair of electrons are driven out of all of its atomic shells altogether. These electrons are now freely roaming, away from the atom. One electron in the pair can easily be separated from the other. One electron may end up in the center of the Earth. It’s “mate” may end up on the star Sirius, thousands of light years away. Nevertheless, if the electron on Earth should decided to suddenly reverse its spin from clockwise to counter-clockwise (they do that from time to time for no apparent reason!), then at the exact same moment in time, the electron on Sirius will do the opposite. There is no delay in the reciprocal changes, no matter how great the distances. The communion between the electrons is instant, thus defying the spatial limitation of the speed of light. This incredible phenomenon is known in physics as Bells Theorem, although it is no longer a theory, having now been proven in laboratories hundreds of times.
Bells Theorem is important to us because it demonstrates on a microcosmic level the reality of the Zero dimension of Awareness and Synchronicity. It proves that there is an underlying ground – the Zero dimension of Awareness – which is beyond space time. Bells Theorem also demonstrates that some phenomenon — those connected with the Zero dimension – are not submitted to the laws of causality. One electron does not cause the other to do something. It just happens, simultaneously. This shows a basis in physics to explain synchronicity, and the workings of the Strange attractors. It shows that the infinite dimension of Awareness is not just a dream of religion, or an abstraction of philosophers. It is the basis of both Tonal and Nagual, Cosmos and Chaos. It is built into the very fabric of material reality.
With Man the basis polarity energy that is found in the first shell – the first chakra – is the solar energy. This is the sexual energy tied to sensing. We have the power to use this energy through all seven Chakras, just as the atom does. It binds us in the fourth dimension to all other beings in the Universe.
There are a wide spectrum of energies available to us corresponding to the basic elements. To develop power and avoid the trap of psychological over-simplification, study of the chemical and physical structure is necessary. This is up to every reader and may take many years of close study to fully understand and apply.(2)
Still, even a rudimentary understanding of the workings of the atom and energy will make it easier to attain the nine basic energy levels. Also, it will help you to overcome the nine life crises that inevitably go with them. The energy levels and crises are shown in this chart:

I Earth-Alkali-Metal Group Birth and Sex
II Calcium Group Adaptation and Growth
III Aluminum Group Archetype
IV Carbon Group Strategies
V Nitrogen Group Norm

VI Oxygen Setting Priorities
VII Halogens Individuation
VIII Iron Intuition
IX Rare Earth Inspiration
X Noble Gases Higher Self

The roman numerals signify the number of electrons in the outer shell with the exception of VIII and IX. The X or 0 group has 8 electrons (2 in the case of Helium).

The nine life crises are a normal and necessary part of the maturation process. They are a state of disequilibrium which exists when shifting from one energy level to another. Each crises when overcome leads to greater maturity and a higher level of energy. The danger lies in getting too comfortable, avoiding the crises of the next level and stagnating in the last energy you have mastered. Until you activate all of the energies and reach the top of the pyramid, the tenth energy, you must go on to the next challenge, the next crises. On the other hand, you cannot master the next energy until you have finished with the last one. If you miss one, then you can go back and delve into it and resolve it with a therapist. A resolved crises makes its blocked energy available.

  1. Birth – Sex: Begin born is a trauma, but also the first orgasm. You were nourished in the womb. Now you have to have the courage to live on your own. If you do not get this energy you may be depressive, suicidal or sexually maladjusted.
  2. Adaptation – Growth: The approach to this courage is adaptation – having confidence that parents and friends mean well, if and as you comply with their wishes and perform according to their expectations. This is fine and works, but only for a few years.
  3. Personal Archetype: However, around 3 to 4 years old you discover you have an ego, an individuality. You say “no” to what you don’t like and you use your first name: ego appears. Unless your parents accept you as something very special, and allow the expression of your ego individuality, you will fall back into complete adaptation and be manipulated your whole life. You will remain a child, overly placating, and never attain your personal archetype, your special time potential. If you find yourself, but get obsessed with yourself and do not get to the next energy, then the danger is narcissism and egotism.
  4. Strategies: If you are lucky and have parents who do not destroy your special individuality, but instead confirm it and help it blossom, then others will hate you and will try to humiliate you and put you down. Here you have to develop strategies, with the goal of attaining success, as for instance in the Chinese slogan of the martial arts: “Don’t fight, just win.” The number of possible humiliations is limited. It is wise to know them as quickly as possible; so in the words of the Native American sage, Don Juan: search for a “petty tyrant”. The danger is obsession with gamesmanship, using people as mere furniture in the floorplan of life.
  5. Norm: Having established your strategies, the final step is to find your Norm. You do this by gaining competence in a role recognized by the public, like being a baker, a professor, a doctor or a skilled worker. The danger is becoming your job, one dimensional, “work-a-holic”.The first five crises correspond to the left hand; next you start on the right, being able to participate in public life. The next crises do not hamper your survival, the right hand is free to act.
  6. Valuing/Setting Priorities: This is the beginning of social existence, acting beyond yourself to fulfill a larger social-historical role. One danger here is fighting for other people’s motivations, belief systems or creeds, instead of your own. There is also the danger of getting caught up in the battle and losing sight of the aim. As they say in Florida, “When you are up to your ass in alligators, its hard to remember that the original objective was to drain the swamp.”
  7. Individuation: If you master the sixth level and open yourself up to the next crises, you will suddenly begin to realize that things that just happen to you – the unplanned “accidents” – are just as meaningful, even more so, than your planed events. Then you will then find yourself by acting, communicating and sharing with others. You won’t find yourself by thinking about it. The individuation process does not mean a person evolves into isolation. Just the opposite. It means real participation in a larger whole, in the universal archetypes and collective unconsciousness. Here you can get help by Jungian or Gestalt therapy. The danger in this stage lies in acting without direction, not knowing when to let go, even when the path begins to lead to nowhere, to chaos.
  8. Intuition/Mantic: Once you master the seventh level, and feel that good things happen to you all the time, you will want to establish a more coherent pattern of life. You will yearn to know better when to give up a course of action that does not lead you in the right direction. In the mathematical language of chaos, you will want to know when to avoid growing chaos by falling back into the Zero to try a new iteration. Then you will start to go heavily into divination, into continual games of question and answer – like Oracle-Channeling, I Ching, Astrology, Tarot, Playing Cards. These messages give you guidance and lead to greater coherence. But again there is still a danger of stagnation. There is the danger of the “superstition trap” where you start depending upon the games too much, instead of your inner voice.
  9. Inspiration/Mystic: Then you move into the last crises where you start trusting your inspirations and visions. You start to feel like a real poet, taking part in the cosmic dance, except that you do not make it up, it happens to you, e.g. Mozart’s famous remark: “I received all of my symphonies, each in one instant, directly from God, but I am glad that God composes in Mozartian style.” Inspiration is direct and sudden, coming in a flash, whereas intuition was slower, structured and occurring through an intermediary. This is the move from dark intuition, to conscious knowing and participation. The Universe now guides you directly through signs. You dance confidently on the edge of chaos, in tune with the strange attractor, delighted by the fractal beauty of the constant confirmations which appear all around you.


  1. Higher Self: Having traveled so far you are now Normal, fully realized, as opposed to the norm or average. All of your energies are activated and mastered. You have reached the top of the pyramid and can manifest at all levels of maturity. Like the Noble Gases you are now whole and complete. You have abandoned all self criticism, guilt and self pity. Your personal energy and maturation complete, your sole aim is to participate in the great work of civilization, stretching beyond this earth to our future existence. The next level in many traditions is called the New Earth, experienced in Islam as situated behind the Polar Star. It is the home of the Ancestors. You will now make the difference between the sacred and the profane. You will participate in rituals of all kinds. You will establish communion beyond competition, greed and power games. Though still on Earth, you will be a living connection to the Ancestors on the New Earth, the beyond. You will be a bridge between life and death, this world and the next.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try and determine where you are on the energy pyramid. Your left hand may be completed, but you probably still need help on your right. Maybe you have reached the fifth level, but you skipped over one of the prior energies. Unlike the seven year cycles of maturity, when one house usually has to be built on another, it is possible to miss a left hand energy and still get on to the others. Possible, but more difficult, and it is anyway necessary to go back and obtain your missing energy to have force. Therapists can help with the first five levels of energy, but generally speaking only transpersonally oriented therapists can relate to, or be of much help with the higher levels.

Study of the elements that pertain to the missing left or right hand energy or energies can be of help. There are also medical, particularly homeopathic and holistic health applications to this chemical knowledge which go beyond the scope of this compendium and will be dealt in sequels . Some may be apparent to the thoughtful reader; but beware of experimentation in this area without the guidance and support of a sympathetic physician you trust.


We have seen how the atomic structure and corresponding element groups in the Wheel relate to the basic crises which an evolving being goes through in the course of a lifetime. By successfully overcoming each crises greater amounts of bio-energy become available and can build up internally in the seven chakras. The seven human energy centers correspond to the atomic shells and the seven essential criteria of language comprehension introduced in the first chapter. They exist as human potentials. The seven are shown on the Wheel by the seven circles of the Wheel. The circles follow the shells of the atom, but the distances of the shells do not correspond to the distances of the energy centers as they exist along the spinal cord.

The existence of these micro-vibrations was well known to the ancient traditions. As we have seen the Chinese found their points of gravity and their relation to medicine in acupuncture. These energy centers have been referred to in the east for thousands of years as the “chakras”. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means simply “vortex of energy”. European scientists have tried to identify the chakras with endocrine glands or with different plexus of nerves. But Chakras are a completely different kind of energy. They are wave fields without particles; pure potential with no content. They are like the other side of Black Holes where the energy is streaming out, not in. They can be initially located and identified as void spaces, pure energy fields. Cosmic energy of immeasurable power, called by the Indians “Prana” and by the Chinese “Chi”, can flow through the chakras. Technically speaking the chakras are the fields through which the energies flow, not the cosmic energies themselves. They are like doors and PrimaSounds and other techniques can rattle them open a crack.

The chakras have both temporal and spatial qualities. In time the chakras have potentialities which can be realized in the course of a lifetime. They can grow and develop in an individual in accordance with their twelve houses and the signs of the Wheel that go with them, their horoscope. Time is sequential. With the actualization of the potentialities of the chakras we create our future. The time aspect of the chakras relates to our front side.

The spatial qualities of the chakras relates to our back. This aspect allows them to act as organs of reception, receiving the powers of the sacred infinite space. In the non-sequential geometry of space the upright human has ten receptors as a co-creator of evolution. The seven chakras build up our being, whereas the eighth, ninth and tenth receptors (the three higher centers discussed later) allow us to become an active member of humanity. Our steps (feet) become fruitful in the common tasks of humanity, guided by 10, our higher self. Our knowledge of the ten chakras is summarized in the following chart.


The basic relationship between the chakras and the directions (discussed further in Chapter 8) is shown by a few examples:

1 – Muladhara – What does the original sense perception receive? The creative power from the East.

2 – Swaddhishthana – What nourishes the root of unassociative thought? The receptive Yin-force of the West.

3 – Manipura – Which cosmic power sustains our emotional force? Trust and innocence of the South.

This order will become evident in Chapter Eight when the ten directions of sacred space are explained. For now we will focus on the front side, the temporal actualization of the seven potentialities of the chakras. These potentialities consist of seven different layers of energy. The layers correspond with the consciousness functions and different chemical groups. Each also has a an approximate physical location around the body. This, and more, is all shown in the chart which follows.

For complete information on the Chakras, and how to  awaken and balance them, the interested reader is referred to Chakra Music downloadable from www//buildingbrandyou.in  . These higher energies are not really chakras, but you need an idea of them to help you understand the concepts found in the next chapter on sacred space and the ten directions.

7 Top of Head Carbon Group Sahasara Spirit
6 Inner Eye Aluminum and NItrogen Groups Ajna Soul
5 Neck All Groups ishuddha Body
4 Heart Calcium and Oxygen Groups Anahata Willing
3 Navel Iron and Rare Earth Manipura Feeling
2 Tip of Spine Alkali Metals and Halogens Swaddhishthana Thinking
1 Base Noble Gases Muladhara Sensing

Here is a concise summary of each chakra – 1 through 7. This should allow you to make sense of these energies in connection with the other ideas presented in this book, especially the ideas in the next chapter on space.

  1. Sensation relates to the data of the senses: colors, smells, tastes, sounds and tones, and observation of the sense of touch. The point of gravity is in the organs of generation and excretion. It is the base of all energies and is present in most people as sexual energy. Its basic potential is for creative imagination, revelations. It’s vocation (practical application in society) is that of a “Worker” who has confidence, trust, intuition and an ability to heal. This energy feels like a force emitted from yourself in order to do something. Its direction is the East and it partakes of the “Power of Fire”.(3)
  2. Breathing relates to Thinking. All thinking is based on language which is heard by the vibrations of air. Its point of gravity is, however, found near the sacrum, which is also the point of gravity of bodily movement. In Japan and the martial arts this center is known as “Hara”. Its basic potential is to discern and affirm the differences and the similarities between all things. Its vocation is that of a “Designer” who adapts and conceives new things, including a unique style of life and a creative understanding. This energy feels like experiencing movement from out of the center. Its direction is the West and its Power is the Minerals.
  3. The function of Feeling has as its contents the impulses, and drives, the point of gravity lies in nourishment, in the digestion and de-posination metabolism. Its basic potential is for creativity and inner growth in the synthesis of creative new forms of understanding and learning. Its vocation is that of the “Helper” who heals through understanding, personal growth and through cognition of the underlying archetypes. This energy feels like awakening. Its direction is the South and its Power is the Plants.
  4. The Will means the capacity to decide yes and no on the basis of the inner void, the force of attention, the fourth dimension in connection with the Zero dimension. You have to get behind the rhythms of the heart, of the circulation, and get to them from being. Its potential is self affirmation, finding your unique “medicine”, in the Native American sense, that puts the Ego into a healthy, positive relationship with the greater Self. Its vocation is that of the “Leader”, with affirmative energies, strategies and imagination. This energy feels like finding your role. Its direction is North and its Power is the Animals.The contents of thinking, feeling and sensing are conscious. Being (deciding = uniting) puts them together in willing. Their continuity, their putting together, changes the data of the functions into data of consciousness ordered in the three spheres.
  5. The Body continuity, steered by the genetic code, has its point of gravity in the spinal cord and in the central nervous system which is activated from the brain stem and cerebellum just above the neck. This is the basis of material experience; movement activities are stored in the memory so that the force of attention can remain free. Its potential is start new things and become more human, responsible and discerning. Its vocation is the “Friend”, who assists in projects and helps others to see the world and themselves more clearly. This energy feels like becoming an expression. Its direction is the center and its Power is the Sacred Earth.
  6. The continuity of the Soul, which puts Man into family in its farthest sense by endogen engrams, conditioned and unconditioned reflexes, has its point of gravity in the limbic system. There all personal relations and memories, as well as those of Man and our whole evolution, are stored and unite Man with the animal realm. The potential is to heal and to synthesize opposing forces into a larger whole through communication and discussion. The vocation is the “Teacher” who helps set priorities and values and who has strong communication skills. This energy feels like partaking of an abundance, a plenitude of beings. Its direction is the South East and Power is the Ancestors.
  7. The highest Spirit field of the cerebrum or neocortex with its two hemispheres shows the capacity of mental representation of knowledge in its largest meaning – from language up to opinion and world conception. The basic potential is for responsiveness, to take the lead in reacting to the environment. Its vocation is the “Facilitator” who takes action, questions, cajoles, even fights, so that every one can find their unique potential and resolve conflicts. This energy feels like becoming aware of the physical totality of the entire Universe. Its direction is South West and Power is the Natural Spirits. This chakra is sometimes called the “golden egg” and should be located just inside the skull, not above it.

The electromagnetic energies which travel in empty space – the void – behave in may respects like the vibrations of matter in sound. For this reason PrimaSounds can be used to activate the Chakras. The gateway between the two forms of energy lies in the seventh harmonic of music which is in tune with our bio-energies. Again, this is further explained in our book, Chakra Music (School of Wisdom vol 4).

We can also understand the seven energy layers phenomenologically in the course of life. This follows the previously mentioned twelve year cycle of Jupiter. Between fertilization and birth the vibrations descend from up downwards, and from birth to death the way goes upwards, as the Tibetan Book of the Dead visualizes.

SPIRIT 7. The fundamental vibration of bioplasma, 12 hz of Alpha, is existing in itself in the general energy field.

SOUL 6. In fertilization it will become part of the germ.

BODY 5. By cell division the three layers are formed.

WILLING 4. The heart starts pulsating.

FEELING 3. The personal metabolism starts, still in relation to the mother.

THINKING 2. Breathing starts with birth.

SENSING 1. The sense organs will awaken several months after birth and the new person starts to orient themself on earth.

Now the way goes back in twelve year cycles:

    1. 1-12. The point of gravity is in growth, in the articulation of the organs of sense until the end of puberty.
    2. 12-24. Thinking will come into the foreground; the development of language and communication.
    3. 24-36. Feeling becomes decisive, you have to separate from parents, start your own home and provide for your own material well being.
    4. 36-48. In this time you will have to affirm yourself and attain the social position which makes it possible for your own disposition to act.
    5. 48-60. Here the body must be understood according to its essence, the disposition must realize itself. Sixty is the so called hippocratical age, from that time onward illnesses will become sufferences, chronic.
    6. 60-72. The soul relations will become important. Usually people try to create a continuity of life which has not existed before by writing memoirs.
    7. 72-84. The bodily organism usually becomes feeble, the only vitality is spiritual. Those who remain spiritually active can remain young until death, which statistically in most cases will come just before the eighty fourth year.



In space there are three more centers beyond the seven, but they are outside of our time, as if on a higher scale than our mesocosm. Still we can tap into them like inaudible undertones to act in history for the benefit of all mankind. These higher energies are not personal energies or potentialities. They cannot be heard as tones or included as external music. They are not of our world, but are of the macrocosm, the legendary “Music of the Spheres”. Still, these centers and the Powers which come with them are the key to effective action on Earth in harmony with the rest of the Universe.

The three appear to us as sub-harmonics of an expanded consciousness and Being – a Being existing on an altogether different scale than our own, one much further along the evolutionary ladder. The three higher energies complete the seven personal chakras to correspond fractally with the ten crises. We call the three additional energies – 8 – 9 – 10 – by the names: Motivation – Intention – Attentiveness. They bear some similarity to the states we normally refer to by these names, but have a much more intense, historical and transpersonal quality.

Unlike the seven chakras which each have a link to a physical system, the three higher energies are not tied to your body and are not created internally. They do however have a spatial location relative to the body: the eighth chakra localizes near the knees, the ninth by the feet and the tenth above your head. Like the first seven chakras the upper three are energy fields which can be thought of as doors to cosmic energy. But usually these doors can only be tuned into and opened after the first seven have been opened and relatively well balanced. The forces of the Strange Attractor will lead you to them. The last three energies flow in the currents of history with the spirit of the times. When you tune into them you are hurled into social-historical whirlpools. The higher energies bear a relationship to the first seven energies analogous to that of the time cycles Rahu, Ketu and Lucifer to the first nine planets.

The eighth energy, Motivation, relates to the body of the earth as a whole. Its direction is the Northwest and its Power is the Angels. Unlike the lower seven chakras the upper three do not have a basic potential to be realized in time. They are spatial only. The vocation of the Motivation chakra is that of the “Manager”. This energy allows you to take responsibility for the understanding of others by the creation of structures and explanations of the processes of becoming aware of Being. It provides the energy to respond to things far beyond your own personal concerns. With this energy you will have the capability to respond to and understand newly emerging social and historical forces. The eighth energy can be described as an intense feeling of whole bodies in interchange with the world around you.

The ninth energy, Intention, relates to Light and the Sun. Its direction is the Northeast and its Power is the Muses. Its vocation is that of the “Guide”. The energy opens you up to inventiveness on a large scale which can provide a new vision and communion for all of Mankind. It provides the ability to create entirely new technologies, new plans for living, and to communicate them to the world. A new mystic vision of the Universe can be invented which serves as a guide and inspiration for all who are open to change. The projects and vision bring a new communion between peoples and levels of being. The energy can be described as an intense feeling of the aura and force of effectiveness.

The tenth energy, Attentiveness, relates to all Beings in the Universe. It is the direction of the center going up. Its Power is the Being In The Universe. The vocation is that of the “Announcer”. Attentiveness has to do with shining, the pure expression of Awareness, manifestation of the brilliant godlike core of your being. It gives the capacity to announce with credibility, to proclaim new meaning for all to see and hear. It allows you to set a shining example as a living embodiment of the ideals of Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Justice. The energy can be described as an intense feeling of your Higher Self.

The first seven chakras also have a spatial component to make a total of ten chakras. This is further explained in Laws of Wisdom (Vol. 3 of the School of Wisdom Series) The ten chakras also relate to the nine basic principals, symbolized by the nine planets and our moon, to make up the tenfold macrocosmic relationship. In esoteric traditions this macrocosmic link is called the “Ladder to Heaven”. Here the planets symbolize a kind of spheric circuitry between the worlds and levels of evolution. This is shown on the following chart:

The tenth chakra as an energy is felt located over the top of the head. But like the other nine chakras it also has a physical connection with the body, the great teacher. The connection lies in the hands. The two hands are the bodily connection to the Higher Self, the fractal link of self similarity. By studying our hands we can learn about our Higher Self, our tenth energy. Who we are is announced by the unique lines in our hands.

Like our finger prints, our palm prints are unique, one of a kind. Unlike our finger prints, however, our palm prints can change with age. Sometimes the lines of the hand can change rapidly, relating to a change of life. The lines of the hand have meaning. They are not meaningless chance – chaos. Nothing is. But you must know the fractal correspondences, the keys to decipher the meaning of the hands. Palmistry as known in the West has lost most of these keys, and as it is now popularly known, is mostly non-sense. Aside from lacking the fractal keys to properly read the lines, most palm reading today proceeds from a false premise, that you can know your future from your palms. You cannot know your future from your palms, or anything else. The Strange Attractor prevents such mischief. You can only get an idea as to your present potentials. The lines are a kind of message from your Higher Self who always knows just who you really are, and what you should do.

The key again is the Wheel. All of the basic components of human nature discussed in this book have their place on either the right or the left hand. Thus the hands are also the ultimate memory tool to help remember the basic concepts. They literally embody the essence of the Wheel. The keys to the hand line correspondences were apparently once known to Western culture, long ago, but were lost or degraded. In the East this knowledge was better preserved in secret traditions and guarded texts. The secrecy of Chinese traditions and their texts is now being lifted. The correspondences adopted from the Chinese tradition are shown on the charts at the end of this chapter. If you enter into a state of Awareness, you can use this information to read the lines. Then you can learn about yourself and others by seeing their hands, the unique expression of their Higher Self.

When you come to know your hands in this way you can awaken them spiritually. Your hands can then more easily sense bio-energies. You can literally learn to touch your soul – your Chi – and the souls of others. Then the hands can be powerful tools for healing, as for instance with Chinese Chi Kung practice. The hands can move energies and thereby end energy stagnation and imbalances. The Chinese have found these imbalances and blockages are the cause of most illnesses. The hands can become more creative in many ways. You have only to discover the secret meaning of their lines, their language.

METHODS\EXPERIMENTS: First study the hand charts and learn the language of the hands. Memorize what each of the basic parts of the hand mean. Know that each line represents 84 years to orient yourself in time. Then enter into a state of Awareness, through other meditation, and gaze at your hands. Let your Higher self speak to you through this language. Read the particular lines and shape of your hands. Compare your hands with the hands of others. Is your “Soul line” long or short, thin or thick? What points and islands, square and triangles do you have in your hands? Where are they located?



CHAPTER 06 : TIME CYCLES — The Meaning of Time, Potentials, Personality and History

20-07-18%20Time%20Bubble%20sphere%20&amp;%20Explosion%2001Since Einstein we know without a doubt that reality is a space-time continuum where matter and energy are interchangeable. Science and mathematics have learned a great deal about space, but very little about time. What we do know is strange. The passage of time is not objective, it relates to the velocity of matter. Thus as matter approaches the speed of light (the speed limit of matter), time slows to a near stop. A person traveling in a space ship moving at the speed of light thus would have no time and would not age. Time is flexible and personal. Moreover empirical studies show that most events in nature happen in some kind of time cycle. They repeat, increase and decrease, move in and out, in regular, albeit sometimes quite complex cyclic intervals. Beyond knowing that time is personal and cyclic, modern science has just begun to explore the nature and psychodynamics of time.

Although new to science, the subject of time was carefully studied for millennia by many ancient cultures and traditions. Some of their knowledge is still available. In fact, many of the ancients’ insights into time have already been structured into the very fabric of modern society. They are now so deeply ingrained into our culture that we take them for granted. We assume, for instance, that there has always been a seven day week, a fifty two week year, twelve month year, or a twelve times two day. Actually, these basic parameters were invented by the early geniuses of time – the Babylonians. They have remained with us ever since to subliminally order our cultures and consciousness, our perception of time.

In 2360 B.C., the Chaldean’s made the spatial Zodiac of the constellations fit the geometric circle of 360 degrees by inventing the twelfth sector. They did this by inventing and arranging the last missing constellation of Libra. (Before there were only eleven.) With this development there was a star group for each of the 360 degree sectors. Time then became accessible to full brained understanding.

By the year 2340 B.C., 20 years later, Astrology was the official religion of Babylonia, not as a science, but as a wisdom teaching to create a personal Way. This coincided with the Babylonian invention of the seven day week in accordance with the basic human energies. In their culture the King and Queen were joined on the Zikkurath – the Great Tower – at each of the four moon constellations. With the

seven day week the year was divided into 52 cycles. As will be seen in the last chapter, this is one of the prime numbers of spiritual development. The day itself was also made to follow the basic twelve-fold structure of the year: twelve hours of left brain day, twelve hours of right brain night.

This creation of the basic units of time – the seven day week — changed the potentialities of the visible planets, and the moon and sun, into creative time. From that point in history to today, time and society has been ordered according to the twelve-fold Zodiac with the 12 months and hours, and the sevenfold time-cycle of the week comprised of the five visible planets, the sun and the moon. Unfortunately, most people today have no idea or understanding of the original meaning behind this structure. The seven days of the week and their cosmic origin are summarized in the following heptagon:

The time planets took their significance from their spatial Zodiacal “Homes”. Each time planet corresponded to a space Zodiac sign where it was said to be at home. The order differed between the traditions. But the wheel has been able to harmonize these differences and synthesize all of the traditions. Now that we have knowledge of all of the planets, not just the five visible planets known to early Man, we arrive at the following time cycles. This shows the twelve basis types of human potential associated with each time cycle. The chart also shows the relation to the grammatical parts of speech.


The planets symbolize the twelve archetypal human capacities or potentials which can be realized in time. They are divided into subsets of nine and three. The twelve potentials of time follow the basic pattern of the mind. The one or two word “Meanings” given above for these concepts should be understood very broadly. The words are “cluster words” which represent a wide spectrum of related capacities which come within that basic field of consciousness. They are like the twelve sides of a diamond which are unified by the crystal center of pure light – the Awareness behind the diverse manifestations of the Self.

The twelve basic capacities are potential powers until chosen in time. In life they can appear at three times in a person’s development:

(1) As Apprentice Learning

(2) As Companion Acting

(3) As Master Teaching

You must choose to use all twelve of the basic potentials, both in language and in life, when the opportunity is presented by life. Otherwise, they will remain latent. These potentials do not automatically grow. They require choice and intentional efforts.

First, your language must become holistic and coherent. To make sense of your life you have to make sense in your speech. The twelve basic concepts presented in the chart above are the keys to making sense. You have to learn to use these concepts in your speech, your language. Then, eventually, you will learn to master these conceptual cluster-words in a three step process: apprentice, companion, master. This mastery of language allows for mastery of the human faculties which they represent. This means mastery of the full human capacities in controlled actions, or as Don Juan said, “Controlled Folly”. Both learning processes – language and life – must go hand in hand. One without the other will not allow for full development. Words alone are hollow. Life alone is incomprehensible. Only both – language and action – allow you to actualize these potential powers. With both you can integrate them into your being, and thereby make sense of life. You can walk your talk.

You fully master the twelve time potentials in a three step process. First, you learn them. Next, you learn them even better by acting them out. Finally, you master them after you have taught them to others. In the final Master teaching stage the Self can merge with the Sun. The Self then can become radiating, full of life giving light. But, until all nine of the potentials are integrated, and the whole potential of your Being is realized, you will be submitted to reincarnation. As Keyserling says, you will be stuck in the “cosmic game of bowling”. Only when all of your pins, your potential, have been set up and mastered, can you survive the inevitable black ball of death.

The nine planets represent talents available to everyone at any time. The last three – Rahu, Ketu (19 year “moon nodes” or Metonic cycle points) and the newly discovered tenth planet, “Lucifer”(1) – are different. They can only be tapped by taking part in a larger social movement, or assuming a historical role.

The nine planets are ordered in the Wheel according to the geometric pattern called the “Enneagram” – shown below. The Sun is in the center of the Enneagram and represents the essence. All of the planets take their nourishment and light from the Sun. In the same way the nine personalties take their light from the inner essence. The nine sided Enneagram comes out of the Sufi tradition. It was first brought to the West in the esoteric teachings of George Gurdjieff .

The ninefold structure can also be used as a key to understanding personality types. When a person emphasizes a particular potential, they naturally have a personality type associated with that planet. This system of personality analysis works because most successful people are at any one time dominated by one or two of the nine basic impulses to the exclusion of most of the others. They are successful because they at least have some personality of their own, even if only one dimensional.

The majority of people today never develop any personality of their own at all. Instead, they have a false personality imposed on them from their parents, friends, job or society. The false personality has no connection with any of their innate capacities. For this reason it is usually weak, and the person has little energy or vitality.

Only personality which is in connection with a person’s essence – their inner sun – can vitalize. The false, unconnected personalities only block energy. They act as a negative mask to hide true potential, instead of express it. Such lifeless personalities should be dropped and replaced by impulses and roles which you choose. They should be replaced by personalities that are more in accord with your essence and true potential. In the Gurdjieff tradition this process of liberation from false personalities is called “waking up”. It is accomplished in part through a process called “self remembering” where you observe the false personalities in action.

If you are lucky enough to wake up and tap your inner essence and develop a true personality, you are on your way. But this is only the beginning, and many fall prey to the danger at this initial stage of development. They fall into the trap of domination by the first strong energy they develop. They may improve the quality of that type, and become more mature, but they do not fully grow or diversify. They do not become a real human. A real human awakens to all nine time forms. Instead, they become freakish, unidimensional beings. Strong perhaps, in their own little area, but narrow and imbalanced. They are only partially awake. They have knowledge and mastery of only one of the many forms of time. Their other potentials remain undeveloped, dormant or childlike.

eneagramm.gifYou avoid this danger by using your beginning personality as a springboard to master all of the others. Aware of the trap, you take steps to avoid stagnation in one type of time. You seek out continual change and flowing. You look for new ways to be, new roles in accord with your essence. You strive for multi-dimensionality.

Normal “fully actualizing” people let the false personalities die. They awaken to all of the forms of time. They are able to grow and change personality types. They can diversify their character without identification to any one impulse. They learn and emphasize other potentials. They are not satisfied with the “one of nine” that is naturally the strongest for them. They go beyond, and add to the first real personality they happen to awaken.

The goal is to divest yourself of all false personalities. To instead become a “well rounded” personality. Such a being is connected with all of their essence. They are filled with many different kinds of energy. Such a whole person has learned and mastered all of the archetypal capacities possible in time. They can adopt or “put on” one of the personalities like a mask as the occasion requires. The particular mask worn at any one time allows the inner essence to shine through, with color and style. The Master is not attached to any of their twelve sides. They do not identify with the various personality masks used to express their essence. Instead, they identify with the Essence of Being, the white light Sun – Zero dimension Awareness – behind all personalities. They are centered.

They are like an actor with a role. They use the masks or personalities as a tool to interact with other beings. When the Ego and the Self are in this type of healthy relationship, the positive traits of a personality type naturally dominate over the negative. Time is filled with meaning and diversity. In these circumstances the perception of time can change dramatically. It intensifies and grows in duration. Ten minutes of peak time can seem like hours. Conversely, hours of intensity in a flow experience can pass in what seems like no time at all.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Further reading and study in this area can be helpful. George Gurdjieff has himself written several books: All and Everything: Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. (This is his magnum opus wherein the concepts of the Enneagram, personality and essence are presented subliminally in a science fiction setting. It is an immense tale of Earth and its inhabitants. It is told from the perspective of an advanced being condemned to live there for a few centuries. It is an excellent book, but very difficult to understand without great effort. It was originally designed to be read out loud in groups as a basis for the work of self remembering along with certain dance movements); Meetings With Remarkable Men (Autobiography which has been made into a movie); Herald Of Coming Good (first book introducing others); Views From The Real World (last book, kept secret for many years, on the dynamics of his work and stupidity of most of his students).

There are hundreds of books written on Gurdjieff and his work, “the Fourth Way”, which are far easier for beginners to understand. Many of them are good. Among the best is the first one ever written by P.D. Ouspensky In Search Of The Miraculous which has many quotes and stories of Gurdjieff. Other Gurdjieff students who have written books on the Fourth Way include J.G. Bennett, A.R. Orage and Kenneth Walker. A recent book which is very good, and particularly helpful on understanding false personalities, is Waking Up by the transpersonal psychologist Charles Tart. The best biography of Gurdjieff is written by James Moore and called Gurdjieff: the Anatomy of a Myth.

Beyond reading, try the basic Gurdjieff exercise, to intently and totally remember yourself. It can be done alone, but is even better with a group. Self remembering is not as easy as it may sound, particularly to carry on for a sustained length of time. Simple, casual self observation or reflection is not what is meant by self remembering. It is far more than self consciousness. You should beware of fooling yourself into thinking you have prematurely attained a state of Self Remembering when you have not. It requires considerable will power and effort, involving a profound and deep awareness, bringing the totality of self into the zero dimension of pure awareness. Try it in sitting meditation, but also in activities, in movements and in situations of everyday life. It involves contact with the essence, with the Sun, and when attained it liberates and floods you with light and energy. For good descriptions of several more exercises refer to Tart’s Waking Up and some of the other books mentioned.

Another worth while exercise to practice in connection with Remembering is to look for the false personalities which have been imposed upon you over the years. You can identify them by their hollowness, their lack of depth and connection with essence. Although they may be familiar to you from years of use, fundamentally they are foreign and do not feel true. Search them out, use strategies to weaken and isolate them, to diminish their time. Then when you are ready, and have another type of time to replace it, stop that particular false personality all together. Drop the mask for one which has your face on it.

The meaning of the basic times can be learned by study with someone who has attained mastery. Even without direct contact with a teacher, much can be learned by introspection of the drives and personalities within yourself as described in the last Methods/Experiments section. The observations need to be guided by a rational understanding of the basic structure behind the personality types. The following is a summary by Losey of the nine-fold system of personality types with both positive and negative traits, plus the three historical types. This should be used as a starting point for understanding, not the gospel.

  1. HEAL/UNIFY: SPIRIT-FEELING. The basic meaning of conjunction – 1 – pertains to synthesis, to unification and healing. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Jupiter. It is the holistic capacity to fit everything together, to heal by reconciliation. It is the “both-and” counterpoint to “either-or” rational analysis. The complementary impulse is the fifth, to discern and judge. The personality type dominated by the conjunction category is known as the “Giver” or the “Helper”, always trying to do good, to help or heal others. This personality type – with good and bad traits – is concerned, possessive, manipulative, demands affection and approval, and tries to become indispensable to others, but can also be genuinely caring, compassionate, empathetic, warm-hearted, generous, supportive, loving and even saintly.
  2. CREATE/PRODUCE: BODY-SENSING. The noun – 2 – symbolizes the basic drive to creativity and production, to the physical realization of ideas. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Venus. The complementary impulse is the seventh, the impulse to destroy what has already been created and to start something new. When this one impulse controls, an “Epicure” or “Generalist” type of personality results. This type can be sophisticated, hedonistic, extroversive, accomplished, and excitable. They tend to be dilettantes, producing superficially in many areas, concerned primarily with appearances, things and wealth. But they can also be multi-talented, real, practical, productive, prolific, sensitive, joyous, with an eye for beauty, good living and grace.
  3. KNOW/UNDERSTAND: SPIRIT-THINKING. The verb – 3 – pertains to understanding, to relation of abstract concepts. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Uranus. Uranus is the desire to know, to understand. The complementary impulse is the twelfth, to be inspired, mentally moved directly, without any thought or analysis. The personality type is “the Thinker” or the distanced “Observer”. This type can be the ivory-towered intellectual, the “know it all” expert, the recluse, who maintains an emotional distance both from others and himself. They tend to be analytic, eccentric, insightful and paranoid. They can also be truly knowledgeable, open-minded, with great genius, intelligence and original, comprehensive ideas.
  4. WISH/IMAGINE: SOUL-FEELING. The preposition – 4 – symbolizes imagination, the need to fantasize and dream. Its archetypal symbol or myth is the Moon. The complementary impulse is the tenth, hard-headed responsiveness and duty. This personality type is the “Tragic Romantic” or the far out “Artist”. They are attracted to the unavailable ideals, the absent lover, the unattainable, rather than the here and now. They tend to be tragic, romantic, depressive, suicidal, individualistic, introverted, artistic and self-absorbed. They can be emotionally rich, sensitive, funny, intuitive, creative, in touch with their dreams, and of course, have a great imagination.
  5. ANALYZE/DISTINGUISH: SPIRIT-SENSING. The adjective – 5 – pertains to analysis, to distinguishing one from another. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Mercury. Mercury involves qualitative discernment and the impulse to judge and rate. It is the “either-or” dissective counterpoint to “both-and” synthesis. The complementary impulse is the first, healing synthesis. The personality type is called the “Status Seeker” or “Performer” or “Motivator”. They can be narcissistic, deceptive and pretentious, more concerned with the appearances and trappings of success in their work than with real accomplishments. They are frequently self- assured and energetic, but often too quick to accept the easy answer to a problem, and try to succeed in work through narrow specialization, frequently failing to see the forest for the trees. They tend to be the “Type A” personalities who are ambitious, overly-competitive or “work-aholics”. They can also be genuinely-productive, authentic, good motivators and promoters, efficient, knowledgeable and accepting of their limitations, with many outstanding inner qualities and good judgment.
  6. COMMUNICATE: SOUL-THINKING. The verb-person – 6 – stands for the drive to communicate, to explain, to relate to and with other people, and to improve yourself and others. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Neptune. It involves social intelligence, empathizing and dealing with people. Neptune also pertains to polarities: right-wrong, good-bad, rich-poor, innocent-guilty. The complementary impulse is the eleventh, the historical role of leading or following. When Neptune dominates, the personality type is the “Reformer” or the “Perfectionist”. They tend to be overly-critical of themselves and others, idealistic, orderly, perfectionistic and intolerant. They think of themselves as superior and use the words “should” and “must” a lot, and can be self-righteous, opinionated, petty crusaders. They can also be conscientious, reasonable, principled, self-disciplined, with personal integrity and tolerance, astute insights, great communication skills, clarity, and a profound knowledge of self and others.
  7. FIGHT/INITIATE: BODY-FEELING. The pronoun – 7 – basically pertains to initiative, to fight and start something new. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Mars. It is initiative, the visceral drive to get up and go, the entrepreneurial spirit. The complementary impulse is the second – Venus – to complete something by creativity, the finishing touches of creative embellishment. The Mars personality type is called the “Boss”. He or she can be strong, combative, loving to take charge and fight, to protect self and friends, and quick to anger. They want to lead, to start things up, sometimes dictatorially, but sometimes with heroic self-restraint, magnanimity and courage. They can be powerful, expansive, self-confident, decisive, authoritative and commanding, but also selfish, ruthless, violent and destructive.
  8. ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY/RESPOND: SOUL-SENSING. The adverb – 8 – pertains to organization, responsibility and duty; to assume responsibility for some social situation or group, a problem or opportunity, and to organize or direct it until conclusion. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Saturn. The drive arises out of circumstances created by others and constitutes a response to it. The complementary impulse is the fourth – Moon – imagination, the urge to dream, to visualize something new which has never been before, rather than to see something which already is and respond to it. The Saturn-dominated personality is called the “Loyalist” and can easily become either an establishment, traditionalist “organization man”, or an anti-establishment, non-conformist “devils advocate”, a rebel without a cause. They are likable, ingratiating, dependent, loyal to groups or a cause, and can be masochistic, doubtful, unsure, ambivalent, indecisive, authoritarian, bureaucratic, and overly-conformist. Trust and permanent solid relations with others are important. They can also be engaging, appealing, committed, reliable, trustworthy, dependable, cooperative, endearing, and of course, very responsive and responsible.
  9. INVENT/ACTUALIZE: BODY-THINKING. The verbal forms – 9 – pertains to the impulse to orchestrate, to plan, to invent, to engineer and actualize based upon a sense of what is possible. Its archetypal symbol or myth is Pluto. The complementary impulse is the tenth, the historical drive to individuality. The personality type is the “Mediator” or “Peacemaker”, who tends to be easy going, calm, peaceful and reassuring. They can be passive, disengaged, repressed, unoriginal, ambivalent, overly self-effacing and accommodating, seeing all points of view but their own. But they can also be excellent negotiators, profoundly receptive, aware, supportive of others, good-natured, genuinely nice, unpretentious, patient, original, inventive, with autonomous self-reliance, self-assurance and equanimity.
  10. AFFIRM: BODY-WILLING. The statement – 10 – has a meaning which does not pertain to a personal impulse or personality. Like the 11th and 12th impulses it lies outside of the Enneagram. The archetypal symbol or myth of the tenth is Lucifer. Lucifer symbolizes the newly-liberated, collective historical drive for individual liberty, the affirmation of the rights of the individual. It concerns the mastery and affirmation of personal skills and of Ego. The complementary impulse is the ninth, Pluto, the drive to invent something new based upon the discoveries of others.
  11. LEAD: SOUL-WILLING. The sentence which orders – 11 – also has a meaning outside of individual personality, pertaining to a historical compulsion to lead society or to follow a leader, to obey. Its archetypal symbol or myth is the King. The complementary impulse is the sixth, Neptune, to relate and communicate with people, to persuade or be persuaded by reason, rather than to lead or follow.
  12. INSPIRE: SPIRIT-WILLING. The questioning sentence – 12 – symbolizes a state of inspiration, to inspire others or be inspired, in the context of an historical role. Its archetypal symbol or myth is the Queen. The complementary impulse is the third, Uranus, the drive to spiritual realization through understanding rather than inspiration.
  13. AWARENESS: ESSENCE. Symbolized by the Sun, Awareness is not really an impulse or part of speech. The Sun symbolizes the awareness behind all of the other impulses, the essence behind and linking the different personalities. It stands for the Higher Self beyond the Ego, a state of higher consciousness, of light. The pure Awareness pulls together and integrates all of the diverse aspects of our Self into a cohesive whole. We first become aware of the Higher Self in peak experiences, and then eventually by mastery of all of the other impulses, we start to live in the light and a higher pattern emerges.

The knowledge of the Enneagram and personality types is summarized in the following chart.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: There are many recently published books which focus primarily on the personality aspects of the Enneagram including Don Riso’s Personality Types and Understanding the Enneagram, Helen Palmer’s The Enneagram and Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert’s Experiencing The Enneagram. If this interests you further reading can be helpful. But beware, do not get hung up on the different alignments of the types with the Enneagram numbers. More important than reading, try and see which type or types you emphasize or project. Do the same for your family members, friends and associates. See if others agree with your analysis. By recognizing a personality type in yourself and others, you can begin to get some perspective on it. This will eventually help you to free yourself from these ingrained behaviors. Learn to wear it like a mask.


The awakening and mastery of the twelve forms of time allows you to participate in the games of civilization. You thereby transform the animal-human body from physical to spiritual. You tune into your time cycles, develop your capabilities and use your personalities as tools to play the game. The cosmic pattern of civilization is the original Adam Kadmon, the Being in the Universe.

The primal image of twelve basic fields has meaning on three levels: body, soul and spirit. The body is understood physiognomically (externally) and physiologically (internally), as 12 independent systems. The soul is symbolized by ecliptic Houses. The 12 houses determine the inner attitude to life. The spirit is symbolized by the 12 zodiac Signs, the external pattern of civilization. This is all shown in the following charts.

Soul Wiling Head/Brain Personality Politics
Body Sensing Neck/Sense Organs Possessions Art
Spirit Thinking Shoulders, Arms

Hands, Lungs

Learning Science
Soul Feeling Chest/Stomach Home Psychology
Body Willing Back/Heart Children/Mastery Education
Spirit Sensing Abdomen/Intestines Work Economy
Soul Thinking Hips/Kidneys Community Law
Body Feeling Sex Organ/Buttocks

Muscles, Eyes



Spirit Willing Thighs/Liver Ideas Religion/Tradition
Soul Sensing Knees/Joints Profession Organizations


Body Thinking Legs/Skeleton Friendship Technology
Spirit Feeling Feet/Spleen Regeneration




METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Study these charts and try and see how the body, soul and spirit concepts relate to the structure of each. Remember that these are holistic cluster words, not definitions of limited and exact concepts. They suggest general fields or sets for which many other names could be used or subsets included. The limitations and differentiations of one field from another are derived from the basic structure. Try and think of as many other names as you can to include within each set. For instance, try and think of other major fields of civilization which are not named on the chart, and see where you think they would fit. For instance, in which of the twelve do you think sports belong?

Another interesting exercise is to focus on each of the twelve body systems mentioned in the first chart For instance, either by yourself or in a group, try walking around and put all of your attention on each of the twelve systems. Start from the top – the head – and work to the twelfth system at the bottom — the feet. This is one way to start to know your body better, an essential path on the path of Wisdom-Knowledge. Another is to work on whole body visualization and learn to like your body, to accept is as a friend, or as the Indians say, as a temple in which you live. Enter a deeply relaxed state and then visualize yourself on an empty beach, with your feet floating a few inches above the water. From outside of yourself look at all sides of your body, visualizing it completely. Which body part seems to call out to you, demanding the most attention? Which part can you most easily and clearly visualize? Is it difficult or impossible for you to visualize any parts of your body? Are there are parts you don’t like? Which ones, and why? Ask yourself why, what does this mean? To which of the twelve systems do these parts belong? What does all of this tell you about yourself? In waking life which of the twelve body systems tends to receive the most attention, which does not function correctly? Tune into your body, it has all you need to know.

The twelve external fields of civilization manifest as complementary opposites. Our civilization is now dominated by Body-Thinking, the field of Technology; thinking incarnate with the machine and electronic computer in all of its many forms. The natural opposition is Education, Body-Willing, which means both the mastery of the skills necessary to run technology and the mastery of self. A true teacher must first have mastered a subject, made it a part of his being, before he can teach it to another.

The basic polarity which exists between these two fields of civilization – Technology and Education – is based upon the difference between Thinking and Willing on a physical level. Since Technology-Thinking is the dominant field of culture, there is a danger that its polar complement, Education-Willing may be weakened and atrophy. Indeed, we are already seeing the decline in Education in our culture, a lack of mastery of skills, and an overabundance of knowledge while Wisdom, “know-how”, and true teachers are in very short supply. Unless balance is regained this will inevitably have an adverse effect both on our technological civilization and our overall evolution.

The opposite poles of thinking/willing need to help each other and work together to attain a healthy balance. More educational technologies need to be invented. High-technology should be brought into and made an essential part of the classroom. So too should apprentice traditions, and the traditional disciplines of self mastery. This can revitalize Education and also greatly enhance the transmission of practical know-how, of Wisdom. We are beginning to see this new merger with the advent of computer education programs, educational television, virtual reality simulators, mind machines and PrimaSounds.

The second complementary pair of culture fields which are critical to our new age are Health and the Economy. Healing and true Medicine are based on Spirit-Feeling, striving for the ideal. It is holistic, including the mental/spiritual as well as the physical and energetical/psychological. The striving for an ideal of health is in natural opposition to the practical economic values, money and work. Economy is Spirit-Sensing; thus the polarity is between Feeling and Sensing on a mental level.

Medicine is now out of balance with the Economy in many parts of the Western world. Illness and dying have become too expensive for society to bear. This is in part because our Medicine became over-infatuated with technology, and over-reacted to the religious dogmas of the past by adopting a myopic materialistic view of the human condition. So-called “modern medicine” came to see Humans as a mere physical machine, to be fixed when broken and kept running as long as possible. Its highest value was the mere prolongation of life at all costs. It treated disease, sickness and impending death and gave little attention to true health care, to wellness. Doctors became the ultimate specialists, little or no overall perspective. But this is already starting to change, thanks largely to the natural economic pressures. Medicine is becoming concerned once again as it should be with true health care. It is beginning to adopt a more balanced holistic approach that considers wellness of body, soul and spirit.

The Economy is now an extremely important field of civilization. Work is no longer looked down upon as the curse of the poor or uncultured. Meaningful work and a functioning world economy are critical to everyone’s fulfillment, rich and poor. Trade, free exchange of goods and services, full employment and wealth are prerequisites to a healthy civilization.

The next polarity between Politics and Law, although still prominent in civilization, is now secondary to Economy and Health. Unlike the first half of the Twentieth century with World Wars One and Two, the struggle of civilized people against dictatorships in the second half of the Twentieth Century was won primarily through economic pressures. The politicians who enact the laws, and the judges and lawyers who carry them out, must all do so with an eye to the economic impact of the laws. One of the main concerns of the government and the law today is to promote a healthy and free economy wherein a minimum-level subsistence is guaranteed to all, with an equal opportunity for advancement and wealth.

Politics is based on Soul-Willing, Law on Soul-Thinking. The political bodies lead the government, enact the laws. Ideally the actions of the government and politicians are kept in check and balance by the thinking of the Judiciary and lawyers. Unreasonable laws can be and, in free countries with a strong legal culture such as the United States, frequently are overturned, and dictatorial leaders are investigated, indicted and impeached. In this way individuals are safeguarded from the excess of political willfulness. So too, politics balances law and can effect changes and reforms in the law when it becomes unjust or fossilized through faulty or stagnant thinking.

The next fields of culture are Art, Body-Sensing, and Business, Body-Feeling. Business refers both to the military-industrial complex, and entrepreneurial business, where executive action and courage prevail, rather than corporate bureaucracy and office politics. All over the world the military and business dominate over Art. This is particularly true in Middle-American culture where Business and the Military are the dominant forces of civilization, and as a consequence Art is repressed. If the role of the military and business should lessen in the future, Art may recapture a balanced position. As it stands today, however, Art is rarely an end in itself as in past civilizations. Instead the creation of Art has become business-like, and its acquisition has become an investment. Art is becoming secondary to luxury goods, wealth and property. The original meaning and purpose of Art as an embodiment of universal ideas, a vehicle for the spirit, has been lost to many. Business can rectify this imbalance by funding art for art’s sake, as did the nobility for the great artists in past civilizations. Patronage of art can give returns to business in non-monetary forms, such as a more beautiful and inspiring work environment. The true Artists on their side need to shed their instinctual bias against business, and be more concerned with the creation of universal messages which are accessible to large segments of society, even business leaders, and not just small cliques.

The next polarity is between Science – Spirit-Thinking – and Religion/Traditions – Spirit-Willing. The conflict between these opposites, as shown for instance by the famous Scopes “monkey trial”, still goes on all over the world today. For centuries in the middle ages Science was suppressed in favor of traditional religious dogmas. Now in most parts of the world Science is freed of religious constraints.

In Western cultures Science has taken the upper hand over traditions and religions for the past hundred years or so. The dominance has gone to the extreme where entire traditional cultures have been wiped out as “primitive” and of no value. Although Science, based as it is on Thinking, is likely to naturally dominate over Religion for some time to come, the extreme dominance and imbalance appears to be lessening. The value and significance of the traditional cultures, shamanism, inspired poetry and religious experience is starting to be recognized. Now that Science is secure from religious repression, and has matured, the opposition between the two fields can become a complementary polarity. The result is the positive synergy of traditional Wisdom with modern Science. New fields of Science are developing based on mystic experiences, such as transpersonal psychology. Conversely, new spiritual traditions are forming based on scientific knowledge, such as Primal Sounds, mind machines and the like.

The last polarity is between Psychology/Home – Soul-Feeling – and Bureaucracy/Administration – Soul-Sensing. This is the conflict between Feeling Home and individual Psychology on the one hand, and Sensing Career and the State on the other. It is exemplified by the cliche contrast between the psychologically-oriented, loving homemaker who has no public life, no life at all beyond herself, her spouse and children, and the cold, organization man, concerned only with getting ahead in the world, with no time for his family or himself. It is also the struggle between intrusive big government, and the privacy and freedom of the individual.

As the governments of the world, the multi-national corporations and other organizations and establishments grow larger and more powerful, there is a real danger of cultural imbalance whereby the organizational machinery stunts and kills individual Psychology and Family life. Big organizations and governments can easily be dominated by the unelected mid-level and low-end bureaucrats. The technocrats actually perform most of the ministerial functions, not the elected officials and corporate officers who are nominally in charge. Even enlightened leaders are frequently powerless to change the large institutions they supposedly head.

When bland, mediocre, heartless, faceless bureaucrats assume real power, uniformity and conformity become the prime value. Then the counter pole of home and privacy, individuality, and psychological diversity are endangered. The social consensus of left-brain Administration can overwhelm and stunt right-brained Psychology, individuality. The extreme of this was seen in the Soviet Union under communism where psychology became a tool of the State and political dissenters and non-conformists were treated as insane.

Fortunately the large organizations seem to collapse of their own weight; without the vitality and creativity of the individual, they fossilize, stagnate and cannot compete with smaller, more humanistic organizations. The fall of the Soviet Union is one example and a warning. When a large organization (Soul-Sensing) crumbles without another competing, more human institution ready to replace it, great instability and destruction can result, and the related field of the Economy (Spirit-Sensing) can collapse.

In a complex global civilization of several billion people, state and corporate administrations and organizations, and institutions of all kinds and sizes are necessary and inevitable. A healthy balance between the two fields is needed where each adds to and complements the other. Psychology and individual development can be brought into our institutions and made a part of the acceptable norm of the “corporate man”. Power and work can also to be decentralized and taken home, and all people, men and women, given an equal opportunity to participate in the exercise of power. In this way the bureaucrats will have a heart and character, and the left-brain social organizations can come into balance with, and so cease to threaten the right-brain individualists.


In addition to the twelve time fields of culture, there are twelve stages of individual development. This is of the soul realm and was previously referred to as the twelve “Houses”. The Houses show the inner time and stages of potential maturation over the course of a lifetime. By contrast, the zodiac signs show the outer time, the potential fields of development. Together with the planet times, the Ennegram potentialities, they make up the basic space-time continuum in which we live.

The twelve 7 year stages follow each other according to the 84 year rhythm of Uranus. The micro-cosmic fractal to this cycle is the complete change of cells in the human body every seven years. Like the planetary time capacities, the seven year growth cycle is a potential. Many will not realize all of the changes, and a few geniuses may fulfill their entire life potential within a shorter time. A normal striving person will, however, develop his full potential over the course of a 84 year lifetime, with twelve distinct seven year stages. People who live beyond 84 years of age either do so by involvement in a historical task or social role whereby they obtain extra energy to continue on. Alternatively, those who live on past 84 with no real meaning start the cycle all over again, and revert back to a second childhood and senility.

1 0 – 7 years. SOUL-WILLING. Creating the Ego. The child first develops a personal center, his own “I”. The point of gravity is in the right brain, dream world, and “play” is the activity by which the child discovers the world.

2 7 – 14. BODY-SENSING. Relation to objects. The ego realizes that it has a body, culminating in puberty and the beginning of sex. Awareness of death becomes important, along with possessing things, collections. Learning in this stage is primarily imitative, without concern as to the significance of ideas. In tribal cultures this stage ended with initiation into the tribe as a man or a woman.

3 14 – 21. SPIRIT-THINKING. Learning, Relations. Now the nature of learning should change and take on new importance. The young adult begins to be concerned with the judgment and synthesis of factual data. They formulate their own ideas and begin to see themselves as part of a system of ideas. The judgment tends to be simplistic, seeing everything in black and white terms. Scientific intelligence can awaken, and either great supportive enthusiasm or negative skepticism tends to develop, depending on the teachers. The identification with and loyalty to a peer group is a common ideal for this stage of development. This identification with the peer group beyond this age is a danger. The young person must find their individuality at 21 years of age in order to continue to grow.

4 21 – 28. SOUL-FEELING. Founding a family. In most societies the twenty first year represents the passage into adulthood. In this stage education should continue from inner initiative with the teacher’s role becoming secondary. The new adult starts their own home and family and gains independence from their parents.

5 28 – 35. BODY-WILLING. Mastery. Learning now changes to mastery of certain outer skills which have been previously learned, and to mastery of language and consciousness. With children the role of teacher must be carried out and education is important. Creative energy, based on sexuality, becomes the basis of efforts.

6 35 – 42. SPIRIT-SENSING. Selling oneself; making a living. The focus now shifts from channeling sexuality into creativity, to the clear conscious experience of reality. A person must sense what use he can be to the general movement and exchange of things, the fitting of his special creative gifts into the general economy. The person in this stage focuses on work, applying what they have mastered in the last stage.

7 42 – 49. SOUL-THINKING. Attaining competence and position in community. Now halfway though life, the center of gravity passes from private to public life. Focus shifts to establishing community position and to social responsibility. Social behavior is refined and polished.

8 49 – 56. BODY-FEELING. Opening oneself to opportunities and transforming possessions into energy. Social initiative now becomes the primary preoccupation, and other attachments and physical and economic dependencies are eliminated as dead weight.

9 56 – 63. SPIRIT-WILLING. Finding personal revelation or historical tradition. Now a person begins to live only for their real aim and purpose in life, the spiritual realization of their unique talent or gift. The spiritual/mental world becomes the prime concern, tieing into past tradition. Whereas the first 28 years emphasized the body, the next 28 the soul, the last years of life should emphasize the spirit.

10 63 – 70. SOUL-SENSING. Incarnating your ideas in a new profession or retirement which embodies the vocation you have found. Awareness of the full extent and meaning of the spiritual task now becomes apparent. The person takes a public stand to embody these ideas in society.

11 70 – 77. BODY-THINKING. Helping others as a friend to participate in civilization. After the public implementation of the ideas in the last house, the person must move on and clarify and communicate the ideas which will be of most value to others. The penultimate creative expressions are now achieved, as the person realizes that their gifts to humanity are just one of many, and are part of a larger civilization.

12 77 – 84. SPIRIT-FEELING. Becoming a bridge to the beyond, an ancestor. In the final stage a person is transformed into a vessel of light. All states of consciousness are integrated into awareness, the brain and CHI are fully activated and in balance, and the higher self is continuously realized. A person who attains this final stage of full wisdom can now helps others through living example, by their very presence and being. The divide between life and death is penetrated, preparation for the death of the body, and continued journey of the soul is complete, and the person serves as an inspiration and bridge to the next world.

During the twelve seven year stages one type of time capacity is emphasized over the others; all may exist and grow over a life span, but at a particular time a certain type of capacity can more easily flower. Knowing where you are chronologically can thus help you to decide on where to focus your efforts.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Which of the seven year life cycles are you in now? Do you recognize the description of your stage of life? Have you made the transformation yet to leave a past cycle, and go into the present one? What should you do to implement this knowledge? How should you change your life to take advantage of the potential of your current age? Are there any past cycles that you did not fulfill, even though you are now in the right rhythm of time? What can you do now to go back, to fill that gap in your life and regain that energy? Look at others and their ages and evaluate their maturity? Can you observe any gaps in their maturity, or harder still, can you see any gaps in your own maturity?

Who do you know that is stuck in a past time cycle and stopped growing up at some stage in their life for some reason? Did that happen to you? If so, what can you do to get out of it, to make up for lost time? At some time or another almost everyone gets stuck and stagnates to a certain degree. The trick is to recognize it, to wake up and move on. Don’t let false pride interfere with progress. Figure out where you are weak from past laziness and mistakes and try to overcome it.

The stages of human development follow the Uranian time cycle of 84. Each of the stages opens up a new vista. Externally in the Wheel there are twelve houses of maturing time as described above. Inside the Wheel there is another cycle of 84. There are seven cycles of twelve years each. This internal progress follows the seven energy centers, the chakras. The Jupiterian cycle of twelve years integrates with the Uranian cycle of 84 years in seven stages of inner energy growth: 84/12=7. This time cycle enables Man to integrate the seven energy centers into Being. The seven twelve year energy stages will be discussed in greater detail in the next chapter on energies

There are other time cycles influencing the development of Man. The Saturanian cycle of 29 years separates the generations. The Moon nodes (Rahu and Ketu) cycle of 19 years shows changing roles in history – 19, 38, 57, 76, 95. The Neptunian cycle of 165 years creates historical periods. The Plutonian cycle of 245 years shows the patterns of civilization. The Luciferian cycle of 445 years effectuates changes in holistic and religious paradigms.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Think back in time to 19 years ago and observe the changes in history, the changes both in your society and your life. What year was it 165 years ago? What was your country like then? Your forefathers and mothers? Then think back 245 years ago; what year was it? What was civilization like then as compared to now? How did the people live and view the world? Then look back 445 years, what year was it? How did your ancestors think? How did they speak? Try and imagine what their mental gestalt and attitude must have been like; this may give you a better perspective on where you are now.


Every time — every planet – begins and ends its cycle at a particular place in the Wheel. That is called its “home” on the Wheel. The symbolic significance of a time cycle changes when it appears outside of its home, when its house/sign location changes. The meaning of the time cycles become more complex. It takes on the fractal complexities of life. They are the same in a different placement, yet different – self similar, but not identical. In the Wheel the planets are shown in two dimensions in their home position where their natural, simplest predilections are expressed. In the real world of the fourth dimension such simplicity is rare.

For the individual the natural alignments shown in the Wheel are usually displaced. They are also different for each person, except for the rare exception of two people born at the exact same time and place. More complicated and diverse combinations of cyclic time and significance appear when the alignments go away from the “home” positions. For example, when the time capacity symbolized by Jupiter acts in the first house cycle in alignment with Spirit Feeling, it is a time of “taking care”. But when this time potential appears in a different context, say in the second house aligned with Soul Willing, then it signifies “personal consultation”. In the third house with Body Sensing, its now represents a completely different archetypal situation, the time to learn the “materia medica”.

The variable nature of the twelve basic time cycles is the foundation for the original Chaldean formulation of Astrology as a spiritual path. Here an individual finds and fulfills their unique meaning in life by reference to their special times. These times are known by the planets. The Chaldean’s knew that the spatial alignment of the planets at the moment of a person’s birth had a fractal correspondence, a meaning. They discovered that the unique positions of the planets at the moment of birth show the structure of the mind. Thus by determining the placement of the macrocosm at the moment of birth, the horoscope, the mesocosmic potential of the person’s life could be known. Their potential capacities could be predicted. The Chaldean’s used the planets as a cosmic clock to find the unique timing of each person, their gestalt. The horoscope was used as a device to help a person attune to their inner time cycles, their unique potential. As Keyserling has found, the horoscope with all twelve time cycles is still valid today if used for that purpose, but only for that purpose.(2) A chart showing the unique planetary time piece is shown below.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Obtain your natal chart — your personal wheel — showing the positions of the sun, moon, moon nodes and planets at the time/place of your birth. There are many computer programs available to do this for you, or books explaining how to do it yourself. Also, try asking a friend who knows how to create a personal wheel, or if need be, hire an astrologer to do it. Some more progressive, psychologically or spiritually oriented astrologers can be helpful. When you have your birth gestalt, your natal chart showing your special time, look at where the time symbols were when you came into being. What times were together, in planetary conjunction? Do these capacities work together in your life? What times were retrograde, historical? Are you obsessive about them? Where are each of the twelve times located in relation to the twelve houses, the twelve signs? Which planets have already occurred in the cycle of houses? What is the last planet to have occurred in your seven year progression of houses? What is the next to occur? Are most of your planets above the horizon and so fulfilled in public, or below and so realized in private. What is your rising sign, and of course, your sign itself, the position in the zodiac where the sun was located when you were born? If you cannot understand the chart enough to answer these questions, then ask for help from someone who can. There is a wealth of information here about your unique time cycles, the nature of your potential. It is worthy of much further study and contemplation.


When observed from the earth the planets from time to time appear to reverse the direction of their movement. From the perspective of the Earth the planets are moving in the opposite direction – retrograde. Over the millennia a special significance has been observed to exist between the two directions of planetary movement, direct and retrograde. When a planet is moving in its usual direction at the moment of a person’s birth, then this time cycle or capacity assists human action. But when it moves retrograde, it is a potential which must be fulfilled, in the sense of a historical destiny beyond personal development. When the time symbol is retrograde, the capacity is obsessive-compulsive in a positive sense of passionate commitment, and compels actions beyond oneself. The two moon nodes and the tenth planet, Lucifer, are fundamentally retrograde by nature. These time cycles always pertain to history, not individual meaning.

The largest historical time cycle known to Man is marked by the apparent slow progression of the entire Zodiac as a whole in the sky in relation to the Sun. This movement is caused by the slight wobble or variation in the spin of the Earth around its axis. This 25,920 year cycle of the vernal equinox point is known as the Progression of the Equinoxes, or Cosmic Year. Although it requires very close observation of the stars over hundreds of years to detect this movement and time-cycle, it has been known by Man for tens of thousands of years. Traces of this knowledge can be found in archeological remains all over the world. This was shown by the MIT professor, Giorgio de Santillana in his important book, Hamlet’s Mill which he wrote with Hertha von Dechend in 1969. The 25,920 year time cycle symbolizes the progression of the mental age of humanity as a whole. For each 72 years, or revolutions of the Earth around the Sun, the ecliptic advances one degree out of 360 degrees. Each of the twelve basic sectors is 30 degrees and lasts 2,160 years – a month in the Cosmic Year.

This historical progression began with the first mutation jump from animal-man to human-man. This is the sudden evolution to Neolithic Man. A being with “spirit” consciousness capable of abstract speech.

According to Keyserling’s research, the progression of the Cosmic Year has recently (1962) reached the mental age of 35. In 1962 we moved into the Age of Aquarius – Body/Thinking – Technology – and the beginning of the sixth house. We entered a new month in the cosmic year, a new house in the history of mankind. The sixth house we have just entered is the house of Work, age 35 to 41.

In this new Age the economy becomes paramount in the framework of a technical civilization. As a whole mankind begins to better apply the skills it gained up to 1961 in the last Piscean Age. The Piscean Age by contrast was the house of mastery (5th house 28-34) in the framework of a religious civilization.

The fundamental shift in time cycle from one great age to another represents a true spiritual revolution. The changes inherent in this maturation have already radically altered society. These changes will continue for the next several hundred years. The spiritually awakened economic men and women – workers who have gone beyond learning skills, to applying them in commerce – are replacing the religious Masters and Gurus of the past as the historical leaders of culture.

Still longer time cycles involving the much slower progression of the Sun in the Galaxy, or the movement of the Galaxy itself in relation to other Galaxies are now mathematically calculable. Like the Progression of the Equinoxes they are verifiable with scientific instruments. But, they are beyond the scale of the human experience. As yet, no mythic significance has attached to these newly discovered galactic cycles.(3) The transition from Animal man to Human Man was the neolithical revolution which we think occurred in 8838 B.C.. This started the calculation of the Cosmic Year and the slow growth of humanity as a self evolving species. At that moment the left and right brains separated, establishing the distinctions between space and time, breaking down the bicameral mind. Henceforth we controlled our own evolution as co-participants with God through the vehicle of language. The following chart summarizes the fundamental leap we took at that time from Animal to Human Man.


Species Instinct Social-Cultural

Totem, Ritual Dream World, Language

Gatherer, Ritual, Hunter Agriculture, Husbandry

Survival Family

Paleolithical man, as still witnessed by some tribes in Africa, lived in communion with an animal species in a fixed ritual, the proverbial Garden of Eden. Neolithical man in contrast uses language to create a cosmogony, a social-cultural tradition, opening the dream world. Through knowledge of the parameters of space and time, he was able to breed plants and tame animals. The static rituals changed into dynamic civilization. The instincts were replaced by verbal memory. This change allowed for an explosion in knowledge. Whereas the animal based on instincts could only learn in youth, the neolithical human brain capacity based on symbols could continue to learn throughout life.

The procession of the vernal equinox point in the Cosmic Year proceeds backwards clockwise through the constellations: 72 years for one degree, 2,160 for one “cosmic month” or sign, and 25,920 years for the whole Zodiac. The 26,000 number corresponds fractally to the number of breaths in a day. The history of Neolithic Man, of Humanity from a global point of view, covers five completed ages, and as mentioned has just entered the sixth stage.


8838 – Clan – Animism

6678 – Tribe – Vision Quest

4518 – City – Book of the Dead, Writing

2358 – People – Ritualization of Life

198 B.C. – Empire – Messenger of God

1962 A.D. – Humanity – Technology, Personal Way

Humanity is now in the global technological civilization of Aquarius/Body Thinking, the age of spiritual democracy. In the new age we have to integrate the five former historical ages like the traumas of personal life in psychoanalysis.

The second and third ages are of particular importance because of the structural similarities with the Aquarian Age. The structure of the second Age of Gemini was Spirit Thinking. The structure of the Taurean Age was Body Sensing. Aquarian Age repeats the Body structure of Taurus and the Thinking of Gemini. Thus the tribal cultures with omens, vision quests, and initiations, such as is still found in some of the Native American tribes, and in some African tribes like the Dagara, is of paramount importance to the modern world. So too are the ancient city cultures with sacred writings, such as the Egyptian and Tibetan civilizations with their Books of the dead, or the Chaldean’s with the personal way based on a written horoscope.

The other ages are also important and must be integrated into the present. By integrating the Cancer Age of the Clan we can recover the ability to communicate with stones, plant, animals, the dead and the spirit. The Clan religions, preserved by some of the African villages, and in Australia by the aborigines, have a great knowledge which is still largely unknown. The Gemini Age of Tribes follows omens and agreements in the Vision Quest, or communion with other worlds in tribal initiations. The Taurus Age of Cities permits the understanding of reincarnation. The Aries Age of a sacred People distinguished from the rest – like the Jews or Hindus – uses ritual to blend spiritual and material life.

The next Age of Pisces moved from a sacred People, to a sacred Empire. It was the age of Nations. This is the time of the coming of the world religions of Buddha, Christ and Mohammed. The threshold of the future life after death on the New Earth was penetrated by Saints and Sages, setting an example in this world for all to follow. The leadership of the Saint was all important and so in many Christian cultures people started using two names. They added a Christian name to the family name, meaning the name of a Saint for that person to follow. That is what we today know as the “first name”. This was the Age of great religious leaders, of Saints, Gurus and Masters with spiritual teachings and loyal followers.

In the Aquarian Age of Body Thinking, with technology, everyone has to find his personal way, starting from the dark towards the light. The age of Empires is dying and being replaced by global consciousness, a one world network of friends – Spaceship Earth. Today the individual is paramount and the differences between people are accepted and affirmed. The myth of Satan versus almighty God is exploded. The individual now finds and creates their own way. Evil can now be recognized as the personal shadow which has to be integrated with the help of psychology. Beyond good and evil, a person can be grounded in the infinite, Zero, in God. Today we find God by tuning into the basic time cycles, and discovering our basic mental gestalt, our meaning and purpose in life.

In the Zero dimension the individual can find their roots in CHI, in the capacity of Self Organization. They can travel full circle from a limited ego, little “I”, disassociated with the Self, onto the Zero – the Self – where the false ego is shattered. Then the way goes back from out of the Self into the true Ego, the big “I”. The big “I” is in contact with the Self and includes the “I” of all others in the Universe. With the holistic Ego fully present in the fourth dimension, a person finds fulfillment by development of their unique potential, their personal path. In the Aquarian Age this path involves creative fulfillment by some type of personal service or work of some kind – work for the earth and all of nature, including human-kind.

Instead of mastery and loyalty common to the last age, work and friendship are the common denominators of this age. The friendship of equals replaces the parental or schoolmaster discipline of the last age. This emphasis on friendship has already begun to transform all of society. The trend will continue as the archaic institutions of the past decay and are replaced by dynamic new structures in tune with the times.

The transformation has begun on all levels, including the spiritual disciplines. For example, the School of Wisdom is a gathering of friends based on individual understanding, tolerance and merit. Followers are discouraged and adherence to specific dogmas and authoritarian lineage is anathema. The transformation has already had strong effects on the family where friendship is the new basis of both husband-wife and parent-child relationships. It is effecting business where the boss-employee relationship is becoming friendlier and less polarized-hierarchial. It is effecting world governments where the enemy us-them mentality is dying in favor of global cooperation.

The holistic view of friendship on all levels has arrived – between all of humanity with each other, and between humans and all other forms of life on this planet. In the Aquarian Age ecological awareness re-emerges in importance on a global level. We are not masters of nature, we are her friends. This even applies to our technology, as our machines and computers become ever more user-friendly.

The Piscean Age of industrialism and empire – which was at the end severely polluted and unfriendly to the Earth – is dead or is dying. So we should not be concerned with trying to destroy the old age, the old ways. That is inevitable. It naturally follows the Progression of the Equinoxes. Instead, we should be concerned with building solid structures to replace the old. Our new structures will last if they are based on environmental awareness and are friendly to the Earth and all forms of being and consciousness.

The new historical era started on February 4, 1962 with a solar eclipse over New Guinea. At that time all of the planets, except for the trans-Saturanian ones, were located at 15 degrees Aquarius. There is no need for an apocalypse, and no need to wait for a future age of coming good. The New Age is already here, the potential is at hand. All that is needed is understanding and work to fulfill the new potentials

CHAPTER 5 : YIN & YANG — The I Ching and the Five Stages of Creative Time . 64 Hexagrams and the 64 CODONs relation

The basis of evolution is self organization by the self referral loops or holographic structure . There is no masterplan in nature or civilization. God is not playing dice with the Universe, but He-She-We does make a good deal of it up as we go along. Self organization develops without predetermination. There is free will, a chance to choose. But the self organization is structured and shaped by the four scales or dimensions.

Self organization can be understood as the capacity to create information based on the Mandelbrot vector 0 : z z¾ + c considered as a continuous creative process. The key is spontaneous improvisation in the moment – acting in the Tao – returning to Zero. This whole field has been thoroughly explored for millennia by Chinese thinkers and so we will use their terminology.

The underlying principle of self organization, the factor creating a larger identity, is called CHI in Chinese philosophy (KI in Japanese). (Strangely enough, this Chinese word is the same as the Greek word for the Pythagorean symbol.) CHI appears in two aspects, WU CHI, emptiness, symbolized by the empty circle, and TAI CHI, plenitude, symbolized by the ancient Chinese fractal:

The integers – whole numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…) Allow a person to make sense beyond meaning. This can be exemplified by the following proposition:

Equation: 2 + 4 = 6 : Sense

2 elephants + 4 tigers = 6 animals : Sense and Meaning.

Making sense is awareness, having meaning is consciousness. Consciousness without a subject is knowledge, consciousness with awareness of the subject is Wisdom. Wisdom is “know how”, the basis of choice and doing.

WU CHI is pure attention, zero emptiness, corresponding to deep sleep. TAI CHI is one, containing the fractal dichotomy of Yang and Yin. Yang is time, Yin is space. Yang is characterized by the circle. Yin by the right angle. Symbolically Yang is a straight line, Yin is a broken line.

Yang ____

Yin ____ ____

In CHI, Yang is the direction upwards, Yin downwards. Yang is the closed circle, Yin is the open angle. Yang is clockwise, Yin counter-clockwise. Yang is hard, resistant and tense, Yin is soft, yielding and relaxed. This dichotomy can be directly experienced by the martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Aikido, etc. The martial arts originated in China, then spread to all of the other Eastern countries such as Japan and Korea.

As shown before Man unites three realms:

Microcosm Body Earth

Mesocosm Soul Man

Macrocosm Spirit Heaven

Following the principal of recursiveness Yang and Yin take on similar, yet different meanings in the three realms. In Heaven Yang is light and Yin dark. In Man Yang is justice and Yin love. On Earth Yang is strong and Yin is weak, and in Nature Yang is male and Yin female. In Astronomy Yang is the Sun and Yin the Moon.

Out of sun and moon the twelvefold Zodiac is born. The Sun gives light and force, the Moon receives them. In Chinese thought the relations of the Sun and Moon forms four basic pictogramms:

These create the four changes. Old Yang, is steady in movement and radiation; it is symbolized by the full moon and the sun at noon. It has the number 7, representing the seven Chakras. Old Yin is steady in receptivity and reflection. It is symbolized by the new moon and the midnight sun, the polar star. In the mythology of Chinese Taoism and of Islam, the polar star is the door to the New Earth, home of the Ancestors and your potential future. Old Yin has the number 8, the 8 space directions. Young Yang changes from darkness to light. From 6 _ X to 7 . It changes from its number 6, the family structure, to 7, individuality apart from the family. Young Yin has the number 9. It changes from light to darkness, from 9 O, conception and change, to 8 _ __ receptivity. For the Chinese the four primary directions originate from these basic symbols.

The Chinese then extend the pictogram of duality to a trinity. They create a three line symbol called a trigram. This represents the next level of complexity in the world. Eight Yin-Yang combinations are possible with three components. The trigrams are thus numerically capable of depicting the eight basic types of consciousness (actually 7 consciousness + 1 Awareness). Each of the eight trigrams has an inner structure, image, motivation and essence as shown below.

1. Sense Soft/Pentrating Grass/Wind Yin Sensing Sun
2. Think Attaching Wood/Fire Yin Thinking Li
3. Feel Serene Lake Yin Feeling Tui
4. Will Receptive Earth/Cave Yin Willing Kun
5. Body Keeping Still Mountain Yang Feeling Ken
6. Soul Danger, Abyss River Yang Thinking Kan
7. Spirit Exciting Thunder/Lightening Yang Sensing Chen
8. Awareness Creative Heaven Yang Willing Chien

The eight trigrams can be considered spatially, all together as a whole, or temporally, one after the other. The spatial image of the trigrams requires reference to The Wheel because The Wheel follows the structure of space. The eight trigrams follow the eight directions shown on The Wheel.



SUN. Sensing. The sensing is defined by the weak yin line, outside, at the bottom. The motivation is to be soft and penetrating. The image is grass and wind; the wind does not harm the rooted grass.


LI.Thinking. Thinking links up sense data with words, following the wishes or motivations and impulses. Thinking has a beginning and end, visualized in the image of burning wood. You should not think beyond the solution of the problem. The motivation is to attain clarity, unattached to the thought. Thinking, like dialogue, is not an end in itself.


TUI. Feeling. Feelings experience the inner signals, as opposed to the outer signals of senses. The image is the clear lake which you can look through. The motivation is serenity, to be joyous together, and not to be together in pity or sympathy, which means emphatic suffering with the another.


KUN. Earth. The image is the vastness of our planet. The motivation is the receptive, to receive the germ and let it grow.

The first four trigrams are Yin, they result in emptiness of the functions. In Sun, after receiving an impression, the senses are free for a new one. In Li, thinking, once you have understood a problem, the solution is in memory, you cannot understand it twice. In Tui, feeling, a satisfied need disappears. Once you have eaten, you have no more hunger. In Kun, willing, once a choice, resolution, or decision is made, it is done and you are transported to a higher level of responsibility. The next four trigrams, the three realms, plus Awareness, are Yang. They have a certain significance. You have a body, a soul, and a spirit, you cannot ignore them. In Awareness, as Keyserling says, “you face the voice of revelation”.


KEN. Body. The body has a certain gestalt. You are unable to change it, and have to accept it as it is. The image is the mountain, the motivation is keeping still. Only in the tranquility of silence, of deep sleep or illness, can your body talk to you about his/her motivations.


KAN. Soul. The soul is between heaven and earth, spirit and body. It is always in danger of stagnation, based on the six primary relations of the family: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son. The Soul, like the river, has to flow from the source in the mountain to the sea, then be transformed, die, into clouds, and finally be reincarnated again as rain in the mountains. The motivation is danger and the abyss.


CHEN. The Spirit, attained only in the waking state, is always sacred spirit; it is defined by the images of thunder and lightning, and the motivation is the inciting. First you experience awe and anxiety, then laughter, because you understand the game and the rules.


CHIEN.Awareness. here means living in tune with the spirit of the time, the East. The image is the night heaven. The motivation is creativity. The purpose of the I Ching is to merge with cosmic creativity.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: The Trigrams are accessible to consciousness and physical exercises like the Pa Kua of Tai Chi Chuan. There is a specific Tai Chi exercise tied to each of the Trigrams. For instance, the trigram Kun, the Receptive, is characterized by the “pull back” movement. As an experiment try and place yourself into this frame of mind, the function of receptive willing. If you have a PrimaSounds CD, then you may want to play it softly while you try this. Think about the Receptive and feel the force of your will power. Then stand in a relaxed position, weight even, with knees slightly bent. Hold your hands out in front of you at chin level so that the left palm faces up towards your right palm, and your right palm faces down almost touching. Now begin the “pull back” movement by slowly moving both hands diagonally, the left hand moves to the right, and the right hands moves diagonally up; the body turns naturally to the right. Then after reaching a slight stretch right and a high point, begin a slow downward movement towards your lower left side with the waist moving slightly left. There are also foot movements to go with this, but that gets too complicated for a first experiment or word descriptions, so just let your feet go with your hand/arm movements. Do this a few times, until you can do it effortlessly without self consciousness. Move your hands slowly and coordinated one with the other. Stay with a loose, relaxed body and let yourself be graceful. Pay attention to the energy and movements, feeling particularly the movement back down and left, the pulling back. Try taking a Tai Chi course, or pick up a book on Tai Chi, like for instance, Da Liu’s book Tai Chi Chuan and I Ching: A Choreography of Body and Mind. Other martial arts courses can be helpful if the instructor does it for purposes of development of Chi rather than as a machismo thing, as is often the case. One good book on the subject is Martial Arts: The Spiritual Dimension by Peter Payne.

Although the trigrams can be understood through exercises, and can help you to understand your states of consciousness, they can not help you with existential decisions and choices. This requires the doubling of the trigrams into inner and outer worlds. Now six lines are used to create a Hexagram. There are sixty four possible combinations of six yin or yang lines (two to the eighth power). For example, one possible combination is a hexagram known as PEACE where the top three lines are all yin, and the bottom three all yang, Heaven below the Earth:

                    ___   ___  6
                    ___   ___  5  Outer Trigram
                    ___   ___  4
                    ________ 3   Inner Trigram
                        _ 2 _ 1

The lower Trigram shows the attitude to your inner world, the upper your attitude to the outer-world. The Chinese sages who created the I Ching understood the duality of life and its existential problems. They knew that it in order to change your external situation — your outer fate — you had to change your inner mentality. Since the I Ching was created as a kind of pragmatic guide, they knew that the Trigrams would have to be doubled to reflect the dynamics of the inner-outer worlds, of external situation and internal attitude. The system of 64 hexagrams which make up the I Ching resulted from the necessity of doubling the eight combinations of three.

In a dramatic example of the fractal recursive nature of reality, nature follows the very same system to create the genetic code. The eight trigrams correspond very closely to the DNA and RNA code of our genes. This is the genetic code which is responsible on a cellular level for all self organization, growth and reproduction in life.

DNA is the blueprint for every protein made in every cell. It is the Yin, spatial structure which stores the information. RNA is the reverse copy of DNA which carries out DNA’s instructions for protein production. It is the Yang, active catalyst which actualizes in time the information in the DNA. The DNA and RNA have eight different base combinations, each made of three chemicals, just like the trigrams made of three lines. The chemical “triplets” as they are called, combine in double triplet code, just like the hexagrams. The maximum total combinations of DNA/RNA triplets is thus 64, just like the I Ching. The 64 triplet combinations control the twenty amino acids and other cellular generative-structural activity.

Out of the combinations of the 8 triplets or trigrams, the 64 “words” of the genetic code of life are formed. All life, from bacteria to Man, is directed on a cellular level by the same language of the 64 Codons of RNA and DNA, based on the doubled triplet, or Hexagram. For example in genetics one of the 64 three letter Codons is: T.A.G. – C.T.A. (Thymine, Adenine, Guanine – Cytosine, Thymine, Adenine). The first gene detected by Watson was equivalent in structure to the I Ching hexagram number 42: Increase.

To understand the full significance of the hexagrams we also need to understand the interrelated Chinese concepts of Time, Change and Energy. Basic to Chinese culture and mythology is the discovery/principle of the 5 Hsing. The five “Hsing” is usually translated incorrectly as the five “elements”. Actually it means the five “stages of change” and are better thought of as “agents” rather than fixed “elements”. The Hsing constitute the five basic types of human energies on the mesocosm. They are symbolized and correspond fractally to the macrocosm by the five visible planets in the fixed field of stars.

The five Hsing, the visible planets, along with the Sun and the Moon, order the flow of creative time. The Sun is Yang, the Moon is Yin. The Sun creates the two-fold rhythm on Earth: day and night. The Moon divides the solar year into twelve months, each of which has a special meaning originating from the structure of consciousness described in the first chapter. In Chinese and Islamic mythology, among others, inspired messages are sent to Man from the chaos of the night – the twelvefold star constellations – during the time of the new Moon when it is invisible for three nights. When these messages are integrated into the Mesocosm, the spiritual inspiration guides Man to achieve a balanced flow of the five Hsing, the five types of energies in the human soul.

The Hsing can flow in two different directions, the life cycle and death cycle. In the life cycle it flows from Wood, willing, to Fire, sensing. The Wood nourishes or gives life to the Fire. Action once completed gives rise to new sensations, takes you to a new place. So too the Fire, sensing, nourishes the Earth, body. Sensing is the doorway to the body. In the Earth grows Metal, thinking. From out of the physical true thinking can arise. Metal can be made fluid, like Water, feeling, and take any form as a tool of civilization. A thought completed should lead to a feeling and not just another new thought. The Metal condenses Water, and the Water nourishes the Wood. Feelings once spent should lead back again into action. When a person’s energy is flowing, it constantly changes in the direction of the life cycle. No one type of energy or Hsing dominates and there is balance in change.

The danger is stagnation where the energy flow becomes blocked in one of the Hsing. That type of energy then begins to dominate and the person’s energy becomes imbalanced. For instance, in the trap of thinking where one thought loops endlessly into the next, and the other energies atrophy. When one Hsing dominates over time the other energies weaken. The person then goes out of sync with the natural rhythms of creative time. Unless corrected, such stagnation leads to illness and death.

This danger is overcome by going into the inner pentagram, the death cycle, which can liberate from stagnation. Water puts out Fire, Metal saws the Wood, the Earth absorbs the Water, Fire melts the Metal, and Wood assimilates the Earth. Put another way, feelings can overcome a sensual fixation, thinking can get you out of a willing loop, the body can get you out of feelings, sensing can let you out of a thinking prison and willing overcomes body dominance.

All Chinese medicine is based on the five Hsing, and corresponds to the twelve acupuncture meridian cycles and organ groups, Yang and Yin. Chinese medicine maintains health and treats illness by emphasizing a person’s CHI and striving for a healthy flow of the five forms of CHI. The healing flow of energies can be enhanced by PrimaSounds. Based on the principal of the natural seventh in sound vibrations, PrimaSounds divide the octave into five intervals. Thus PrimaSounds with its pentatonic scale -A – E – I – O – U (1)blends the seven Chakras in the fivefold flow of creative time.


1 Spirit Mental A
2 Soul Fire U
3 Body Earth O
4 Willing Wood I
5 Feeling Water E
6 Thinking Metal A
7 Sensing Fire U

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Most communities in the United States now have one or more practitioners of Oriental Medicine, typically referred to as Acupuncturists. In acupuncture needles are used to painlessly stimulates the energy flow. However, not all Oriental Medical providers use needles to manipulate and balance the five Hsing energy flows, some use mental effort alone, or slight massage, such as Q.M. therapists. Again, Tai Chi and the martial arts also use physical and mental exercises to help keep the energy in flow and balance. A good book on this subject with exercises and more information about oriental medicine, the five Hsing, twelve meridian channels, Yin and Yang, has been written by Richard Chin, who is both a western medical doctor and a doctor of oriental medicine and a martial artist. His book is called The Energy Within. A Western M.D., Richard Gerber, has written a ground breaking work, Vibrational Medicine, which lays a predicate for an energy bridge between Western and Eastern medicine.

The five Hsing also correspond to the five dimensions, five stages of evolution and five stages of human development:

5-0 Holy Sage Awareness TAO, (GOD)
4 The Called One Walking Man
3 Superior Man Reflection Animal
2 Worthy Man Dream Plant
1 Common Man Sleep Mineral

The aim of Man at each stage of development is different:

  1. Common Man looks for material goods. This is the stage of the vast majority of the contemporary world; commercial, consumer striving for more and more things.
  2. Worthy Man looks beyond materialistic consumerism and strives for growth and education. He imitates superior man.
  3.  Superior Man knows that he can only make sense of life and create meaning if he unites TAO and TE, intention and motivation.
  4.  But the political situation, greed and power can make the existence of Superior Man impossible. The Called Man, who has the task, “Ming”, from heaven, will change the political situation.
  5.  The highest human stage, the Holy Sage, is in tune with heaven, earth, and the TAO. His mere existence makes him into a living pillar around which a culture might grow. In anthropological terms he is a “culture hero”.

Since Life is based on Self Organization, the fractal reality of the fourth dimension, we must make our choices out of chance – out of chaos. If you ask through the chance oracle how all decisions can be in tune with TAO, then God – as the symbol of Chien, Heaven – will unite with the Earth Mother – Kun.

time.jpgDecisions happen in time. For the Chinese the basic time cycles are found in the Sun and the Moon. The Solar cycle (365 days) and Lunar cycle (354 days) combine to form the larger cycle of 19 years. This is called the Metonic cycle. After the 19 year Metonic cycle the full moon appears on the same day of the year as on the beginning of the cycle. In the same way the sun and moon combine symbolically to form a hexagram of six lines. This combination represents the totality of human experience in time. In this way the Chinese understood the full moon opposite to the sun, seen from the earth, to create the basic form of the Hexagram. There two trigrams combine – upper and lower – to form a whole. This follows the hemispheres of the Earth and the pattern of the sun and moon. The lower trigram of the Hexagram is the attitude towards motivation, TE, the upper towards intention, TAO.

Each Hexagram also has the possibility of change into another by means of the changing lines, young yang or young yin. The random formation of the oracle is traditionally accomplished either by a random process of using 50 yarrow sticks, or tossing three (3) coins. Heads is three, heaven-yang, tails is two, earth-yin. With this chance system the following possibilities of change emerge:

ching.gif3 tails – 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 _ X –&gt; __Yin line that changes to Yang

2 tails, 1 head – 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 __ Yang line that does not change

1 head, 2 tails – 2 + 3 + 3 = 8 _ _ Yin line that does not change

3 heads – 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 _O –&gt; _ _ Yang line that changes to Yin

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Obtain the Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching published by Princeton University Press and use it to fill in the knowledge presented here about the I Ching. Begin by reading the Forward to the I Ching written by one of the original students of the School of Wisdom, C.G. Jung. You will see that in the forward Carl Jung performs an experiment by “throwing an I Ching”, that is, using chance to select a hexagram which answers a particular question. Jung explains how this can work by the principle of Synchronicity.

Now try your own experiment. Consult the I Ching oracle by asking a real life and significant question. Then the structured process will allow the Self in the Right brain to communicate with and send a message to the Ego in the left brain. The best form for any question asked of the I Ching is “What should my attitude be towards … such and such an action.” You fill in the particular action you have in mind, the course of conduct which you are considering to solve a particular problem. With the question focused like that, the response will be much more meaningful and easy to understand. Do not ask an unfocused question which has no particular action in mind, like “What should I do”. You have to formulate the proposed choice yourself. Then the hexagrams will give you an idea as to whether you should go forward with the action, and if so, how, and with what inner attitude. Before you use the I Ching, place yourself in a open state of mind by meditating or PrimaSounds. Record the hexagrams you receive and the most pertinent points. Save this for future reference. Read one or more translations of the hexagrams to get a better idea of the particular situation. Reflect upon the inner structure of the trigrams as shown in this book and contemplate the visual images suggested by each hexagram.

Use the I Ching for a few months in this way and see for yourself how it works. Give it the benefit of the doubt, at least at first, and put aside any skepticism. Then later look at it critically and see how true or not the hexagrams have proven to be. When the I Ching is used seriously, and with a receptive attitude, it will pass the pragmatic test, although it may sometimes take a longer time perspective to see the truth of its comments.

There are many, many books written about the I Ching and the principal of Synchronicity. Try reading some of these other books and other translations to help you get a better understanding of the hexagrams you throw.

The final concept of cyclical time in Chinese thought follows the Moon-Jupiter year, the twelve year cycle. The Chinese observed that people born in the same lunar year share certain collective characteristics that repeat after the Jupiter cycle of twelve years.

The twelve basic archetypes of cyclical Yang time relate to the twelve signs of the western zodiac. They follow both the lunar month and year over twelve years. In precommunist China the Emperor gave audiences according to the theme of the month. Today we can include this Chinese wisdom by having monthly talks, experiencing the difference of personal choices, and the time meaning of the month.

A summary of the Chinese conception of the cycle of twelve is shown below. On the far left column the equivalent western zodiac symbol is shown. Next the realm structure is shown; after that the functions. The fourth column shows the Chionese name given for each of the twelve. The year of the dog is shown on top with the structure of Body-Thinking. In the next column the hexagram traditionally assigned to each of the twelve is shown. On the far right is shown examples of the years which apply to each of the twelve signs. The years of the dog, for example, is in the years 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, etc.


METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: If you participate in a School of Wisdom or other group, try having monthly talks on the theme of that month. Observe the characteristics of the twelve time zones of the year and see if there are any correspondences or “fractalcalities” to the meaning posited in the Chinese system. Determine which animal you are according to the Chinese system and the year of your birth; try the same for your family and friends. Do you notice any type of similarity among people born in the same year? You may want to try reading some of the books written on Chinese Astrology, but at the present time there is little material of quality available in English on this Chinese tradition.

The I Ching of the 64 hexagrams, best interpreted in the translation of another early student of the School of Wisdom, Richard Wilhelm, constitutes the oldest book of the earth and the greatest single treasure of wisdom.(2) As Confucius said, by following the counsels of the book, and studying it continuously, we can attain creative awareness in every situation. To study the I Ching we must have a better understanding of the structure of the hexagrams and how their order relates to the underlying fractal of the mind, the geometry of the Wheel.

The six lines of the I Ching relate to the basic structure of both the 7 and 12. The correspondence to the 7 comes by deletion of the middle function – willing, which you yourself provide by making a decision based upon the hexagram. The first line is sensing, the second line is thinking, the third is feeling, the fourth is body, the fifth is soul and the sixth is spirit. Using Confucian terminology the first line at the bottom of the hexagram, the sensing line, is called the “cause outside of you”. The sixth line at the top of the hexagram, the spirit line, is the “result”. Like the first line, the sixth does not depend on your consciousness, it represents a cause outside of you. The second line from the bottom, the thinking line, is known as the “official”. The fifth soul line is the place of the “prince”. The third feeling line shows your karma state which will lead to the fourth body line of motivation. There is no willing line on the hexagram – this comes from you, and from the random process itself, the Strange Attractor.

Result 6 __ __ Spirit
Prince 5
_ __Soul
Karma 4
_ __Body
Motivation 3
_ __ Feeling
Official 2
_ __ Thinking
Outside Cause 1
_ __ Sensing

hexagrams.jpgThe relation of the I Ching to the 12 comes from the movement of the sun and the moon through the zodiac in the course of the year. The moon goes through 12 cycles in the course of the solar year from which our 12 months are derived. Based on this basic time rhythm a myth of the twelvefold Zodiac has developed in all cultures of the world. This is discussed in Chapter 6 on Time Cycles. The chart shown on the next page shows the relationship of the 6 lines of the I Ching hexagram and the twelvefold Zodiac. It also shows the progression of the Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin, up through the two sides of the 6 lines to form the 12 points. The correspondence of the hexagram to the Chinese zodiac shows another way to use the I Ching to change from consciousness to awareness.

The cycle of twelve also appears in what is known as the “Cosmic Year”, the longest time cycle known to Man, the 25,000 year progression of the vernal equinox. This is the time frame for the overall evolution of the human species. It is discussed further in Chapter Six under Historical Time Cycles. The six lines of the hexagram can also be understood in the context of human evolution. This is shown in the following chart.

Each hexagram is structured like the Cosmic Year. The six places correspond to the positions of the full moon, the clear vision, between waxing and waning. The steps are explained in many ways.(3) For our purposes we start with Yang, the Sun, Seated in Dragon (Leo) and leading up to Dog (Aquarius). The Aquarian Age is the age of the Human, where the Earth Self merges with the Higher Self in communion with Tao, the Great Singularity.


In the first step you awake to your DRAGON, you vocation, your question, your participation in the cosmic work of the spirit, or as the Native American’s call it, your “medicine”. For this you have to leave your family and personal history, changing your dependencies into material for self actualization. The CAT does not care for the past family, only the future one.


In the second step you have to find friends in the TIGER study groups and separate your spiritual way from the quest for survival (SNAKE). You look for those people who make it possible for you to pursue your spiritual way without looking for profit.


With the honest HORSE you transcend your group and make your achievements useful to others. You do so by establishing a style of livelihood, of wealth, which allows others to strive like a BUFFALO to participate in spiritual life.


Now with the RAT you must stand up for your truth by organizing your whole life around your vocation. You blend your material and spiritual life by the GOAT Ò the lunar capacity to seize the moment, the opportunity. By receptivity to the times you make useful to others what is meaningful to you.


Then you must get into revelation by understanding the comical aspects of all religious traditions, like the eclectic MONKEY in a supermarket of new age publications. The purpose of your search for revelation must be to heal others, to bring them to their wholeness. This requires unconditional service symbolized by the PIG. This understanding of the PIG explains the statement found in hexagram 61 – Inner Truth – “Pigs and fishes. Good fortune.”


The highest achievement is no longer self-centered. You are in civilization and in spirit, a part of the New Earth in the sign of the DOG Ò Aquarius. You are, like the DOG, completely faithful to your path and to sacred history. You transcend your ego by announcing your truth in society like the ROOSTER without regard to the practical consequences.

How does the I Ching fit fractally into the Wheel? As we have seen, there is a striking similarity between the I Ching and the genetic code, the 8 trigrams to the 8 codons. This can be understood as recursive self similarity over scales. There is a basic identity between the genes and the hexagrams because their numeric structure is the same.


Martin Schoanberger, a German scientist, recently discovered that the two Codons which contain the genetic-chemical message “to stop” have the same numeric structure of hexagram 63, After Completion. All lines in this hexagram are said to be in their proper place.


Moreover, Schoanberger discovered that the Codons which, so to speak, act to say “Go” on a genetic level, correspond to the opposite hexagram 64, Before Completion.

These two genetic combinations and hexagrams seem to be connected together under the influence of the Circuit Attractor / Consciousness, shown in the hypercube as North and South: and . Thus for consciousness you have to start from an understanding of the whole, the Wheel, and then turn to a single problem. In effect the mind has to be made holistic, balanced, put into equilibrium. This is accomplished for instance by PrimaSounds with its tuning to 12 hertz, or by a good night’s sleep with its full sequence of REM dreams. The Circuit Attractor with its conscious memories is then integrated into Being, leaving you free to act anew.

The table of I Ching hexagrams shown below helps both to identify the hexagrams and understand their structure. The vertical row on the left, from bottom to top, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, defines the lower trigram of your inner attitude, your motivation, Te. The horizontal row on the top, from left to right, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, determines your role in civilization reaching to the New Earth, Tao, your spiritual intention and Way. The 0 through 7 structure is the same as shown before: 0-Awareness, 1-Sensing, 2-Thinking, 3-Feeling, 4-Willing, 5-Body, 6-Soul, 7-Spirit. You can use this chart to identify and locate any of the 64 hexagrams. The trigrams on the left are the lower trigrams of the hexagram. The trigrams on the top are the upper trigrams. Put them together to find the number of the hexagram in the Wilhelm translation of the I Ching.

01 34 5 26 11 9 14 43
25 51 3 27 24


21 17
6 40 29 4 7 59 64 47
33 62 39 52 15 53 56 31
12 16 8 23 2 20 35 45
44 32 48 18 46 57 50 28
13 55 63 22 36 37 30 49
10 54 60 41 19 61 38 58

Each hexagram is also understood as containing 4 trigrams: the lines 123, 234, 345, 456.

The Yin trigrams in this context are said to point downward:

The yang trigrams point upward:

Thus for example, hexagram 53 Development:

contains four internal trigrams:

With Development the four internal trigrams create a “mental equilibrium” of two yang trigrams going upward and two yin trigrams going downward. Most hexagrams have a equilibrium of 2 to 2, but sometimes there is a relationship of 1 to 3, such as with 44, Coming To Meet:

There are eight hexagrams made up of doubled trigrams, called the Pa Koa, which have only one direction.

Four are all yang, moving only upwards:

These four yang hexagrams represent the movement from Self to Ego.

Four hexagrams are all yin, moving only downwards:

These four yin hexagrams represent the contrary movement from Ego to Self. Both movements are necessary for a balanced life.

ichingspiral.jpgThe Wheel is fractal, true for the three levels: Micro, Macro and Mesocosmos. The outer trigrams form the space square (discussed in detail at the end of Chapter 8), the inner trigrams form the time spiral. The placement of the outer and inner trigrams and their relationship to the Wheel and all 64 hexagrams is shown in the chart on the following page. The time spiral can be understood as an analogy to the atomic structure discussed in Chapter 7. The innermost circle – Awareness corresponds to the nucleus of the atom. In chemistry the number value of the nucleus, from 1 to 92, determines the quality of the atom, what type of element it is. The next seven circles shown in the chart correspond to the seven electron shells of the atom and the seven circles of the Wheel.

As shown above, the hexagram formation starts in the East and moves counter-clockwise to the South East. It is moving from Creativity in the center of the Earth, up through the seven atomic shells.

In the square chart of all 64 hexagrams the pakua hexagrams form the diagonal. We can regard them as the attractors of the mind. They are reached in Indian terminology by the opening of the Chakras. Thus the Creative must go to the center of the Earth. The aim is spiritualization. Making up ones mind is to decide from the present hexagram (or if there is a changing line, to decide from both the present and the future hexagrams) by oracle, thinking or vision. Changing one’s mind is to go from one hexagram to another, following the twelvefold structure. But merging with the center is effectuated through the pentagram, the five hsings, experienced fractally through PrimaSounds.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS. The correspondence of the six lines of the I Ching hexagram with the twelvefold structure of the Chinese Zodiac can be experienced directly by contemplation of the following personal questions:

  1. Dragon: At what time did you have a revelation of your vocation, your “medicine”? Cat: What are the negative aspects of your parents and how do you still have them? How can you change the negative to positive?
  2. Tiger: What is your spiritual path? Snake: How do you separate survival and your spiritual work or path?
  3. Horse: Are you strong enough to meet people outside of your group? Buffalo: Have you enough wealth, riches, to fulfill your spiritual potential?
  4. Rat: What truth do you personally stand up for? Goat: What occasions or opportunities do you seize?
  5. Monkey: What is your revelation? Pig: How will your revelation heal others?
  6. Dog: How do you get into the “flow”, the Tao, the spirit of the times? Rooster: How can this flow vitalize your profession